Chapter 1111: Devil Tree Against Two Dominators (1)

When training bitterly, Chu Mu often forgot time easily. This was because every time he went into training, he set an approximate goal for himself and worked towards it, only noticing the time when he arrived at the goal.

After Devil Tree Battle Soldier reached dominator rank, Chu Mu’s next goal was to let the Devil Tree Battle Soldier reach eighty percent of the training he needed in pseudo dominator rank.

From initially defeating the thousand eyed treant empire, Chu Mu continued to act within lost desolation garden.

Lost desolation garden’s largest empire was the third rank empire of Ten Thousand Eyed Pupil. This third rank empire still had some smaller empires without armies. These little empires are usually some dominator rank organisms leading a few subordinates taking over a territory. These army-less armies  are easily disbanded ocne the most powerful organism is defeated.

After defeating the thousand eyed treant king, Chu Mu didn’t bring Devil Tree Battle Soldier around continuously in the territory, instead going to other places to continue to find dominator rank organisms to fight against.

Lost Desolation Garden had quite a few pseudo dominator rank organisms. After all, it was Lost Desolation Garden was a bewildering world that juxtaposed Wanxiang Realm. If Wanxiang Realm were a third rank realm, then Eastern Wild Forest was a third rank soul pet empire. Lost Desolation Garden was a similar existence to human’s Wanxiang City.

Chu Mu’s lost desolation garden roam was always to look for pseudo dominator rank organisms. This could ensure that Devil Tree Battle Soldier won’t lose. If they got surrounded by all the dominator rank organisms of Lost Desolation Garden, the fight would be equivalent to fighting all the dominator rank experts of human realm in one battle. This wasn’t something Chu Mu would do recklessly.

Of course, being considerate of Wanxiang City’s development, Chu Mu wouldn't easily kill the dominator ranks of Lost Desolation Garden. After all, the dominator rank organisms’ innard crystals were very limited in use for Chu Mu as well.

Chu Mu’s current strength was already beyond the level of the third rank realm and empire. Old Han also specially told Chu Mu to no destroy this balance. Once all the dominator ranks of this third rank empire were killed, the empire will no longer exist.

And without this empire, in the following era, the entirety of Wanxiang Realm will progressively weaken due to the lack of training and competition nearby.

Chu Mu was now beyond realms and empires, as if a living god. He could easily alter the situation like that. However, unless he was addicted to killing, caring about the development of humanity, the dominator ranks in lost desolation garden had to survive.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s training process was very successful. Mainly, after fifty percent increased burning, the Evil Good Queen very obediently cast Evil Good Ceremony to raise Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s power by around a rank.

This Evil Good Ceremony improved plant type potential, giving its roots poisonous spikes. These spikes greatly improved the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s offensive power. Its maximum power was nearly equivalent to a beast type organism’s attacks.

Wood type organisms had outstanding defense and double the life force, along with powerful restrictions. Its only weakness was its attack power was weak, barely giving its enemy a lethal blow.

Evil Good Queen’s Evil Good Ceremony caused Devil Tree Battle Soldier to learn these poison spikes, perfectly mitigating this weakness and allowing Devil Tree Battle Soldier to be able to defeat similar level opponents with relative ease.


“We’re around eighty percent there. You’re now in charge of Ten Thousand Eyed Treant army while I go steal the Xuan root.” Chu Mu stood by the massive tree, and said as he glanced at the green forest.

Chu Mu didn’t know how long he trained for, but he knew this was the last battle.

That devil tree battles soldier was about a rank below Ten Thousand Eyed Treant. Chu Mu didn’t expect it to go right against the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant. It was instead in charge of dealing with the hundred kilometers worth of treants and the two pseudo dominator ranks.

Chu Mu already scouted ahead. In the hundred kilometers where the ten thousand eyed treant laid, there was a Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake and a Forest Giant, both of which were pseudo dominator rank organisms.

