Chapter 1124: Malicious Spirit Retaliation, Hibernating Ghost Scythe

While chatting with Mu Qingyi, Chu Mu wouldn’t forget that there was someone here who he really had to get rid of.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier lifted its right hand, and powerfully smashed the plant curtain in the sky!

The densely compact curtain of plants surged forward like a roaring ocean. Suddenly, ten wild and stunning wooden flood dragons appeared in the plant sea!

Wood Flood Dragon Cauldron!!

The ten flood dragons appeared in ten different locations around the grey demon. Their heads rapidly wrapped together, extending to the plant cloud and forming a ten pillar prison!

The enormous prison looked like an enormous upside down cauldron. Even if the grey demon, which relied on its speed, was faster, it would still be trapped in the Wood Flood Dragon Cauldron!

Countless branches appeared from the flood dragon bodies, rapidly growing and filling in the cracks between the Wood Flood Dragon Cauldron. Li Kuangdeng’s grey demon unceasingly used a claw bladestorm. However, the claw bladestorm’s destruction speed wasn’t as fast as the growth speed of the Wood Flood Dragon Cauldron.

Gradually, not a single crack could be seen in the Wood Flood Dragon Cauldron. A ray of light wasn’t even able to pass through.

Li Kuangdeng himself had also been trapped in the Wood Flood Dragon Cauldron. Seeing the pitch-black darkness around him, his expression grew increasingly unsightly!

Plant world soul pets countered demon beast world creatures to a certain extent. The low class dominator rank Hibernating Ghost Scythe wasn’t necessarily even the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s opponent, let alone the grey demon.

Demons were countered the most by wood type creatures, since their speed could be limited by multiple technique, their fatal attacks were unable to pierce the thick and rough skin of wood type creatures and their mental techniques were useless on wood type creatures; indeed, wood type creatures didn’t need to chant to use techniques!

Under identical ranks, demon type dominators would be completely oppressed by wood type creatures. In the present circumstances, Li Kuangdeng’s grey demon hadn’t even reached the low class dominator rank.

Right now, the grey demon was but a grasshopper in the autumn that could at most hop around under the Wood Flood Dragon Cauldron.

“Why is it not dead?!” Li Kuangdeng angrily cursed in his heart.

The moment he finished cursing, the Wood Flood Dragon Cauldron’s outside was ripped apart by over a hundred ghost scythes. These scythes were extremely sharp, and each one was able to rip apart the growing branches.

The ten main flood dragon pillars of the Wood Flood Dragon Cauldron were not destroyed. However, the grey demon’s body was small and after finding a crack, it hastily escaped out of the pitch-black prison.

Once he escaped the Wood Flood Dragon Cauldron, Li Kuangdeng let out a slight sigh of relief before glaring with anger at Han Wannong! 

“Didn’t you say that there were no experts here?!!” roared Li Kuangdeng.

“This…” Han Wannong returned from his shock and didn’t know how to answer.

Before Han Wannong had left, Ling Chan was the ruler here. The people stronger were also the Four Heroes. How would he know where the man called King Chu had come from with such terrifying strength?

Chu Mu wouldn’t give his enemy a chance to breathe. As Li Kuangdeng was angrily berating Han Wannong, Chu Mu ordered his Devil Tree Battle Soldier to launch its next attack!

The plant cloud wriggled once more and the ten thousand woods transformed into weapons that filled the sky. There were enormous wood swords, wood axes, heavenly wood spears,and bloodwood sabers...

Above the city, the ten thousand wood weapons terrifyingly hung in the sky. The torrential killing intent they emitted made even blazing sun lose some color!


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier gave its order, and the ten thousand blades sped through the air, interweaving with one another. They shook the heavens and earth, causing even ghosts and gods to cry! 

The weapons on the Hibernating Ghost Scythe were unable to match the ten thousand wood blades. With the intimidating and terrifying killing intent covering the sky, the Hibernating Ghost Scythe and grey demon scrambled to defend.

Wood type attack abilities should have been lacking. Yet, each one of these weapons contained poisonous wood spikes that easily pierced defenses.

There were a lot of these poison wood spikes. They looked like insignificant feelers, but it was precisely these feeler needles with poison that left the Hibernating Ghost Scythe with its thick bug type defense injury riddled under the violent storm of weapons.

Li Kuangdeng’s grey demon was left even worse, turning into chicken ribs. The demon’s defenses were average, and the attack left it powerless. It could only hide behind the Hibernating Ghost Scythe and occasionally brandish its claws, which weren’t of much use.

As the wounds on the Hibernating Ghost Scythe’s body grew in number, its thick insect armor was corroded increasingly severely. The power of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier filled Li Kuangdeng with shock and rage once more!!


Finally, the last enormous wood blade swept across and another long poison wound appeared on the Hibernating Ghost Scythe’s abdomen.

The Hibernating Ghost Scythe was dripping with blood as it slowly spread open its arms which were crossed in front of it. Its deep red eyes carried extreme anger as it gave a deathly glare at Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

“If you think my Hibernating Ghost Scythe only has this bit of ability, then you’re very, very wrong!” Li Kuangdeng’s anger turned to calm and he spoke to Chu Mu in a cold voice.

As he spoke, a ghastly ghost aura suddenly emerged from the ripped open wounds on the Hibernating Ghost Scythe. The ghost aura congealed on the sharp and frightening blade arms! 

