Chapter 1129: A Xuan Item to Step Into the Spirit Dominator Rank

Chu Mu nodded his head. He approximately understood the meaning of Lan Rao’s words. 

“If you don’t have anything else to say, you can go back.” said Chu Mu.

Lan Rao gave a bow and said: “King Chu, if you make a decision, you can come find me.” 

Chu Mu called over a holy guard, and had him bring Lan Rao to the guest courtyards, letting her choose a place to live.

Polite actions should be returned by polite actions. Chu Mu couldn’t be bothered to haggle with these people from beyond the Dark Sky Ocean World. Since they had come to protect this place, there was no harm in leaving them here. It could be considered adding a bit of fighting strength to Wanxiang Realm.

After Lan Rao left, Chu Mu chanted an incantation, summoning Yu Sha in front of him.

When Lan Rao had been speaking just now, Chu Mu had undone the first soul restriction. After summoning her, he asked: “Is what she said true?” 

“Yes.” Yu Sha nodded her head.

After two years of training, this arrogant and haughty queen had already somewhat realized that she would not be able to free herself from Chu Mu’s hands in the short-term. Therefore, she was much more obedient that originally. Normally, she would answer anything Chu Mu asked her.

Chu Mu obviously knew that with this woman’s character, she would never be completely obedient. At least whatever she was scheming, Chu Mu had an approximate understanding. 

“In a war between millions, Wanxiang Realm will definitely lose. Is there no other way?” said Chu Mu.

“Yes. Cloud Region has the power to revoke this and choose another method of fighting. A war between millions is only one method. Another method is to have the owners of the territory fight it out. You would then have to defeat the last first rank leader directly subordinate to the territory.” responded Yu Sha.

“Who was the last first rank leader of Cloud Realm?” asked Chu Mu.

“I don’t know.” said Yu Sha.

“You don’t know?”

When Yu Sha had assumed the Empress Concubine position, she had practically already come to know everything about Cloud Region. She should know who the leader was.

Yu Sha glanced at Chu Mu. Seeing that this fellow was looking suspiciously at her, she sneered: “How could I remember such a person’s name?” 

“Then what is his strength like?” asked Chu Mu.

“I don’t know.” Yu Sha continued to respond expressionlessly. 

“Then you can return.” Chu Mu chanted an incantation, wanting to throw her back to her soul pet space. 

The moment she heard she was going to be thrown back, Yu Sha immediately grew anxious. Her obstinate eyes carried a trace of pleading, as if she wanted to say something but was hesitating.

“Fine. If you have something to say, then say it.” Chu Mu showed a rare instance of kindness.

“Give me three days to cultivate.” hastily said Yu Sha. Just like how Chu Mu’s strength came from the unity of his soul remembrance and the White Nightmare’s strength, Yu Sha’s strength came from the unity of her soul remembrance and the Evil Good Flower Queen.

What was unexpected was that after two years of devil flame burning, her mental force had already entered the dominator rank. If she broke through this time, her strength would greatly increase again.

“Do you think I will give you the time?” Chu Mu felt this was laughable.

If her strength increased, there was a chance she could free herself from his binds.

“Your… your strength increases so slow!” Yu Sha said, somewhat vexed.

Chu Mu didn’t pay any heed to Yu Sha’s transformation from a gentle and soft low voice to a humiliated rage. He slowly said: “It’s almost as if my soul pet trainer talent was stolen away by you, eh?” 

“It wasn’t!” Yu Sha’s response was very fast.

Old Li had already told him that Liu Binglan was a higher ranked human. Thus, as her son, Chu Mu should have inherited her talent that would allow him to easily reach the spirit emperor rank without even cultivating. However, Chu Mu hadn’t and Liu Binglan had told him that his talent could have been stolen by the defector woman.

As for how to steal it back, Chu Mu was currently thinking about it.

Yu Sha realized that she was in trouble. Chu Mu’s talent was still extremely important to her strength increase. If it was taken back, it would take a long time for her Evil Good Flower Queen to grow to the tenth phase. 

With that detestable old racoon man in existence, Yu Sha really couldn’t be certain if that rotten old man would be able to find a way to steal back the talent. 

She was a bit flustered and hastily said: “Talent no longer has any meaning at your rank. I can help you enter the spirit dominator rank…” 

“How?” Chu Mu indeed was thinking of how to enter the spirit dominator rank. Otherwise, aside from Mo Xie who had undergone a species mutation, it would be hard for his other soul pets to rise in rank.

“I need the help of a few xuan items. These xuan items definitely won’t be found in Wanxiang Realm or Tianxia Realm. Aren’t you planning on going to Cloud Realm? I know a few places with xuan items. I can help you enter the spirit dominator rank.” said Yu Sha.

Yu Sha’s current tone was much more pleasant to the ears. It was soft and silky, making the listener feel very comfortable. It was like she was singing, and the nearby holy guards couldn’t help but poking their heads in. They were silently wondering why another woman had suddenly appeared next to King Chu.

Chu Mu was able to approximately differentiate whether this woman was speaking the truth or lies.

In truth, Chu Mu had already asked Old Li already whether he could take back his talent. Old Li had told him he didn’t know of any effective methods. 

