Chapter 1121: Strong is Good, But Only Three?

“This woman…” Li Kuangdeng turned slightly, and spoke softly to Han Wannong.

Han Wannong was also a man and naturally understood Li Kuangdeng’s intentions. Before Li Kuangdeng finished asking his question, he hastily said: “She should be a descendent of the Mu Family. A long time ago, she made her name with the Crown Phoenix King. However, I never expected her to have now entered the dominator rank…”

Han Wannong had left the Wanxiang Realm a few years ago. He didn’t know much about these newly emergent experts and could only roughly guess their strengths.

“Haha, I want her.” said Li Kuangdeng.

“She’s not weak. It won’t be easy for Border General Li to make her yield.” Han Wannong laughed with profound intentions.

“Doesn’t this make it even more interesting? Otherwise, I would be very bored here.” said Li Kuangdeng.

When the two of them were speaking, Li Yi’s blood beast dominator began to fight the Crown Phoenix King!

The golden flame from the Crown Phoenix King was like morale that violently burned. The imposing aura forced Li Yi’s blood beast to retreat!

The Crown Phoenix King’s strength had clearly risen a level, nearing the low class dominator rank. Li Yi’s blood beast dominator was a level weaker and even if Li Yi’s control of his blood besat was adept, Mu Qingyi’s Crown Phoenix King had a domineering and imposing offensive aura had the absolute advantage.

The pleased expression on Li Yi’s face was no longer there. Evidently, he had underestimated the strength of New Moon Land’s experts.

As the battle continued, the skin of Li Yi’s blood beast was lacerated. Currently, Li Yi was looking at Li Kuangdeng, with a sense of pleading in his eyes.

But Li Kuangdeng just stood there with a smile. It was rare that an opponent was a very fine woman. Li Kuangdeng’s mood was very good and Li Yi’s inability to defend was insignificant to him.

“Just this little bit of ability?” Mu Qingyi’s tone was calm, as she looked at Li Yi.

Li Yi’s expression was even more unsightly. He was being looked down on by a girl, moreover one from New Moon Land. This was humiliating! 

“Li Yi, let me do it.” Li Kuangdeng didn’t chant an incantation. He was hovering in midair and the Dark Lion he was riding on had stepped into the air.

Li Yi looked like he was relieved from a burden. He quickly recalled the blood beast dominator riddled with burn wounds, and then looked with eyes full of venomous hatred at Mu Qingyi!

“Young Lady Mu, you can summon as you please. All you have to do is beat my Dark Lion, and I will immediately return home.” Li Kuangdeng examined Mu Qingyi for a long time before speaking.

Having been examined by this man for an excessive amount of time, she obviously understood the intentions in his eyes. She coldly said: “Perhaps you guys won’t even be able to return.”

“Oh, Young Lady Mu is kindly urging me to stay. I am extremely happy. With such a magnificent person to accompany me, it doesn’t matter to me if I don’t return. Hahaha.” Li Kuangdeng immediately began to loudly laugh.

Li Kuangdeng’s words instantly incited everyone’s anger. This fellow even dared flirt with their War Goddess. This was too arrogant. One small mistake, and he could be burned to dregs by Crown Phoenix King.

He indeed was a frivolous person. Mu Qingyi had always hated these sorts of men, regardless of how strong they were.

Mu Qingyi didn’t continue talking rubbish with Li Kuangdeng. She controlled her Crown Phoenix King to create a golden river of fire in the air. The river of fire poured down from the sky. The surging magma spilled into a shocking nine heaven waterfall. It was incomparably gorgeous!!

The Dark Lion dominator stepped forward. Its fluttering white mane and whiskers rose upwards, and its dark body mysteriously disappeared.

Its white whiskers outlandishly passed through the golden fire waterfall. Yet, it was unharmed. Immediately after, its body appeared behind the waterfall and it charged with heavy steps at the Crown Phoenix King.

Mu Qingyi didn’t have knowledge of the Dark Lion’s techniques. She hadn’t prepared for the Crown Phoenix King to dodge and by the time she reacted, the Dark Lion had already crashed into the Crown Phoenix King, knocking it flying high up in the air.

Darkness Explosion!

The Dark Lion raised its head and spat out a dark colored air wave that chased after the Crown Phoenix King!


The moment it touched the Crown Phoenix King, a dark energy exploded, appearing like a blackhole in the air!

The Crown Phoenix King’s flames were dulled as a result of this attack. Fortunately, Mu Qingyi had added a sun shield on the Crown Phoenix King in time, so that it wouldn’t be corroded by the dark energy.

When Mu Qingyi caught her balance, her expression looked seriously at the powerful and outlandish Dark Lion.

The Dark Lion was clearly a low class dominator. Although the fire type countered dark types, if she couldn’t hit the Dark Lion, the countering basically had no use.

“White Tiger!” Mu Qingyi didn’t hesitate. She immediately chanted an incantation and summoned the White Tiger!

Mu Qingyi’s White Tiger had also become a genuine dominator rank from near the dominator rank. After being summoned, the temperature a hundred kilometers around the city tower suddenly dropped. The wind became biting like knives that painfully slashed across one’s face!

The appearance of another dominator rank creature covered the faces of Li Yi and Han Wannong with shock. They already believed that this woman possessing a Crown Phoenix King was extremely amazing. They never expected her to have another dominator rank soul pet.

If they were to truly fight, Li Yi indeed wouldn’t necessarily be her opponent. This made his face even darker.

Li Kuangdeng’s expression also changed, but it looked like his interest in her grew even deeper. After all, Mu Qingyi’s strength when placed in Cloud Realm would also be outstanding. Most importantly, her temperament and body were that of an outstanding beauty.

