Chapter 1118: Who Allowed You on My Territory?

When communicating with them, Ning Changqing’s four dark sky ocean world people noticed immediately that these people were all very respectful of King Chu, and titled him the most powerful person in Wanxiang Realm.

A realm always had a most powerful person. This wasn’t much to note. Most importantly, this person had special connections with Ning Maner.

They all thought that this so called King Chu was a very grave and steady elder. Even if it wasn’t an elder, it should be a middle aged man. After all, people here can have such great strength only after that long of a period of time.

Thus, when Chu Mu, Old Han, Old Wen walked in, the four all subconsciously felt that Old Han was King Chu. Little did they imagine that the young man was the real King Chu. More shocking was the fellow seemed to be the same age as Ning Changqing!

“You’re one of Lady Ning’s protectors?” The man sitting in the center looked at Chu Mu and asked.

“Guardian.” Chu Mu corrected the man’s words and continued, “Let’s hear your identity and background first.”

“We said it before already.” Ning Changqing said.

“Then let’s hear it again.” Chu Mu wasn’t being polite to them in the slightest especially after remembering how these people took Ning Maner away without his permission, and even nearly killed Nightmare Three.

Ning Changqing and the other two immediately showed sour expressions. Only the yellow haired man in the center remained relatively calm and said, “I am Zhen Kuo, from the country on the other side of your so called Dark Sky Ocean World. This is our leader Ning Changqing, and these are our two subordinates, Wang Dan and Lan Xiao.”

When Zhen Kuo introduced themselves, Chu Mu looked over. Ning Changqing was someone Chu Mu heard of. This fellow wasn’t that powerful but was very brash and arrogant. With Ye Qingzi’s words, he was just mentally challenged.

Wang Dan was a burly man with heavy killing intent. His soul remembrance was around ninth remembrance but it wasn’t certain whether he had dominator rank soul pets.

Lan Rao was female, her charming eyes flirting with Chu Mu. However, her eyes seemed to hide a deeper, more complicated thing, making her not just a woman that only knew how to flirt.

She was ninth remembrance, and it was certain she had a dominator rank. Her aura was clearly different from Wang Dan.

As for the lead, Wang Dan, he was a ninth remembrance spirit emperor. His power was something Chu Mu couldn’t quite figure out. After all, Chu mu was also ninth remembrance and couldn’t see everything.

“We already introduced ourselves, so do you want us to repeat our goal here again?” Zhen Kuo’s tone slightly changed.

Since they already said it, Prince Chao thought it was better for him to continue.

However, before Prince Chao could even speak, Chu Mu nodded calmly and said, “En, again.”

Zhen Kuo immediately furrowed his brows this Wanxiang Realm King Chu truly wasn’t giving them any respect.

The brash Ning Changqing indeed was the first to be unable to sit still. They had come countless miles here under command to help them get rid of the Cloud Gate people. Not only did they not have any respect, they dare show this attitude? This was truly debasing.

Thankfully, Zhen Kuo was rather good at keeping calm. With a worsened tone, however, he replied, “We come on command to help you drive away Cloud Gate’s new commander and bring you into our country, taking over the matters. But, our superiors have given commands that we only come to provide protection, and you will remain autonomous. We four will stay for around five years and leave. Once you are formally a part of our territory, Cloud Gate will no longer come to harass you.”

“Whose command?” Chu Mu asked.

Zhen Kuo shook his head, “We simply follow our direct superiors.”

“King Chu, we’re not sure if there even will be commanders from cloud gate, yet these people have questionable origins……” Elder Xiao began.

“These Cloud Gate matters are more or less the truth.” Chu Mu interrupted.

Chu Mu’s words caused a slight commotion within the three to four hundred people in the palace. After all, living in Wanxiang Realm and Tianxia Realm, they had never heard of Cloud Gate and the situation outside of it, so how was there suddenly people outside the realm?

Most of them remained skeptical at first, yet with Chu Mu’s words, they had to believe it.

“See, I said you were being foolishly conceited. If Cloud Gate's commander were gentle and nice, you may be fine but if they happened to send a tyrant, you will have a very ‘fun’ time.” Ning Changqing said.

“It shouldn’t take long for the commander to come. You will believe us then.” Zhen Kuo said.

“The situation with Cloud Gate can be put aside for now.” Chu Mu stood up and slowly walked down the steps until he was right before the four of them.

