Chapter 1123: Chu Mu is a Monster

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier….. This is utterly beyond belief.” The four in the lighthouse stared at each other.

One could say that Zhen Kuo and the other three were also tricked by Chu Mu’s smile. They really believed that King Chu had a soul pet able to fight two low class dominator ranks.

Yet, this fellow simply summoned a devil tree battle soldier. Is this a farce?

“Looks like we have to help?” Lan Rao quickly lost some interest in Chu Mu and said to Zhen Kuo.

“No hurry.” Zhen Kuo shook his head.

Zhen Kuo wasn’t a very generous person. Since he said he would attack late, he would have to wait for Li Kuangdeng to devastate King Chu first before he would appear.

“You should know that humans are strange creatures. Before danger comes, one could live life normally and reject outsiders. Only when true danger comes do they know to respect and appreciate the people that are willing to help them.”

“Boss Zhen is right. They have to first get stepped on to the point of destruction before we intervene, and let them regret their foolish actions that day in the palace!” Ning Changqing said with joy.

Wang Dang and Lan Rao both nodded. However, at this moment Zhen Kuo seemed to notice something. He no longer spoke as he looked more closely at Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier.


Li Kuangdeng, Han Wannong, and Li yi were still laughing at Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Even Mu Qingyi aside Chu Mu was stunned, not understanding why Chu Mu didn’t summon little hidden dragon or Zhan Ye, instead summoning devil tree battle soldier.

“Chu Mu, did you cast the wrong summoning incantation?” Mu Qingyi reminded Chu Mu in a low voice.

Chu Mu shook his head, “Devil Tree Battle Soldier is enough.”

Mu Qingyi heard this and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Was he doing this on purpose? Devil Tree Battle Soldier was enough? Did he want Devil Tree Battle Soldier to battle one against two? That was a low class dominator and near low class dominator enemy he was against!

Seeing Mu Qingyi’s reaction, Chu Mu simply lifted an eyebrow and said, “You should watch carefully.”


Mu Qingyi remained confused as Devil Tree Battle Soldier suddenly let out a bold roar, stepping towards the two soul pets by Li Kuangdeng in the sky!

Countless roots started spreading in the sky, interlacing and growing!

Devil Tree Battle Soldier was only four meters tall. However, the roots it had already took over the entire upper skies of the city like thick clouds floating, or like a massive forest over the city!!

Li Kuangdeng’s contempt didn’t reduce in the slightest. Any top tier emperor rank could create such a plant territory as well. It looked like it was time for some blood, or else they wouldn’t surrender.

Hibernating Ghost Scythe flapped its wings.This bug type low class dominator rank was like a meat grinder, making its way into devil tree battle soldier’s root forest and powdering the cloud like roots.

“Get rid of it.” Li Kuangdeng didn’t want to waste any time, giving Hibernating Ghost Scythe a command to kill.

Hibernating Ghost Scythe’s arms became massive black scythes. After a moment of pause in the air, it blitzed towards Devil Tree Battle Soldier, sending out two massive cutting blades that flashed through Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s root territory and at its body!


Two blades criss-crossed, accurately landing on the devil tree battle soldier.

Li Kuangdeng smiled slightly. Looking through the narrow corridor cut open and at the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, he expected to see the soul pet cut up into four pieces in no time.

Yet, reality wasn’t as Li Kuangdeng imagined. Li Kuangdeng quickly found that the full out attack of the hibernating ghost scythe only left two light marks on devil tree battle soldier’s chest!

It didn’t even seem to cut through the wood armor fully, meaning that this attack merely was a scratch to the devil tree battle soldier!!

How is that possible?!

Li Kuangdeng stared blankly, as his face was overtaken with shock!!

A low class dominator rank soul pet could instantly kill a top tier emperor rank even without any techniques. Why did his Hibernating Ghost Scythe only leave a scratch on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier?

This incomprehensible scene not only shocked Li Kuangdeng. Li Yi, Han Wannong, and even the four people in the light house, including Zhen Kuo, were slack-jawed!!


While everyone was shocked, Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a dominator rank worthy roar!

With a mere thought, the black cloud that floated above the city suddenly started growing at dozen times the speed before!!

Growth, exponential growth. Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s root territory became a pressuring mass of roots, covering all of north city’s skies.

