Chapter 1120: Fight, Cloud Gate’s Four Strong

Outside the northern city’s gates, the soul pets of the soldiers were strewn disorderly underneath the city walls, letting out mournful cries.

Northern city’s great general was the young Xiao Hai. His strength was genuinely outstanding in the younger generation and he was now the general in charge of Wanxiang City’s northern city. He took charge of the city’s patrol, guard and defense.

Presently, Xiao Hai was standing on the city walls. He had a pale face and was clutching his stomach. He stared with a trace of anger at the female soul pet trainer.

The female soul pet trainer was called Xue Luan. Her age was about the same as Xiao Hai, but one of her secondary soul pets had managed to defeat all of Xiao Hai’s main pets, as well as the northern city’s army of 5000.

Xiao Hai had quite the ego and was somewhat conceited. After being crushed by a female soul pet trainer of the same age, this was a huge blow to him.

“Let me.” Prince Chao rode on his Immortal Ming Bird and landed next to Xiao Hai.

Xiao Hai was unreconciled .Although he had heard that those from beyond Cloud Gate were extremely strong, he never expected the gap in strength to be so large.

Most importantly, Xue Luan was the weakest of the four people!

Xiao Hai, who was on Wanxiang realm’s young generation outstanding ranking, wasn’t even able to defeat the secondary pets of their weakest member. This was an unspeakable humiliation! 

Chao Lengchuan swept his eyes over Xue Luan, and then glanced at the three spectators to the side wearing smiles.

“My name is Chao Lengchuan. I am the Eternity Supreme of Three Great Palaces!” Chao Lengchuan was rather polite and first spoke his identity.

The female soul pet trainer, Xue Luan, glanced at the nearby Han Wannong. Li Jiang and the other man also glanced at him.

“What is an Eternity Supreme?” asked Li Jiang.

“New Moon Land has factions that have been established for several thousand years. These are Soul Palace, Nightmare Palace and Soul Pet Palace. The Eternity Supreme is a Supreme of these three factions. There are a total of Four Supremes and they are the Diagram Supreme, Dawn Supreme, Eternity Supreme and Underworld Supreme. They represent the highest status. The last generation’s Four Supremes had strength that couldn’t be trifled with. However, this generation’s Supremes shouldn’t be as strong. This fellow seems to just be a novice and inexperienced brat.” explained Han Wannong.

“So he’s one of the strongest people here, eh?” Li Jiang rubbed his beard and a smile full of deep intentions appeared.

“Xue Luan, then why don’t you help me test his strength. If I have to help you with everything, it will be harmful to you.” continued Li Jiang. 

“I’m willing to do so.” Xue Luan laughed, and her eyes looked with interest at Prince Chao.

Chao Lengchuan had an easy character, and was used to treating strangers with politeness. However, these four people had an arrogant attitude that made others feel extremely uncomfortable.

Chanting an incantation, Prince Chao didn’t try and hide his strength, instantly summoning his strongest soul pet, the Thousand Wave Beast!

A large golden beast slowly appeared from the array. It stood on the grand city wall. It resembled a dignified king with both majesty and an imposing character!

The Thousand Wave Beast and its natural aura had a great intimidation power. When the surrounding soldiers looked up at the enormous golden figure, they couldn’t help but acknowledge their allegiance.

A dominator rank was a dominator rank at the end of the day and when the Thousand Wave Beast was summoned, Xue Luan’s perfect emperor involuntarily retreated a few steps. Clearly, it was extremely scared.

“So it’s a pseudo dominator rank soul pet. You’ve terrified a young woman.” Xue Luan’s tone and expression were completely different. Her false smile caused others to squirm.

“Your face is ferocious-looking, yet you’re still acting like a young woman. How disgusting. Just add a beard, and tell others that you’re a man and nobody will doubt you!” suddenly, a voice filled with disgust ostentatiously floated out from the city wall.

Xue Luan’s false smile instantly froze. Her eyes immediately transformed into lightning bolts, locking onto the bastard who just spoke!

The person who spoke was the absolutely shameless Ye Wansheng. Just now, Ye Wansheng really wanted to take his shoe and throw it at the disgusting woman’s face!

“Eh… indeed these are wicked citizens from an inhospitable environment.” the border general Li Kuangdeng was stunned, before calmly speaking.

Standing next to Border General Li, Li Yi had a face full of shock. He softly said: “Sister Xue forbids people saying this the most. It seems, Border General Li, that it will be difficult to do as you wish, and shed less blood in order to administer this place.” 

“Li Yi, you deal with that Eternity Supreme or whatever. Sister Xue probably has something more important to do.” Border General Li Kuangdeng spoke.

Li Yi nodded his head and had his steed fly up to the city tower.

“Don’t you know that when you said those words, you were already a dead man?!” Xue Luan coldly glared at Ye Wansheng. Her entire being resembled an ice cold and sharp sword. A terrifying killing intent was slowly radiating.

Ye Wansheng had no fear. Righteously, he said: “Even if I am a dead man, that won’t change the fact that your face is disgusting!”

Ye Wansheng’s words made those on the city tower feel a bone-chilling cold. This cold was coming from the terrifying woman who was about to erupt!

