Chapter 1134: Guangtong Bewildering World, Soul Pet Empire

Chapter 1134: Guangtong Bewildering World, Soul Pet Empire

“If you’re willing to accept it, I will tell two young men to go with you. They’re familiar with Guang Tong Bewildering World, and know what place will have the devil soul.

The City Master’s attitude and tone were both surprising. It was very rare for a city master to be this polite and easy to talk to, especially when faced with strangers.

However, to make a decision, everyone’s eyes still fell on Chu Mu. After all, he was their leader.

“Then let’s go and see. Devil souls are pretty elusive probably. If we can find it, we can try to capture it. If not, we’ll just do our own training.” CHu Mu said.

Devil souls were useless to him. However, Ye Qingzi, Mu Qingyi, Prince Chao, and Ye Wansheng probably had need for it. Doing something along the way shouldn't be given up. More importantly, with two guides, they could waste less time on wrong paths.

Guangtong Bewildering World wasn’t forbidden realm. They heard that there weren’t tiers. If they accidentally stepped into a sixth or seventh rank empire, they may not be able to walk out.

“Then do you want to rest a few days before leaving?” City Master smiled.

Everyone glanced at Chu Mu again and he nodded.

This was a capital of a fifth rank realm. There might be valuable things for sale here, especially things that Ye Qingzi needed.

Of course, Chu Mu knew that things like Xuan items couldn't just be bought in a market. He could ask this city master.

“Xuan item materials, that’s precious stuff. Do you have Xuan to exchange?” City Master said.

Xuan naturally was the common currency of dominator rank. It was usually made from Xuan sources, Xuan items, or dominator rank crystals.

Originally, the life fruits that Chu Mu stole were Xuan items. Their pure energy could be material for soul teachers to create Xuan items and could also nurture Xuan items with energy loss.

Ye Qingzi used the life fruits Chu Mu got to create Xuan items for Bell Noise Concubine and Wood Tray Spirit, making two dominator ranks.

There couldn’t be Xuan quality-like life fruit everywhere. A third rank empire probably only had that much.

“We really don’t have much.” Chu Mu laughed bitterly.

They had a lot of spirits, mountains of them, but they have no Xuan…...

“Hehe, I can give some to you, and just count it as the payment for the quest.” City master smiled.

Chu Mu shook his head and said, “We want the devil soul.”

......” City master Li was speechless.

It’s fine if they didn’t have Xuan. After all, they were going to Guangtong Bewildering World to get Xuan. They could just buy it when they came back again.

Xuan material was also called Xuan Quality. Like first rank Xuan Quality, Ye Qingzi only needed 10 to make a dominator rank xuan item. The success rate and quality of the xuan item was another matter…...


City Master Li was indeed polite, showing all the xuan items and qualities that were exchangeable to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s Binding Wind Spirit, Ice Air Fairy, Ghost Monarch King all needed strengthening. City Master Li indeed had a third rank wind type Xuan item.

However, looking at City Master Li, it seemed like he wasn’t willing to sell it.

Third rank wind type Xuan item was enough to create a wind type low class dominator rank. This stuff was a treasure. City master Li showing it to them was already a sign of great respect.

“There may be more than one devil soul. If you can bring an emperor rank devil soul, I can trade you this third rank wind type xuan item, how does that sound?” City master Li.

City Master Li had a good eye. He could tell that Chu Mu was the most powerful of them and said tentatively.

Chu Mu didn’t know Devil Soul’s value and quickly asked Old LI.

“Young master, you lose slightly in this trade, but a third rank wind type xuan item isn’t easily found. You can trade with him.” Old Li said.

Old Li thought it was good, but Chu Mu still had to keep in mind other peoples’ wishes and so said to city master, “Once we bring back the devil soul, we can choose to exchange it.”

“Sure.” City master could tell Chu Mu wanted it. He was satisfied as long as he could get one devil soul.

After, the city master brought the five to rest.

After entering a courtyard, they didn't immediately rest but instead sat in a courtyard pavilion and started discussing matters.

“Chu Mu, city master had quite a bit of Xuan Quality. If we can trade it over, I have confidence in making four xuan items, beast type, wind type, ice type, and bug type.”

“How many first rank xuan quality do you need?” Chu Mu asked.

“Around 200.” Ye Qingzi said.

Third rank empire’s Lost Desolation garden only had 100 life fruits. If he wanted 200, he would have to rob two third rank empires.


