Chapter 1132: Servant Rank Human Species

Many things could be done in five years. At least Chu Mu felt making an application in Divine Sect and defeating Cloud Realm’s ruler probably wouldn’t be an issue.

Even more puzzling was that this old man had agreed to this wager. In other words, as long as he could accomplish all this in five years, this old man would be willing to watch over New Moon Land.

Of course, if the five of them failed to accomplish all this, they would have to unconditionally do something for him. This task could even cost them their lives.

Ye Wansheng was originally joking around. He didn’t realize the old man was being serious.

If he was being serious, then that was fortunate. Chu Mu didn’t like being looked at contemptuously and like a naive child by this old man. Five years was more than enough!

Ultimately, the old man didn’t give them directions. Considering that Cloud Realm was a seventh ranked realm, they definitely had numerous subordinate realms. Among them were probably realms similar to Wanxiang Realm.

Heading for Divine Sect with their current strength was unwise. Chu Mu planned on first raising his own strength to the spirit dominator rank, and then making plans after that.

Yu Suo indicated that the xuan item’s location she knew of was roughly in the northern side of Cloud Realm. Its exact location could only be determined when she arrived at the northern side of Cloud Realm.

Without any direction, everyone could only fly eastward first.

After flying for about two days, a few villages appeared in between the gentle rolling mountains.

The villages were scattered in different valleys, basins, and rivers. At the very center of these villages was a place that somewhat resembled a cities.

Human cities were virtually the same. Aside from the building styles, they were the same as New Moon Land’s villages; both formed communities. 

The city’s people were bustling with activity. It was rather lively. Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi, and Ye Wansheng had seen many of these towns before. Comparing it to Tianxia Realm and Wanxiang Realm’s ranks, it was approximately equal to a region city.

“So, how are we to differentiate between higher and lower ranked humans? Should we use their breasts and butts?” when Ye Wansheng entered the city, he looked with curiosity at the throngs of moving people. 

“You can determine it from their eye colors.” said Old Li.

“Color? Why do I feel that their colors are all the same? Moreover, even where we’re from, there are a variety of different colored eyes?” said Prince Chao.

“You need to either use soul remembrance to look or when the opponent uses soul remembrance, you’ll be able to see. Under normal circumstances, people will have different colored eyes. But when they use soul remembrance, their eyes will flash with a flicker of color, revealing their bloodline.” said Old Li.

“Oh. Qingzi, come and show your big brother your eyes. I’ve always suspected you were adopted.” Ye Wansheng immediately used soul remembrance to look at Ye Qingzi’s eyes.

Indeed, Ye Wansheng’s eyes flickered with a different colored lustre than his eyes. This lustre was a light black color. 

Moreover, Ye Qingzi’s eyes also flashed with a lustre. The lustre was the same as Ye Wansheng’s. There was no color difference that Old Li had spoken of.

“It seems that we really are kin.” said Ye Wansheng. 

Ye Qingzi felt that Ye Wansheng really needed to be hit. Ye Qingzi had a few hazy memories of her life before the age of five or six. But Ye Wansheng was a year older than her, so how could he not remember? 

“Speaking of eye color, the color of people’s eyes here seems to be a light brown color.” Chu Mu swept his eyes across and spoke to everyone.

“We should all be a black color. Does a light black color mean we are a commander rank human?” said Prince Chao.

“Prince Chao, you’re wrong about this. There are two people among us with different colored eyes.” reminded Ye Wansheng. As he spoke, he threw a glance at Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi.

Prince Chao was a bit surprised, and quickly used soul remembrance to look at Mu Qingyi’s eyes.

Indeed, Mu Qingyi’s color was different from Ye Wansheng and Ye Qingzi. It had a light blue lustre. 

Mu Qingyi herself didn’t even know her own eye lustre was different. She looked bewildered. 

“King Mu was the administrator from Cloud Realm, so there was a chance King Mu belonged to a higher ranked human species. Mu Qingyi is his descendant so she should have a species advantage.” said Old Li. He continued, “the light blue color is a monarch rank human, while a light black color is the warrior rank…” 

“Then the light brown color signifies the commander rank?” Chu Mu swept his eyes over the city people and asked.

“No. Light green signifies the commander rank. These people are servant rank humans.” said Old Li.

“Servant rank? So they’re an even lower ranked human species than us. Haha, I instantly feel much better.” Ye Wansheng immediately laughed.

Chu Mu was a bit surprised. He figured that the warrior rank was already the lowest rank for humans. He never expected Cloud Realm to also have servant rank humans. That meant that no matter how much they cultivated, it would be very hard for them to become a spirit emperor.

“Speaking of which, what’s up with Chu Mu’s silver color.” at this moment, Prince Chao pointed at Chu Mu.

