Chapter 1133: Soul Puppet, Devil Soul

Cloud Realm’s largest south realm city was Wang City

Wang Realm was a fifth rank realm and belonged to Cloud realm. Wang City was the realm’s capital.

The Chaotic Bewildering World that Chu Mu was going towards was to the southeast point of Wang Realm.

The fifth rank realm capital was indeed larger than even Wanxiang City. Adding on their special architectural style, when the five of them stepped into the city, they could feel the thick foreign aura.

“This commander here seems to be named Mu. Speaking of which, when I walked over, many people were named Mu. Goddess Mu, you’ve found your home!” Ye Wansheng looked at the plaque on the main road and turned to say to Mu Qingyi.

Mu Qingyi didn’t know what was going on. There were indeed a lot of people named Mu. Even the many realms they passed by had many Mu named people too.

Cloud Realm’s capital all had a rather special quality. Every important city’s main street had not a statue of the leader, but instead a massive plaque that wrote the name of the ruler.

Mu Qingyi subconsciously glanced at this plaque, and found that the leader of this city was still named Mu. Glancing over, she suddenly paused at the previous ruler’s name.

“What?” Ye Qingzi walked by her. Seeing her expression change, she asked.

“This name is the same as my third grandfather’s name.” Mu Qingyi pointed at the vice city master position and said.

Ye Qingzi glanced over and found that the name wrote Mu Ruanen. No one knew who that was, so they all looked back at Mu Qingyi.

Could it be that this really is Mu family territory?

“Let’s go ask in the city master palace.” Chu Mu said.

Mu Qingyi was slightly hesitant. Her third grandfather was someone she hadn’t seen many times. Identifying him by appearance would be near impossible for her.   

However, to find more information about her family, it seemed that going to the city master palace was the only way.

The five of them followed a straight path towards the City Master Palace. People of light blue and light green eyes slowly increased in number, but most people still had black and light brown eyes.

Stepping into city master palace, the large gates’ guards stopped the five of them.

“Who is it, do you have a decree?” A middle aged guard said strictly.

“I am Mu Qingyi, I come from another land and am your vice city master Mu Ruanen’s grand niece. Help me report it upwards.” Mu Qingyi said simply.

The servant slightly looked over Mu Qingyi. Having guarded the gate for so long, this woman gave off a feeling of nobility and power. This quality was hard to disguise.

However, the vice city master wasn’t someone that anyone could call up. If that were the case, the city master would lose his mind just listening to endless reports.

“Tell the manager about this.” The guard master said to the little servant aside him.

Hearing the command, Mu Qingyi was dissatisfied. She wasn’t even sure this vice city master was her relative, so she furrowed her brows and said, “Report straight to the city master. Don't waste my time.”

The guard leader was stunned, and glanced at the imposing Mu Qingyi.

“Report to Mu City Master.” Guard leader finally obliged.

The little servant guard looked at Mu Qingyi, and swiftly entered the city master palace.


City Master Lounge

The Hall’s high seat sat City Master Li Ziran, and beside him was vice city master Mu Ruanen.

“I don’t want to say anymore. Anyways, I won't send anyone over. My people have been sent by you to Luo Ying Corner, a place where anyone who goes dies. Just do a quick calculation. Which general sent over there could live for over twenty years?” Mu Ruanen said very dissatisfied.

Li Ziran smiled gently and said, “Let’s not mention Luo Ying Corner for now. Since the Devil Soul appeared on our territory, there’s no point in giving it up to others, right?”

“I won’t send anyone, I don’t have many subordinates anyways.” Mu Ruanen said with a cold humph.

Li Ziran remained full of smiles. His vice city master’s adamance was something even he, as city master, had ways of countering.

Yet, Li Ziran had no experts under his arm that could capture this Devil Soul.

Devil Souls were hard to come by, and they were the first to hear about this. If they didn’t act soon, it would get taken by others.

The two city masters didn’t speak. Li Ziran looked uninterestedly outside, and saw a reporting servant standing outside.

“What’s the matter, speak.” Li Ziran said.

“Boss, there’s a person outside calling herself City Master Mu’s grand niece, and wants to see him.” The servant standing outside reported.

“Grand niece, brother Mu, when did you get another one of those?” Li Ziran used this to make a joke, and ease the atmosphere.

“Who knows. My third brother is the same as my old father, never settling and always leaving his root behind in places, telling us to help set up these countryside women and children. If the kids were good, it’s whatever; I could just take them in as subordinates. Yet, all of them have muddled blood lines, poor talent, and never work, but always make trouble. Heng, I don’t have the interest in humoring them today, tell them to go away.” Mu Ruanen said impatiently with a wave of his hand.

