Chapter 1128: Private Territory

Zheng Tuo could see that Chu Mu was unfriendly with his people.

However, Zheng Tuo clearly wasn’t as stupid as Li Kuangdeng. At least he admitted that before coming here, he didn’t put the people here in his eyes. His arrogant attitude indeed wouldn’t be accepted by the natives here.

“Let’s go.” Zheng Tuo swept his gaze over the corpses, and spoke to the three people behind him.

The three people were fearful of Chu Mu now. Indeed, they could also be considered foreigners and if they were to truly anger him, perhaps their ending would be like Li Kuangdeng and the three others.

Chu Mu didn’t stop them, allowing them to leave.


“Chu Mu, will these people have other plans?” Mu Qingyi watched the four people from beyond the Dark Sky Ocean World and softly spoke.

“Probably not.” Chu Mu waved his hand.

They had come here to protect this place and this was a good thing. Only, it was their attitude that was completely unacceptable. Chu Mu didn’t kill them because he didn’t want to ruin Ning Maner’s kindness. 

Wanxiang City returned once more to calm. However, the existence of external powers now made Three Great Palaces anxious and uneasy.

Three Great Palaces were presently hesitating whether to publicize the news about external worlds. The past generations of rulers had all ordered a seal on information, and the Sealed Mouth Event had also pertained to external forces. Keeping the information a secret had its pros, as well as cons.

The pros were that New Moon Land’s people would have a higher target to strive for and an awareness of their species crisis. The cons were that it would sweep up a terrifying unrest, since nobody would accept that they were low class people.


Chu Mu was unable to decide on this matter. He was innately an unqualified ruler, and let Liu Binglan decide everything.

Liu Binglan originally had a few conjectures towards those from beyond Cloud Gate. Now that the force beyond Cloud Gate had sent people here, she was able to confirm the reality of different species of humans.

Since this had all appeared, there was a decision to make. Liu Binglan’s choice was to make this public. 

However, she also chose a soft-core policy, which was to gradually release the information.

First, she would let Tianxia Realm and Wanxiang Realm’s people know that there were other human territories outside the forbidden regions. Then, she would slowly disseminate information people were unwilling to accept in the form of conjectures. This would allow New Moon Land’s people to first suspect the truth, then understand more about it, then make their own guess, then finally accept it.

Any empire that wanted to develop and prosper had no shortage of miseries and hardships. Tianxia Realm and Wanxiang Realm were the same. With any awareness of miseries, the first thing to do was to severely reduce the infighting. Experts had to place their goals much further and longer. Additionally, with pressure, there would be new breakthroughs, otherwise this species would face decline over a long period of time. 

Li Binglan’s decision was a long-term consideration. Since there were different human subspecies, they would continue to enter New Moon Land like Li Kuangdeng in the future. Moreover, it wasn’t every generation that a person like Chu Mu would exist who could defeat these foreigners. When the future arrived, this piece of land would need to rely on themselves to defend it.


A month after Cloud Gate’s invaders had come.

Wanxiang City continued to develop. In consideration of the fact that foreign enemies had appeared, Wanxiang City’s walls were in extreme need of more experts to defend itself.

Towards the experts from beyond Heavenly Mountain, Liu Binglan had already begun to slowly disseminate the news. She used the fight between Chu Mu and Li Kuangdeng as a justification, forcing people to believe in the existence of other human territories beyond the forbidden regions. Moreover, that it was likely they were extremely strong.

This matter caused no small amount of unrest. As the matter was disseminated, it swept through every kingdom and region. 

There were things that had to be faced head-on. Avoiding it was of no use. Chu Mu felt that Liu Binglan’s decision to publicize it was correct.

In the past month, Chu Mu hadn’t gone anywhere. He began to frantically obtain all sorts of information from Old Li about the areas beyond the forbidden regions. This way, when he entered those territories, he wouldn’t be as lost.


