Chapter 1103: Alright, Finished Getting Air

Chu Mu slept for ten days and spent a long time following that adjusting and training himself.

Cultivating was an important part of Chu Mu’s life, comparable to breathing. Even though he had finally beat the person he wanted to defeat and had gotten an amazing victory, he remained a workaholic.

Though some people may fear or get lost in the endless path of cultivation, Chu Mu wouldn’t, He just wanted to continue walking life the way he liked it, sometimes fully concentrated in battle, sometimes laughing in victory, sometimes having his heart palpitate due to a new soul pet…...

In these few months of training, Chu Mu found a severe problem.

Because of Mo Xie’s huge increase in strength, his soul remembrance didn’t seem to increase in obvious increments.

Old Li once said soul pet trainer’s soul remembrance needed all his soul pacts to be powerful- the massive leap Mo Xie made should more or less have helped Chu Mu improve. Yet, the reality was thatChu Mu’s soul remembrance barely improved.

Ninth remembrance spirit emperor was like what the old man said. Breaking through the ninth remembrance spirit emperor seemed to have nothing to do with power. The entire human realm only had one spirit dominator rank, Chu Mu’s mom Liu Binglan. Liu Binglan herself didn’t know why she could break through with only one dominator, while Chu Mu stayed at ninth remembrance with a huge group of dominator ranks.

This strangeness was something Chu Mu couldn’t answer either and could only throw aside.

The weather was good today so Chu Mu wanted to go out for some air. He called Ye Qingzi, so he could walk around in center city.

Ye Qingzi was training even harder than Chu Mu these days. She seemed to realize that her healing powers were slowly falling behind Chu Mu and his soul pets so, when Chu Mu was training, she also went into deep cultivation.

In the past, Ye Qingzi always told Chu Mu to go for air. Today, it was the opposite, where Chu Mu dragged Ye Qingzi outdoors.

Xiangrong City always had a special smell in the air. This scent was distinct but not at all tiring, light yet never gone. When one opened the window at night and let the smell enter, one could enter a deep sleep in no time.

Chu Mu loved this city. The only regret he had was not being able to finish his wedding with Ye Qingzi here.

Walking casually along the street, Chu Mu saw the fairy butterflies float through the skies, and occasionally he saw dark purple fairy butterflies fly past, giving him a natural smile.

Dark purple fairy butterflies were, of course, part of dead dream. Chu Mu let him out in Xiangrong City along with Little Hidden Dragon. Who knew which hidden alley these mischievous soul pets were playing in.

“What now, where do you want to go?” Ye Qingzi intimately hugged Chu Mu’s arm and asked.

“I want to find Ye, but without water type soul pets, going towards eternal ocean feels unsafe. Mo Xie does not want to enter water no matter what I say.” Chu Mu said.

“Looks like the extraordinary King of Tianxia is also incapable of water.” Ye Qingzi laughed.

Chu Mu smiled sheepishly. It was time for him to get a water type soul pet.

“En, that looks like Prince Chao’s Immortal Ming Bird. He’s with another woman.” Ye Qingzi pointed into the sky and said to Chu Mu.

“Probably Pang Yue. I heard Teng Lang say they often seem to mysteriously vanish together.” Chu Mu smiled.

“Nonsense. Pang Yue has always been around me, so I could teach her some soul art.” Ye Qingzi rolled her eyes.

“They’re coming.”

As they spoke, Prince Chao already rode his Immortal Ming bird down.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were still trying to guess who it was, when they realized Xia Zhixian was the woman.

Chao Lengchuan quickly noticed Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s strange gaze and rarely blushed, embarrassedly, “I went to tell her her punishment, yet it turns out she didn’t even know the war ended and Soul Alliance lost so I’m bringing her around to show her the reality.”

“Oh? What did we decide on?” Chu Mu asked.

Chao Lengchuan looked confused, “Didn’t we show you the list of punishments, and didn’t you agree?”

Chu Mu was Wanxiang City’s new ruler. Both his status and power meant the punishments of important captives of Soul Alliance needed Chu Mu’s approval.

With Chao Lengchuan’s mention, Chu Mu finally remembered that the long piece of paper was a punishment list. When it was sent to him in his courtyard, he was whispering with Ye Qingzi in bed and didn’t mind it. Even now, Chu Mu hadn’t looked at it yet.

“Forgot to look at it, you guys can decide. Wu Kuang and Nie Yunbing must die, but the rest are up to you.” Chu Mu said.