Interestingly, Chu Mu’s simple mentioning of it, and this woman had confessed it herself. 

Talent indeed was useless at Chu Mu’s current rank. The most important thing for him was to enter the spirit dominator rank. Once he did so and frantically increased his soul pets’ strengths, his soul remembrance would naturally increase as well. If Yu Sha was right about there being a method for him to enter the spirit dominator rank, this was obviously a good thing. 

As they were speaking, Prince Chao and Mu Qingyi walked in.

The two of them saw Yu Sha who was adjacent to Chu Mu and showed slightly fearful expressions. However, thinking about it again, this woman was a prisoner, and there ostensibly was nothing to be afraid of.

“Chu Mu, I heard you were planning on travelling beyond Cloud Gate?” Prince Chao spoke first.

“Yes, once Qingzi finishes concocting, we will leave.” said Chu Mu.

“You husband and wife couple are planning on continuing to travel the world, eh?” Prince Chao laughed, but suddenly realized Mu Qingyi was next to him. He secretly threw a glance at her, and hastily gave a hollow laugh to cover it. 

Prince Chao’s words indeed put Mu Qingyi in an awkward spot.

Mu Qingyi innately was dedicated to her pursuit of the soul pet path. When she came to know of outside worlds, she really wanted to travel them and train in higher ranked regions. Yet, when Prince Chao said Chu Mu and Qingzi were going to travel the world, how could she just butt in? It would be best if she didn’t intrude.

Even if the rumors were circulating that her relationship with Chu Mu wasn’t just normal, she could sense that Ye Qingzi was the only one in Chu Mu’s heart. If she were to join them, perhaps she would even break them apart. Her prideful heart wasn’t willing to do this. 

After hesitating, Mu Qingyi felt that it was best to just travel alone. 

The news of King Mu being alive in Cloud Realm had given Mu Qingyi a direction. She was planning on first finding her great-grandfather. Perhaps her grandfather and other family members would be there as well.

“Hmm, you don’t plan on going together?” Chu Mu was a bit puzzled by Prince Chao’s words.

Prince Chao’s eyes lit up and he hastily said: “You’re planning on bringing us too?” 

Prince Chao and Mu Qingyi had both already entered the dominator rank. If they wanted to rise another level, they would have to wanter to the outside world. Chu Mu was very certain that the two of them had a sense of impatience and longing for higher levels. If they didn’t travel to the outside world, Chu Mu would feel it was strange. 

“Haha, I was afraid you felt your strength was too different from ours, and didn’t want to bring us.” Prince Chao spoke back with a glib tongue. 

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. Strength was something that could always be increased. The world beyond Cloud Gate was unfamiliar and bringing more people along would allow for more people who could look after each other. 

“Qingyi, what about you?” asked Chu Mu.

Since it wasn’t just Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi travelling the world, she couldn’t consider it interfering with their relationship. Thus, she nodded her head. She felt that everyone going together was better.

As the three of them spoke, a holy guard brought Lan Rao in.

“Why did she come back?” Chu Mu was confused as he looked at Lan Rao.

Lan Rao had suddenly returned, because she felt she should tell King Chu about the option to choose a private fight of territory owners. Intentionally hiding it from him could end up backfiring.

Only, Lan Rao hadn’t expected that Chu Mu would have someone next to him that had a rather clear understanding of the outside world.

“King Chu, just now I forgot to tell you that there’s a different method of fighting…” Lan Rao bowed again and looked up.

She looked first at Chu Mu then glanced at Prince Chao and Mu Qingyi.

Lan Rao had seen Prince Chao and Mu Qingyi before and as a woman, she subconsciously compared herself with Mu Qingyi.

After, her gaze fell on Empress Concubine Yu Sha who was standing diagonally behind Chu Mu. Suddenly, the smile on her face froze.

Did there really exist such a beautiful woman in this world?

Lan Rao’s eyes momentarily went absent-minded before quickly diverting her gaze. In the past when she encountered women with top tier looks and temperament, she would naturally compare herself. This was perhaps something that innately happened for most women.

However, in front of this woman who was wearing blue colored flower petal clothing, she suddenly felt self-ashamed. The perfect and flawless complexion made it impossible for women to even resist. The incorporeal pride and noble aura was like a flower lotus that blossomed atop an ice mountain; it was both far and unattainable! 

Lan Rao found it hard to believe that such an outstanding celestial woman would exist.

Even more shocking was that this woman was docilely standing next to King Chu, the man she wanted to charm. Yet, King Chu remained unmoved.

“I already know.” Chu Mu stopped Lan Rao from continuing and said: “In a little bit I’m going to leave this place. If something unexpected happens, I hope that Young Lady Lan will promptly lend a hand.” 

“Of course… of course. We came here to protect this territory.” a new smile rose on Lan Rao’s face. “Then… then Lan Rao will excuse herself first.” 

Seeing the slowly leaving Lan Rao, Prince Chao threw a glance at Empress Concubine Yu Sha who was standing next to Chu Mu, looking very obedient. He quietly laughed and said: “That woman’s ego seems to have been injured.” 

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