Chapter 1130: Capture a Few to Upgrade our Offspring

Chu Mu turned around to glance at Emperor Concubine Yu Sha and saw the woman’s eyes shift slightly.

“You used your technique to charm her?” Chu Mu asked.

“No.” Yu Sha said.

Did she even need to use a technique? She herself had the ancestor flower’s aura, so those who try to act pretty were like grass in front of a flower. The more they tried to compare themselves, the more self-abased they felt.

“Speaking of which, if we throw you into cloud realm, can you create absolute chaos there too?” Chu Mu said.

Yu Sha’s eyes flashed. Cloud Realm was supposed to be her next target, yet she never would have thought she would fall to Chu Mu’s hands in this tiny Wanxiang City. if Chu Mu let her free, taking down cloud realm was only a matter of time.

“Just wanted to say something random.” Chu Mu had guessed this woman’s ambition but wanted to make fun of her.

Prince Chao and Mu Qingyi both let out a breath. To speak the truth, they really were afraid of Chu Mu just letting Evil Good Queen free. If she got freedom, she definitely would destroy countless more people’s lives.

“Then let’s prepare for travel.” Mu Qingyi said.

Since they were leaving Wanxiang Realm, there was some things Mu Qingyi had to take care of.

Prince Chao needed to talk with three palace elders as well. After all, the future leader was him. It wasn’t great if he just left like that.

“I’ll give you five days of freedom.” Chu Mu glanced at Yu Sha and said calmly.

After speaking, Chu Mu walked towards the palaces, leaving behind Yu Sha.

“Thank….. Thank you master.” Yu Sha quickly said softly. Though she was very unwilling, to confirm her five days of time she had to play the obedient slave girl well or else she may be retracted in a moment’s notice.

Of course, Yu Sha was also confused. This man knew that with these five days she could escape, yet he still dared to give it to her.

Chu Mu was giving Yu Sha time to cultivate for a simple reason. Her strengthening would strengthen his soul remembrance too. As for whether she could escape the restriction, Chu Mu felt that, instead of restricting her strength, he might as well put all the effort into strengthening himself. After all, the enemies he was going to soon face were powerful. Without motivation, how was he going to compete against these people of higher species rank?

As for whether this woman was going to run away, Chu Mu wasn’t as worried about. If she ran away, Chu Mu could catch her again. Let alone, the Evil Good Queen was sealed tightly in his second soul pact. If Yu Sha ran away, she could only bring her human soul and shell.

Without Evil Good Queen, Yu Sha wasn’t even a soul pet trainer, and could do nothing much.


The morning ten days later

A soft morning light bathed the solemn Wanxiang City. Streets slowly were being populated by people starting their busy days.

The appearance of outer enemies didn’t seem to affect things here much. It kept the peace it had ever since the war ended.

Outside east city gate, the simply dressed Chu Mu stood by two parts of greenery.

Everyone agreed to meet there. The reason they didn’t leave straight form three palace was to prevent ill intended people from knowing they left and cause unwanted trouble.

To the public, Chu Mu and Prince Chao all said they were going to go “train”, giving them some lingering power over the realm during their leave.

“Chu Mu, you want to go towards Divine Sect and list Wanxiang and Tianxia Realm as your personal territory first?” Ye Wansheng asked for Chu Mu’s plans and received such a response.

Ye Wansheng didn’t know what Divine Sect was. It seemed to be a very respected faction from the other world with absolute authority. Ye Wansheng only felt that it may be too ostentatious to be at the forefront of everything fight from the start.

Chu Mu indeed wanted to do this. There were three things he wanted to do this trip to Cloud Gate. First thing was to raise his strength to spirit dominator rank. Only with power did he have the chips to negotiate.

Second was to list New Moon ground as his own territory. This way, Chu Mu could at least ensure no outer experts came to the two realms to run amok.

Of course, in this process, Chu Mu was going to look for Chu Tianmang. Since Chu Tianmang had always been outside of Cloud Gate, then maybe he might not even know of the news of him being alive.

In ten or so years, Chu Mu still wished to be reunited with his father.

“Chu Mu, put safety above everything else.” Liu Binglan looked disapprovingly at Chu Mu, feeling reluctant to part. She had been anxious for the past few days because Chu Mu was going to an unknown region with unknown amount of experts. Just how dangerous it was was something Liu Binglan couldn't even imagine.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I’ll bring dad back too, we’ll have a family reunion then.” Chu Mu knew Liu Binglan would get worried and afraid for him and smiled calmingly.

“Let that man do whatever he wants to do.” Speaking of Chu Tianmang, Liu Binglan’s mood fell.

Chu Mu laughed helplessly at the now stern Liu Binglan. Just how much of a grudge was there between his parents, acting so distant from each other. Was there really a need for this?

