Chapter 1105: Mysterious Glacier Man

The prisoner dominator didn’t stop in Wanxiang City. After escaping the Sealed Tower space, it immediately flew northeast. 

Mu Qingyi naturally wouldn’t let it flee. She urged her Crown Phoenix King to follow behind.

For some reason, Mu Qingyi felt a feeling of some similarity to the creature fleeing a hundred kilometers in front of her. She seemed to have felt this creature’s existence when she had previously patrolled the Sealed Tower.

The Prisoner Dominator’s speed wasn’t slower than the Crown Phoenix King. Unknowingly, they flew out of Wanxiang City’s territory, northeastward. 

Mu Qingyi was extremely persistent. She wouldn’t give up until she caught up. But since the opponent’s speed was equally as fast, this would cause the time spent chasing to unceasingly increase.


“Why do I feel like this fellow wants to go somewhere.” Mu Qingyi stared at the prisoner dominator in the distance, without any signs of slowing down.

This extended flying consumed an extremely large amount of soul pet physical strength. Mu Qingyi began to doubt whether this Sealed Tower dominator creature had spent a long time in the seal, since it should have already lost a place to go. If it was fleeing, it should have been aimless.

However, Mu Qingyi found that this prisoner dominator was fleeing in a very specific direction, never deviating from its path. This made Mu Qingyi even more confused.

Mu Qingyi’s persistence was indeed very shocking. After chasing for ten days, she didn’t have any intentions of stopping.

The Crown Phoenix King had flown into the glacier world in the northeast of the Wanxiang Realm, and was continuously approaching the Heavenly Mountain. 

The distance from the glacier world to the Heavenly Mountain was still very far. This would probably take a month of flying. As the pursuing time extended, the suspicion in Mu Qingyi’s heart grew increasingly strong. She didn’t know why this prisoner dominator would fly to the glacier world where there were no creatures, resources, or spirits.

“It’s slowing down.” finally, Mu Qingyi discovered that the prisoner dominator was slowing down. Clearly, without any food or energy supplements, the huge amount of exhausted energy prevented it from maintaining its flying speed.

Mu Qingyi didn’t hesitate, having the Crown Phoenix King increase its speed to intercept the prisoner dominator that escaped from the Sealed Tower.


The Crown Phoenix King beat its wings and golden flames erupted in this snow white world. They instantly dissolved the surrounding glaciers into rivers!

The raging flames formed a gorgeous fire ring that burned the ten kilometers around the prisoner dominator, trapping it in the flames.

The fire ring continuously shrank, forming a fire type and wing type prison. No matter how the prisoner dominator moved, it was unable to free itself from the ring.

“It’s best if you don’t struggle. Obediently return to the Sealed Tower to receive punishment!” said Mu Qingyi.

Dominator rank creatures were extremely intelligent and could understand human speech to a certain extent.

Finally, Mu Qingyi finally clearly saw the dominator rank creature’s appearance. 

This was an other type creature that looked like a slender demon cat. However, it had the lush and domineering mane of a savage lion.

The maned cat demon’s tail was extremely long like a whip. At the end of the tail was a scorpion’s pincer.

Mu Qingyi had seen this creature before. This was a rather rare Strange Mane Demon in the human realm. Its species rank was a monarch rank.

The Strange Mane Demon was ranked in the top ten most mysterious creatures because until now, no book had recorded its abilities. 

Other type creature techniques were innately hard to guess. Although the Strange Mane Demon’s species rank wasn’t high, it was one of the most mysterious creatures.

“Pu~~~~ Pu~~~~~~~~”

The dominator prisoner used its deep murky eyes to sweep its eyes over Mu Qingyi and the Crown Phoenix King. It didn’t have any intentions of letting itself be captured. Its body suddenly dropped out of the sky, falling straight onto the top of an enormous glacier. 

The glacier was lofty and tall. After being burned by flames, it revealed the rocky mountain underneath.

This mountain rose steeply from the ground and a shocking geological fault appeared on the mountain peak. It seemed like this mountain had been hacked open by a sword.

When Mu Qingyi saw the prisoner dominator continue to flee, she urged her Crown Phoenix King to continue chasing down while also utilizing the effects of the fire ring shackles!    

The fire ring shackles immediately tightened, causing the dominator prisoner’s range of movement to shrink. The moment it tried to move, it would be burned by the flames.

After the prisoner dominator landed on the peak of the glacier, it stopped moving. It lightly bent its knee and knelt on the mountain peak. Its head slowly lowered, and then it let out what sounded like a crying sound.

Mu Qingyi stopped chasing because she suddenly discovered a man wearing snow white clothing standing on the mountain peak!

