Chapter 1112: Devil Tree Against Two Dominators (2)

Once the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake propped its body up, its head was practically touching the cloud layer. Its aura was indeed extremely terrifying.

It slowly wriggled its body, and rapidly slithered through the lush forest, quickly approaching the Devil Tree Battle Soldier!

“Si si si~~~~”

The Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake spat out a bloody red snake letter that scattered through the forest, transforming into even smaller lightning snakes on the ground.

 “Pi pa!!!”

An electric bolt flitted across, and an ancient tree was instantly cut in half as the bolt continued to fly towards the Devil Tree Battle Soldier!

Towards the onslaughting lightning bolts, the Devil Tree battle Soldier’s right fist formed a fist. It kneeled down on one knee and smashed its fist into the ground!

The ground in front of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier split apart, and from within emerged a mountain rampart-like wood array. It blocked all of the lightning on the outside!

Devil Tree battle Soldier could simultaneously release several techniques. After blocking the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake’s attack, it naturally was its turn to counterattack!

Its other hand suddenly opened and a root lock shot out, flying towards the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake!

This root lock was like a thin wire in the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake’s eyes. It looked like nothing significant. However, the root lock managed to enter its scales!


The seemingly simple-looking root lock began to absorb the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake’s blood and rapidly grew. In an instant, countless flexible and thin branches grew out of the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake’s body. It was like a huge boston ivy plant covering the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake’s body in green!


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a wild roar. Both of its hands grabbed the rope-like root lock and fiercely pulled back!

The strength in its two arms instantly erupted, hauling the heavenly snake to the ground after it was caught!

The pulling down force ostensibly caused the the surrounding earth to cave in from Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s stomp down. Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake’s body began to bend and after Devil Tree Battle Soldier gave another wild roar, the enormous Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake was pulled up from the ground, and flew up into the air like a mountain range. It terrifyingly flew across the sky above the forest, leaving a terrifying shadow. It then heavily smashed into the Forest Giant in the process of using a technique!

The moment Forest Giant planned on releasing its technique, it saw the enormous Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake fly over, covering the sky. It hastily cut off its technique, and rolled to the side, dodging the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake’s crash!

“Hong hong hong~~~~~~”    

As it tumbled a few times on the ground, Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake crushed tens of thousands of low class creatures in its wake. From a distance, a large amount of trees could be seen crushed on the ground. It was a huge mess.

“Si si si!!!!!”

Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake crawled up, and its yellow triangular eyes angrily stared at Forest Giant that had dodged to the side.

Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake was grumbling that the Forest Giant didn’t act as a brace for its fall. Even if it didn’t completely brace its fall, it should have at least eased the falling force. That way it wouldn’t have tumbled so chaotically.

Forest Giant had a blank expression, as if it was saying “Should I not have dodged?” 

After the two dominators complained at each other, they reentered their fighting state and simultaneously attacked the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. 

In order to increase its strength, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s fighting spirit was high. It took the initiative to take on the two dominator rank creatures. Its tiny body weaved between the two dominators, yet its arm exploded with terrifying power, and was able to knock the two giant mountain-like dominators flying!

“Pi pa!!!!!”

Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake’s lightning power once more descended from the sky. The purple lightning transformed all of the plants in a ten kilometer radius around it to ashes.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s arms were crossed in front of it, over the now open stretch of scorched land.

Its arms had turned a scorched black from the lightning attack, but this didn’t affect its fighting power.

The roots under its feet, as it willed, began to spread through this scorched black earth, noiselessly, wriggling up to the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake.

When the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake saw that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had been hit by its lightning, it planned on rushing over, but its tail was suddenly stuck to the ground. Thus, only its upper body shot forth, resulting in an unbalanced movement where it crashed to the ground. 

Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake angrily turned around, and abruptly discovered that at some point, a dense matting of plant roots had bound up its tail!

The plant roots were continuously growing and proliferating. As Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake was in a state of shock, the roots covered a third of its body, preventing it from moving!

Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake angrily roared. Instantly, its body was filled with powerful lightning, in an attempt to destroy all of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s plants! 

However, the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake’s techniques were released a bit too late. The tiny poison spikes on the roots had already rapidly entered the back one-third of its scales. Simultaneously, the poison was continuously absorbing its life force.

Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake let out a painful cry. The stabbing pain, poison, and loss of life force dealt huge damage to it. Even though its whole body was covered in flying lightning, it was unable to destroy the dense matting of plants.

As Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake’s life was slipping away, Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s lightning scorched arm was rapidly healing. By the time the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake had destroyed all of the plants, Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s fighting state had returned to full.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier initially wanted to keep attacking, but at this moment, Forest Giant’s meteor fists began to rain down. Devil Tree Battle Soldier didn’t meet it head on. Instead, its two arms suddenly extended, and wrapped around a 500 meter tall tree in the distance!

The two arms rapidly shrunk, pulling the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body along with it and rapidly retreating.

“Beng!! Beng!! Beng!! beng!!!”

The empty patch of land was once more pierced by a thousand blows, changed beyond recognition. Unfortunately, none of the attacks landed on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

“Si si si si si!!!!!!!”

Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake coldly glared at the Forest Giant again.

Forest Giant had always been half a beat slow in its few attacks. Moreover, Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s techniques had focused it, leaving Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake riddled with wounds.

Aside from the flashy techniques Forest Giant used each time, it didn’t actually do much damage to Devil Tree Battle Soldier. This fellow was a model example of powerful yet dumb!

"O~~~~~~” Forest Giant rubbed its head. After another techniques missed, this fellow was indeed a bit embarrassed and felt bad for Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake. After all, a wood type soul pet’s dodging abilities were extremely lacking. Yet a great pseudo emperor wasn’t even able to hit even a wood type creature, which was truly embarrassing. 

In order to make up for its mistakes, Forest Giant became the vanguard this time. After a few successive jumps, it landed heavily in front of Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Suddenly, Forest Giant’s four limbs and head mysteriously disappeared. Its green mountain body of flesh transformed into a rolling stone!

This rolling stone wasn’t a normal stone. Instead, it was a terrifying body that was capable of crushing things into meat paste! 

With the rolling stone attacking so tyrannically at shocking speed, Devil Tree Battle Soldier had nowhere to dodge. It could only reach out its arms, and push back against the enormous rolling stone about to crush its body.

The rolling stone was spinning extremely quickly, grinding away at the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s created arms. 

The rolling stone continued to press forward while Devil Tree Battle Soldier was continuously pushed back. The moment its strength was unable to withstand the enormous crushing force, it would be crushed into sawdust!!

An enormous gulch appeared in the forest. Devil Tree Battle Soldier swept its eyes at the hill behind it.

If it hit the hill, it would be crushed by the terrifying rolling stone. Thus, Devil Tree Battle Soldier hastily controlled the roots under its feet.

The roots rapidly latched onto the area four to five kilometers behind Devil Tree Battle Soldier, forming an enormous plant net.

As the giant rolling stone pressed on, the giant net began to sink in, flexibly cushioning the rolling stone’s crushing force. 

The enormous plant net continued to sink in. Although most of Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s armor was splintered, it still didn’t remove the enormous net. Instead, when the rolling stone began to crush its body, it continued to reinforce the plant net.

The rolling stone’s momentum continuously weakened while the enormous net’s tension became extremely terrifying!


Finally, Devil Tree Battle Soldier gave a roar. When the rolling stone’s force reached its limit, its two arms suddenly grabbed the strings of the enormous net, tightening the enormous net!

The grab caused the tension of the enormous net to become even more terrifying. Forest Giant evidently hadn’t realized it was in an extremely dangerous plant net. It was still trying to crush Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Only, no matter how much it pushed, the crushing stone was still being pushed back by some other force!


The tension of the enormous net was released and before Forest Giant reacted, it was met by a large rebound. Its rolling stone body left the ground and flew a hundred meters up and away!

The rebound force was powerful, launching the rolling stone at over double its original speed. As for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier that had intentionally changed the enormous net’s angle, it launched Forest Giant towards the enormous Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake!

The rebound force was two times stronger than the Forest Giant’s rolling stone technique. At this speed, Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake would not be able to dodge with its enormous body even if it realized! 

Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake flusteredly squirmed its body, but Forest Giant was moving too fast. Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake could only watch with eyes wide open as Forest Giant smash towards its severely injured lower body. It didn’t know what to do!!! 

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