Chapter 1114: Humans as Soul Pets?

After the training ended, Chu Mu’s mood was great. He rode dead dream straight towards Old Han’s wooden room, wanting to try out Old Wen’s savory game stew.

Chu Mu didn’t care much about eating, but he recently was craving Old Wen’s cooking.

Not being able to fly fly through the air no longer applied to dominator ranks. With dead dream’s current rank, over any tribe and empire, which commander dared to yell out in complaint? They should instead be happy that dead dream was ONLY flying over their territory.

The dark purple lightning flash flew by and suddenly stopped at a place, where it proceeded to dive right down into a wooden hut’s air.

After landing, Chu Mu jumped off Dead Dream’s body. Dead Dream’s body quickly dissipated into countless dark purple fairy butterflies that scattered into the forest nearby, while the dark purple paradise bird that remained fluttered onto Chu Mu’s shoulder, following Chu Mu into the two old people’s hut.

“This child truly is determined. He’s been gone for over a year.” Old Wen’s voice slowly came.

“En, being determined is good, but being determined on such unnecessary things….. He’s just like his father, not wanting to switch soul pets. The warrior rank soul pets that he once captured will start to heavily drag him behind. After all, his main soul pets were all dominator rank.” Old Han said.

They clearly didn’t hear Chu Mu coming. Only when Chu Mu stepped up the wooden steps did they realize someone was here.

“Ai, I really am getting old, not sensing you until this close.” Old Han laughed bitterly as he saw Chu Mu at the door.

Old Wen instead smiled and said, “You came after smelling this?”

Chu Mu glanced over, and saw a pot of hot stew and laughed. He sure did come at the perfect time.

Little dead dream was even more eager than Chu Mu, flapping its wings and landing on the table hobbling over to Old Wen with blinking eyes.

Seeing it so eager, Old Wen was grinning from ear to ear and got it a bowl too, along with some other fruits.

“So, what kind of things did you accomplish this past year?” No matter what, Old Han admired Chu Mu’s determination, able to spend this long to train his secondary soul pets even when he was this powerful.

“En, I’ve had great breakthroughs.” Chu Mu laughed.

“Great breakthrough? Didn’t you go train your Devil Tree Battle Soldier?” Old Han asked confused.

Chu Mu nodded and said, “It’s dominator rank now.”

Old Han was just about to speak more when he heard this from Chu Mu, and swallowed all his words back, staring blankly instead.

Chu Mu knew Old Han didn’t believe him so he quickly casted an incantation to summon devil tree battle soldier.

Though its aura was hidden, Old Han wasn’t truly too old to tell if an organism was dominator rank if it stood right before him!

“It……. it really is dominator rank……. You……. How did you do it!” Old Han yelled out of shock after a while.

Beside him, Old Wen also stared blankly at dominator rank Devil tree Battle Soldier, forgetting to even give more soup to the ravenous little dead dream.

“No…...not only that…… this is a low class dominator rank!” Old Han quickly discovered something else that turned his world view upside down again!

Low class dominator rank! There was a low class dominator rank devil tree battle soldier!!

Unbelievable. In the thousands of years of human history, this was one rule that no organism ever broke, yet Chu Mu had just broken it. How??!

“Chu Mu, how did you do it??” Old Han asked a second time.

Chu Mu didn’t hide anything and told Old Han the situation with Ning Maner.

In reality, Chu Mu didn’t know too much about Ning Maner either. He wanted to see if Old Han could add more information.

After hearing Chu Mu’s description, Old Han’s face was even more filled with shock. Even he didn’t think that a little girl could be this powerful, able to use her own spirit source to nurture soul pets, and could communicate with almost all wild soul pets.

Ning Maner’s abilities completely surpassed all of Old Han’s understanding. He couldn’t give a complete answer at the time either.

“Old Han, are there more human territories on that side of Dark Sky Ocean World?” Chu Mu asked.

“I’ve never been to the other side and don’t know much about it, but with the little girl you mentioned, it most likely proves that there is an even larger empire there, or maybe something even larger than the concept of an empire.” Old Han said.

“What’s larger than an empire?” Chu Mua sked.

After reaching emperor rank, Chu Mu knew the differences between clans, tribes, and empires for soul pets, in addition to regions, kingdoms, and realms for humans.