Mu Qingyi’s perceptive abilities were very powerful and logically, those that appeared within ten kilometers of her should have been detected by her released soul remembrance.

However, the man in snow white seemed to have melded completely into the glacier, and was only discovered when she was under a kilometer away from him!

To dominator ranks, a kilometer was only a step away. The moment Mu Qingyi saw this man, her heart jumped. This feeling undoubtedly arose because she was unable to discover him even though he was right in front of her!

Mu Qingyi was hovering the air, silently staring at this man.

There was no aura on this man. If she looked at him with her eyes, she couldn’t sense his existence. Or perhaps it was because this man was like a glacier who had silently stood here for a very long time.

Finally, the man moved. He slowly knelt down and extended his hand, softly stroking the Strange Mane Demon’s fur.

“Bu~~ bu~~~~~~” the Strange Mane Demon let out sounds that resembled crying noises. From Mu Qingyi’s angle, she could see drops of crystals fall, splashing on its fur, and the back of the glacier man’s lightly trembling hands.

This scene touched Mu Qingyi’s heart, because too similar to a scene she had seen before.

She remembered that back on the Wanxiang Plains, Chu Mu had also knelt down in front of the returning Warbeast Mo Ye, using his hand to stroke his soul pet that had gone missing for many years.

Mu Qingyi didn’t know the story between the man and the tiger, but she was able to read and understand the heart of a soul pet trainer and heart of a soul pet.

For some reason, when Mu Qingyi saw this unfamiliar and dangerous man stroke the prisoner dominator, she seemed to read and understand it again. It seemed that this man and soul pet also had a tragic story...

Mu Qingyi quietly looked on. A while later, she suddenly realized this man was staring at her.

“Who are you?” the man’s eyes were cold as he asked his question.

“The Mu Family’s Mu Qingyi. Who are you?” responded Mu Qingyi.

“Are you in charge of the Sealed Tower?” the glacier man didn’t respond with an answer. Instead, he responded with a simple question.

“Yes, you soul pet escaped the Sealed Tower without permission. As the Sealed Tower’s guardian, I have a duty to rearrest all soul pets that have not finished serving their sentences.” gravely said Mu Qingyi.

“Then your duty has already ended. You can return.” said the glacier man.

As he spoke, an all black war tiger suddenly walked out from behind the man.

The black war tiger strode forward. When its front limb hit the ground, a powerful darkness energy exploded under its feed. As it proliferated, it easily destroyed Mu Qingyi’s Crown Phoenix King’s fire ring shackles!!

It didn’t even use a technique, and was able to shatter the Crown Phoenix King’s technique. The strength of this black war tiger stunned Mu Qingyi!

This was a Warbeast Mo Ye. The strongest Warbeast Mo Ye Mu Qingyi had seen was Chu Mu’s ZHan Ye and until now, she had believed it to be the strongest Mo Ye in the human realm. She never expected the glacier man’s Warbeast Mo Ye to be this strong!

Mu Qningyi’s mind was rapidly spinning. She was unable to think of what person could have such powerful strength!

“Who on earth are you?” coldly asked Mu Qingyi.

Mu Qingyi could feel that this man’s strength was above her’s. However, such an existence had never appeared in the human realm before. If Mu Qingyi didn’t figure out if he was good or evil, she would feel uneasy.

“Who I am is not important. Soon there will be someone to take control of this place. Pass on this message to the relevant person.” said the glacier man. 

“Take control?” Mu Qingyi’s face was full of bewilderment.

However, before Mu Qingyi could ask follow up questions, the man jumped onto his powerful Warbeast Mo Ye. He turned around and the Warbeast Mo Ye stepped through the air above the nighttime glaciers towards the distant Heavenly Mountain.The Strange Mane Demon shrunk into a half-lion half-cat creature that lay on the glacier man’s shoulder. Its long tail fluttered behind it.

The Warbeast Mo Ye’s running speed was extremely fast, and the Crown Phoenix King could not catch up. Mu Qingyi could only watch, stunned, as the black war tiger brought the escaped creature far away.

“Who on earth is that person? What does he mean by someone is coming to take over this place?” Mu Qingyi knew that chasing was futile, and could only ponder these questions as she watched them leave.

Mu Qingyi believed that outside of Wanxiang Realm and Tianxia Realm, there were definitely other human territories. Only, nobody knew a thing about what kind of civilization they were or what kind of status they occupied in this world. 

It was rumored the Heavenly Mountain was home to a passage to a vast territory. Was the glacier man flying towards the Heavenly Mountain to leave for a new territory? Or was he returning to his homeworld? 

Mu Qingyi was unable to obtain answers to these questions. She could only return and ask others with more experience and qualifications. Perhaps she would be able to obtain an answer from them.

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