“Alright.” Chao Lengchuan glanced at Xia Zhixian and said to Chu Mu, “Speaking of which, how did you deal with that woman?”

“Which woman?” Chu Mu asked back.

“......” Chao Lengchuan realized that Chu Mu truly was careless. Did he forget about retracting Evil Good Queen? That’s a being even stronger than middle class dominator rank!

“Evil Good Queen.” Chao Lengchuan said.

Chao Lengchuan warning reminded Chu Mu. It seemed that the woman was still in his first soul pact suffering from silver devil flames. Its been a few months. If Chao Lengchuan didn’t mention it, Chu Mu probably would’ve forgotten too.

Chu Mu had already gotten used to his first soul pact being empty. After she was sealed off, it wasn’t much different from it being empty. Occasionally, when Chu Mu remembered, he was always busy, so he never remembered to check in on her situation.

“Chu Mu, let her out for a breath of air.” Ye Qingzi finally couldn’t help but say.

Ye Qingzi understood Chu Mu’s intentions of torturing her, but two to three months straight of silver devil flames burning wasn’t something many could take at all.

“Alright.” Chu Mu nodded.

With an incantation, Chu Mu activated his first soul pact.

A soul pact symbol swirled around Chu Mu and slowly gathered under Chu Mu to become a sacred blue flower.

The sacred blue flower still had some silver devil flames on it. The halo slowly opened up, creating a gust of wind on the streets, bringing the flower petals scattered through the streets in front of Chu Mu, creating clothes that gathered upon the woman that appeared.

In that moment, CHu Mu felt the pale jade figure in front of him turn around, revealing a beauty at the brink of eruption from anger in front of him.

“Chu Mu! I’ll kill you!!” Before Chu Mu reacted, a banshee-like screech went into Chu Mu’s mental world.

Following which, snake-like vines wrapped around Yu Sha’s arm, bringing a powerful resentment towards Chu Mu.

Emperor Concubine Yu Sha’s aura was immense. The entire street full of people almost fainted from her presence. The scent filled street suddenly became incredibly terrifying!

Chu Mu was ready. Casually grabbing at Emperor Concubine Yu Sha’s vine to shatter it, his other palm created a soul seal that slammed into Yu Sha’s stomach.

“Move one more finger, and i will double the devil flame’s power and leave you in there for a year.” Chu Mu humphed and said to the crazy woman.

Yu Sha was about to explode, but the soul seal caused her power to be suppressed. And imagining herself back in hell again, she didn’t dare to move anymore.

It was a few mere months, but to Yu Sha, the devil flames felt like years. Even more resentment worthy was Chu Mu never even came to look at her a single time in these few months. He might as well have killed her!!

“Ma…. Your Majesty……” Standing aside, Xia Zhixian was stunned, only able to utter a few words.

Before when Chao Lengchuan mentioned Chu Mu had retracted Emperor Concubine as a soul pet, Xia Zhixian thought it was unbelievably hilarious.

Yet, Xia Zhixian saw the entire summoning process, completely proving Chao Lengchuan’s previous words. More importantly, Yu Sha stood right before her, pale and having lost her noble and sacred queen-like qualities. She was truly like a prisoner, with messy hair and an angry gaze, her expression was near exploding.

It was normal to be like this. Xia Zhixian of course didn’t think that the while she was casually in house arrest, her queen had gone throguh unbelievable mental torture. Even if Yu Sha was a true goddess, under the constant pain, anger, loneliness, and resentment, she couldn’t keep her perfect qualities, falling to become a she-devil.

Yu Sha took deep breaths to try to adjust her emotions.

After a moment, the woman truly pushed down the devilish emotions. Her eyes slowly regained their clear and logical nature, giving her back her proud and stubborn self.

Seeing her recover this quickly, Chu Mu had to readjust his estimates of her patience. After all, no normal person could push down the anger of getting tortured for a few months straight.

“Palace master, you….. What happened…..” As if struck by thunder, Xia Zhixian finally could utter a second sentence.

“You want me to repeat the shameful turn of events for you?” Yu Sha said coldly, her tone slightly angered.

Xia Zhixian immediately stopped speaking. Even though she knew Yu Sha was controlled by Chu Mu, for some reason the queen could always have her way with her.

“Alright, times up.” Chu Mu casted an incantation to open his soul pet space.

Before Yu Sha could react, she was forcefully dragged back into the space full of flames.

With a string of swears and charming screams, Chu Mu cut off his first soul pact to avoid any mental contact. This prideful woman could reflect on her actions in flames some more.

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