“I’ll… I’ll kill you!” Xue Luan was so angry her face was all red. It looked like she was going berserk.

Chanting an incantation, Xue Luan instantly summoned a Death Turtledove and immediately charged at the city tower!

Ye Wansheng jumped with fright. When he came back to his senses, he chanted an incantation and urged his Star Wild Devil Cold to use an extremely fast speed to escape outside the city.

Xue Luan wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to Prince Chao’s Thousand Wave Beast. Seeing Ye Wansheng flee outside the city, the killing intent in her eyes was even deeper. She immediately ordered the Death Turtledove to give chase. She was determined to hack this wicked man to pieces!

“Crown Prince, should we dispatch people to help?” Xiao Hai looked with shock at the Death Turtledove and hastily spoke.

The Death Turtledove was clearly a dominator rank. Instakilling Ye Wansheng was definitely as easy as flipping one’s hand. Given that Ye Wansheng was fleeing by himself, if no one came to help, he was certainly dead.

Chao Lengchuan hesitated before ultimately shaking his head: “Don’t worry, let him deal with it.”

Chao Lengchuan knew that Ye Wansheng was no longer the Ye Wansheng from two years ago. Since he was drawing that woman outside the city, he definitely had a plan and his own confidence.

“You guys really should not have annoyed he,r because not only will you have to help that person just now collect his corpse, but you’ll also have to help a lot of others collect their corpses.” Li Yi shook his head and sighed.

Chao Lengchuan knew his opponent had become this man. He could sense that this man’s strength was clearly above Xue Luan’s. 

Chao Lengchuan’s expression turned serious and he stared at Li Yi.

Li Yi was chanting an incantation, and from an enormous soul pet array appeared a malevolent and terrifying wild beast. It ruthlessly stood in front of the city tower.

It was unknown what species this wild beast was. Its face was not large, but half of it was a mouth filled with fierce teeth dripping with blood.

Its two shoulders, stomach, hands and feet had a face with the large mouth with fierce teeth. There were a total of seven malevolent faces! 

“Hou hou hou hou hou hou~~~~~”

The seven faced savage beast’s seven mouths filled with fierce teeth simultaneously let out merciless roars. Each face was staring at the people in the city tower. It looked like it was going to swallow these several thousand people and their soul pets into its hungry stomach!

Chao Lengchuan had never seen this creature before. His eyebrows creased.

At this moment, Li Yi gave an order, and this monster launched itself at the Thousand Wave Beast!

The Thousand Wave Beast jumped off the city tower. In order to not impact the city, Chao Lengchuan intentionally drew the monster outside the city to fight.

Li Yi didn’t care about this. He ordered the seven faced savage beast to chase the Thousand Wave Beast. He himself was still riding on his steed, floating above the city tower. He said: “Don’t you have four Supremes? Send another one or two out.” 

As he spoke, Li Yi chanted another incantation, summoning a second dominator rank soul pet!

Seeing Li Yi summon another, those in the city tower were extremely shocked.

Those in Wanxiang Realm with a dominator rank soul pet were Supremes, yet the people from Cloud Gate were all dominator rank experts!!


On a watch tower, three men and a woman were standing at the top.They were staring at the situation in the northern city tower.

These four people were Zheng Tuo and the others from Dark Sky Ocean World. Before Cloud Gate’s people had come, they were here first. Only, they didn’t immediately take action. Instead, they were going to watch the fires burn across the river first.

“This Li Yi’s strength isn’t bad. Who else can they send to fight him?” asked the bodyguard-like Wang Tong.

“Haha, don’t they still have King Chu who has a scary aura?” charmingly laughed Lan Rao.

“Their King Chu probably won’t take action so fast. That female Supreme is stronger than the Eternity Supreme. The other woman’s strength can’t be looked down on either. That’s the woman who was sitting below the three main seats. She still hasn’t taken action.” said Zheng Tuo.

“Oh, she’s come now. Eh? It unexpectedly is a fire type phoenix!” Zheng Tuo looked up and glanced at the breathtaking figure flying across the sky above Wanxiang City.

“Then we’ve underestimated her.” Lan Rao showed an expression of shock, before laughing like normal. 

“This woman seems to be called Mu Qingyi, right? Her surname is Mu…” muttered Wang Tong.


Li Yi’s arrogant laughter was somewhat stiff. He was presently staring at the Crown Phoenix King blazing with fire.

The golden Crown Phoenix King had outstanding beauty. When it appears above the city tower, the beauty of its blazing sun-appearance instantly became everyone’s focus. As for the slim and graceful woman with a noble aura standing on top of the Crown Phoenix King, she was even more moving. 

Li Yi never expected a dominator rank phoenix to appear in this place. His expression was stiff, because he could sense that this Crown Phoenix King wasn’t weaker than his soul pet.

With such a strong enemy for Li Yi, Border General Li Kuangdeng’s eyes lit up. He seemed to have discovered a treasure, and his eyes emitted a trace of greed. 

Powerful, noble, and beautiful. A woman like this wasn’t easy to find. She was several hundred times stronger than Xue Luan. Li Kuangdeng was secretly happy inside, because it seemed that coming here wasn’t a bad thing!

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