Chapter 1115: Human Subspecies

No matter how powerful, no matter how many dominator ranks there, they still couldn’t enter spirit dominator rank. This problem disturbed Chu Mu for a very long time.

In the past, every rank had a barrier to overcome. If a spirit master wanted to become a spirit emperor, the bottleneck made it seem impossible for many people. However, as long as one’s soul pets could reach a certain level, added with personal power, the cage could be overcome.

Yet, with spirit dominator rank, human history had shown that no matter how powerful one’s soul pet got, no matter how hard one trained, no one had a chance of getting over this barrier. It was just like a natural restriction.

Before Old Li spoke, both Old Han and Chu Mu understood the concept of species restriction.

Yet, when he categorized humans as soul pets, Chu Mu and Old Han both remembered the situation seemed to be very similar with humans for species restriction!

Warrior ranks could not step into dominator rank!

Wasn’t this very similar from humans being unable to step into spirit dominator rank?

Old Li said that humans could be seen as soul pets, meaning the ultimate reason why humans couldn’t enter spirit dominator rank was a species restriction.

This was because a humans’ species rank was warrior rank!

“Humans…….humans have species rank??” Chu Mu stared at Old Li and only said something after a while.

A human’s basic strength was spirit soldier, while average strength was between spirit soldier and spirit teacher. This was similar to soul pets being between warrior rank and commander rank!

With Old Li’s reminder, shock came to Chu Mu and Old Li. They started connecting the dots and realized that humans’ spirit disciple, soldier, teacher, emperor, and  dominator ranks perfectly corresponded to a soul pets’ servant rank, warrior, commander, monarch, emperor, and dominator ranks. Then wouldn’t it be possible to use servant rank and warrior rank to describe human strength too?

“No, soul pets need a ten phase maturity phase, but humans don’t have that.” Old Han immediately pointed out a discrepancy.

Old Li shook his finger and continued, “Of course there is. Age and cultivation are your phases. Let me give an example: A normal human under average cultivation can reach around spirit soldier at thirty years old, right? That’s humanity’s basic power level.”

Old Han nodded. When a soul pet trainer reached thirty, their basic strength was spirit soldier. Of course, some occasionally were spirit disciple or even worse than that, but those were outliers.

“Then, thirty years is your maturity age. With normal training, your species can reach spirit soldier without problem like most warrior rank organisms. They reach warrior rank with normal training from first to tenth phase.” Old Li continued.

“Another strong piece of evidence, and its something you’ve heard elders say: People who reach thirty years old rarely improve their spirit remembrance after, right?”

Chu Mu nodded, having heard this in the past in Tianxia City.

“According to soul pet measures, you’ve gotten to tenth phase.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu and Old Han glanced at each other. Thirty years old was tenth phase. Human species rank was warrior rank. The reason why they couldn’t enter spirit dominator was then similar to how all warrior ranks had trouble entering dominator rank. All this evidence pointed to prove Old Li as correct. Humanity was also a soul pet…...

However, Chu Mu and Old Han still felt it beyond belief, feeling something was off yet not being able to find any evidence against it…..

“In other soul pets’ eyes, humans could also be put into the category of soul pets. Humans just have a specialty for creating their own civilization and to a certain extent, throwing away the low intelligence slaughter and barbaric nature, reproducing.” 

“And afterwards, the battle techniques are your soul pacts. You humans can use your special wisdom to create soul pacts and, by training, domesticating, and restraining other species and creating inseparable bonds. By training them in battle, their own strength becomes stronger too. It can be counted as a mental technique that can’t be used on their own species.”

Old Li’s theory was something Chu Mu had heard before, so he had some mental preparation. However, last time Chu Mu only heard it as a theory, not taking it seriously. This time, he had to actually push away previous beliefs, which made it harder to accept.

“Then….. What type do you call us?” Old han clearly still didn’t accept this perspective.

“You don’t have a type. Plant World, Beast World, Elemental World, Undead World, and Human World, you would have to be in a different lot.

“Humans have only two types, human type and half human type. Like Old Han, his classification is human world - human type - human species - normal human subspecies.” Of course, the human type only had one large species type.

