Chapter 1107: Low Class Dominator Rank Xuan Item

Devil Tree Battle Soldier didn’t want to force the improvement right now because he didn’t train enough yet.

Ninety percent chance of success with a Xuan Item was incredibly rare. If they failed, finding another one was very difficult. Trying to get lucky wasn’t a safe strategy and will backfire eventually.

“You’re right, let’s play it safe. However, how do we defeat that tenth level tribe?” Chu Mu rubbed his temples.

Training meant letting the soul pet fight alone. If Chu Mu summoned Mo Xie and told her to mind control the entire tenth rank tribe for Devil Tree Battle Soldier to kill themselves, it was meaningless.

Similarly, if Devil Tree Battle Soldier could survive through this hardship and challenge his limit, even if he didn’t kill ten similar rank organisms, the chance of ranking up could go from 50% to 60%

According to Chu Mu’s estimate, if Devil Tree Battle Soldier could defeat this tenth rank tribe, the chance they succeed could reach seventy percent. Then, with soul item, the chacne of success would be much greater.

“Then you should rest for a bit and kill once we gather more stamina, get as much of them as we can.” Chu mu said.

“Ao~~~~~” Devil Tree Battle Soldier nodded.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier needed at least five or six days to heal up. In this time, Chu Mu and Devil Tree Battle Soldier could only hide in a calm place and wait. "Almost forgot.” 

Chu Mu patted his leg, and remembered he actually had a support type soul pet.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier watched Chu Mu in confusion as Chu Mu chanted an incantation.

Starlight slowly appeared by Chu Mu, becoming a sacred blue flower bud. The flower bud slowly opened, revealing an angel-like beauty on the petal glaring at Chu Mu venomously.

Emperor Concubine was smarter this time. Once Chu Mu let her out to get air, she no longer acted like she was going to kill Chu Mu. As for her expression, no matter how much Chu Mu burned her, she wasn’t about to show gentleness to him.

“Do you have any techniques to make soul pets recover faster?” Chu Mu asked.

“Nope!” Emperor Concubine Yu Sha nearly bit her tongue. Was this man really using her like a soul pet?

“Oh ok, then go back.” Chu Mu chanted an incantation to retract her.

Yu Sha’s face nearly turned green and forced her anger back, saying, “Yes!!” 

Devil flames’ burn caused her to wish for death. Originally, after the long term burning, she could slowly endure the heat. Yet, the evil Chu Mu also increased the power of the flames along with her endurance, not giving her any time to rest.

To Emperor Concubine Yu Sha, being able to come out for a breather was like heaven.

“Lie again, and I’ll increase the devil flame by fifty percent.” Chu Mu said.

Yu Sha’s chest heaved. Fifty percent stronger, this man might as well kill her!

“Endure, endure.” Yu Sha kept telling herself that no matter what this man did, she had to be patient.

Yu Sha didn’t dare to speak more and walked by Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Putting her palm on Devil Tree Battle Soldier, she started chanting.

Holy blue glow fell on Devil Tree Battle Soldier fell on Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body, healing even wounds that it couldn’t heal through life force absorb alone.

And, one could clearly tell that the glow caused Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s mental state to slowly fill up.

As if intentionally wasting time, Yu Sha cast the technique very slowly. Only after a long while did she let go and said coldly, “Alright, its stamina is half recovered, and the other half will recover within a day.”

“En, you can go back.” Chu Mu was about to throw her back in case he was annoyed of seeing her.

“Wait, I have something to say.” Yu Sha saw Chu Mu casting and quickly added.

“Lying means fifty percent higher temperature.” Chu Mu looked at her with interest.

“Is this Lost Desolation garden?” Yu Sha said.

“En?” Chu Mu was surprised. She was locked in Chu Mu’s first soul pact and couldn’t feel around Chu Mu like his other soul pets. Being able to discern what place it was in the mere moments she was outside was indeed rare.

“Temperature lowered by thirty percent, and I can tell you the secret.” Yu Sha glanced at Chu Mu with determination.

“Oh? There’s a secret here?” Chu Mu lifted an eyebrow. Sounds like this woman knows quite a bit and smiled, “Say it, or I’ll increase the temperature by fifty percent.”

