Chapter 1119: Cloud Gate Invades

Heavenly Mountain

The silent cloud gate stood between the massive glaciers of heavenly mountain with a snow storm swirling with piercing cold.

Under the cloud gate, a white haired elder sat in an ice made house. Watching the soul pets run over with slightly muffled eyes.

“Old man, this is my border crossing decree.” The man at the front said.

The man rode a dark lion. This dark lion had long sword teeth, white fur and mane, and seemed incredibly majestic!

Old man took over the decree, casually flipped it over a few times, and then threw it back, returning to his original spot with no glow in his eyes.

The man glanced at the old man who went back to being like a dead man and said nothing more. He lead the five people behind him straight through cloud gate.   

The cloud gate was actually a completely straight glacier valley. It was a very long valley that seemed to have no end, no matter how they looked.

Looking up, one could see that even the sky was pushed into a thin blue line, the horizon was also straight, creating a parallel with the glacial valley.

“Li Border General, that old man guarding cloud gate is…..” The man riding an Earth Fiend Dream Demon asked.

The man called Border General Li turned around and glanced at the snowman like old man sitting and humphed, “He once fought against our Border Master on this heavenly mountain. Once he lost, he wanted to kill himself as punishment but Border Master was merciful and told him to guard here for the rest of his life instead.”

“Able to go against Border Master, wouldn’t this man be very powerful?” Earth Fiend Dream Demon asked with surprise.

“Probably.” Border General Li said and smiled. Pointing at this narrow and straight cloud gate valley, he continued, “You know where this cloud gate comes from?”

The other four all shook their heads. Other than Han Wannong, who had rode his Earth Fiend Dream Demon through here before, the other three had come here for the first time.

“This was a sword mark left by Border Master’s Sword Ghost!” Border General Li smiled.

“One sword…… one sword!” Han Wannong was subdued, watching blankly at this indescribably long valley!

The other three were also full of shock. Their soul pets were very quick and have run for a while, yet they still couldn't see the end of cloud gate. One could only imagine the length of this valley!

Yet, this was just sword ghost’s blade mark, this is shocking!!

“Heavenly mountain originally was at a height that reached second level sky, and was incredibly hard to pass over. So, there was very little command over new Moon Ground, possibly even having thousands of years without a commander, ultimately giving them autonomy.

“Border Master’s blade created a path between these two territories so we slowly started sending people over. Surprisingly, however, the ninth rank kingdom capital that was written in the ancient documents has now developed into a second, even third rank realm. Truly rare.” Border General Li said.

“Han Wannong, you’re pretty lucky, and didn’t get blocked by the old man or else you would still be narrow-minded.” The average looking woman in the team smiled.

“Hehe, that’s right, that’s right.” Han Wannong nodded and smiled.

“Speaking of which, Han Wannong’s strength is at least top ten in this New Moon Ground then. En en, almost forgot, tell us about what experts are in New Moon Ground.” Border General Li said.

“The most powerful person is Ling Chan, to the point where he dominates alone.” Han Wannong said.

“That fellow? En, somewhat of an expert. I heard he had a big break through once he came over, and had requested to return to cloud realm many times, but had been pushed away by Border Master’s soul pets that weren’t even dominator rank.” Female soul pet trainer laughed.

“The man was nearly a hundred, and hadn’t stepped into spirit dominator, how could he compare to our talented Border General Li!” Han Wannong said straight-faced.

Female soul pet trainer heard it and laughed, “You truly are good at flattering, Han Wannong you’re really getting the hang of it.”

Border General Li laughed, “Ling Chan hasn’t appeared in a long time, so he might have died a while ago. Whatever, no matter what experts there are, a few steps, and they’ll get back in line.”

“Haha, well said!” The other two agreed and laughed.

“Wanxiang Realm won’t have any of your opponents.” Han Wannong smiled.

“Maybe not. With such a hostile place, there may actually be one or two geniuses that will take me a little longer.” Border General Li smiled.


Wanxiang City

When the skies brightened, Chu Mu sat on his bed meditating, and heard a massive explosion from a different courtyard.

Chu Mu furrowed his brows. The sound came from Ye Qingzi’s medicine courtyard. Chu Mu’s first reaction was who was this courageous, daring to come make trouble in his place?

