Chapter 1126: Dying without Knowing

 “Everyone get a good taste of this blood. See the appearance of Death while you’re still alive!” Li Kuangdeng was mad with violence.

Giving a command, the thick blood fog covered downwards over the north city.

North city still had many normal residents within it, many of which weren’t even soul pet trainers. After the blood fog shrouded them, they fainted right on the streets.

Their pores started opening up, letting out blood onto the streets.

At first, there were only a few drops of blood coming out, but the street had hundreds of thousands of people. With this large of an amount, the blood quickly became a river!

On the city wall, the senior elders and elders turned pale as they once again were shrouded in this blood mist.

They immediately gave commands to tell generals to evacuate the city people.

“Is it fast enough?” Li Kuangdeng laughed.

Evacuation was useless; the blood fog spread way faster than the speed of evacuation. This city’s millions of people would fall into the blood fog eventually no matter how they were evacuated. Once the entire city became a thick sea of blood, the scene would create an absolutely magnificent diagram. Only that much blood could make up for his dead Hibernating Ghost Scythe!

"King Chu, right? I want to see how you plan to save this city. There is no good ending to angering me!” Li Kuangdeng pointed at Chu Mu and laughed.

“Ling Chan was more powerful than you, but interestingly, he said the same thing before he died.” Chu Mu said in a calm voice.

As he spoke, the silver noble Mo Xie had already stepped forward, walking through the air like it were the ground. She passed through the thick blood fog as her fur remained splendid.

“Ling Chan, you mean you killed Ling Chan?” Li Kuangdeng’s laughter stopped suddenly as he stared at Chu Mu.

Li Kuangdeng had seen Ling Chan around three to four years ago. Because Ling Chan never stepped into spirit dominator rank, he had always been rejected from cloud gate realm. Li Kuangdeng had to admit that Ling Chan was indeed slightly stronger than he was. However, Ling Chan could only reach that peak, while Li Kuangdeng could surpass Ling Chan when given a few more decades.

However, no matter what, Ling Chan was an expert. If Ling Chan died to this person…..


Just as LI Kuangdeng was thinking, he suddenly felt something pass by!


A purple claw flitted past the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist casting blood fog territory, almost as if it were a careless stroke of a brush.

Yet, the next moment, the next moment a shocking blood line appeared on the skull of the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist, starting from its head, going across his chest, down to his abdomen until it cuts through its entire body!


Falling apart from the skull, the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist slowly split in two!!

Blood seeped out of the crack. All the blood fog shrouding people only drew out a few drops of blood here and there, yet the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist was bleeding like crazy!!


Blood became a fountain. The violence all but disappeared from the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist. Its life force disappeared along with the blood leaving its split body.

Li Kuangdeng’s entire body seemed to be struck by a clap of thunder!

He didn’t even see what had attacked Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist, nor did he understand where that slash came from.

The blow from the soul pact breaking cut through, and Li Kuangdeng again clutched his chest, face pale.

Dead, Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist died!

The bloody mist remained shrouding the city’s skies. The four people preparing to help were also dumbfounded.

At this time, they only saw the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s two parts, these low class dominator rank organism was killed in one hit like a weak servant rank soul pet!

Most importantly, the four of them didn’t even see the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist die, or what killed it!

The blood fog started dissipating along with the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s death. Countless people full of shock stared at the two pieces of the corpse!

The most terrifying enemy was one that could kill you without you even knowing. A coldness passed through Li Kuangdeng’s body!

An expert aura. The claws flashing was definitely a powerful organism. Li Kuangdeng felt it at the same moment of the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s death. However, the only thing he saw was a little fox returning to Chu Mu.

The organism able to instantly kill Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist had to have reached middle class dominator rank, meaning a middle class dominator rank had just passed by him and casually took away his Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s life.

Able to take away the life of the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist so easily, it meant that his life was for the taking too!

There were no overpowering experts nearby, only a little fox. Could the technique that had killed his Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist be the silver nine tail little fox?

Impossible, definitely impossible!