Each one of the wounds emitted ghost aura, which resembled energy that surged forth before lifelessly enveloping and intertwining… 

“Chu Mu, this is the ghost type Malicious Spirit Retaliation. Ghost types will transform a portion of the energy used to wound them into resentment ghost strength. Right now it’s absorbing the resentment ghost strength and its next attack will be extremely terrifying!” Old Han hastily warned Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded his head. Chu Mu hadn’t encountered many ghost type creatures despite the fact that he possessed the Ghost King with a secondary ghost attribute...

“Die for me!” angrily roared Li Kuangdeng!

The ghost aura energy on the Hibernating Ghost Scythe’s arms reached their limit. The two blade wings on its back abruptly spread open. It leaped into the air and slashed its two arms!!

The mournful cry of a hundred ghosts rang out. The ghost aura enveloping the Hibernating Ghost Scythe’s two arms transformed into two enormous black execution scythes. They slashed down from above and left two shocking blade scars on the boundless sea of plants!

The ghost colored execution scythe slashed at the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. It was incomparably imposing!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier extended its two hands to block, but it clearly underestimated the might of the two sharp blades. Its wood shield covering its arms only managed to stop the two execution scythes for a brief moment before being sliced through like hot butter! 

“Shua!! Shua!!!!!!”

The two execution scythes simultaneously slashed down and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s arms were instantly severed from its body. They span through the air before dropping to the city. 

Everyone who witnessed this scene sucked in a breath of air.

The defensive and life force properties of wood type creatures were extremely terrifying. Even after suffering consecutive injuries, the Hibernating Ghost Scythe was still able to erupt with strength that instantly severed the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s arms. Such strength was astonishing! 

Li Kuangdeng was rather satisfied with this and he coldly sneered: “So what if you have a wood type? It absolutely is not my Hibernating Ghost Scythe’s opponent. Without its arms, I want to see how your Devil Tree Battle Soldier will fight.”

Plant world creatures could grow plants, but their innate bodies needed to be recovered using normal methods. Without its arms, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s control and attacking abilities had definitely suffered a huge blow. The grey demon now just had to combine its sneak attacks with the Hibernating Ghost Scythe’s attacks and they would be able to defeat this low class dominator.

“Aren’t you excited too early?” Chu Mu was very bewildered. Why did all these idiots enjoy arrogantly chattering the moment they obtained a slight advantage? If they obtained an advantage, they should be shutting up and focusing on killing him. 

The armless Devil Tree Battle Soldier stood in its original location. It didn’t let out a painful roar, nor did it show any signs of struggle. Moreover, it didn’t even look at the two arms it had lost.

Its eyes began to spin with a bloodthirsty glint!!

Suddenly, the split open plant cloud in the sky began to crow again. As the Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a wild roar, the plant cloud abruptly pressed down, transforming into a heavenly plant snare!

The enormous plant snare instantly covered Li Kuangdeng’s Hibernating Ghost Scythe and grey demon. The roots on all sides rapidly pierced the two dominator rank creatures!

“You’re courting death!” when Li Kuangdeng saw that Chu Mu was surprisingly attacking again, he let out a loud laugh!

The Hibernating Ghost Scythe wouldn’t be so easily killed. As long as it still had fighting strength, each injury the Devil Tree Battle Soldier delivered would give more ghost energy for its next attack! 

Thus, by the time the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s attacks ended, the Hibernating Ghost Scythe could instantly chop the Devil Tree Battle Soldier in half!

The dense mattering of attacks rapidly pierced through the Hibernating Ghost Scythe’s body, leaving and increasing number of holes from which blood spilled out of. Li Kuangdeng knew that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s attacks were very strong and that this wave of attacks would probably leave the Hibernating Ghost Scythe heavily injured. 

However, in order to condense enough energy to ensure the next attack was a sure-kill, Li Kuangdeng continued to have the Hibernating Ghost Scythe bear it!

“Pu pu pu!!!!!!!”

Once all of the attacks were finished, the Hibernating Ghost Scythe was left with an innumerable number of holes. There wasn’t a single piece of its body left intact.

The more injuries there were and the deeper they were, the more powerful the condensed ghost energy was. Although the Hibernating Ghost Scythe was covered in intense pain, its eyes were still cold as it raised its terrifying arms.

“This time, you really can go die!” Li Kuangdeng’s words were filled with heavy killing intent.

When Chu Mu heard Li Kuangdeng’s words, he silently laughed. Did this fellow really not use his dog eyes to observe what was going on around him before speaking? 


A sound suddenly rang out an a thick arm whip, resembling a wild dragon sweeping its tail, fiercely smashed into the Hibernating Ghost Scythe that had just finished gathering its ghost energy! 

The Hibernating Ghost Scythe was planning on launching its attack. How would it expect an enormous arm to suddenly appear beside it? 

This smash crushed the Hibernating Ghost Scythe’s head, and blood splurted out from the holes on its body. Its body once more was launched into an arc through the air that smashing very close to the mountain range outside the northern city! 

Li Kuangdeng’s heart violently beat, and his face contorted as he watched the Hibernating Ghost Scythe that was knocked flying.

An arm! That was the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s arm. He remembered that he had just now sliced off the Devil Tree Battle Soldiers arm. How did it suddenly appear again?!! 

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