“This I don’t know. One thing is for sure though: According to the levels left by our ancestors, Tianxia Realm is a first rank Realm. Wanxiang Realm is a third rank realm. Of course, with your appearance, it’s probably a fourth rank realm now. As for the other side of Dark Sky Ocean World, I have never researched whether their territories are above or below us in ranking.” Old Han said.

“Fourth rank realm…….”Chu Mu muttered.

Fourth rank realms corresponded to fourth rank empires. With a Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor appearing along with a few others, it meant the soul pet world must have empires above fourth rank. Old Han himself had said that Seven Sin Fox’s most powerful member was likely beyond even dominator rank.

Thinking back to the arrogant, despicable attitude of Senior Border Commander Zhen Wu when he took Ning Maner away, one could imagine that the other realm across the Dark Sky Ocean World was most likely even stronger than Wanxiang Realm!

“Dong~~ Dong~ Dong~~”

A few light steps came. Just as Chu Mu turned around, he saw a short-limbed raccoon run over.

“Haha, there’s soup!” Old Li immediately jumped onto the table and wanted to stuff his face into the soup when dead dream, pouting, sent a little arc of lightning that immobilized him.

“Little thing, don’t forget that I was the one that dug you out. Don’t think that you’re so great just because you reincarnated!” Old Li pointed a finger at little dead dream and started yelling.

Chu Mu stared at the Old Li that had just appeared and blanked, wondering why this fellow was here.

Old Li slowly drank some soup and sat down on the table. Looking at Chu Mu and Old Han, he rubbed his soup drenched beard and said with profound mystery, “Hei hei, looks like you guys need my help right now.”

Old Li clearly heard the conversation between Chu Mu and Old Han and was pleased at himself again.

“In reality, many ancient scholars of humans have already pointed out that there are other human territories outside of forbidden realm. After all, any human with above average intelligence should be able to take the human territory map and guess that.” Old Li said slowly.

The human territory map was crescent shaped. At the western end of the crescent was the endless eternal ocean. The south end was southern forbidden realm, which was split by human territory’s tendrils to little south forbidden realm to large south forbidden relam. Little south forbidden realm was Nightmare One’s territory, while Large South Forbidden Realm is much larger, where the only known entity is an even larger nightmare empire.

On the north side, the left has a bug type empire that is massive while the east side a glacial world. Going further north east was the endless heavenly mountain.

The glacial mountain extended southwards while forests aside it were the famous Eastern Wild Forest, which was where Chu Mu was.

This was Eastern Forbidden Realm. Past Lost Desolation Garden was an endless forest and Chu Mu hadn’t searched further before.

“With your human eyes, humans are the center of the world, while everything beyond was forbidden realm, bewildering worlds, lost desolation grounds, whatever. This is normal; all species use their own territory as the center and expand outwards. Anything they can’t see is unknown, so after a while your whole world becomes the visible locations. The unknown slowly become non-existent, like the idiom of the frog at the bottom of the well.” Old Li said while rubbing his beard.

Old Li’s theory was something Chu Mu had vaguely heard before. It seems that this old fellow used to tell him not to see humans from the viewpoint of humans.

In the past, Chu Mu was still deeply stuck as one of the humans and never had the right to discuss humanity as a whole. Even if humanity was small, he was just an even more miniscule part of small.

Now that Chu Mu was the most powerful human, it was time to understand this.

“I agree with this. I know outside of Heavenly Mountains are a very broad territory. Tianmang brought Ying Rong back, who was clearly from outside heavenly mountain. His soul arts are also clearly more advanced than ours.” Old Han nodded.

“You don’t need to confirm it, since reality has proved it already.” Old Li said.

“What reality?” Chu Mu asked questioningly

“I’ll say it later since we aren’t in a hurry. Let me first say something that may be a great blow to you as humans….. This isn’t your fault either….” Old Li became serious.

Both Chu Mu and Old Han remained silent as they watched Old Li.

Old Li is a soul pet, so his gaze was completely different from humans and naturally saw further as well.

“Young master, remember when I said humans could be seen as soul pets, while soul pacts are your techniques?” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded, remembering Old Li’s theory.

“I think this is enough. You know why no one has ever broken through ninth remembrance spirit emperor and stepped into spirit dominator rank yet?” Old Li asked.

Both Chu Mu and Old Han found the question to be strange.

Yet, after a moment, both of them seemed to realize something as their confusion was replaced with shock and disbelief!!!!

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