Chapter 1137: Devil Soul Competitor

The ice was a thousand feet thick. If the Marsh Fish Devil wanted to burrow into the mud, it would smash its own head in.

The marsh lake was continuously smashed away at. The Marsh Fish Devil didn’t have normal battle strength, and since it was a corpse type creature, its explosive strength wouldn’t be affected no matter how serious its wounds were. Its tentacles kept brandishing at its surroundings in an attempt to buy a sliver of hope for survival.


Again, it was the tyrannical bodied Thousand Wave Beast. It fiercely stomped forward towards the Marsh Devil Fish’s head!

The Marsh Devil Fish’s head was instantly splattered, and brain matter nauseatingly spilled out.

Yet, the upper half of its body continued to squirm and struggle. Its tenacious life force was stunning. A holy light emerged on the Thousand Wave Beast’s body, producing a burning effect. It managed to instantly burn the upper half of the corpse to a crisp.

“Haha, we finally got the soul core.” seeing the Marsh Fish Devil finally die, Ye Wansheng cracked a smile, and walked up to the corpse to find the soul core.

Corpse type soul cores were rare. Ye Wansheng wasn’t afraid of getting dirty and stuck his hand right in to begin searching. A moment later, he found the Marsh Devil Fish’s soul core.

After cleaning it, the soul core which was emitting a special glow appeared in his hands.

“Give it here.” Ye Qingzi impolitely grabbed it from Ye Wansheng’s hand.

City Lord Li had a lot of materials Ye Qingzi needed. She needed about 200 first rank xuan to trade for them. Since this Marsh Fish Devil was a level stronger than pseudo monarchs, its soul core was equivalent to 2 first grade xuans.

All of the resources from this training excursion would go to Ye Qingzi, since she was the one who would be concocting dominator rank spirit items for everyone’s soul pets.

“Oh that’s right. What happened to that fellow who ate god knows how much mud?” Ye Wansheng glanced over at the Blood Unicorn Beast.

“I’m saving him. The Water Moon is cleaning him up.” said Ye Qingzi.

The most dangerous thing in the lake was the Marsh Fish Devil. Once they got rid of it, the entire lake returned once more to a deathly silence. The sunset in the horizon had already descended below the ground. Thus, the group began to look for a safer place to rest.

The Wood Tray Spirit and Bell Noise Concubine erected a flower array and wood array. After purifying the stench from the marsh, everyone quickly erected their tents.

Not long after night arrived, the person Ye Qingzi saved from the mud came to, and changed into a clean set of clothes.

He walked out of the tent and saw the five people and a few small pets holding roasted meat as they sat in front of a fire, chatting. He looked a bit curious and thankful.

“Oh, turns out he was a brat. This brat hasn’t even reached the spirit emperor rank. What did you come here for?” Ye Wansheng glanced at the young man and spoke.

Ye Wansheng was right. This person was only about 15 years old and looked very young.

“Who is a brat? Don’t speak nonsense!” the young man’s expression was very unhappy. 

“Ok, ok. If there’s nothing wrong, then come here and eat.” Ye Qingzi moved over towards Chu Mu and then passed over a roasted and delicious piece of meat to the young man.

“Thank you big sister.” a smile rose on the young man’s face. He wasn’t afraid of strangers at all as he sat down and examined everyone.

However, perhaps it was because there was still the taste of mud in his throat, this young man didn’t have an appetite. He just sat there and stroked the Blood Unicorn Beast lying next to him.

“This probably isn’t your soul pet, right? Oh, what’s your name?” Chu Mu glanced at the Blood Unicorn Beast.

The Blood Unicorn Beast was already near the dominator rank, while the young man wasn’t even a spirit emperor. He obviously couldn’t control this soul pet.

“It’s Uncle Peng’s soul pet. However, it normally follows me to protect me. I am called Liao Yu.” said the young man. 

“Then, Liao Yu, what did you come here for? This place isn’t somewhere you can come to.” asked Ye Qingzi.

“I’ve come to find Devil Souls!” the young man, Liao Yu, looked like he wasn’t harboring any hidden motives and spoke very directly.

To the side, Ye Wansheng patted the young man’s weak shoulders and laughed: “You nearly died in the mud. Yet, you’re looking for Devil Souls? Don’t play around!”

“I came to find Devil Souls! I will definitely bring Devil Souls back!” Liao Yu swatted away Ye Wansheng’s claws and spoke unhappily. 

“You want to use Devil Souls to raise your strength?” asked Chu Mu.

Liao Yu shook his head: “No. I need to save someone.” 

“So you want to save someone. Could it be your young sweetheart’s soul is injured?” teased Ye Wansheng.

Liao Yu, however, glared at him and with a face of shock, said: “You… how did you know? But she isn’t a sweetheart. She’s a big sis. She’s the most beautiful person I have seen before. I don’t know what sickness befell her, but her face is pale, and she has been unconscious since.” 

“...” Ye Wansheng was only teasing. He never expected to have guessed correctly.

