Chapter 1125: Li Kuangdeng’s City Massacring Anger

Once he obtained the advantage, he should have immediately pushed for death.

Chu Mu wouldn’t do the same as Li Kuangdeng and idiotically trash talk. Promptly, he ordered Devil Tree Battle Soldier to attack the mountain range.

The disheveled and smashed mountain range suddenly began to violently shake. Regardless if it was loose dirt or stones, they erupted as fatal roots, rapidly winding around the injured Hibernating Ghost Scythe.

Hibernating Ghost Scythe’s entire body was injured. Ghost energy on its arms had been scattered by Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s arm strike. Now, facing these roots, it had no way to hold off.

Even more terrifying was that these roots not only pierced its body, but were also rapidly absorbing its life force.

As its life force rapidly faded, Hibernating Ghost Scythe didn’t even have the strength to cry out. It struggled in the roots, but its body slowly dried up.

Li Kuangdeng’s face was full of fear. He hastily rode on the grey demon, flying towards Hibernating Ghost Scythe.

Under normal circumstances, the recall incantation for soul pet trainers could be used 50 kilometers away. Li Kuangdeng was going to fly to this distance in order to recall his soul pet.


Devil Tree Battle Soldier simultaneously launched several techniques. The root cloud in the sky quickly formed an interweaving plant wall in front of Li Kuangdeng, stopping him from recalling his soul pet.

Li Kuangdeng watched on as his soul pet’s life force quickly faded, and he went mad!

Finally, his grey demon managed to rip apart the plant wall, and he flew outside the city.

Chanting an incantation, Li Kuangdeng flusteredly recalled Hibernating Ghost Scythe back to its soul pet space.

The incantation array appeared on Hibernating Ghost Scythe. Its withered body instantly disappeared from the chaotic root attack.

Only, Li Kuangdeng had forgotten that Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s attacks carried poison.

The poison would continue to eat away at the soul pet’s life. Hibernating Ghost Scythe was already heavily injured and on the verge of death. Recalling it to its soul pet space would only prevent it from suffering further attacks. The poison would still remain.

A moment later, Li Kuangdeng suddenly clutched his chest. His face went deathly pale, and he let out huge gasps for air.

A soul injury. Clearly, Li Kuangdeng’s Hibernating Ghost Scythe had died in his soul pet space. The soul rupture caused an intense soul injury to him!

Li Kuangdeng lowered his head, and his body trembled. His half-grown hair fell along both sides of his face, covering his extremely dark eyes! 

This was coldness after extreme anger. Li Kuangdeng’s eyes looked at the city, focusing on Chu Mu who was hovering above it!

“All you had to do was acknowledge our regime. Yet, you ended up senselessly resisting. You don’t even have the awareness of a low class creature. How are you going to survive in this world…” Li Kuangdeng stood there, alone, terrifyingly muttering to himself.

However, everyone could feel the frighteningness of his aura.

“Now that my soul pet has died, all of you will accompany it to death! This is the price you will pay for your stubbornness and refusal to acknowledge us!” Li Kuangdeng was like a madman as he roared. It seemed that in his eyes, everyone in the city had become livestock! 

Hearing Li Kuangdeng’s madenned speech, Chu Mu still didn’t move.

The truth had been proven. Li Kuangdeng had never seen these people here as anything much. If this person was allowed to administer this place, it would undoubtedly cause a terrifying rain of blood. 

Chu Mu had never felt himself to be a lower class person, nor would he accept the species classification of being a low class person for no reason. Listening to this man’s big talk, Chu Mu truly felt that these people who felt superior upon birth were laughable and pitiful. 

Li Kuangdeng was already chanting. A torrential killing intent was surging from outside the city. The feeling, when it reached the city, was like countless bloody and savage wild beasts were gathering outside the city. At any moment, they could annihilate the city.

The array was enormous, and Ghost aura was ghastly. Piercing howls covered the sky and earth!

It was another ghost type creature. It was no wonder Li Kuangdeng was emitting a terrifying and fiendish aura!

Upon the incantation’s completion, a Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist astonishingly appeared from the blood colored pattern. A dense bloody mist lingered around it, forming a long bloody cloak that was so long, it practically dragged behind it on the ground. It hovered, extremely frighteningly, in front of the towering city tower! 

“It’s… it’s a Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist!!” Senior Elder Pang’s expression changed.

Alliance Master Ling Chan’s Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist still left a deep lingering fear in the elders and senior elders.

“Everyone bleed!!!” Li Kuangdeng madly laughed.

Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist gave a devilish cry. The bloody mist on its body abruptly scattered, instantly covering all of the plant clouds.

The plants also began to bleed and mysteriously dried up, gradually falling from the sky.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier realized the might of the bloody mist. It hastily recalled the plant domain it had set up. Unfortunately, its recalling speed was much slower. Most of the plant clouds it had set up were withered.

Chu Mu was very astonished. It was no wonder Li Kuangdeng could big talk about slaughtering the city. He still had an exceptionally fiendish creature in Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist!

Li Kuangdeng’s Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s rank was visibly higher than Ling Chan’s. It was a creature a level higher than a low class dominator. 

Moreover, with the blood mist, if everyone in the city were to bleed, its power could absolutely raise another one or two levels. If this happened, this thing’s fighting strength could reach the realm of the Holy King Thousand Wave Beast! 


“This Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist is very terrifying. Moreover, this fellow wants to slaughter the city. Could it be he is not afraid of punishment from Cloud Realm’s Realm Lord? Although the people here are an inferior species, killing them will result in divine punishment!” said Wang Tong.

Zheng Tuo creased his brows. Li Kuangdeng’s strength was within his expectations. His strongest soul pet was indeed probably a level higher than the low class dominator rank.

However, Zheng Tuo never expected it to be a Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist!

Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s blood mist allowed its strength to increasingly grow as blood continued to flow. If this was the case, Zheng Tuo didn’t have complete confidence in being able to easily defeat him.

“We need to protect the people here. We should still take action. If too many people die, the higher ups will blame us…” Lan Rao realized that the situation had developed to an uncontrollable level and urgently spoke. 

“Who cares. It’s best if more people die!” Yet, Ning Changqing was taking joy in the disaster.

Zheng Tuo nodded his head. He indeed didn’t think highly of the experts here. However, the situation had become problematic, and he himself would have trouble. Most importantly, Li Kuangdeng had gone mad!

“That’s strange. That fellow doesn’t seem nervous at all. His expression is too calm.” suddenly, Zheng Tuo looked at the incomparably calm Chu Mu.


Chu Mu initially wanted to have more fun with Li Kuangdeng. But after he summoned a soul pet that could endanger the safety of an entire city, he could only immediately get rid of him.

Chu Mu glanced at Mo Xie who was lying on his shoulder.

Mo Xie let out a yawn and languidly jumped off his shoulder. Her eyes were full of boredom as she stared at Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist, which had an imposing aura and was extremely arrogant.

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