Chapter 1110: Rare Compromise


Thousand Eyed Treant let out a pained call. Its arms waved around frenziedly, causing chaos in the trap.

However, no matter how rash they were, the roots in the trap continue to absorb life.

This life force going back to Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body caused its wounds to quickly heal. The previously shattered armor on its body caused by the heavy hammer swing all covered their body again.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s status was back to full, while Thousand Eyed Treant was heavily injured. When it finally climbed out of the trap, it could no longer have a chance of winning.

Thousand Eyed Treant King roared into the forest, and the tribes all started moving in large scale.

The dense Thousand Eyed Treant army started surrounding them, attacking Devil Tree Battle Soldier in a group.

Before, The Devil Tree Battle Soldier needed twenty hours, but now it definitely wouldn’t take more than an hour.

Thousand Eyed Treant king commanded his army just to waste time to give it a breather. However, being dominator rank now, Devil Tree Battle Soldier could absolutely slaughter the army. Waves upon waves of the army fell to the invincible group fighting Devil Tree Battle Soldier, creating a mountain of corpses.

More importantly, after battling for so long, The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was still full of life force. As long as it had stamina left, any more of the treants still wouldn’t do anything.


Finally, Thousand Eyed Treant king couldn’t endure Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s killing.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier was waiting for it. Though it was small, its explosive power was insane. With a sweep of its hand, the mountain of Thousand Eyed Treant corpses flew towards Thousand Eyed Treant King.

Thousand Eyed Treant King made countless roots, and swept away the corpses while the roots slammed down from above, constantly slapping Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s location.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier also had a large number of roots. They constantly poked out of the ground, piercing the king!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier could absorb life force to recover its wounds, but Thousand Eyed Treant couldn’t. After a few trades, Thousand Eyed Treant was tattered with wounds, while Devil Tree Battle Soldier remained pumped with fighting intent!

Two devil tree species fighting a two hour long battle meant Thousand Eyed Treant king progressively grew weaker, while The Devil Tree Battle Soldier suppressed it.

Thousand Eyed Treant King had tried to escape after it was wounded, but Devil Tree Battle Soldier was the best at stopping escapes. Just as Thousand Eyed Treant was about to escape, the other underground traps triggered!

Thousand Eyed Treant fell continuously into traps as life was absorbed. Finally, this dominator rank of Thousand Eyed Treant empire fell into a basin-like trap, and didn’t have the energy to escape anymore.

Its life was frenziedly lost. It slowly withered away and shrivelled. Thousand eye treant could still struggle a little earlier, but when The Devil Tree Battle Soldier reached a thousand roots piercing the treant’s body, it could no longer even twitch. It could only watch with its thousand eyes as its life force disappeared into the roots and flew into Thousand pupil devil tree.

The cyan roots dashed around through the chaotic dirt like snakes. Devil Tree Battle Soldier slowly extracted its roots from the trap, and extracted Thousand Eyed Treant’s innard crystal and passed it to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu wasn’t stingy, and just told Devil Tree Battle Soldier to eat it as food. It was good for its growth anyways.

Just stepping into pseudo dominator rank, it could already defeat this Thousand Eyed Treant and its empire. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier truly was powerful in group battles. If Little Hidden Dragon or Zhan Ye had to sweep through this empire, it would take them an unknown amount of time.

Going from pseudo dominator rank to low class dominator rank only needed battling. By Chu Mu’s estimate, this battle could give Devil Tree Battle Soldier ten percent of what he needed. If it could defeat Ten Thousand Eyed Treant and its entire massive empire, Devil Tree Battle Soldier would definitely get enough training. With the Xuan Item he steals then, a low class dominator rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier will be born!

“Yes, rest for a bit, and lets sweep through this little empire.” Chu Mu said to Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Sweeping through an empire will definitely raise Ten Thousand Eyed Treant’s fury. Since it wasn’t Ten Thousand Eyed Treant’s match, after finishing the battle, Chu Mu decisively brought Devil Tree Battle Soldier to a sneaky place to hide.