Prince Chao had also just taken a look at Chu Mu’s eye lustre. Yet, this fellow had a demonic silver color, giving him an inhuman feeling. 

“Human eyes lustres don’t have a silver color. This is related to his half devil transformation. Oh, young master, unusual eccentrics are very rare. If you don’t need to, don’t let others see the color of your eyes.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu nodded his head. He could no longer be considered a pure human, and probably couldn’t be ranked based off of his eye lustre. 

However, Chu Mu faintly remembered that when Liu Binglan had used techniques, her eye lustre was slightly blue, while his father was probably a light black color. Thus, if he was a mix of the two, what rank was he? 

Chu Mu obviously couldn’t investigate this problem. Human species ranks could only be regarded as an innate advantage, but all soul pet trainers would have to diligently train. Once they increased their strength, the discrepancy in species rank would all just be in name.

There was no complete map they could buy in the city. Instead, it was some kind people who pointed Chu Mu towards a path that led to a kingdom city. 

With their dominator rank speed, they couldn’t resist flying given the size of a kingdom territory.

Before long, they had reached an even more prosperous kingdom city.

The size of the kingdom city couldn’t be considered very large. The human species in the kingdom city were a mix of the servant and warrior rank. It was rare to see green eyed or blue eyed people. 

There was nothing keeping them in the kingdom city, so after purchasing a map and compass from a store, they finally had a sense of direction to their travels. 

The map showed that going east from Cloud Gate, they would have to pass through fifty or so different ranked regions before they could reach Cloud Realm’s large realm city.

They could see from the markings on the map that Cloud Realm was countless times larger than New Moon Land. Even with dominators, they would probably have to spend nearly a year before they could travel through it. 

“Divine Sect is located in Cloud Realm’s realm city. Let’s go to Cloud Realm’s realm city first to take a look. We’ll think about the problem when we return from the northern realm.” said Chu Mu.

“Ok.” Ye Qingzi and Mu Qingyi didn’t have any objections. 

Ye Qingzi would go wherever Chu Mu went and Mu Qingyi would probably have to go to Cloud Realm’s realm city to find out about the so-called Mu Family. Various clues had indicated that her ancestors were not natives of New Moon Land.

Since Prince Chao and Ye Wansheng had come here to train, it didn’t really matter where they went.

“Ye Qingzi is currently capable of concocting a dominator rank xuan item, but she needs a huge number of high ranking materials. There should be many higher ranking training grounds in Cloud Realm. Let’s collect a few resources and increase the ranks of our soul pets.” Chu Mu picked up the map and searched first for a fitting bewildering world to train in.

There were no longer any bewildering worlds in New Moon Land suitable for their ranks. Cloud Realm had some, but they weren’t many. Dominator ranks in Cloud Realm were still extremely limited.

A single map purchased from a kingdom wouldn’t give them enough information. Thus, they began to travel eastward. 

The first realm city they reached was Tan Realm City. It was about the size of Tianxia City and was a first rank realm city. The forbidden region corresponding to it was a soul pet empire called Magic Tiger Mountains.

A first rank empire wouldn’t provide them with adequate training either and they didn’t consider it at all. However, while in Tan City, they learned that there was a huge bewildering world en route to Cloud Realm.

This bewildering world was vast and boundless. There were numerous empires and it was abnormally dangerous. Only dominator rank experts dared train there.

Most importantly, that place had extremely many heavenly treasures!

Ye Qingzi could concoct dominator rank xuan items, but she needed enough xuan item materials. These materials were naturally obtained from bewildering worlds with heavenly treasures! 

Ye Qingzi was very proficient at concocting, while Chu Mu was strong and Old Li was a natural expert at finding xuan. Ye Qingzi wouldn’t have to worry about finding precious materials to practice. 

Moreover, if she happened to succeed, this meant that one of them would have another dominator rank soul pet!

New Moon Land did not have these resources, while Cloud realm was like a treasure trove of countless treasures. When they thought of having additional dominator rank creatures, everyone was extremely confident. 

“If that wild girl was still here, she could help me catalyze spirit and xuan items that aren't ripe yet.” Ye Qingzi missed that adorable girl. 

Chu Mu nodded his head. Chu Mu had already realized that by putting Ye Qingzi and Ning Maner together, they would become a spirit item manufacturing machine. 

“Spirit items and xuan items can be nurtured the Evil Good Flower Queen. She is the progenitor of the flower species, and her nurturing speed won’t be much slower than the prognitor tree.” said Old Li.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Chu Mu glared at Old Li.

“Eh…” Old Li quickly gave an excuse: “The Evil Good Flower Queen and World Ancestor Tree nurture differently. There’s a chance that the Evil Good Queen will absorb the xuan item and spirit item’s energy. It’s a 50/50 chance. It depends on the character of the Evil Good Flower Queen.”

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