Chapter 1116: Outside Cloud Gates

“Wu wu wu~~~~~”

The small Mo Xie ran out herself from Chu Mu’s soul pet space, and looked on with confusion at the three silent men.

After looking for a while and seeing that for some reason they weren’t speaking, she ignored them and with a few small hops, jumped to the bowl of wonderful warm soup.

The small Dead Dream looked up at Mo Xie. After giving her some room, it put its head down and continued to greedily drink.

The small Mo Xie was thinking that there was such a great bowl of soup here that they weren’t drinking; instead, they just felt like talking. Thus, Mo Xie put her face into the soup...

To Dead Dream and Mo Xie, it wasn’t important that humans didn’t have a species rank. Moreover, since their ranks were too high, it was rare that they found an opponent to exercise with.  For soul pets that enjoyed fighting, if there was no fighting, it was like they had no food. They were going crazy with hunger.

If there was a fight to be had instead, that would be even more exciting. Especially for the small Mo Xie, after her species mutation, aside from the Evil Good Queen who could fight with her, the other creatures would be killed with a single claw swipe. That was extremely boring.

“Old man, do you still remember your god grandson who has disappeared for many years?” at this point, Old Wen spoke up.

“Hmph, don’t mention him.” Old Han’s face immediately fell.

“It’s not an issue of mentioning him or not. Do you really not remember that last time he saw you, he talked about a whole load of gibberish. Moreover, he spoke like an elitist, and said that humans were divided into three, six, and nine ranks based off of bloodline?” said Old Wen.

Old Wen’s reminder made Old Han think of it.

“He probably also went to other human territories and learned about the difference in bloodline ranks.” said Old Li.

“Yes, yes. That’s possible. But that hateful grandson… I really was blind then when I decided to raise him!” Old Han spoke with anger.

“We can talk about this later. Young master, I have something good to tell you.” said Old Li.

“What good news?” asked Chu Mu.

To Chu Mu, the appearance of a new continent was the best news!

There was no more challenges left in Tianxia Realm and Wanxiang Realm for Chu Mu. Even the most terrifying Lost Desolate Garden had been swept through by Chu Mu. If this continued, then the young Chu Mu would have to enjoy an early retirement. 

However, the fire in Chu Mu’s heart was still intensely burning. If this was all the world had to offer, Chu Mu would definitely feel unresigned! 

“Your father appeared a year ago. Mu Qingyi met him.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu lightly trembled!

“Where… where is he!” Chu Mu was incomparably excited.

Finally… finally, there was news! 

Chu Mu didn’t remember how many years it had been since he had last seen him. There was mostly worry in his heart for him since the cultivation path of every soul pet trainer was fraught with danger...

After hearing Old Li’s words, the first reaction Chu Mu had was relief, and then an intense desire to know where he was.

Now that Ling Chan had been defeated by him. The era of Soul Alliance’s omnipotence was over. There was no need for him to continue wandering around.

Old Li knew that Chu Mu really cared about his father. Promptly, he gave an account of what Mu Qingyi had said.

“You’re saying that the Strange Mane Demon that escaped from the Sealed Tower is one of my father’s main pets?” Chu Mu was stunned.

A long time ago, Chu Mu had heard that Chu Tianmang’s three main pets had committed suicide in the Sealed Tower. But why had one survived, and even become a powerful dominator rank?! 

“Mu Qingyi said that the Strange Mane Demon had actually been discovered before the Empress Concubine plotted against her. It seemed that the Hero Chief also knew about this. You should summon the Evil Good Woman and ask her.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu nodded his head and chanted an incantation.

As per usual, it was a holy blue colored flower that blossomed, revealing a slender and elegant woman with looks that could bring down a city.

Unfortunately, this fairy-like beauty was filled with coldness, and her eyes full of hatred.

Chu Mu was already used to her would-rather-die-than-submit appearance. He ignored her expression and asked her about the Strange Mane Demon.

Towards the Strange Mane Demon, she indeed remembered a few things.

Back when she had stolen Sealed Tower’s energy, she had always felt some creature hiding somewhere in the tower. After investigating, the Hero Chief discovered that from Chu Tianmang’s three main pets’ seals, there was one seal that wasn’t obtaining refined energy. This meant that there was one seal of the three seals that didn’t have a corpse in it. 

Chu Tianmang’s soul pet hadn’t been very highly ranked then, so Empress Concubine Yu Suo wouldn’t make a big deal out of this small matter. Thus, she left this matter to Mu Qingyi, having her deal with it. In the meantime, she constructed a pen and had Mu Qingyi put it inside. 

“When I constructed the flower array to strengthen the Slaughter Beast, the flower array had signs of being bitten through and destroyed. It probably was the Strange Mane Demon’s doing.” truthfully said Yu Suo.

