Chapter 1104: The Creature That Escaped the Sealed Tower

Wanxiang City

Before the war broke out, the neutral factions fled the city.

The residents also migrated to other cities affiliated with Wanxiang City, and those that had nothing to do with the war were not very implicated.

The entirety of Wanxiang City’s south and northern districts were still in pretty good shape. Most of the damage was caused by splash damage from dominator rank creatures. The relatively more sturdy buildings were completely fine, and most of the collapsed buildings were ordinary residences and simple houses.

These buildings could be rebuilt in under a day by a suitable construction master. There were even a few constructions masters with earth type and plant world soul pets that could construct a whole street in a day.

The destruction of the eastern and western districts were self-evident. Aside from the ruins, after the wind had swept through, the sky was filled with dust. They were areas of desolate mess.

Most construction masters were focused here. Wanxiang City was enormous to begin with, so in order to restore the city to its original state would require at least one to two years even with ten thousand construction masters.

Fortunately, the Three Great Palaces were extremely rich. After their victory, they put serious emphasis on reconstructing the city. With a huge sum of money spent to hire others, they would be able to return this city to its original life force in a short period of time.

Restoring Wanxiang City wouldn’t be hard, but reconstructing Wanxiang Altar was an enormous piece of work.

Wanxiang Altar had been destroyed in one tail by the Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor, turning into a pile of rubble. Regardless if it was the mountain stones, the other constructs, the luxurious palaces or sturdy and beautiful glazed roof tiles, all of it had been destroyed.

The existence of Wanxiang Altar always had a special meaning. The people that had built it had already passed away. In order to complete this work of the Gods, or even to restore it to its former condition, it was practically impossible. Therefore, Wanxiang Altar would probably disappear.

Wanxiang Altar symbolized the authority of the Mu Family. The very peak of Wanxiang Altar was the spatial entrance of the Sealed Tower.

This spatial door hadn’t disappeared because of Wanxiang Altar’s destruction. Instead, it was still hovering above Wanxiang City.

Presently, Mu Qingyi was riding on the Crown Phoenix King outside the spatial door.

Mu Qingyi still didn’t understand the state of destruction Empress Concubine Yu Sha left on the inside of the Sealed Tower in. She was planning on cleaning up the Sealed Tower, so as to prevent any hidden dangers from being left.

Chanting an incantation, Mu Qingyi opened the Sealed Tower’s spatial doors. Bringing her disciple Guan Guan, she stepped into the special space.

“Your Majesty, so much of the Sealed Tower’s energy was stolen by that woman. Will many of the sealed creatures have died because of this? Also, how are some of those sealed creatures able to survive until now while others have died? Where do those sealed creatures obtain energy to survive?” asked Guan Guan.

“There are several special seals in the Sealed Tower.  The first seal is a normal seal that locks a soul pet inside. It is like a prison; it cannot be free inside. These seals don’t have any effect on the soul pet’s life and they are able to live through the space’s air. The second seal is a refining seal. This seal will continuously refine the creature’s blood, body, soul and bones into energy. The refined energy is akin to spirit energy and can be used to nourish soul pets. A portion of this spirit energy is left in the Sealed Tower while the other portion is spread throughout Wanxiang City.” explained Mu Qingyi.

“It’s no wonder realm cities are always built upon soul pet prisons similar to the Sealed Tower. These enormous prisons can all refine spirit energy used to nourish the entire city!” Guan Guan came to an understanding.

“Refining is a slow process. If we were to refine the soul pets of Soul Alliance’s Thirty Two Scars, Sixteen Absolutes, Eight Desolations and the Four Heroes in accordance with their crimes, it still won’t be enough to recover the entire city’s life force relying on buildings. There must still be enough supplements of spiritual charm. There are many criminals after Soul Alliance’s defeat. There will be a large group of convicted soul pets thrown into the Sealed Tower to be refined. These convicted soul pets should be able to provide enough energy to make up for the energy stolen by the Empress Concubine. However, the Sealed Tower seems to have been destroyed to a certain extent and is a bit unstable. If it remains unstable, if we are to send that large group of convicted pets into the Sealed Tower, it will only add to the tower’s burden, causing a rebellion to occur.” Mu Qingyi earnestly explained to Guan Guan. 

Mu Qingyi needed a group of people to continue protecting the Sealed Tower. Guan Guan was one of the protectors she planned on raising.Therefore, she had to explain the meaning of the Sealed Tower’s existence to her.

As the master and disciple pair spoke, they had already passed through the chains interweaving through the heaven and earth, appearing underneath the Sealed Tower standing quietly aloft in the boundless space.


Suddenly, a gale swept past them, blowing against Mu Qingyi and Guan Guan’s hair. It then rapidly rushed towards the spatial door. 

“You Majesty, what…. What is that?!” Guan Guan cried out!

The creatures in the Sealed Tower should have all been sealed. Why did a living creature suddenly rush out? Could it have been a creature numbered in the top twenty to have escaped?!

The creatures numbered in the Sealed Tower’s top twenty were even more terrifying that Tianxia City’s. Most of them were not even able to be refined to death. They could only be sealed forever. If one were to escape, Wanxiang City would meet a calamity! 

Mu Qingyi was stunned. How could she have expected a creature would escape from its seal. Promptly, she urged the Crown Phoenix King, and instantly chased after that creature.

That creature was extremely fast. Mu Qingyi was unable to clearly see its appearance. If it was able to reach this speed, however, it was definitely a dominator rank creature!

If this dominator rank creature escaped, it would be a catastrophe to the cities without a dominator rank creature watching over it. There were only a few people in Wanxiang Realm with a dominator rank creature and the Wanxiang Realm was enormous. If this imprisoned dominator rank creature escaped, it would be too terrifying.

“Si la!!!!!!!!!”

A spatial tearing sound rang out. When the imprisoned dominator flew through the door it relied on the spatial door being half-open to forcibly rip open space!

When Mu Qingyi saw that this creature was able to rip apart space, she was shocked. This was an other type dominator! If it were to escape, with its other type control over space, it would be extremely hard to catch it again!

The prisoner dominator’s movements were very fast. Mu Qingyi chased with full speed, but was still a step too slow. The half-closed spatial door was ultimately closed.

“Go, see if Bai Yu is still in Wanxiang City. Tell him what just happened.” when Mu Qingyi saw this prisoner dominator flee out of normal space, her face instantly changed and she hastily spoke to Guan Guan.

Guan Guan knew the severity of the situation and didn’t dare to hesitate. She immediately summoned a soul pet and flew towards Wanxiang City.

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