Chapter 1138: Zhan Ye, Advanced to Pseudo Dominator Rank!

Following Liao Yu’s route, everyone passed through the muddy lake.

The marsh was very long. To pass it completely wasn’t a task that could be done easily.

Along the way, Chu Mu still mainly focused on training. Old Li’s nose was extremely sensitive, and he dutifully found a Xuan source for everyone.

A Xuan source could provide them around 50 first rank Xuan quality. This wasn’t something that could be found casually.

The muddy area was like an ocean of mud. Occasionally, they could see mud that reached the clouds. The majestic and terrifying scene caused countless people to lose the courage to step in.

The muddy ocean had the strongest organisms of this marsh empire. Endless enemies came out of the mud, rolling over.

Chu Mu stood in the place that White Tiger created icy dirt in. Staring at the muddy monsters that pounced over, everyone felt like it was unwise to step into this cave.

After starting an incantation, no one dared to stay longer, instantly summoning all their soul pets before them.

Crown Phoenix King came out first. This wing and fire type organism was very limited in this muddy environment. Mu Qingyi could only tell it to go into the skies and threaten the muddy organisms coming over the tides from above.

Chu Mu’s Dead Dream was also high in the air. But, compared to the fire type Crown Phoenix King, Dead Dream’s dead lightning was much less restricted by the mud. At least its thunder could spread through the mud.

The two phoenix species conquered the skies. Golden flames made brilliant fire clouds, falling from the skies like a volcano eruption, pushing towards the thick masses of the marsh army.

When all the fire comets fell, suddenly the marsh came alive, sending countless mud pillars upwards, blocking the fire rain screen that fell from Crown Phoenix King.

“There’s a dominator rank there.” Chu Mu glanced at the location a bunch of mud pillars flew up.

The mud pillar was thousands of meters tall. The magnificent scene appeared on the east side of everyone. Only a dominator rank could start such a powerful technique.

Crown Phoenix King’s technique was restricted by mud. Dead Dream had to take care of the endless marsh armies. Because of this, Chu Mu chanted an incantation to bring out other soul pets.

“Little hidden dragon, come out!” An incantation swiftly finished. On the frozen ground Chu Mu stood on, a strange symbol appeared, letting out the ghostly blue little hidden dragon.

Ghost type Little Hidden Dragon was very nimble. It quickly locked onto the mud dominator that Chu Mu pointed out. Without him saying more, Little Hidden Dragon already yelled out and made his way over.

After reaching dominator rank, Chu Mu rarely had such a situation of fighting many others.

One has to know that in Chu Mu’s past training, they either challenged beyond his level or fought incredibly outnumbered. The feeling of fighting thousands of worthy opponents with all their might was something they haven’t felt in a while.

It was rare that this marsh was very high rank. Chu Mu could finally summon all his soul pets to fight, like before.

Chu Mu could control four. With the right amount of people, Chu Mu could let all four of his soul pets go into training status. This was undoubtedly the fastest way to raise his soul pets’ strengths.

After summoning Little Hidden Dragon, Chu Mu still summoned Zhan Ye and Binding Wind Spirit.

Zhan Ye was already strengthened with soul items. It only needed some training to really step into pseudo dominator rank.

Chu Mu estimated that Zhan Ye was around eighty percent there already. This muddy ocean had at least a few thousand opponents, and importantly they were all high rank!

Zhan Ye only needed to defeat two pseudo dominator ranks to step into real dominator rank.

Zhan Ye’s strength completely released could reach low class dominator rank, so dealing with two pseudo dominator ranks would be easy. The reason it hadn’t stepped into pseudo dominator rank yet was because new moon ground didn’t have that many pseudo dominator ranks for it to kill.

Now that there were more organisms of high rank with some dominator rank, Zhan Ye could finally go all out and, without incident, step into pseudo dominator rank.

Binding Wind Spirit was Chu Mu’s next target for strengthening. The third rank wind type Xuan Item was something Chu Mu had been longing for. So, of the emperor ranks, Chu Mu planned to strengthen binding wind spirit first to dominator rank.

Ye Qingzi could already create Xuan items. As long as Chu Mu could find Xuan quality, helping his soul pets step into dominator rank won’t be tough.

No matter what, stepping into this cloud realm was a very wise choice. Or else, it would take countless years to raise all his soul pets strengths up. And even if he succeeded, he may have drained all of new moon grounds’ resources.

