Chapter 1131: Independence Bet!

Following Heavenly Mountain Range, the five of them flew with the grandeur rolling mountains as their sole company, yet the magnificence of the scene made them carefree. 

The Heavenly Mountain Range was sloped upwards. The cold in the air was slowly seeping into their bones. Scared of cold, Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng, and Chao Lengchuan all subconsciously moved nearer to Mu Qingyi’s Crown Phoenix King to warm themselves up.

Chu Mu used to eat a lot of ice type soul items, which changed his body type. He was unaffected by these low temperatures.

Without them even realizing, the massive Heavenly Mountain was before them.

“So, that’s Cloud Gate?” Ye Wansheng pointed ahead.

The massive mountain ahead suddenly sunk down to create a long and narrow valley. From afar, it looked like a massive door slightly ajar in this mountain range, mysterious yet powerful.

“Probably.” Chu Mu didn’t think there would be such a scene within heavenly mountain. If no one told them beforehand, no one would travel for this long in the dire mountains.

Everyone landed, retracted their soul pets, and picked running ones.

Night wasn’t with him. Chu Mu technically could ride Zhan Ye as well, but Zhan Ye’s stamina wasn’t as good as Night, so using him as a mount wasn’t very suitable.

Chu Mu decided instead to ride with Ye Qingzi. Purple Robed Dream Beast wasn’t slow.ollowing that long tunnel, the two sides gave one a feeling of oppression against them.

The tunnel was incredibly long. When everyone walked, they could always hear Ye Wansheng’s constant muttering, serving to keep silence at bay.

Of course, some of his jokes often made people subconsciously move closer to the little paradise bird on Mu Qingyi’s shoulder.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were used to Ye Wansheng’s manners, but Mu Qingyi frequently furrowed her brows. After all, a lot of things he said were always very lowly and sexual. Instead, Prince Chao was very interested in what Ye Wansheng had to say, as he didn’t have much contact with the outer world. He asked humbly about here and there curiously, sometimes “ooh”ing in understanding.

Seeing this, Chu Mu was worried the poor Prince Chao would accidentally become a second Ye Wansheng if this kept going.

There was a beam ahead, yet this beam always remained ahead. It kept feeling closer, yet they never arrived.

This beam of light clearly was from the end of Cloud Gate. As they went, suddenly a warm sunlight fell on them and their vision opened up!

They looked ahead and saw a slowly descending mountain range. What was different was this mountain range was no longer covered in glaciers, instead donning a peaceful green. It felt almost natural if they happened to find tiny peaceful villages hidden between these mountains.

The world was mostly similar. Even the special sacred realms were within the bounds of nature. However, after seeing too much of the glaciers, suddenly seeing a spring-like scene caused their eyes to brighten.

“Hei, there’s even an old man statue here. Someone’s kid must be talented, making it so lifelike.” Ye Wansheng let out a wonderous call and pointed at a crouched icy old man on the mountainside.

Chu Mu also took a glance. It looked indeed like a snowman, yet for some reason it felt as if a living person was frozen inside it.

“Heng, someone’s kid must never have learned their manners.” Suddenly, the snowman opened its eyes, revealing a pair of deep yet sharp eyes that stared at the five of them.

The snow man suddenly coming to life shocked them all. They all used their soul remembrance to detect the snowman and found no life force!

“Old man, who are you trying to scare, having nothing better to do than come here to roleplay as a snowman. You really think any young women would casually walk right by you?” Ye Wansheng came to his wits and quickly retorted.

“Uh…..” Hearing this, the old man was speechless for a moment.Where did this wild kid come from, daring to speak like that in front of him.

He had guarded here for countless hundred years. He was the border protector. Who in their right mind would crouch here waiting for women to pass by...

“This is the territory border, you can’t enter.” The old man coughed to hide his loss of composure and said.

“Old man, are you really charging us a toll here? You’re pretty old already, why are you still trying to learn the young’uns and be some bandit? Give me a break, go back to wherever you came from and spend your last days with your grandkid.” Ye Wansheng said.

The Cloud Gate protector was fuming. Where did this man come from, could he not hear what was being said?

Chu Mu knew all too well that Ye Wansheng had a powerful species ability: the ability to make situations as confusing as possible. He didn’t let Ye Wansheng continue and said, “We come from New Moon Ground and want to train in Cloud Realm.”

“Oh, another group of overconfident kids. I let a person through every ten years. If you five want to pass through, wait fifty years.” Cloud Gate old man said lightly.