Standing aside, Ye Qingzi laughed quietly and whispered to Chu Mu, “They’re pretty interesting, I wonder what happened in their past?”

Chu Mu shook his head helplessly and said to Ye Qingzi, “They’re definitely not as compatible as we are……”

“Who said we were compatible. I still remember thinking you were the most devious person I knew, hiding everything inside your heart and not sharing.” Ye QIngzi gave Chu Mu’s arm a pinch.

No matter what, Chu Mu was bringing Chu Tianmang back. No matter what grudge they had, he was going to help alleviate it.

Liu Binglan knew that warning Chu Mu, with his personality, would only end up being futile, as he forgot trivial things like that. So, she simply told Ye Qingzi to keep an eye on him for her.

Liu Binglan had already taken to see Ye Qingzi as truly her daughter. They often had topics to talk about together too. At any rate, Ye Qingzi probably met Liu Binglan more often than Chu Mu did, and they were probably more familiar with each other.

“They still not here/” Ye Wansheng sat aside, chewing a straw in his mouth, occasionally glancing at the women wandering the streets.

“Aha, Chu Mu look there on your right side, how’s that one!” Ye Wansheng seemed to find a treasure as his eyes lit up.

Chu Mu really didn’t have the mind to look at beauties, but with Ye Wansheng’s yell, he subconsciously turned to check her out.

Indeed, Ye Wansheng’s eye was good. The yellow clothed woman dressed nicely really was a refreshing sight to see. She was slowly walking out of the crowd, seemingly looking for something.

Chu Mu subconsciously glanced a few more times and was just looking at her face, when he realized something about her seemed familiar.

“Eh…’s Goddess Mu…..” Ye Wansheng’s expression stiffened.

Chu Mu smiled as well. Mu Qingyi’s beauty didn’t need any introduction. It was impressive that Ye Wansheng pulled Mu Qingyi right out of the crowd just by glancing around.

Mu Qingyi noticed everyone, and walked over with a smile.

She glanced at Liu Binglan and said, “Female supreme, are you coming with?”

Liu Binglan shook her head and said, “I’m staying here for now. The Six Dawn Space Masters is quite vast, and is enough for me to train for a while.”

Mu Qingyi nodded. Seeing Prince Chao still not here, she teased, “Is Prince Chao busy listening to his mother’s lecture again?”

Everyone waited for a few moments longer until Prince Chao came forth from the crowd as well.

Prince Chao was dressed like a weak scholar. After coming late, he said sheepishly, “My mother was lecturing me again and again, sorry for being late.”

Hearing his explanation, everyone burst into laughter, causing Prince Chao to look confused at them.

Prince Chao was a dominator rank expert and had a high position. However, it was inevitable sometimes that, no matter how powerful you became, your mother would still lecture you all the same, including Liu Binglan.

The five of them were Chu Mu, Ye Wansheng, Prince Chao, Ye Qingzi, and Mu QIngyi, along with Old Li and Emperor Concubine Yu Sha that was receiving her punishment in Chu Mu’s soul pet space.

Old Li knew a lot about the soul pet world and was their question-answer machine. However, he didn’t know as much about human information. In this realm, Evil Good Queen knew much more. Of course, more importantly, Evil Good Queen was Chu Mu’s soul pet now. Though Chu Mu still needed time to train this woman to help him fight, it would be a waste to not use her strength at all.

Without a route or map, all they knew was to go out of Cloud Gate. This might be the most directionless journey Chu Mu had ever embarked on, yet for some reason Chu Mu was filled with anticipation and excitement.

Everyone had an innate yearning for discovering an unknown world. Even excluding Chu Mu, the others also wanted to see the outside world very much, even if they were no longer the strongest outside. The feeling of having new experts and new realms to climb towards was enough to get their hearts pumping.

More importantly, the five of them were still young. The heights they were at clearly couldn’t satisfy their goals of being a soul pet trainer!


“Chu Mu, Prince Chao, you think those higher species rank women outside cloud realm might be prettier than ours? Like bigger chests, perkier bottoms, etc.” On their way to Cloud Gate, soaring through the air, Ye Wansheng’s curious yet desiring voice floated over.

“Really?” The most gullible Prince Chao’s eyes brightened.

“Maybe we can capture a few to upgrade our offsprings.” Chu Mu said jokingly.

Chu Mu was only joking to try to alleviate the atmosphere, yet the moment Chu Mu finished, Ye Qingzi and Mu QIngyi turned to stare at him.

Chu Mu felt a cold stare from Ye Qingzi and a strange one from Mu Qingyi and quickly explained helplessly, “I was just saying it for fun.”

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