“You…… this……..” The Evil Good Queen wanted to swear out loud, but didn’t utter the last word “bastard” because she knew the temperature would definitely increase if she said it!

“Go back, and tell me when you feel like it.” Chu Mu didn’t have time to waste his breath with this woman, throwing her back in but not sealing the space off.

Not long after being thrown back in, Yu Sha agreed and told Chu Mu that underneath the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant definitely had to be some sort of Xuan item. Without it, there couldn’t possibly be such a massive devil tree empire.

This Xuan was used a certain amount that Yu Sha could estimate, leaving enough to create a low class dominator rank with 70% chance.

“Looks like you already have an idea. You think that Xuan Item is protected by the Ten Thousand Eyed Treat to raise it to low class dominator rank?” Chu Mu said.   

“En. Ten Thousand Eyed Treat doesn’t choose to fight and wants to cultivate instead. Cultivation meant it needed ten more years before it can raise its success rate above eight.” Yu Sha said.

Able to bring wood type soul pet to low class dominator rank, it was an item extremely precious in wanxiang realm, possibly even the one of its kind. If he could get it, Chu Mu would rather stay here for a year or two to bring Devil Tree Battle Soldier to low class dominator rank!

Chu Mu clearly is moved!

Seeing Chu Mu reveal a greedy expression, Yu Sha was still cold but was cursing Chu Mu in her mind.

She originally wanted to take the wooden Xuan item in Xiangrong City and then find a time to steal this item to create a loyal follower. However, these two soul items were both taken by this bastard. She was unbelievably sullen, not daring to curse but wanting to release this anger within her heart.

“En, I’ll give you a vacation. I’m training Devil Tree Battle Soldier, so you will take over healing its stamina and wounds while it battles.” Chu Mu said.

Summoning this woman, CHu Mu originally wanted to support Devil Tree Battle Soldier but didn’t expect such a great reward.

Of course, Chu Mu wasn’t in a hurry. It was going to be given to Devil Tree Battle Soldier no matter what, so it was better for Devil Tree Battle Soldier to train properly to adjust well.

Yu Sha had never been outside of the space for more than an hour since she first entered.

It was rare that Chu Mu would let her out for a few days. This length of time was her greatest gift since leaving that hell was too hard for her.

However, she suddenly realized something.

“Damnit, why am I happy? He’s using me like a slave.” Yu Sha mumbled about whether her mind was also burned dumb by the devil flames.



Thousand Eyed Treant’s angered calls came from far away. The three top tier emperor ranks seemed to want to announce to Chu Mu the imminent death of Devil Tree Battle Soldier, soon to be turned into fertilizer for their soil.

Originally needing seven to eight days to recover, Devil Tree Battle Soldier was recovered within the day. It glanced at Chu Mu full of fighting intent.

“They’ve been arrogant for long, Heng.” Chu Mu brought Devil Tree Battle Soldier out towards the enemy.

Yu Sha rarely followed behind Chu Mu obediently so she wouldn’t get thrown back. She then glanced down arrogantly at the weak tenth rank tribe.

Three top tier emperor ranks, fifty emperor ranks, ten thousand commander ranks, and some more monarch ranks. These organisms could all be killed with a single stomp of hers. She didn’t understand how Chu Mu could get so into it.

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s species rank restricts it to invincible emperor rank. Your Devil Tree Battle Soldier is already the strongest it can get. What does any more training do?” Seeing devil tree batlle soldier make its way into the army, Yu Sha said in contempt.

“Just do your job.” Chu Mu said.

Yu Sha had many flower type support type techniques that could increase Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s defense and attack.

However, Chu Mu didn’t tell her to add too many supportive effects because this woman’s rank could cause Devil Tree Battle Soldier to be virtually invincible, giving Devil Tree Battle Soldier to have no training at all.

The healing and stamina effect caused Devil Tree Battle Soldier to fight more often and grow faster through battle.

Originally, ten hours of battling would drain the Devil Tree Battle Soldier completely.

Now, Devil Tree Battle Soldier could last twenty hours and each hour Devil Tree Battle Soldier could defeat an equivalent of 1 top tier emperor rank, raising its success rate of evolution by 10% every hour.

More importantly, Devil Tree Battle Soldier could now defeat the entire tenth rank tribe without rest!!

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