The two dominator rank organisms and the entire treant army was Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s task. Of course, to give the other soul pets training, Ning, Qin, and Ghost Monarch King were participating to reduce the stress on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Chu Mu just had to worry about the ten thousand eyed treant. He was much stronger than the treant now, so all he had to do now was restrain it while he stole the treasure.


Chanting an incantation, Chu Mu summoned Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Ning, Qin, and Ghost Monarch King in one go. If Ye came back, Chu Mu could even summon a fifth soul pet.

Four was enough for Chu Mu to use. With a command, the four of the soul pets jumped into the endless treant army full of fighting intent. They casted all sorts of techniques and started a frenzied wipe out.

“Ning, Qin, and Ghost Monarch King were all already top tier emperor rank, Qin’s ancient will makes it the most powerful. It and Ning both stood aside Ghost Monarch King’s giant body as they cast spells recklessly. Oftimes, a single spell would cause a large forest of bodies to be destroyed and even fly into the world.

Qin and Ning’s techniques were enough to kill five or six commander rank tribes.

After Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s attacks strengthened, its techniques were even scarier. With a casual arm swipe, it could wipe entire tribes off the face of the earth.

After not too long, a tenth rank tribe had been destroyed, rendered into escapees that went towards other places.

The leaders naturally couldn’t allow this to happen. When the four soul pets stepped into the second tenth rank tribe, they suddenly noticed a massive mountain start shaking.

The mountain slowly stood up as the ground shook. The plants on its body all fell off, and rerooted on the flat forest below.


A cave appeared in the mountain. It was the organism’s mouth letting out a furious roar!

Slowly, the green covered mountain stood up fully and became a four limbed, three eyed giant!!

It was the dominator rank commander of this land - Forest Giant!

Chu Mu had looked at the land in the past, and knew that the Forest Giant loved to sleep in the forest usually. When it slept, many plant world soul pets took root on it and became a companion, making it seem like a mountain.

Lost Desolation Garden’s organisms were always unreasonably large. A normal Forest Giant was around 100 meters tall, yet this one was near five hundred meters already. This meant even the giant trees could only reach its thighs.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier was a mere four meters. Compared to the towering five hundred meters, it was like an ant.

Naturally, size didn’t determine power. Even though Devil Tree Battle Soldier didn’t even reach its ankles, it still stood without fear. Its dominator rank aura was enough to make it just as powerful as a mountain, suppressing all the army and the massive Forest Giant.

Forest Giant had heard that this year, there was a dominator rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier that was running amok within the Lost Desolation Garden. When all three of its eyes locked onto it, its face showed a cold laugh and disregard.

Though other places may allow this Devil Tree Battle Soldier to go rogue, this was ten thousand eye treant’s territory. Coming here was looking for death!

Qin, Ning, and Ghost Monarch King saw the Forest Giant make its way over, and all decisively retreated behind Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier similarly took a step forth, pushing away the dense plants before it, like waves parting.


Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a roar, approaching the Forest Giant head on.

As long as it defeated the Forest Giant, it could reach eighty percent training, getting a step closer to low class dominator rank. This was why Devil Tree Battle Soldier was very full of fighting intent. Facing the Forest Giant, it gave up playing safe and went on the offense!

Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s attacks were all spiked with poison. Even with the Forest Giant’s powerful defense, it was still hurt by the roots!

In the first exchange, Forest Giant already suffered many poisonous wounds. One had to know that the defensive Forest Giant had often times not even had its defense broken against other dominator ranks. Yet, this Devil Tree Battle Soldier could do it, causing Forest Giant to be surprised.

It looked like this Devil Tree Battle Soldier actually had the strength to run amok in Lost Desolation Garden. The Forest Giant no longer dared to underestimate its opponent. Stepping a few steps back, it let out a roar to its side!

Forest Giant’s roar seemed to be summoning something. Devil Tree Battle Soldier glanced over to find a massive purple lightning suddenly appear between the green canopy and white clouds!

The purple thunder snaked down, making even the unbelievably high trees seem tiny in comparison…...

With such a towering body, the organism could only be one thing - the powerful species Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake!!

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