None of them spoke, only glaring at this unpredictable king.

“I want to ask you first, who allowed you to walk into my territory nonchalantly!” Chu Mu’s tone became ice cold, his eyes blinking demonically silver, reflecting in the four of their pupils!

All four of them were stunned, while the weakest Ning Changqing was scared back into his seat!

Zhen Kuo’s two subordinates both showed panic, not daring to look Chu Mu in the eye. Only Zhen Kuo, while showing some tumultuous emotions, remained rather calm.

“You….. what are you doing, we came to help you by command!” Ning Changqing couldn’t even speak without a stutter, pointing at the intimidating Chu Mu.

Wang Dan recovered, and looked at Chu Mu full of hostility, looking loyal and ready to summon a soul pet.

Lan Rao remained speechless, only watching the now different Chu Mu, showing some interest.

“Looks like you don’t welcome us.” After a moment, Zhen Kuo said coldly.

After speaking, Zhen Kuo glanced at the other three and said, “Let’s leave.”

The other two didn’t speak and immediately left with Zhen Kuo. Only Ning Changqing pointed at Chu Mu flustered and said, “How dare you treat us like so? Heng, once Cloud Gate's people come, you will deal with it yourself. I will definitely love to see you all get dealt with! You have to know that every new commander must build their respect in some way. You short sighted and arrogant people will definitely be the first to go……”

“Changqing, shut your mouth, let’s go.” Zhen Kuo didn’t let Ning Changqing finish, and yelled coldly.

Ning Changqing didn't dare continue but he remained red in the face as he quickly caught up to the other three.

Chu Mu felt it funny as he watched the flustered Ning Changqing. He was indeed mentally challenged, just like Ye Qingzi said!

Chu Mu already displayed a direct killing intent that Zhen Kuo detected as dangerous, which was why he lead everyone to leave immediately.

The other two more or less felt it. Only Ning Changqing was still blabbering. If Zhen Kuo hadn’t told him to shut up, he truly wasn’t far from death.

Chu Mu watched the four of them leave the palace. Suddenly, Zhen Kuo stopped and turned around, “Can we stay around as nomads within your city? Although it looks like you don’t need our help, we will still intervene. However, because of your attitude, we may intervene much later than you’d expect.”

“Friendly reminder, the commanders that come are usually very powerful.” Lan Rao turned around and chuckled, giving Chu Mu a complicated look before following behind Zhen Kuo outwards.


After the four of them left, the entire palace went quiet.

Chu Mu returned to his spot, and glanced at the silent Liu Binglan.

“Did I do something wrong?” Chu Mu asked.

Chu Mu had always done what he wanted. However, it was after all his mother beside him. Doing what he wanted without her opinion wasn’t the best look.

Liu Binglan shook her head lightly, “It’s your territory now, everything is your decision.”

“Chu Mu, I’ve been fed up about them for a while now!” Prince Chao said with mental voice to Chu Mu while remaining solemn on the outside.

“King Chu, do we just let them hang around our city?” Elder Pang said with worry.

“Let them be, they should be actually just trying to obey commands.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu thought their arrival had to be connected to Ning Maner. Since it was her wish, they probably wouldn’t do anything out of step.

However, Chu Mu didn’t like their attitude at all, arrogant, thinking themselves as better, belittling everyone else. Even if they seemed relatively calm and respectful, their attitude of being superior came through from their eyes and expressions.

This was something Chu Mu felt the moment he saw them. Liu Binglan, Prince Chao, Mu QIngyi, and the other elders also felt it but they couldn’t express it without having concerns.

Chu Mu’s shocking question to them spoke the words in their hearts, bringing everyone a voice to them!


Down the steps, Zhen Kuo and the other three took their time.

“Boss, do we just take it without complaint?” Wang Dan said.

“Yeah, boss, that King Chu is too arrogant!” Ning Changqing said.

Zhen Kuo responded, “That King Chu indeed is pretty powerful. It’s rare for a place like this to have an expert like him. Feels like he could have low class dominator rank.”

“Low class dominator rank? No way, he seems so young…..” Wang Dan paused, and said with confusion.

“Then we really don’t have to intervene?” Lan Rao said.

Zhen Kuo shook his head, “Maybe, Cloud Gate also wouldn’t send any irrelevant person here.”

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