Chapter 1122: Dominator fight, Devil Tree Battle Soldier?

Lighthouse Position

“Dark purple….dark purple phoenix species, and it looks like its low class dominator rank!!” Wang Dan stared at the evil, beautiful, noble, and wild phoenix species in the skies.

Though Zhen Kuo already guessed King Chu had low class dominator rank organism, when he saw a special phoenix species, he was still shocked.

As for Ning Chanqing, he was slack jawed, unable to believe that this man his age was already an expert with low class dominator rank.

Aside, Lan Rao’s gaze became slightly flirtatious as her lips curled upwards, clearly gaining more interest in King Chu.

“This King Chu has some power. This soul pet is extremely rare even where we come from.” Wang Dan said.

Zhen Kuo nodded, his gaze towards Chu Mu slightly shifting.

However, no matter how surprised he was, Zhen Kuo didn’t feel like Chu Mu would be Li Kuangdeng’s match. After all, anyone could tell that Li Kuangdeng didn’t only have one low class dominator rank.


Chu Mu’s current emotions weren’t great. If the cloud gate people could be dealt with in a few easy strokes, how could he release his anger?

Dead Dream flapped its wings and slowly floated behind the Dark Lion, its electrical arcs blinking rapidly, causing the air to crackle.

The Dark Lion’s Li Kuangdeng looked hostile at Chu Mu, using an elitist attitude to look at Chu Mu, “And who are you?”

As Li Kuangdeng finished asking, Han Wannong rode his Earth Fiend Dream Demon up and asked in a low voice, “This seems to be the King Chu they were talking about, the strongest person here.”

“Strongest person here?” Li Kuangdeng paused, and reevaluated Chu Mu.

Li Kuangdeng could tell that Chu Mu truly wasn’t that old. Originally, seeing Chao Lengchuan and Mu Qingyi as young dominator rank strength experts already caused Li Kuangdeng to be confused. He never expected the most powerful person to also be only in his thirties.

“Han Wannong, you bastard!” Suddenly, an old man’s voice came from afar.

This voice was loud and old, causing almost the entire city to hear.

Everyone turned their gazes around, but found an white haired man ride a wing type soul pet slowly into the skies, staring angrily at Han Wannong, who was flattering fLi Kuangdeng.

Han Wannong shivered without knowing why, and turned to look at the angry old man.

Han Wannong’s fear was completely an instinctive reaction. However, thinking about it more clearly, Han Wannong again let out a pleased and disdainful smile as he said to the old man, “Old man, you still are as bad tempered as usual. How many times do I have to tell you not to act the elder anymore. Also, I told you long ago that Cloud Gate was a larger country with people of higher rank. However, you never believed me. Here, you see now, I brought experts back from outside cloud gate. This is Li Kuangdeng, the Border General Li Kuangdeng, he comes to take control of here.”

“And who is this old fellow?” Li Kuangdeng stared at Old Han as if he didn’t care at all.

“It’s the oldest soul pet trainer of new Moon Ground and also the strongest a few generations ago. Of course, compared to Border General Li, he’s just an old man.” Han Wannong’s face changed and quickly went back to flattering Li Kuangdeng.

“So that’s the situation, if you’re old then just remain in retirement. Why wander around like this?” Li Kuangdeng said.

“Old man, you saw the situation. Border General Li is far stronger than you. If you don’t want any blood lost, just give up, surrender, and you can remain safe. Or else….” Han Wannong said.

Old Han heard Han Wannong’s mocking and lost his ability to breath regularly.

Chu Mu saw Old Han’s emotions and guessed that Han Wannong must be the adopted grandson that Old Wen had mentioned.

However, looking at this guy’s flattering face, he indeed wasn’t someone good.

“Wei, and you, don’t call yourself some king. In front of Border General Li, you’re just a slag!” At this moment, Han Wannong pointed towards Chu Mu.

Mu Qingyi heard it and was very uncomfortable, saying, “This fellow truly knows how to threaten others with his master.”

Old Han was shivering with anger. When he had taken in this bastard at first, how could he not tell this was such a dog. Now look, he was bringing outer realm people in to bully us. He should have slapped him to death when he had the chance!

Chu Mu saw Old Han was angered, and realized it was time for him to intervene to help the old man punish his past mistakes.

Of course, since this dog wanted to rely on other people, Chu Mu naturally had to first get rid of this outer realm person first to punish this bastard!

Gazing coldly, Chu Mu gave Dead Dream a command with his mind.