Chu Mu quickly flew towards the medicine courtyard to see Ye Qingzi waving her hands in front of him as she walked out black faced from the blackened medicine making room.

Ye Qingzi’s face was filled with ashes, like a little girl that dirtied herself in the mud. She looked adorable, and Chu Mu couldn’t help but laugh.

Ye Qingzi gave this laughing man a glare and said, “I used the wrong recipe, heng, if you laugh again, I’ll …..”

Chu Mu had rarely seen Ye Qingzi like this, so how could he not laugh. When Ye Qingzi threatened him, he instead laughed even louder.

Ye Qingzi wasn’t happy and no longer worried about the dirt on her. She transformed into a little wild cat that pounced forward on all fours.

Chu Mu laughed as Ye Qingzi’s soft body came over. He simply hugged her from the waist and said, “Alright, let me help you wipe down.”

As he spoke, Chu Mu carefully used his sleeve to wipe down Ye QIngzi’s face.

“Let me go, I’m going to take a bath.” Ye Qingzi struggled a bit. With a body full of ashes, she truly was uncomfortable.

“Then let me help you clean it off.” Chu Mu got slightly aroused and said with an evil smile.

“No.” Ye Qingzi blushed and pushed away the increasingly vulgar Chu Mu, running over to her room and closed the door.

Chu Mu was puzzled. Why did closing the door matter? All he needed was a Displacement Specter. Even a barrier was something Chu Mu could easily get in.

However, Chu Mu felt that he should enter later, when Ye Qingzi was all clean and ready…...

Chu Mu did nothing these past few days, simply waiting for Cloud Gate's people to appear.

In this time period, Chu Mu brought the life fruits from the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant to Ye QIngzi so she could create soul items to advance Wood Tray Spirit and Bell Noise Concubine.

Ye Qingzi’s Wood Tray Spirit and Bell Noise Concubine didn’t step directly into pseudo dominator rank but instead stayed in the realm close it.

Ye Qingzi’s soul pet training had always been somewhat lacking. However, as Ye Qingzi was a soul teacher, her soul pets helping her craft soul items was also a training in it of itself. Adding on a large amount of soul medicine, Ye Qingzi completely used her wealth to raise her soul pets’ rank.

Ying Long came from outside cloud gate. His soul art didn’t stop just at top tier emperor rank. Ye Qingzi knew of even higher territories from the spirit vessel she received.

Chu Mu’s training in a year allowed Ye Qingzi to make a break through as well. Now, as long as Chu Mu could bring back enough materials, she could craft xuan items.

Of course, Ye Qingzi’s current success rate wasn’t high and needed training. This explosion was definitely a failure.

“En, it should be done now.” Chu Mu kept time silently and felt that Ye Qingzi we well washed now and was ready for him to enjoy!

With an incantation already ready, Chu Mu slowly burned with devil flames as an evil smile appeared on his face…...

“Chu Mu! Chu Mu!!”

Suddenly, a familiar voice came from outside the courtyard.

Chu Mu’s flames immediately extinguished as he saw Young Master Teng run over like a messenger.

“Here, they’re here!” Teng Lang ran aside Chu Mu and pointed to north city.

“The cloud gate people?” Chu Mu furrowed his brow.

“Yes, yes. They call themselves Border General Li with what seems like Old Han’s adopted grandson, who looks like a traitor!” Teng Lang said.

“They truly didn’t come at a good time!” Chu Mu gave a dissatisfied humph!

Chu Mu had trained bitterly for over a year and had already missed Ye Qingzi a lot. Finally coming back, Ye Qingzi was busy making medicine. Chu Mu hadn’t even connected back intimately with Ye Qingzi. Finally getting an opportunity today after the beauty took a bath that provoked Chu Mu, the fellows from Cloud Gate finally came!

This was unforgivable!!

Teng Lang saw Chu Mu’s expression immediately sour, showing a light anger with cold killing intent and nodded in his heart. Now, Chu Mu was really getting the mannerisms of a king. A king should be like this, having a dominating manner whenever intruders came to Wanxiang Realm!

Of course, if Teng Lang knew the real reason why Chu Mu was angry, he definitely would be speechless!

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