Chapter 1113: Low Class Dominator, Devil Tree Battle Soldier!


Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake was knocked flying by the rolling stone. Its long body flew a long way away before crashing down near Ten Thousand Eyed Devil Tree.

Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake’s tail was nearly crushed flat. It painfully and frantically writhed its body, forcibly pushing Forest Giant which was squashing its lower half.

Fresh blood was spilling out, as Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake’s tail had practically become a piece of mushy flesh. It let out continuous sharp cries as its body swayed and bore its way into an even higher and lusher piece of forest.

Without its tail, Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake had seriously lost its balance. As it traversed between the enormous heavenly trees, it was swaying from left to right, knocking against things and causing a mess. Staggering along, it fled into a deeper part of the forest.

After Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake fled, Forest Giant finally stood up in a daze.

The larger the body was, the more force of impact there was. Forest Giant’s crash hadn’t been light. Its innards had nearly been shattered on impact.

At this moment, Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots rapidly bound around Forest Giant’s body. Without any warning, Forest Giant’s four limbs were lifted high into the air, before being heavily smashed back to the ground.

 “Beng!!! Beng!!!! Beng!!!!!!!!”

After three successive smashes, Forest Giant’s innards and skeleton had been shattered into pieces. Crawling to its feet was even difficult.

Forest Giant trembled as it crawled to its feet. Its three eyes saw Devil Tree Battle Soldier berserkly rushing at it, and it instantly trembled in fear.

It had never seen such a formidable warrior rank creature before. Forest Giant no longer had any courage to fight. It took huge steps and fled into the distance. It couldn’t afford to even consider the army of the empire. 

After Devil Tree Battle Soldier chased for a while, Forest Giant’s enormous body disappeared in the meandering forest of different heights.


Once Lost Desolate Garden’s two great dominator rank creatures had fled in defeat, Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a spirited roar.

This roar was as large as a tide and stunned the plant army. Regardless of how many the army numbered, they could only scamper away like mice. They didn’t have the courage to fight. 

Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s confidence soared from this fight. Its training level had probably reached 90%.

Not long after the empire’s huge army began to retreat, a thunderous, angry roar resounded from Ten Thousand Eyed Devil Tree’s location. In the distant horizon where the land of plant connected with the sky, a large hazy silhouette abruptly stood up and rapidly ran in this direction.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Qin, Ning, and the Ghost King all stared in that direction. Not long after, Chu Mu who was ablaze with silver devil flames streaked across the sky like a meteor, landing in front of all his soul pets.

“You can all go back. We’ve obtained a huge profit this time.” Chu Mu chanted an incantation, quickly recalling his four soul pets to their soul pet spaces. 

“Dead Dream.” after recalling all of his soul pets, Chu Mu chanted an incantation, summoning Dead Dream.

Countless dark purple colored Fairy Butterflies came together in front of Chu Mu, rapidly forming the lightning and thunder Dead Dream’s tyrannical body.

Chu Mu jumped onto the Dead Dream’s back as it beat its wings, quickly ascending into the air.

A thousand meters behind the Dead Dream, countless tree roots were intertwining in the earth and air, forming an extremely terrifying digestive tract. 

The pitch black sky was completely covered by these wriggling roots and Devil Tree eyes. Among all this was an incomparably large and terrifying creature. Its ten thousand eyes all carried extreme hatred and grievance!! 

The one chasing at the very front was Ten Thousand Eyed Devil Tree. It had immediately recognized this silver devil. Approximately two years ago, this fellow had invaded its territory and stolen half of its Life Fruits.Ten Thousand Eyed Devil Tree had blown its top out of anger. 

Unexpectedly, not even two years later, this bandit had appeared again. Even more hateful was that this fellow managed to steal the spirit items it was using to upgrade to a low class dominator rank, while also stealing away its remaining Life Fruits!

It could no longer tolerate it!

This hatred was irreconcilable, and Ten Thousand Eyed Devil Tree had gone completely berserk. It didn’t care if it had to leave its nest or even chase it out of Lost Desolate Garden, this Ten Thousand Eyed Devil Tree could not let this wretched silver devil escape!

They weren’t even a thousand meters apart. Although the Phoenix seemed to be more powerful than last time, Ten Thousand Eyed Devil Tree had mobilized an army of several tens of thousands. How could it be afraid of the silver devil and dark purple phoenix?

“O o o o o!!!!!!!!”

Innumerable Devil Trees let out their roars. Their roots that covered the heaven and sun covered the world in darkness. Under this display of power, emperor rank creatures were incomparably insignificant! 

When Chu Mu landed on the Dead Dream’s body, he glanced back at the chasing Ten Thousand Eyed Devil Tree.

“I didn’t want to fight you. Do you really think I’m afraid of you?” Chu Mu sneered and two balls of silver devil flames rapidly condensed in his hands.