Mu Ruanen truly wasn’t feeling very happy right now, choosing to stand and leave by the side door, too impatient to stay around any longer.

City Master Li Ziran laughed helplessly. For some reason, he felt this Mu Ruanen seemed more like a city master, making him feel like a vice city master.

“Whatever, I’ll help to see them. After all, they’re family.” Li Ziran glanced at the guard and said, “Bring them over.”

Li Ziran had nothing better to do right now, or else he wouldn't help Mu Ruanen with such matters.

At their position and power, there was always random things like this that would happen. No one could avoid the headache that came with it. It was like what Mu Ruanen said, these distant relatives that come from who-knows-where were burdens when taken, yet hurt their reputation when abandoned. When you weren’t in the best mood, one only wished to sweep them all away.

Li Ziran drank his tea, and was still thinking about the DeviL Soul. By the time the servant guard brought the people there, he had almost forgotten about this unimportant matter.

The moment Mu QIngyi walked into the city master room, she looked over the city master sitting in the high seat and furrowed her brows.

Mu Qingyi had seen her third grandfather when she was very young, so she only had a general silhouette of him. Yet, the man sitting up there didn’t fit the silhouette in the slightest.

Seeing that the man was also seemingly not paying attention, Mu Qingyi no longer wasted any time and said politely, “Sorry, I’ve made a mistake.”

After speaking, Mu Qingyi turned and began to leave, causing the other four to be confused.

“(cough) Sorry, I’m city master Li Ziran, not Mu Ruanen. I lost focus momentarily thinking about something else.” Li Ziran awkwardly coughed and thought to himself, this woman truly was straightforward. Seeing that it wasn’t the right person, she was ready to leave immediately. She seems different from the others that come to try to gain something.

Mu Qingyi turned around and glanced confusedly at the city master.

“Let’s sit, someone will go and find you a place to live in soon.” Li Ziran said.

“Living quarters? City master, there seems to be a misunderstanding. I just wanted to see if the vice city master is actually my grandfather. I don’t plan on staying.” Mu Qingyi said.

Li Ziran wasn’t stupid. With these two exchanges, he could see that MU Qingyi was different from the aforementioned “distant relatives”. Most importantly, Li Ziran could tell that the five that entered were all pretty powerful, no longer needing to rely on such methods to gain fame and wealth.

“Mu Ruanen is very busy right now and can’t come. Where do you come from, and where are you headed? Wang City doesn’t seem to have many young experts like you?” Li Ziran said.

Li Ziran’s attitude was gentle, not having any City Master’s air.

“Can’t say where we come from, but we are heading towards Guang Tong Bewildering World to train.” Mu Qingyi said.

“Oh? Guang Tong Bewildering World?” Li Ziran lifted an eyebrow. That was where the devil soul appeared.

Li Ziran continued to ask, “Is it ok if you tell me how powerful you are?”

Mu Qingyi shook her head immediately. How could they reveal their strength? If he could guess their remembrances, that was the most he was going to get.

“Hehe, I ask because of this. I just got some news and a task. You are all going to Guang Tong Bewildering World, so if you could accept an old man’s task, I can give it to you.” Li Ziran didn't like hiding his intentions and said straightforwardly.

“We didn’t even see your grandfather, yet we got a subquest now.” Ye Wansheng muttered.

City master coughed to hide his embarrassment and said, “It’s not that I want you to do anything. It’s just that I find it sad if we don't’ compete for it. Someone found a devil soul within Guang Tong Bewildering World, yet I don’t have any available personnel. If you are going there, you can just pass by and take a look, right?”

“What’s a devil soul?” Chu Mu asked directly.

“......” Li City Master was starting to suspect whether they were actually top tier spirit emperors. How did they not even know what a devil soul was?

It was a good thing that City Master Li seemed to have great patience as he explained, “Devil Soul is a special soul pet that is technically categorized as ghost type. They’re like a soul puppet that can enter a human’s body and replace it, repairing damaged souls and giving them special properties. It can also improve one’s soul. It’s a soul pet, but after signing a soul pact with it, it's equivalent to directly strengthening one’s soul.

Chu Mu and the others all stared blankly. They really hadn’t heard of this organism that could repair one’s soul and make it stronger.

“Young master, this devil soul is a perfect medicine for healing souls. It’s also called a soul puppet, because it could copy its owner’s soul. Once the master’s soul is hit with a lethal blow, this devil soul could block such an attack. It doesn't have much fighting power itself, but its spirit defense was very powerful. Of course, this devil soul isn’t very useful for a half Human like you, but it is probably effective on human type.”

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