Chapter 1106: Lost Desolation Garden, Fight Again

Xiangrong City

After the war ended, Chu Mu again fell into a status where cultivation was useless. This status, when occasional, was relaxing. He could talk with Old Chen about knowledge, go with Ye Qingzi to gather medicine, or hold a difficult book to read for an entire afternoon.

However, if he stayed like this for long, Chu Mu couldn’t sit still. He bones were filled with battle-hungry blood. If he didn’t battle for long, he felt as if even his heart would stop.

However, if he wanted to fight, a very painful question was presented to Chu Mu.

First, the entire Tianxia Realm and Wanxiang realm didn’t have any bewildering worlds Chu Mu didn’t dare to go to. Even finding a place to train Binding Wind Spirit, Ning, and Ghost Monarch King was tough.

In this time, Chu Mu specially went to Lost Desolation Garden again.

Lost Desolation Garden was an ancient danger ground. The ten thousand eyed treant lived there along with a massive Devil Tree empire, a place very well suited for Devil Tree Battle Soldier to train in.

Chu Mu had a wood type Xuan item. This Xuan item had already nurtured Devil Tree Battle Soldier for a long while. With Ye Qingzi gathering many wood type soul items for Chu Mu, Devil Tree Battle Soldier had enough resources to rank up. He only needed a powerful battle to get powerful.

Before going to Lost Desolation Garden, Chu Mu went to Old han and Old Wen to visit them.

Though the two already heard from others that Alliance Master Ling Chan had lost greatly, and even when Chu Mu explained it in detail, the two were still astonished.

The city falling without reason, the seven sacred kings summoning failure, the flower demon army, the most powerful man of Three Palace, Li Hong, betraying them, Alliance Master Ling Chan’s unbeatable Slaughter Beast, and Evil Good Queen’s unsurmountable power.

All of this was something these two old men couldn’t expect. A situation where the opponent got that much stronger yet they still won- it was truly rare.

“Chu Mu, didn’t you hear the rule of how warrior rank soul pets can never enter dominator rank?” Old Han rubbed his beard and said in a low voice to Chu Mu.

Servant rank organisms couldn’t enter emperor rank, and warrior rank couldn’t enter dominator rank- this was a fact all spirit emperors knew well. Thus, when Chu Mu said he was going to Lost Desolation Garden to train his Devil Tree Battle Soldier to raise it to dominator rank, Old Han felt like it was unrealistic. Even if Chu Mu had a wood type Xuan item, it was impossible.

This was a species limitation, a peak a certain species could reach. It was something no organism could break through, unless it has a species mutation.

“I have confidence.” Chu Mu said.

“Alright, letting it try isn’t a bad thing. However, don’t force it to happen. It’s hard to find Xuan items in Wanxiang Realm and Tianxia Realm , so wasting it would be a true tragedy.” Old Han didn’t continue convincing Chu Mu. Some things had to be personally experienced to understand.


Again entering lost desolation garden, Chu Mu ran straight for the Devil Tree empire that had once caused him to run away pathetically.

Glancing over, the green ocean was calm yet spectacular. There was no space between the canopies. If one stood in the forest, one couldn’t see whether it was day or night.

Chu Mu could no longer tell how much of this sea was real plants, and how much were Devil Trees hibernating. After all, since the Devil Tree battles soldier was training, the main fighting force would be this.

The Devil Tree empire’s perimeter were all Ten Pupil and Hundred Pupil Devil Trees. These organisms could be a big threat to Devil Tree Battle Soldier if gathered in the tens of thousands.

This Devil Tree empire was very vast. There was at least two hundred kilometers between Thousand Pupil Devil Tree and Chu Mu. In this case, invincible emperor ranks couldn’t actually disturb the dominator rank. In fact, even the stronger Thousand Pupil Devil Trees near the center wouldn’t notice quickly. It was enough for Chu Mu to move in gradually.

Fighting group battles was naturally Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s strength. A few thousand Devil Trees still couldn't pose a threat to it. WIth Chu Mu’s command, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s yearning to break through its species restriction caused it to kill its way into the pupil Devil Trees.

There were two things that allowed the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to be extremely powerful in group battles. One was life force absorb. As long as it could absorb life in time, it couldn’t be defeated in a group setting. The other was poison.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s poison covered a huge region. As long as one was in this region, any organism would constantly get soaked in poison, and lose life until it died.

