Chapter 1127: Tell Him to Get His Head Ready For the Taking!

North of the City, in the Mountains

Ye Wansheng wiped the blood on his face while revealing a terrifying smile.

By Ye Wansheng was was his Multi Colored Devil Tiger. It was full of wounds and nearly couldn’t stand upright.

In front of Ye Wansheng was a dominator rank dove with a wing ripped, trickling with blood that slowly created a pool below it.

Standing on this dominator rank dove was the female soul pet trainer Xue Luan. At this moment, her face was pale and full of fear, as she stared in disbelief at the man walking over.

Lost, she had lost. A pseudo dominator rank soul pet losing to a near dominator rank Multi Colored Devil Tiger.

“To women that anger me or I hate, I usually rape them first before killing them, but for your face and body, I’ll graciously skip the first step.” Ye Wansheng smiled.

This smile was worse than a devil’s. His words hit harder for Xue Luan than if she were just violated, causing her to get so angry she nearly spewed blood.

“Come, kill it, don’t bite, this woman’s heart is dirty.” Ye Wansheng said to Multi Colored Devil Tiger.

Multi Colored Devil Tiger was in an excited state too. After all, it defeated an organism with higher rank. The largest accomplishment in battle was to beat someone of higher rank, and Multi Colored Devl Tiger successfully did that this time!

Multi colored Devil Tiger walked before Xue Luan and slowly extended a claw, covering Xue Luan’s face with its shadow. Xue Luan wanted to die now. She had never seen someone with this dirty of a mouth, yet she had lost to him.


Multi Colored Devil Color didn’t give Xue Luan much time to think. With the fall of the claw, Xue Luan’s face was bloodied, her head nearly twisting off its neck.

Ye Wansheng glanced at the corpse one more time, and stole the spatial ring before leaving with Multi Colored Devil tiger.


En? Why is there only one left?” Ye Wansheng returned to North city and quickly noticed that there was only one Li Kuangdeng left still floating in the air.

However, the situation was evident to all. Li Kuangdeng could no longer fight with any soul pets.

The fellow was just floating in midair and mumbling, “If you kill me…… you will pay a price…..” and other gibberish.

Ye Wansheng never understood these people who remain arrogant even after losing, or those that yelled without a solid background. Sometimes the opponent didn’t even want to kill, but after hearing the threats, they were forced to.

Li Kuangdeng was yelling at the same time devil tree battle soldier’s roots were entangling his body, strangling him like a hungry python, twisting a few bones in the process.

Li Kuangdeng’s mumbling quickly became piercing cries. In the same way as before, Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots were forced into Li Kuangdeng and absorbed his lifeforce.

Li Kuangdeng painfully struggled, and his eyes turned white.

From the moment he stepped foot in New Moon Ground, Li Kuangdeng felt like the absolute dominator of the land. However, he never would have thought that he would end up like this. Arrogance and hubris were always the largest reason experts died. There were always more powerful people in this world, and power was never determined solely by species rank.

Slowly, Li Kuangdeng’s body lost all its water and became a shrivelled corpse, slowly falling from the sky, becoming powder after hitting the ground. The only person who hadn’t died, Han Wannong, felt like he was in a nightmare, as he fell into a state of seeming soullessness.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots were already in his throat. With a command from Chu Mu, his downfall would be the same as Li Kuangdeng, feeling pain before slowly dying.

Chu Mu glanced at Old Han to ask how he wanted to deal with Han Wannong.

“Kill him.” Old Han’s eyes glinted with coldness as he said without any hesitation.

Han Wannong originally thought Old Han would care about his past feelings, yet he never would have thought that this was the first thing out of Old han’s mouth. He felt as if thunder had struck him.

“Wuwuwu!!” Han Wannong was about to speak, but couldn’t beg with his throat filled.

Old Han looked at him and sucked in a deep breath, “However you hurt me, however angry I am, I would forgive you. However, this time, you wanted the entire Wanxiang Relam and Tianxia Realm to fall. You endangered our entire human species, so death is the lightest punishment you can get!”

Old Han finished speaking and nodded towards Chu Mu.

Han Wannong started struggling, because Devil Tree Battle Soldier started sucking his innards.

His body started losing water and shriveling down.

Finally, like Li Kuangdeng, his shrivelled corpse fell from the skies and shattered!