The third day, everyone went with the two people city master recommended and headed towards Guang Tong bewildering world.

After Chu Mu left, vice city master Mu Ruanen finally quelled his anger, and sent people over to find his grand niece, only to find that they were gone.

“What happened, didn’t you help the woman called Mu Qingyi get settled down?” Mu Ruanen asked.

“Yes, she and a few friends said they wanted to go to Guang Tong Bewildering World. I saw that they weren’t weak, and sent them to capture the devil soul.” Li Ziran said.

Mu Ruanen immediately gawked angrily.

“What?” Li Ziran was confused.

“What what? I just remembered yesterday that I indeed have a grand niece named Mu Qingyi. It was my third brother’s deceased eldest son’s daughter. It’s their pure bloodline!” Mu Ruanen said.

Mu Ruanen could ignore other relatives, but his third brother’s eldest son’s daughter was someone he had to help take care of.

“Then how did you forget that and even want to send them away?” Li Ziran grumbled.

“The thing is, my old father was in New Moon Land. This grand niece of mine should be in New Moon Land. I went back to see her a few times a few years ago when she was still a young girl!” Mu Ruanen said.

“New Moon Ground? You mean the New Moon Ground south of Cloud Gate?” Li Ziran said.

New Moon ground was a half isolated place without many experts. Did he misjudge? Were they not even dominator rank in strength?

“You really are just acting as you please!” Mu Ruanen said dissatisfied.

“I……. how would I know they were from New Moon Ground? It’s too late to catch them too.” Li Ziran said.

“Whatever. Once they’re in Guang Tong Bewildering World, they’ll know that the outer world isn’t as simple as New Moon Ground. Naturally, they’ll back off and come back here.

Mu Ruanen remembered clearly. There were limited resources and dominator ranks were definitely an absolute king. He didn’t think the task of capturing devil souls should have been given to them.

“It didn’t look like it, I felt like they didn’t look like they only had paragon emperor rank strength.” City master Li said.

“Ai, new Moon Ground can’t nurture many dominator ranks.” Mu Ruanen was very sure of that.


Southeast of Wang Realm slowly lessened in city density, being replaced by wilderness.

Guang Tong Bewildering World was further southeast of this. The first to enter one’s vision was a grassy plain.

This grassy plain was special in that he grass reached over two meters tall. People walking through were completely covered.

This extremely dense and tall grass field was the best for beast and wing type soul pets to survive. Once one entered this territory, they had to retract their flying soul pets to walk on land.

“You should change soul pets. This plain is a second rank empire. If you get caught by the eagle species, we may not get out.” Jia Heng, the rider of the Moon Devil Colt, said.

Jia Heng wasn’t old and seemed average. Using Ye Wansheng’s description, he was ugly, and even uglier when he tried to be arrogant.

The other man who didn’t talk much was Li Qing. This person didn’t speak much but whenever Ye Qingzi or Mu Qingyi asked, he was the first to respond. The ulterior motives to his eagerness was evident to even three year olds.

Chu Mu and the others didn’t like the two. They planned on throwing them away after they found the way. They didn’t need two untrustworthy people in their team.

“Lady Mu, though your crown phoenix king is powerful, it’s better to stay low key.” Jia Heng continued.

“Fly straight over. We’ll waste a lot of time on land.” Chu Mu didn’t agree with riding ground soul pets.

“No, that’s too dangerous. Even if crown phoenix king is dominator rank, this second rank empire has some too. If we anger it, with millions of other organisms surrounding us, how will we escape?” Jia Heng immediately asked back.

Chu Mu gave up trying to explain, and glanced at little Dead Dream on his shoulder.

Dead Dream flapped its wings, and sent dark purple lightning flying through the sky, opening up its body.

Dead Dream immediately became its dark purple phoenix form, powdering all the grass within ten kilometers with aura alone.

Not expecting it, Jia Heng and Li Qing were both almost shocked off their rides. When they came back to their senses, they stared at this powerful phoenix with surprise.

“Low…… low class dominator rank!!” Li Qing’s expression was extremely vivid.

He always thought Mu Qingyi was the strongest of them all. After all, the Crown Phoenix King she rode was very rare. Yet, this seemingly insignificant man’s random summon was already low class dominator rank. This was truly terrifying.

“Can we fly across now?” Chu Mu said coldly.

Jia Heng and Li Qing both nodded quickly, “Yes, definitely yes!”

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