The sky full of roots seemed to be sentient as they all pointed to the Hibernating Ghost Scythe and stabbed towards it with their poisonous spikes!!!

Seeing the roots come down like a downpour, it showed panic and started swiping away at the roots with its hands and feet to cut down the roots flying at it.

The Hibernating Ghost Scythe’s attack frequency was incredibly high, still able to keep itself safe amongst the densely attacking roots.

However, no matter how fast it swiped its scythes, it couldn’t keep up with Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s ability to cast many techniques together!

After the storm of roots, branches as soft as snakes slowly crept up upon it. The Hibernating Ghost Scythe didn’t even notice these roots snaking all over its body!


The Hibernating Ghost Scythe was still cutting with all its might when suddenly, a powerful yank caused it to fly straight from the skies to out of the city. One could see a long branch fall from the sky like a whip from the gods, heavily slamming into the outer city mountains. At the end of this branch was Hibernating Ghost Scythe, who hadn’t even reacted yet!


After this whip fell, a long mountain valley was created between the mountains. Hibernating Ghost Scythe was thrown into this pile of rocks, unable to get up for a while.

The sky covering roots, the cracked valley between mountains hundreds of kilometers away- the low class dominator rank Hibernating Ghost Scythe rendered immovable…….

All these scenes caused the city to fall silent. Only the shockwave from far away in the mountains were causing vibrations that one could hear made a noise.

Everyone watching or participating in the fight ahd the same confusion and shock. Was this powerful organism truly the devil tree battle soldier with warrior rank species rank???

At the city building, even those familiar with Chu Mu like Shen Mo, Teng Lang, Pang Yue, Old Hermit, and Elder Pang were wide eyed!!

Warrior rank reaching dominator rank? How many emperor rank soul pets would be ashamed? And how many high species rank organisms reached invincible emperor rank only to stop in its path.

Chu Mu was a monster, able to strength warrior rank devil tree battle soldier to dominator rank despite class dominator rank restrictions.

Zhan Ye had six broken limb rebirths, Brave stinging heart and Ancient Power Awakening. It was undisputed why it was low class dominator rank.

Little Hidden Dragon had Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s types and ghost type, so it made sense why it was low class dominator rank.

Dead Dream had a species rank of perfect emperor rank. After ten stages, it was indubitably strong too.

Chu Mu himself could go half-devil. He also had Hades Fox little Mo Xie and the retracted Evil Good Queen. Other than a monster, there were no other words to describe Chu Mu aptly.

“But……But…...a secondary soul pet with species rank of warrior rank was trained to low class dominator rank. Even looking at the entire Tianxia and Wanxiang realm, which spirit emperor still working towards spirit dominator could endure this?

Not only did people not accept it right now, probably no one in all of the realm could believe it. One had to know that there had been no previous cases of a warrior rank organism reaching dominator rank ever!!

“Chu…… Chu Mu. You…… you really succeeded?” Standing behind Chu Mu was Mu Qingyi, her sexy lips at a loss of words, hanging open.

Even now, Mu QIngyi couldn’t forget how scary the lost desolation ground Ten Thousand Eyed treant was. Yet, even that was only near low class dominator rank, while Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier was truly a low class dominator rank!

Plant world low class dominator rank. Facing a same rank bug type dominator and demon type dominator, it truly had no problem. At first, Mu Qingyi thought Chu Mu was just messing around, yet she now knew he was serious; this devil tree battle soldier really could fight one against two!

Mu Qingyi didn’t know what to say. This man truly wasn’t normal. It was a good thing she didn't try to compare herself to him, or else her pride will suffer!

Chu Mu found it rare that Goddess Mu was surprised like a little girl and casually made fun of her, “Next, I’ll make my Ice Air Fairy dominator rank too.”

“Ice Air Fairy…….” Mu Qingyi was between laughter and tears again.

Ice Air Fairy also had a warrior rank species rank.

Back in the Ice Muslin Valley, she had even scolded Chu Mu, telling him there was no point in training Ning, since it couldn’t step into dominator rank.

Yet, now Mu Qingyi could no longer say that after a low class dominator rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier had appeared!!

Mu Qingyi knew Chu Mu was intentionally bringing up past matters. She wished she could just choke this cocky monster to death with her bare hands!

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