Especially the wounded creatures, after they were affected by poison, they would live their lives unknowingly, until they rotted into poisonous sludge.

These two abilities caused the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to progress through the empire freely. Very quickly, tens of thousands of Ten and Hundred pupil Devil Trees rotted into this fertile soil.

There was no challenge on the outer rim. Chu Mu brought Devil Tree Battle Soldier straight to the center.

At the center, the Devil Trees were clearly stronger. Most were commander and monarch ranks. If they got together in numbers beyond two thousand and attacked Devil Tree Battle Soldier together, Devil Tree Battle Soldier might not be able to handle it.

Chu Mu brought Devil Tree Battle Soldier through this vast land and roamed through, determined not to let the enemy numbers gather higher. Through changing positions, breaking through, and maneuvering, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier killed countless enemies and absorbed wood type life force many times its own limit.

However, after killing so much in the empire, Chu Mu finally got the attention of a few top tier emperor rank Thousand Pupil Devil Trees. Chu Mu had to bring the tired out Devil Tree Battle Soldier to a sparser forest area and hide for a bit.

“Fifty emperor ranks, three of which are top tier emperor ranks, along with a commander rank army. This wasn’t too easy to deal with.” Chu Mu rubbed his temples.

Though he could defeat all of them with one hand, it wasn’t much of a  benefit for Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Now, Chu Mu had to use Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s power alone to defeat the incoming army.

With three top tier emperor ranks as lead, this should be a tenth rank wood type tribe that has found Chu Mu, surrounding them.

If they kept fighting, Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s stamina would lacking. He could kill at most two to three thousand of the commander rank army before running out of energy. The fifty emperor ranks and three top tiers were even harder to deal with.

“Ao~~~~~~” Devil Tree Battle Soldier was like a loyal soldier standing aside Chu Mu, making a loyal call, signalling that it wasn’t afraid of this tribe.

“Ao!!!! Ao!!!!!!!!!”


Suddenly, the dark forest started sounding with roars.

These roars were clearly from the arrogant Thousand Pupil Devil Trees. Chu Mu had fought with them the day before and these trees were very smart. They knew that Chu Mu was making trouble in the empire and intentionally disguised as plants to wait until Chu Mu walked in before unrooting themselves, creating a huge plant prison to capture Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s ninth remembrance spirit emperor rank wasn’t enough to sense everything. After getting tricked, Chu Mu decisively brought Devil Tree Battle Soldier to try to escape. After trying extremely hard, they finally got away from these sly trees and found a place to hide.

However, this was their territory. After Chu Mu hid, the tenth rank tribe started putting scouts and guards in every inch of the territory. If Chu Mu didn’t summon more soul pets, it was hard to deal with the current situation.

“Whatever, let’s try the strengthening now. If we accidentally succeed, you could destroy them afterwards.” Chu Mu said to Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

“Ao~~” Devil Tree Battle Soldier was more hesitant, because it knew it hadn’t fought enough.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier used the life force absorption to determine whether it was ready to enter dominator rank. It had absorbed around fifty times its life force in life energy right now. In reality, Devil Tree Battle Soldier felt like it needed a hundred times more before it could succeed in raising rank for sure.

A hundred times was equivalent to defeating 100 top tier emperor rank organisms.

Of course, 5000 monarchs’ life force together was around a top tier emperor rank. With Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s power, group fighting would be more efficient.

Old Han had also estimated that in a normal situation, an invincible emperor rank had to fight at least 100 top tier emperor ranks in battle before it could step into dominator rank.

However, they also needed a xuan item. Without either, the chance of success would be much lower.

To succeed with certainty, Old Han had estimated that the success rate was approximately the multiplication of the completion rate of the two factors.

Chu Mu’s wood type xuan item was strengthened by Ye Qingzi, meaning it had a 90% chance of success for a soul pet, nearing perfect quality.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier was only fifty percent there, meaning the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s chance of entering dominator rank was less than 50%. Old Han had also specifically reminded Chu Mu that species rank affected this process. Warrior rank organisms even with 100% success rate had a zero percent chance of improving.

This species restriction was almost impossible to break.

However, what Old han didn’t know was Chu Mu’s soul pets had all been treated by Ning Maner. This meant the species restriction was no longer there, so Devil Tree Battle Soldier could still enter dominator rank.

When Devil Tree Battle Soldier entered dominator rank, Mu Qingyi, Chao Lengchuan, Old Han, Teng Lang, and Shen Mo would all be in jaw-dropping awe!!

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