“Fifty years, are you kidding? It’s not like you started this place, why do we have to listen to you?” Ye Wansheng immediately got antsy. If not for the old man’s beard already being frozen, he definitely would have grabbed the old man’s beard and dragged him away.

“I guard here by command of the Border Master. There are three ways you can pass through. The first way is what I just said, wait fifty years and I will reserve the spots for you. The second way is having express permission from Cloud realm or Border master.” Old man said.

“Is the third way just beating you to a pulp? Hear me out, old man. You really think this is some novel where every gate protector is some otherworldly expert? Even if you are a powerful expert, just look at how old you are. Don’t you feel ashamed asking us to defeat you? Where were you when you were twenty or thirty, why didn’t I see you here asking us to challenge you then? I would’ve beaten you so badly you would have to go look for your teeth.” Ye Wansheng spoke so quickly that Cloud Gate old man couldn’t even react.

The old man was just about to say something back when Ye Wansheng waved his hand and continued, “Alright alright, don’t take advantage of your own age and hide here as a snowman. While you still have a few years left, get off this mountain and find an old partner to spend the rest of your life with, or else your entire life is wasted. We don’t want to waste time on you anymore, we’re going.”

After saying that Ye Wansheng really rode his Multi Colored Devil Tiger out of the Cloud Gate.

The others thought about it and decided to follow him, and acted as if the old man didn’t exist.

After walking out of the Cloud Gate, the mountain valley started sloping downwards. After a hundred kilometers, the ice and snow slowly disappeared.

Chu Mu and the others followed the snow towards the green. However, having just arrived, they didn’t know the general direction.

“You bunch, you really think you can leave with just a few careless words? Don’t underestimate me!” Suddenly, an angered roar came from behind them.

Following that, they saw Cloud Gate old man strangely appeared back in front of them, clearly not allowing them to pass.

“Old Man, you come at the perfect time. How do we get to Cloud Realm’s capital? Is it this direction?” Ye Wansheng asked promptly.

The old man’s face blackened even more. Was this kid looking for death? Not only did he walk right past him without regard, he had the nerve to ask for directions from him!

“We are going to Cloud realm to make New Moon Ground independent. If so, do you still think we need their permission and command?” Chu Mu asked.

“What? You want to split New Moon Ground out from Cloud realm?” Cloud Gate old man was stunned.

“Not split. New Moon Ground has no mention of Cloud realm in the past few thousand years. No matter what disasters we faced, we never received help either. Our entire development was independent, so what qualifies Cloud Gate to be our commander? Just because we’re a third rank realm now and can bring them benefits? Why would we need such a commander?” Knowing his history well, Prince Chao said sincerely.

Cloud Gate old man showed some shock. The old man found reason in their argument because he knew very clearly that before, Cloud Gate had really given New Moon Ground no support or aid at all. Its government was autonomous too. Only when the Cloud Gate was opened and they had discovered New Moon Ground was a third rank realm did they slowly start sending people to take it over.

“You do realize that making a land independent needs more than just courage?” Cloud Gate old man said strictly.

Cloud Gate old man could tell that these young people weren’t normal; they were powerful and were probably the most outstanding bunch of New Moon Ground. However, it really wasn’t a matter that could be settled with a few simple words.

“We’re going to Divine Sect to announce it.” Chu Mu said.

“Haha, announce it. The day you announce it means the day you become slaves. Cloud realm’s commander won’t allow something like that to happen. Your only fate is to accept their command.

Territorial independence was an extremely rare event because no territory dared to take the risk.

Cloud Realm was way stronger than Wanxiang Realm. Once they failed, they may have to face an immense military force’s retribution!

“I urge you to just go home obediently.” Cloud Gate old man continued.

“Unattended, when we were in poverty or facing disaster, taking us over once we become prosperous, what difference is that from slavery?” Mu Qingyi coldly said.

The Cloud Gate old man opened his mouth but couldn’t find a retort.

“You’re all young and powerful, but there’s a lot you don’t know yet. I’ll give you five years to train in Cloud realm. In five years, you can consider whether you want to make your territory independent. Maybe then, you won’t say things like this.” Cloud Gate waved his hand and stopped blocking their way.

“Old man, why don't we make a bet?” Ye Wansheng suddenly said.

“What bet?” Cloud Gate old man asked.

“If we make our territory independent within five years, you’ll be New Moon Ground’s new watchdog!” Ye Wansheng said.

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