Indeed, after not long, the entire empire started stirring restlessly. One could occasionally see groups of emperor rank devil trees patrolling the forests, watching the distant horizon, as well as absolute giants towering into the clouds looking for something.

According to Chu Mu’s estimate, the entire devil tree empire was a third rank empire, so the highest commander was a Ten Thousand Eyed Treant nearing low class dominator rank. Under it were four to five pseudo dominator rank organisms, of which each commanded one or two first rank empires.

Because of Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s powerful ability in groups, it could defeat the first rank empire by itself. If it were any other soul pet, it definitely needed to be much closer to low class dominator rank before it could defeat empires like this.


“Heal my Devil Tree Battle Soldier.” Chanting an incantation, Chu Mu summoned Yu Sha again and commanded.

This woman was much more obedient now. Though she was still ever so unwilling about Chu Mu commanding her, to ensure the flames didn’t get stronger and so she didn’t suffer as much, she did everything she was told begrudgingly.

Yu Sha walked by Devil Tree Battle Soldier, and was mentally saying every insult she could think of. When she finally lifted her head, she noticed that the invincible emperor rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier from a few days ago had become dominator rank!

She stared blankly. The dominator rank warrior species rank organism completely went against natural world order.

“You…… how did you do it!” Emperor concubine Yu Sha turned around in surprise.

Warrior rank going to dominator rank, this was nothing short of a species mutation. After all, it broke through the natural law that all warrior ranks followed. She knew a very special xuan item that could change an organism’s quality and break through this boundary. But, this xuan item was incredibly precious, and was something Chu Mu definitely didn’t own.

Even if Chu Mu unintentionally gained this treasure, using it on the warrior rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier was definitely a waste!

“Why ask this many questions.” Chu Mu didn’t bother to respond and directly used a mental command to force Yu Sha to obey.

Yu Sha bit down her lips and gave him a venomous glance, begrudgingly starting their healing towards The Devil Tree Battle Soldier, casting recover for it to recover its stamina.

“Where does this bastard get so much good luck. Not only did he have a soul pet with species mutation, he also has a dominator rank warrior species rank. What did he do?” Yu Sha started guessing.

If she knew the way, she could use it on her flower demon army. Her flower demon army had reached its extreme in many ways. If she could break through, her army would become incredibly powerful!

Pseudo dominator rank took longer to recover its stamina. Without half a month, it couldn’t reach complete state.

Chu Mu didn’t worry. After all, he decided to train here for a year or two now until Devil Tree Battle Soldier entered low class dominator rank.

“Chu Mu, lost desolation garden has life fruits. Can you give these life fruits to me? With those fruits, I can cast an Evil Good Ceremony and awaken The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s abilities.” After casting a technique, Yu Sha rarely negotiated with Chu Mu again.

“Who allowed you to say my name?” Chu Mu said without appreciation.

Yu Sha nearly bit blood out of her lips. Originally, she was an angel beyond mere mortals, yet now she was like a humiliated woman.

“Master.” After a while, swallowing all her resentment and pride, she spit out the words.

Yu Sha had an otherworldly appearance. When her full little lips uttered the words “master” along with her lovely pout, any man would fall to the temptation, and agree to everything she asked for.

To see Yu Sha agreeing, Chu Mu was confused. This woman would never have uttered that even if it meant flames, yet why was she so obedient today. Were the life fruits really that good for her?

“Say it one more time.” Chu Mu smiled, watching the woman with interest.

Yu Sha’s chest heaved, showing off the surprising bounce and allure.

Cursing in her mind again, yu Sha decided to obey anyways because the life fruits truly could increase her Evil Good Queen by a phase.

Evil Good Queen grew extremely slowly so missing it will be hard to come by again.

“Master.” Yu Sha cursed and muttered again.

Chu Mu nodded with satisfaction and slowly chanted an incantation to throw the woman back into his soul pet space.

In his ear, he could still hear “Chu Mu, you won’t die well!”, but Chu Mu only laughed coldly.

This woman dared to use her charming soul technique on him. Looks like he was too lenient on her recently, letting her get ahead of herself. He also decisively increased the flame temperature by fifty percent.

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