Dead Dream’s lightning darted around making countless layers across the sixteen wings!


Dead dream let out a terrifying call that pushed the entire sky down. The heavy thunder clouds created terrifying purple thunder striking down from the skies!!

The dark purple thunder shocked all, turning the city into a thunder area!!

The Dark Lion’s dark energy didn’t have the power of thunder type. Li Kuangdeng let out a cold humph, and rode the Dark Lion into an unpredictable white streak through the thousands of thunders.

“Chu Mu, his dark movement is very powerful, and we can never hit him” Mu QIngyi reminded Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded, yet his eyes changed color here, slowly turning silver and started spinning!

Under Other Pupil, this Dark Lion’s speed was very normal. Chu Mu could easily see through its movement.

Chu Mu could already see the Dark Lion’s movement, so Dead Dream knew where it had to attack.


Suddenly, three incredibly thick thunders flashed through, landing where Dark Lion was about to dodge!

On Dark Lion’s back, Li Kuangdeng had a face of ease. Yet, when the powerful light shrouded him, his smirk disappeared, replaced with panic as he quickly told Dark Lion to create a dark shield!


Dark shield wasn’t powerful, easily shattered. Quickly after, the entire Dark Lion suffered a powerful strike of thunder, causing it to howl in pain as it convulsed.

Li Kuangdeng himself also got electrocuted, causing him to become incredibly haggard, and his hair to be burnt.

After struggling, the Dark Lion finally got rid of the thunder, yet Li Kuangdeng’s face blackened.

A moment of underestimation caused the kid to hit him. Li Kuangdeng’s resentment rose as he stared angrily at Chu Mu.

“Hahah, I thought Cloud Gate’s people were supposed to be powerful, yet he almost got blasted into smithereens!” At this moment, a string of mocking came from the city building, originating from Shen Mo.

However, after Shen Mo followed a large wave of insults, it caused Li Kuangdeng’s expression to sour even further, clearly angry at the shame!

“You will be the one to die in the most painful way!” Li Kuangdeng said and started another incantation!

Li Kuangdeng directly double summoned, creating a grey and brown summoning diagram on each side of them.

The grey diagram had a grey fur covered demon. From its aura, one could tell that it was a soul pet very close to low class dominator rank!!

On the other side of Li Kuangdeng in the brown symbol was an organism with scythe-like wings. This organism’s arms, shoulders, and key parts were all covered in sharp blade armor. It was a bug type Hibernating Ghost Scythe!

Hibernating Ghost Scythe was even stronger than the grey demon dominator. Without guessing, one can tell that it was a true low class dominator rank, not any weaker than Dark Lion!

Li Kuangdeng’s summon instantly brought his power to two low class dominators and one near low class dominator rank. This power was definitely unmatched in Wanxiang Realm. No wonder this person was arrogant!

“Do you want to get cut by my demon or dismembered by my Hibernating Ghost Scythe? You can choose!” Li Kuangdeng stared proudly Chu Mu.

However, when Li Kuang gazed at Chu Mu, but found Chu Mu simply laughing.

“What are you laughing about?” Li Kuangdeng was very uncomfortable. He was clearly making fun of him. Was three low class dominator ranks not enough to deal with anyone there?

Chu Mu didn’t say much. He laughed because Li Kuangdeng seemed to be even weaker than Ling Chan, and dared to be this powerful. He was also laughing because Li Kuangdeng didn’t know just how powerful the opponent he was against was!

Very quickly, Li Kuangdeng noticed Chu Mu who was also chanting. He resisted the urge to attack, and wanted to see the soul pet Chu Mu was going to summon!

The cyan roots wrapped around Chu Mu and quickly created a devil tree battle soldier’s body!

Devil Tree Battle Soldier was only four meters. It was so normal that the entire city recognized it. However, what caused everyone to stare in awe was why Chu Mu would summon such a low species rank soul pet in a dominator rank battle.

“Hahahaha, I’m dying….. Devil…… Devil Tree Battle Soldier…… a warrior rank devil tree battle soldier……” Sharp laughter came from Han Wannong.

Li Kuangdeng saw the soul pet clearly and immediately relaxed, his face turning from grave to laughable.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier, no matter how powerful it is, it was just a top tier emperor rank. Almost everyone knew. Li Kuangdeng thought it funny. Even if King Chu had no other dominator rank soul pets, there was still no reason to bring out a Devil Tree Battle Soldier and shame himself.

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