“King Chu, Lan Rao from beyond the Dark Sky Ocean World requests to see you.” a holy guard politely bowed and spoke to Chu Mu who was quietly cultivating next to a lake.

“She didn’t leave? Have her come.” calmly said Chu Mu.

The holy guard bowed once more before leaving.

Not long after, the holy guard brought Lan Rao in and then left.

Lan Rao gave a slight bow and softly knelt on one knee. She charmingly gave a smile and said: “Thank you King Chu for being willing to see me.” 

Chu Mu glanced at Lan Rao. This woman’s politeness stemmed from both her fear of his strength, and probably her innate enjoyment of using her friendly and flirtatious appearance.

“Didn’t I tell you guys to go back?” Chu Mu didn’t understand why Lan Rao had stayed.

“Zheng Tuo and Ning Changqing have indeed gone back. Although King Chu’s strength does not require us to do more than is needed, for the sake of returning a good report after our mission, we need to make a good show of appearance. What do you think?” Lan Rao was looking down, but her lips had faintly raised, revealing a slightly flirtatious and attractive expression. 

“Up to you. What’s up?” Chu Mu remained unmoved.

There were certain women who looked like they were easy to get close to, and it was easy to obtain their intention. They were full of attraction that could make one’s heart itch. Yet, each time a man was hooked and attempted to pursue this woman in hopes of obtaining something from her, she would always maintain a slight distance from him. Then, she would prevent him from getting closer or further, always keeping him in the palm of her hand.

Lan Rao was clearly of this type. She enjoyed throwing flirtatious glances at every outstanding man, especially those who were young, strong, handsome, and brave like Chu Mu. She was also certain that in every man’s heart was an itch to cheat on their partner. A slight nudge and this itch would become very itchy and hard to bear. 

Lan Rao knew that her looks, body, and charm were top-tier. Her strength had also reached the dominator rank. Although she could be certain King Chu didn’t lack beautiful women, this didn’t mean she couldn’t make his heart itch.

Of course, Lan Rao’s main reason for being here wasn’t to charm King Chu. Instead, it was to tell him something. 

“You’ve killed Li Kuangdeng, so in the eyes of Cloud Realm’s ruler, this place still doesn’t have an administrator. Therefore, in probably another one or two years, without any news, Cloud realm will send more people here. Moreover, they will be even stronger….” Lan Rao’s tone was soft. With each sentence, she would take small steps closer to Chu Mu, allowing him to smell her bodily fragrance. 

 “Continue speaking.” said Chu Mu.

“Therefore, your land will always be invaded by others. Perhaps you can banish all invaders, but I believe that you will not always be able to oversee this place. There are two ways to deal with this problem. The first is to rely on some faction, for example the faction we are in. This way will essentially give you a protective name that people like Li Kuangdeng will not dare violate.” 

“What about the second way?” asked Chu Mu.

“The second way is a bit troublesome because your New Moon Land is part of Cloud Realm’s territory. If you don’t wish to be under their administrator, you need to leave. The only way of doing so is going to Divine Sect and telling them that New Moon Land is your private territory. Divine Sect will acquire information from various places to ensure you are the publicly accepted king of this territory and that over two thirds of the spirit emperors of this territory recognize you. Then, New Moon Land will be annexed from Cloud Realm.” 

As Lan Rao spoke, she intentionally glanced at Chu Mu. Seeing that he was still calmly and composedly watching her, she was slightly disappointed. She could only continue: “You should understand that if one of your territories were to be mysteriously annexed from you, you would definitely use force to obtain it back. Thus, the moment you indicate you want this territory, you will face the wrath of Cloud Realm’s ruler.” 

“Divine Sect’s rules ordain that after a territory is annexed, the original owner has the qualification to choose to reclaim it. Both sides can enter a war on the scale of a million people that will not attack cities. If the new owner wins, the piece of territory will not be encroached on by any faction in the next ten years. If the original owner wins, it will reclaim the territory and have the power to punish the losers anyway it wishes with the exception of slaughtering. But this could also mean enslaving you all…” 

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