“Young master’s classification would be human world - half human type - half devil species.”

“Emperor concubine Yu Sha’s classification is human world - half human type - flower woman species. Of course, each of your species probably only has one person.”

Theoretically, according to Old Li, the classification could work. Even Ning Maner had said that half devil Chu Mu was no longer human, so splitting him aside from pure humans was reasonable. After all, normal humans couldn’t be like Chu Mu, Bai Yu, and Yu Sha, fighting directly like a soul pet.

“Wait, why did you give us subspecies?” Old Han quickly noticed this detail.

“That still needs explaining?” Old Li asked back.

Old Han paused, and his sunken eyes got wider

“You mean humans have different subspecies? Can it be the difference in family names?” Old Han asked, stunned.

“Of course not. Family names are something you created for your little species. Didn’t I say before, your species rank is warrior rank. The entire human species - normal human subspecies is warrior rank. Your subspecies are spread out on this “New Moon Land”, which is your Tianxia Realm and Wanxiang Realm.

“And now we’re back to our initial question. Are there other humans outside of Tianxia Realm and Wanxiang Realm? I presume you have an answer in your minds now.” Old Li said.

Just as Old Li finished, Old Wen’s ladle fell from her hand onto the floor, clanking as it settled on the floor.

Chu Mu, Old Han, and Old Wen all stared in shock, no longer able to utter any words!!

“You…… you mean…… outside of our territory, there are other human subspecies with higher species rank than ours!” Chu Mu blurted out.

There were other human subspecies!

Most importantly, Tianxia Realm and Wanxiang Realm’s human species rank was only warrior rank. Does that mean that, outside of this “New Moon Land”, there were humans with species rank of commander rank, monarch rank, and even emperor rank?”

Like wolf species, the lowest subspecies was servant rank Hunting Wolf, then warrior rank Dire Wolf, then commander rank Terror Wolf…...

If Humans had different species ranks, then commander ranks could reach spirit teacher, monarch ranks could reach spirit master, and emperor rank humans could reach spirit emperor without breaking a sweat by the time they turned thirty!

Old Li’s words caused Chu Mu and Old Han’s souls to shiver. This was just a simple question of taking a different perspective. Human ranks had been set in place long ago, yet no one had thought of this, nor had anyone brought up the concept of servant rank and warrior rank humans!

“Young master, have you forgotten an incredibly important person?” Old Li watched Chu Mu stare blankly and slowly asked.

“Who?” Chu Mu’s heart was still uneasy and his mind was in chaos.

“Your mom, female supreme, she’s the only human in your realm to reach spirit dominator.” Old Li said.

That sentence hit Chu Mu like a bolt of thunder!

“You mean my mother is a human of higher species rank?” Chu Mu couldn’t even believe what he was saying.

“En. This is why she can enter spirit dominator rank while those stronger than her can’t. Her species rank is higher than you all, so without the restriction, once she had a dominator rank soul pet, she was going to find it easier than anyone to step into dominator rank. And, her entrance into spirit emperor rank was extremely early too. Even if she trained normally, she could easily step into spirit emperor. Of course, if she weren’t restricted, she would be even more powerful.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu didn’t speak anymore. He finally knew why his mother had abnormally good cultivation talent. Or, maybe it shouldn’t be called talent. It was a noble bloodline. Ning Maner seemed to have the same deal, becoming a spirit emperor at age 14!

Yet, this was all too hard to accept; the world seemed to be in chaos!

Old Li looked at the speechless Chu Mu and Old Han. The reason he never said it earlier was because even if he did, no one would believe him.

“Just like warrior rank organisms, there ultimately will be invincible emperor ranks. Young master, you are a special type in the human subspecies. Of course, like soul pets, the higher the species rank, the less the number. Humans with high species ranks have similar natural restrictions in reproduction.

“And, the higher the species rank doesn’t mean the more powerful the person. Though young master is warrior rank in species rank, your power is stronger than many emperor rank humans. As a special half human type along with having Hades Purple Fox Noble Emperor and an Evil Good Queen, young master’s power and potential remain at the top of the pyramid, so beating them up won’t be a problem……”

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