Chu Mu didn’t want to end up in a miserable state again after being chased by Devil Trees. Devil flames soared into the air from between his two hands, and he threw it at Ten Thousand Eyed Devil Tree! 

The two balls of devil flame were insignificant in comparison to the esophagus of roots that covered the sky and earth. However, when Ten Thousand Eyed Devil Tree saw them, the two balls of terrifying exploded, erupting from the size of a fist to an enormous fireball with ten kilometers in diameter. 

All of Devil Tree army within the range of the fireball was burnt to a crisp. Two enormous holes were also burnt into its digestive tract. Moreover, Devil Flames were still terrifyingly spreading.

Ten Thousand Eyed Devil Tree used its roots to interweave around it, forming a barrier. Within Ten kilometer range, it was the only one still alive. Its armor had also been burned to ulceration and its body and soul had received serious damage and flame injuries. 

Its ten thousand eyes turned from extreme anger to extreme shock. It remembered the last time when this silver devil had come to steal its Life Fruits, it, along with the golden phoenix had been chased and only managed to escape in a very miserable state. Although those two creatures were very strong last time, in front of an enormous empire, they didn’t dare fight back.

However, not even two years later, the silver devil had paid another visit, yet managed to destroy an army of nearly 50 thousand. Even more terrifying was that even Ten Thousand Eyed Devil Tree had been injured.

If the entire technique had landed on it, Ten Thousand Eyed Devil Tree could have been seriously injured. Moreover, it was impossible to block this attack.

Ten Thousand Eyed Devil Tree never expected the silver devil’s strength to have become so powerful! 

As it was in shock, the silver devil, riding on the dark purple phoenix, had already turned around, and the two of them transformed into a gorgeous and imposing bolt of lightning. They pierced through the sky and instantly disappeared from the field of view of Ten Thousand Eyed Devil Tree and Devil Tree army. The speed they were travelling at probably couldn’t even be stopped if all of Lost Desolate Garden’s creatures were mobilized to intercept them.

A while later, looking at the remaining trail in the distance, Ten Thousand Eyed Devil Tree finally realized that the silver devil didn’t choose to flee because it couldn’t beat it. Instead, it couldn’t be bothered to fight with this puny and weak Devil Tree Empire!

When Chu Mu had come last time with Mu Qingyi, his strength was approximately near the low class dominator rank. If he fell into the empire, he would only be able to flee.

But this time Chu Mu had reached the ninth remembrance, and the White Nightmare had become a genuine dominator rank. HIs strength was much stronger than last time, and it would be no difficult matter for him to annihilate Devil Tree Empire. 

After all, Chu Mu had obtained the thing he had come for. Naturally, he wouldn’t waste any more time here.


After leaving Lost Desolate Garden, Chu Mu looked for a quieter area. After waiting for his soul remembrance to completely recover, he began to strengthen Devil Tree Battle Soldier to a low class dominator rank.

After spending over a year in Lost Desolate Garden, Devil Tree Battle Soldier had reached 90%. The quality of the wood type xuan item had also neared perfection. The chances of successful strengthening were extremely high. As long as Chu Mu didn’t make a mistake when guiding the energy, he would have another low class dominator rank. Moreover, it was a plant world dominator! 

Although the chances of success were high, Chu Mu would still be careful. He didn’t want his year of hard work to be wasted because of negligence.

As per usual, he went step by step guiding the energy. This time, after the energy poured into Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body, there was no species restriction like last time that caused a loss of energy. The excited Devil Tree Battle Soldier was able to absorb all of the xuan item’s energy into its body.

“Gezhi gezhi!!!”

Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s skeleton let out a resounding noise. Its arms became even more robust, and powerful while the poison spikes hidden under its wooden skin became even sharper!

Its aura would still fluctuate between strong and weak. As Chu Mu watched Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s minute changes, he was somewhat nervous.

Reason dictated that the transformation from a pseudo dominator to low class dominator should be extremely prominent; it should have been a leap in quality. Yet, only the wood skeleton and poison spikes of Devil Tree Battle Soldier had grown stronger. To a certain extent, this meant that Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s strengthening had failed since only part of its power had increased. 

“The chances of failure are so low. Could it have been an accident by me?” Chu Mu nervously muttered.

However, the moment he finished muttering, Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s aura abruptly increased. This made the somewhat disappointed Chu Mu jump in fright before he was quickly overcome by rapture! 

The increase in strength was an indicator of a strength crossover. Moreover, Chu Mu could feel his soul remembrance increase!!

“Low class… low class dominator rank. Success!!!” 

Chu Mu was incomparably excited in his heart. Indeed, in the several thousand years of human civilization, a warrior rank species had never and could not become a dominator rank. This was a heavenly barrier that could never be crossed.

However, Chu Mu had done it today. Not only had the warrior rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier become a dominant or rank, but it had even reached the low class dominator rank level.

The significance of this was huge. Presumably, when the learned Old Han saw the low class dominator rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier, he would be stunned! 

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