“Brat, it’s best if you go back. You haven’t even taken a look at your own strength and you’re running amok. Your family head is going to punish you.” said Ye Wansheng.

“No. I have to find Devil Souls. Uncle Peng said that if I don’t find Devil Souls, it is unlikely she will wake up!” Liao Yu spoke very earnestly. 

The young man wasn’t even a spirit emperor, and had brought someone else’s soul pet to recklessly charge into a terrifying and vast bewildering world to find rare Devil Souls. Should he be described as brave or idiotic?

“Chu Mu, how should we deal with this brat? If we bring him along, it will be a burden.” said Ye Wansheng.

Chu Mu glanced at Liao Yu and calmly said: “You should understand now that this place is not suitable for you. We have already saved you once. If you want to keep going, we won’t be able to keep watching over you.” 

“I… you guys don’t plan on bringing me? I have a Blood Unicorn Beast that is nearly a dominator. I can muster a bit of strength. Also, I didn’t come here alone. I was initially following behind a team of people, but accidentally got lost. Aren’t you also going to look for Devil Souls? There is definitely not only one devil soul. I have a map with precise information, and I can take you guys to go find them. I only need one Devil Soul, and the rest will all go to you!” hastily said Liao Yu.

Having nearly died in the mud, Liao Yu was extremely fearful now of the marshes. However, he was extremely unwilling to just give up like this.

The map he had with the concrete locations of Devil Souls was precisely the reason he dared to attempt to come here.

Chu Mu bitterly laughed and shook his head. This brat really had no experience with handling matters. By telling them all this, someone with bad intentions could just take the map from his hands. 

However, thinking about it, they did save this brat’s life. This brat would thus subconsciously trust them. 

“Chu Mu, what do you think? Should we take him?” asked Ye Qingzi.

“Sure. He does have a soul pet to protect him, so we don’t need to worry about him.” said Chu Mu.

City Lord Li’s information was extremely limited, and they had also shaken off Jia Heng and Li Qin, those two uncomfortable fellows. They really did need someone to guide the way for them.

 “Did you just say you were following a team here?” asked Prince Chao.

“Yes. They are subordinates of Border Commander Wu Zhen. It is a group entirely composed of Border Generals with impressive strength. I think they also know the location of the Devil Souls and they are determined to obtain them. If they come across the Devil Souls, I’m afraid it will be impossible to obtain even one.” said Liao Yu.

The position of a Border Commander was extremely high, and they were near a Realm Lord of a seventh rank realm.

“It seems like our competitors are not weak.” Chu MU had also guessed that if emperor rank Devil Souls could be exchanged for third rank xuan items, Devil Souls were absolutely treasures. There would inevitably be competitors for them. City Lord Yu had also warned them to avoid stronger people.

“Liao Yu, how beautiful is the ill beauty you just spoke of? Otherwise, why would you run over here so infatuated? Could she be more beautiful than these two?” Ye Wansheng raised his eyebrows and asked a very unimportant question. 

The young man was indeed a young man, and his face instantly went red after being asked the question. He muttered: “The two big sisters are also very beautiful, but…” 

“Haha, “but”… if you dare say “but”, I’m afraid they may throw you back into the mud.” Ye Wansheng immediately began to laugh.

Liao Yu knew that he had said the wrong thing, and hastily shut his mouth. He looked with worry at Ye Qingzi and Mu Qingyi.

Ye Qingzi and Mu Qingyi obviously didn’t need to have their egos stroked by a young man. In fact, they felt that Ye Wansheng was the annoying one.

“Come, Chu Mu. Summon your little slave. Let that brat know what an absolute beauty is.” Ye Wansheng raised his brow at Chu Mu.

“Impossible. There is definitely no one more beautiful in this world!” Liao Yu, however, was obstinate, and gave off the feeling of a stubborn child.

In terms of looks, both Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng felt that there was probably no one better looking than Empress Concubine Yu Suo. Her beauty was indeed unparalleled. 

Thus, the two of them laughed, but didn’t say anything while their eyes fell on Chu Mu.

But Chu Mu wouldn’t be as senseless as them. Yu Suo was a devil,  and even if she didn’t use any techniques, her innate species charm could captivate any person.

Chu Mu knew very clearly that Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao couldn’t resist the charm. Earlier they had suggested that he summon her and also lower the temperature of the flames in order to have pity on her. 

This couldn’t be blamed as Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao’s lacking willpower. The good side of Yu Suo indeed could easily make others sympathize with her. Thus, without them knowing, they would forget about her evil side. 

Chu Mu had formed a guarding heart against this woman only through a long period of time. This was the only way her charming effects were useless on him. If another person were to face the charm of this fairy, their minds would definitely crumble within a few days and they would become the Evil Good Queen’s slave.

Seeing that Chu Mu didn’t have any intentions of summoning Yu Suo, Ye Wansheng pouted his lips. He felt that this was boring and chose to return to his tent to sleep. He would rest his mind so he could obtain a few more Devil Souls. 

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