Middle class dominator ranks were extremely powerful organisms even in cloud realm. Yet, in this New Moon Ground with Normal Human Subspecies, the species rank restriction meant a power definitely couldn’t reach low class dominator rank.

A silver nine tail little fox, one that couldn’t even count as a soul pet, how could it have strength of above middle class dominator rank?

Li Kuangdeng couldn't accept or believe it. His gaze stared tightly at the casually walking nine tail little fox, giving an angry command to dark lion, who was still fighting Dead Dream.

Li Kuangdeng indeed was crazy. His Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist was already instantly killed, yet he told his dark lion to attack Mo Xie.

Enemies able to instantly die to one claw didn’t pique Mo Xie’s interest at all. She seemed to stroll casually, but Mo Xie’s speed was very quick. She had immediately gone from outside the city and to Chu Mu’s side, jumping onto Chu Mu’s shoulder.

Dark lion chased all the way yet didn’t even touch Mo Xie’s fur, instead getting caught by Dead Dream.

The dark purple thunder darted around Dead Dream. It didn’t like it when its prey was stolen. Its dark, deep eyes glinted as it completely surrounded the dark lion with thunder!

After Dead Dream found the chance to attack, its attacks became ferocious, its dark powers eating into the dark lion’s body.

The dark lion was dark type itself so it had a certain resistance to it. However, its dark type was a subtype, so the loss of life caused its body to become very weak and its mind slightly faded.

Quickly following, the wild dragons of thunder pierced the dark lion’s body, slamming it into the ground, shattering the wide streets of the city.

A large burning hole appeared aside Dark Lion. It painfully struggled but couldn’t get up no matter what.

Li Kuangdeng went crazy trying to figure out how he was defeated, yet sadly, his dark lion couldn’t even beat Chu Mu’s Dead Dream.

The blood fog had completely scattered by then, its aura disappearing. The elders and senior elders also didn’t see what had happened but were sure that Chu Mu’s nine tail fox supreme must have attacked.

Thinking back, even the Evil Slaughter Beast, many times stronger than this Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist, was destroyed in one slap. How could this Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist live? Again, everyone got to see the power of this fox supreme!!

“Impossible, impossible. There Can't be organisms above low class dominator rank here, nor can there be a middle class dominator rank…… impossible….” Li Kuangdeng started muttering to himself. Different from before, his mind was now near total collapse now!

Warrior rank human was never to surpass spirit dominator rank, meaning their soul pets could only each low class dominator rank too.

This was why Li Kuangdeng dared to come to New Moon Ground without knowing the experts’ strengths. There was no way anyone had anything beyond low class dominator rank.

However, nothing was as he imagined. The young man before him made Li Kuangdeng feel as if he were against a real expert from cloud realm.


A loud stamp came from far away in the mountains outside the city. The golden Thousand Wave Beast stepped over the mountains, wearing a body full of proud wounds as it held the seven faced beast’s body in its mouth.

Standing on top of Thousand Wave Beast, Prince Chao glanced at the finished fight as well as the mentally insane Li Kuangdeng.

Li Kuangdeng’s defeat was something the prince had expected. With Chu Mu’s strength, he didn’t need to waste this much time at all. This Li Kuangdeng didn’t even know he was used as simple entertainment, and couldn’t accept his own loss. Indeed, he was nothing more than an arrogant prick.

Li Yi was like Li Kuangdeng, as pale as could be.

As for Han Wannong, his expression was even worse.

Li Kuangdeng from cloud realm had lost so mysteriously. More shockingly, Han Wannong despaired to find such a powerful expert appear in human realm!!

“I’ve always done things by getting rid of every threat.” Chu Mu glanced at the other three and said calmly.

The calmer Chu Mu was, the more of a shiver the three got. It was scarier than any amount of killing intent!

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, it’s all yours.” Chu Mu said lightly.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots were already slowly encroaching upon them, entrapping the three defenseless people like a reaper’s tendrils.

The nearing of death caused the three to come back to reality with cold sweat. Han Wannong and Li Yi even wanted to beg for mercy, yet Devil Tree Battle Soldier quickly sealed their throats with a piercing root, absorbing even their internal organs!

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