“Nobody knows what the Strange Mane Demon’s abilities are. His three soul pets probably acted like all three of them had died together. Two of them really did commit suicide, while the Strange Mane Demon hid itself somewhere in the Sealed Tower and did not die. By doing things like this, Ling Chan wouldn’t continue pursuing this matter, and the Strange Mane Demon would be able to avoid everything.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu nodded his head. He could imagine the scene Mu Qingyi had described of his father meeting with the Strange Mane Demon. After a long twenty years, the bond between soul pet and soul pet trainer was still deep, just like father and son...

“Cloud Gate.” Chu Mu muttered. It seemed that it was time for him to pass through the Cloud Gate.

“Young master, you plan on slaughtering your way to Cloud Gate?” asked Old Li.

 “Of course. Do you have any issues with this?” said Chu Mu.

“No. I wanted to say that this is great!” Old Li was a bit excited. 

“...” Chu Mu remembered that Old Li seemed to have told him a long time ago to help him with something. This matter didn’t have anything to do with past the Cloud Gate, right?

This old fellow really had amazing foresight. Back then he was only an emperor.

“However, it’s best if I first get rid of the so-called administrator. Otherwise, Wanxiang Realm will not be left in peace.” said Old Li.

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

Chu Mu was about to say something, but saw someone coldly snort.

“Did you want to say something?” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu had already stipulated that before he let Yu Suo talk, she was not allowed to do so.

“I told you before that my goal in ruling over your Tianxia Realm and Wanxia Realm was to save you.” said Empress Concubine Yu Suo.

“Talk about it.” seeing that this woman knew quite a bit, Chu Mu had an interest in hearing what she had to say.

“The history of your “New Moon Land” has a problem: your ruler has never acknowledged the existence of higher ranked humans. In reality, your New Moon Land’s Tianxia Realm belongs to one of Cloud Gate’s even larger realms. Due to the long distance from this larger realm and Tianxia Realm being surrounded by forbidden regions, Tianxia Realm has always been self-governed. Wanxiang Realm would later come to rise to power, making it a third rank empire. The moment this happened, people from beyond the Cloud Gate were sent to administer Wanxiang Realm. These people became your Mu Kings. Aren’t you curious where the Mu King went? The answer is simple: he went back to the place that used to belong to him.” said Empress Concubine Yu Suo.

Although Yu Suo really didn’t want to say this much, if these people didn’t understand what kind of situation they were in, she would feel increasingly uncomfortable in her heart.

Chu Mu glanced at Old Han and Old Han indicated he didn’t know about this.

“Continue.” said Chu Mu.

“After the Mu King, the second administrator was Alliance Master Ling Chan. He was banished by those beyond the Cloud Gate to your New Moon Land’s commander rank humans.” Empress Concubine Yu Suo intentionally glanced at Chu Mu after speaking before coldly continuing: “That must have been a blow to you, eh? The person who you viewed as the strongest was merely a banished man.”

“Then are you the third administrator?” asked Old Han.

Old Han naturally also knew inside information about Empress Concubine Yu Suo.

Empress Concubine Yu Suo shook her head and said: “I am unrelated to them. I only wanted to rule over this place. The reason why I said I would save you is because after I dealt with Ling Chan, I naturally had a method of dealing with the people from beyond the Cloud Gate. This way, you would still be able to continue living your normal lives, and I could make you even stronger, becoming a higher ranked empire.” 

As she spoke, Empress Concubine Yu Suo glanced at Chu Mu and spoke very unhappily: “now that Ling Chan has died and I have been taken prisoner by you, nobody has informed the higher ranking ruler of the circumstances here. If not a single piece of information has come from your territory, would you not send someone new to administer this place?” 

Yu Suo saw that no one was talking, but Chu Mu was staring at her.

In truth, she didn’t feel obligated to actually tell them this. It would be fine if they perished on their own. But she considered that if Chu Mu died, if she was still in his soul pet space, she would also die with him.

In Yu Suo’s heart, Chu Mu would always be an idiot. She was afraid Chu Mu would act recklessly and cause a mess of the situation. One careless mistake, and someone stronger than him would just kill him.  Then, she would sullenly accompany him to death. 

Chu Mu and Yu Suo had a mental connection, and whatever this woman was thinking about in her heart, Chu Mu could faintly understand a bit of it. 

Yet, Yu Suo didn’t know what Chu Mu was thinking in his heart. As if she was afraid Chu Mu would misunderstand, she coldly said: “Cloud Gate’s ruler is very strong. If you’re seeking death, you can go. But don’t drag me along to your death.” 

“Is Cloud Gate’s ruler more powerful than you?” asked Chu Mu.

Yu Suo wore her face of contempt as she said: “In a few years, he won’t even be deserving of carrying my shoes.” 

“You are my slave now, and if he’s a person not even deserving of carrying shoes for my slave, do I need to be afraid of him?” said Chu Mu with a serious expression.

“You… you…” Yu Suo pointed at Chu Mu and wanted to curse at him, but couldn’t find the words for it.

“Just now, your tone of voice made me very uncomfortable. I’ll add 30% to the devil flame temperature. Go and reflect upon your actions before coming out again.” Chu Mu didn’t give Yu Suo the chance to curse, and threw her directly into the soul pet space to continue facing the fire while reflecting on her actions! 

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