“Haha, really good. Really good. Two dominator rank soul pets. However, my promise hasn’t changed. You can summon as you please. You just have to beat my Dark Lion and I will immediately return home.” Li Kuangdeng was full of confidence as he spoke.

Mu Qingyi couldn’t be bothered to speak with a person like this. She ordered her White Tiger and Crown Phoenix King to simultaneously attack the Dark Lion.

Ice and fire. Mu Qingyi’s two dominator rank soul pets happened to have perfectly opposed attributes. However, the auras of these two soul pets didn’t clash. Instead, the ice and fire energies formed a visibly boundary that interweaved with one another as they descended from the sky!

The Dark Lion’s agility was extremely high. It was unexpectedly even able to pass through the concentration of ice and fire. Mu Qingyi was only able to see its white whiskers agilely and nimbly move about. Each time it approached the ice and fire, it would mysteriously float and disperse. It was difficult to grasp its movements!

Darkness type creatures were divided into a few types. The mainstream type were adept at imprisonment, sealing and binding. After this type were those with darkness attacks that included corrosion, dark poisoning, weakening. The final type were outlandish dark phantoms that could teleport using shadows and darkness. These darkness creatures were powerful in that they were even harder to catch than demons.

Mu Qingyi’s Evernight Emperor was also more towards this type. However, Li Kuangdeng’s Dark Lion had practically developed its dark movement abilities to the limit. The Crown Phoenix King and White Tiger’s combined attacks were unable to even touch it.

Mu Qingyi was extremely certain that the Dark Lion’s main attribute was the beast type. If its darkness attribute was already so powerful, then once it erupted with its beast type strength, her two soul pets would probably be instantly suppressed!

Indeed, as she expected, the Dark Lion continuously dodged the White Tiger and Crown Phoenix King’s attacks before immediately attacking the White Tiger!

It was a Shattering Claw. The Darkness Shattering Claw’s aura completely suppressed the White Tiger’s Frost Shattering Claw and the armor on the White Tiger was shattered!

Mu Qingyi’s expression was extremely calm. When the Dark Lion clashed with the White Tiger, she immediately gave the Crown Phoenix King an order to attack.

Using a wing type confinement ability and golden flames, she successfully managed to trap the Dark Lion. Moreover, she managed to intensely burn its body!

It was now that the attribute advantage was visibly manifested. When the low class dominator rank Dark Lion was burned, its dark colored body began to fester and it painfully and angrily howled at the Crown Phoenix King!

“Get rid of it!” Li Kuangdeng ordered the Dark Lion.

Relying on its berserk beast attribute, the Dark Lion forcibly broke apart the Crown Phoenix King’s wing type binding. Its dark body transformed once more into outlandish white whiskers. With erratic movements, it passed through the golden flames and appeared diagonal to the Crown Phoenix King!


The wild lion roared. Its vocal wave contained a dense darkness energy that transformed into a terrifying dark wind where the Crown Phoenix King was. It swept the Crown Phoenix King flying!

The dark wind quickly flitted through the air above the city. The Crown Phoenix King’s body rapidly span and fell on a few streets in the city. Mu Qingyi was also affected by the dark wind and was blown away somewhere else.

A smile appeared on Li Kuangdeng, and he timely jumped onto the Dark Lion and rushed to where Mu Qingyi had been blown to.

Obviously, Li Kuangdeng wouldn’t kill Mu Qingyi. Killing a woman of such an amazing quality was too unfortunate. He was going to intercept her and show off his gentlemanly elegance.

However, the moment he passed by the city tower, he abruptly discovered a dark purple colored lightning fly out from the depths of the city. The lightning was originally heading straight for the city tower when it suddenly and finely made a sudden turn in the air, flying towards Mu Qingyi.

The dark purple lightning flew past Mu Qingyi and the beautiful woman who had lost her gravity disappeared from his eyes. Immediately afterwards, the lightning turned again and moved towards where the Crown Phoenix King was falling!

Once the Crown Phoenix King obtained a strength buffer, it immediately steadied its flight. Beating its wings full of flames, it calmly floated above the streets, causing the people on the streets to sigh in exclamation.

Mu Qingyi glanced at the safe streets and she felt much more at ease.

If the Crown Phoenix King fell, it wouldn’t do anything to its body, but it would injure or kill many people on the streets. The kind Mu Qingyi didn’t wish to see this happen.

However, Mu Qingyi quickly realized she was being carried by Chu Mu, and when she smelled the intoxicating smell of a man from his body, her heartbeat began to violently beat. Her face instantly turned red.

“Are you ok?” Chu Mu asked. His expression was completely natural.

Mu Qingyi nodded her head, indicating that Chu Mu could release her. After all, they were in the air above the city and many eyes were watching.

At the city tower, everyone saw that Chu Mu had timely come to prevent Goddess Mu from suffering injury and let out sighs of relief. As for their clandestine and dubious moment just now, nobody felt it to be strange. Who didn’t know by now that the relationship between the two of them wasn’t ordinary?

On the other side, Li Kuangdeng was glaring at Chu Mu. His expression wasn’t too good.

Firstly, he really didn’t like watching the woman he fancied in the embrace of another. Secondly, the strength of that dark purple colored unique phoenix made him shocked. Faintly, he felt somewhat threatened!

“Chu Mu, this fellow is very strong. You need to be careful.” Mu Qingyi had personally felt the abilities of the Dark Lion and warned Chu Mu.

“It’s good that they’re strong. But why are there only three?” Chu Mu raised his brows as he asked his question.

Truthfully speaking, after peace had arrived, Chu Mu, who loved fighting, was so bored he was growing restless!

As for the small mo Xie who spent the entire day sleeping out of boredom, she was even moreso looking for an opponent that wouldn’t be smashed to death with a single claw!

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