With every hero that allowed a species to survive and go on, there was a traitor or destroyer that could end the species. Old Han already knew that he couldn’t call Tianxia Realm and Wanxiang Realm as the entire human race. However, the billions of people on New Moon Ground were still a complete group that couldn’t forgive actions that threatened their survival!

Old Han’s decisiveness caused Chu Mu to realize that stepping into a top realm did not’ only mean that one was the most powerful or was invincible. A lot of times, it also meant unintentionally picking up the burden of species survival. The once most powerful Old Han had this idea deeply rooted, causing him to be so angry and decisive towards his grandson.

“There’s a corpse in the mountains too, just deal with it too.” In the city, Ye Wansheng saw the sacred guards that were helping to clean up the aftermath and said slightly pleased in himself.

After he finished, he glanced at Chu Mu who was still in the sky and said, “People outside Clout Gate aren’t that amazing, huh? I wonder how powerful the other four from Dark Sky Ocean World are.”

As Ye Wansheng finished speaking, he glanced over at the lighthouse.

“So there was one that you dealt with.” Chu Mu was wondering why they only had three people.

However, Ye Wansheng’s strength caused Chu Mu to be slightly surprised. This fellow stepped into dominator rank too. It looked like the improvement in strength wasn’t limited to just him.

Of course, Chu Mu didn’t forget about Zhen Kuo and the other three still waiting in the lighthouse.

Chu Mu rode Dead Dream towards the lighthouse and floated before the four of them.

He didn't speak, instead simply looking down upon the four shocked faces.

Zhen Kuo, Wang Dan, Lan Rao, and Ning Changqing saw King Chu before them, and felt an immense pressure fall upon them, causing them to have difficulty breathing.

King Chu easily defeated even Li Kuangdeng. One had to know that even Zhen Kuo didn’t have  absolute confidence in beating Li Kuangdeng.

Clearly, King Chu was stronger than them, and not by just a bit!!

The four of them weren’t much different in mentality than Clout Gate people. New Moon Ground was a half isolated world. Though they had a lot of people, because of their low species rank, the amount of experts in the realm were definitely limited.

So they were like Li Kuangdeng. The moment they stepped in, they acted like the elite.

What was different was, they came to protect the realm!

Imagine, if they had come to take over the realm like Li Kuangdeng, would they be corpses like the Clout Gate people too?

“How does Zhen Wu relate to you?” After a while, Chu Mu finally spoke.

Zhen Kuo stared momentarily, not sure why there was this kind of question. After hesitating, he replied, “He’s my big brother.”

“Go back and tell him to get his head ready for the taking. I’ll go take it when I have time.” Chu Mu said coldly.

Chu Mu’s words caused the four of them to be stunned.

This man wanted to take Border Commander Zhen Wu’s head, this…… this was all to crazy!

Li Kuangdeng was called Border Commander Li. Border Commander was a title, representing an expert within a border territory. The lowest was Border Soldier. Usually, anyone with dominator rank organisms and was loyal to a border territory could have that title.

Border Generals were higher than Border Soldiers. They must have some contribution to society, power, and have a powerful background. These people were hegemons of a territory.

As for Border Commander, that was an even more powerful presence. At least, even all of Li Kuangdeng’s soul pets together couldn’t beat any of Border Commander’s main soul pet.

Border Commander Zhen Wu’s power was something that even as a little brother, he didn’t know for sure. Yet, the young king of New Moon Ground in front of him said he wanted to take Border Commander Zhen Wu’s head. Even on their land, no one dared to say that.

“You…… don’t you know what Border Commander means?” Lan Rao asked.

  Chu Mu shook his head.

“Then why do you want to take his head…… any Border Commander is many times more powerful than Li Kuangdeng!” Lan Rao continued.

“So what?” Chu Mu replied lightly.

Lan rao was speechless. Did this person not realize just how powerful and terrifying a Border Commander is?

“My brother loves challenges from people. However, he doesn't accept all challenges. You indeed are powerful. If you step out of New Moon Ground, experience Dark Sky Ocean World and Clout Gate’s cruel reality, and still want to challenge him, then I will help you convey your wishes.” Zhen Kuo said very sincerely and genuinely.

After watching this battle, Zhen Kuo was already in admiration of Chu Mu’s power. Someone who could become this powerful in such an environment had to be a true expert.

However, even so, he didn’t think this King Chu could match Border Commander Zhen Wu.

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