Similarly, Mu QIngyi, Ye Wansheng, and Prince Chao, seeing the chance of stepping into dominator rank, was especially hardworking and eager. The more enemies there were, the more excited they got. They each summoned all five of their soul pets.

After all, with Ye Qingzi there, even if they summoned rather low rank soul pets, they didn’t have to worry their soul pets would die randomly in the chaotic battle.

The busiest were still Ye Qingzi’s soul pets. Bell Noise Concubine and Wood Tray Spirit hadn’t stopped casting incantations since the battle started. Her top tier emperor rank water moon was specially set to protect everyone’s training emperor ranks. The Purple Robe Dreame Beast was in charge of setting up a dream diagram that stopped enemies from running into their formation. Ye Qingzi’s only rather fightworthy soul pet, War Court Black Beast, was with Zhan ye in the battle.

Ye Qingzi’s new soul pet grass type Ardent Yang Pupil was high class emperor rank. This was definitely the weakest soul pet in the entire battle. Ye Qingzi didn’t expect it to be of much use. She summoned it just so it could stay by her and gain some battle experience, occasionally casting techniques to heal emperor rank soul pets.

At the same time grass type organisms were rare, they were also rarely offensive. Ardent Yang Pupil was precisely the type to have no fighting strength.

The Ardent Yang Pupil was priceless to soul teachers, however. With it, Ye Qingzi basically had a moving furnace, one that also had a higher success rate than human made furnaces. Ye Qingzi’s current Xuan item creation success rate was only around 30%.

If Ardent Yang Pupil were dominator rank, her first rank Xuan item success rate will reach a height of 80%. Ye Qingzi could also attempt second and third rank Xuan items.

Because of this, Ardent Yang Pupil’s levels were very important. Ye Qingzi hoped that the Ardent Yang Pupil could reach dominator rank quickly through battle and her large amounts of soul items.

The five of them all fell into the crazy tide of fighting. Only the young man Liao Yu sat at the center bored out of his mind.

It wasn’t that Liao Yu was calm. Its that with his strength, not even having emperor ranks, any small leader of this marsh army could kill all of Liao Yu’s soul pets. Liao Yu saw everyone fighting to their hearts content and also wanted to join. However, other than plucking at the Blood Unicorn Beast’s neck hair, he could do nothing. The Blood Unicorn Beast wasn’t even his soul pets, and was only in charge of protecting him, so he couldn’t tell it to go into battle.


Mud went everywhere, threatening to muddying the blue skies and clean clouds.

In the chaotic mud, countless corpses came from above or below in huge layers of mud. Looking over, there were limbs, torsos, broken heads, innards, all of which scattered through the muddy ocean. Some weak hearted people could throw up at the look of this.

Young man Liao Yu was at first very excited, being able to see such a magnificent battle field. However, because of his inability to fight, he felt very unwilling. However, as the corpses slowly grew in amount, his face became pale, ending with him puking in the corner, surprising no one.

“Hahah, looks like you’re a little kid with no outside training, how dare you say so righteously you’re going to save your beautiful sister?” Ye Wansheng saw Liao Yu green from throwing up and laughed very heartlessly.    

The battle was basically over, other than some sweeping up. The battle lasted a very long time. To Chu Mu, Mu Qingyi, Prince Chao, and Ye Wansheng, this was the most thorough training since they reached dominator rank.

“Laugh…..stop laughing! What is there to laugh about, did you not throw up at my age?” Liao Yu was rather clever, finding a rebuttal.

“I really didn’t. Your big brother Ye brought your Sister Ye to roam the cruel world since we were in our early teens. I was unbelievably calm and confident, how can you compare?” Ye Wansheng said.

Ye Wansheng had the best trash talking, this was undisputed. Chu Mu didn’t care, and put his attention on Zhan Ye.

In this fight, Zhan Ye’s kills were only second to little hidden dragon. WIth Zhan Ye’s near dominator rank, its training was easily the best.


Just as Chu Mu was wondering whether Zhan Ye could level up, Zhan Ye stood up from the corpse pile and let out a roar!!

This roar caught everyone’s attention, drawing their gazes over. Ye Wansheng and Liao Yu quickly looked over too.

“This….. Is this an advancement?” Liao Yu looked at Zhan Ye and said.

At first, Liao Yu always thought that this Mo Ye was similar to his blood unicorn beast in strength. Only later did he find that the Mo Ye grew many ranks stronger and almost became the strongest soul pet in the entire battle!

Even more unexpectedly, this powerful Mo Ye advanced after the battle ended, truly stepping into pseudo dominator rank!

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