Chapter 1102: Queen? She’s a Slave

Dark purple fairy butterflies spread throughout the city, causing the entire city to become even more enchanting.

Three Palace’s victory caused Xiangrong City to fall into a long night of celebrating. Chu Mu’s name was chanted louder and louder, wave after wave through the crowds.

Chu Mu himself, of course, couldn’t enter this partying. He was laying in the infirmary.

Seeing Ye Qingzi quickly busying herself between multiple complicated flasks, Chu Mu couldn’t help but smile and say, “Ye Qingzi, you’re tired too, don’t busy yourself.”

“No, only your skin is healed right now. Your muscles, bones, and blood vessels will take a long time to heal by itself, and it’ll hurt a lot.” ye Qingzi said seriously.

Ye Qingzi loved Chu Mu’s determination to see the end of things as well as the easy yet attractive smile he sported after he defeated powerful enemies, but seeing him fight until his soul pets were exhausted and his body completely tattered was still heart breaking for Ye Qingzi. If Mo Xie hadn’t mutated, wouldn’t they all have died there? Ye Qingzi still had lingering fear just thinking about it.

“Don’t worry.” Chu Mu was mainly mentally tired. His bodily wounds are fine; after becoming a devil, Chu Mu doesn’t have much problem with pain anymore.

As he spoke, Chu Mu pulled Ye Qingzi to sit by his side on the bed.

“I’ll be fine if you just let me cuddle you to sleep.” Chu Mu laughed and said.

“I’m not some medicinal salve.” Ye Qingzi rolled her eyes, but felt the gesture warm her heart.

Chu Mu pulled Ye Qingzi to lay by him, and rarely he didn’t have any other devious actions. He just put both his hands around her soft waist, and fell asleep calmly with his lips pressed against Ye Qingzi’s fragrant long hair.

Ye Qingzi felt Chu Mu’s body warmth and the sturdy hug from behind despite his wounds and also smiled with satisfaction.

In the past, when Chu Mu trained alone, Chu Mu would always lay against a tree by himself to recover when he was tired or wounded. The feeling was actually very lonely.

After getting to know Ye Qingzi, Chu Mu slowly got used to her helping him and his soul pets’ wounds. This feeling was indescribable, but the gentleness and warmth slowly melted Chu Mu’s hard and icy heart. Chu Mu was never afraid of hard battles or of wounds. He was only afraid that once he was full of wounds and done battling, Ye Qingzi wouldn’t be by his side anymore, leaving him to let his wounds dry in the lonesome wind.

This wasn’t a feeling that Chu Mu could voice. He could only smile sheepishly when he saw Ye Qingzi worry around or wait until everything was over to hug her to sleep.

Chu Mu couldn’t explain it himself with words, but Ye Qingzi could read it from Chu Mu’s smile and actions. Thus, even if Chu Mu truly was very heavily wounded and needed immediate attention, Ye Qingzi didn't insist on healing Chu Mu right away, gently allowing Chu Mu to hug her to sleep.

However, once he was completely asleep, Ye Qingzi still quietly moved Chu Mu’s hands off her waist and climbed back up carefully. Pushing her own fatigue down, she continued to busy herself with all kinds of medicine…...


Chu Mu slept for ten full days. If Chu Mu weren’t breathing at a calm pace all along, Ye Qingzi probably would’ve started emergency resuscitation on him.

After Ye Qingzi helped Chu Mu and his soul pets heal, she rested for a while and continued to heal other people.

After all that, Ye Qingzi returned to Chu Mu’s embrace to sleep.

This time, she was the tired one, hugging Chu Mu into a deep and warm slumber.


City master fort, House Arrest Courtyard.

The House Arrest Courtyard had Xia Zhixian, who was captured early on in the battle.

Xia Zhixian set up a barrier in the courtyard to block out all sound, so she had no idea what had happened in the past.

However, she maintained her leisurely self, gardening some plants when there was sun in the afternoon.

She had nothing to worry about. Other than Yuan Sui, she probably knew Emperor Concubine Yu Sha the best. She knew clearly Three Palace’s current strength and situation. There wasn’t a single chance in a million that the situation would turn around.

It was over already. The final result will be Emperor Concubine Yu Sha clearing out the remains of Three Palace and ridding the dominant soul alliance to reign over Wanxiang Realm.

The scene wouldn’t change much even if Emperor Concubine didn't have her. Thus, Xia Zhixian only needed to wait here for the defeated three palace to come and politely release her.

According to her estimates, the battle between elites should be over by now and the situation settled. It won’t take long before someone comes to release her.

Indeed, Xia Zhixian was right. Chao Lengchuan appeared that very afternoon.

“Prince Chao, you want a taste of Sister Xia’s tea?” Xia Zhixian was tending to her flowers when she saw Prince Chao come and couldn’t help but smile.

“Let’s forget about the tea. After considering it for a while, we’ve decided to place you under house arrest in Xiangrong City and serve for it without reason in the future.” Prince Chao said.

After discussing it with the other elites, all the captured soul alliance members were either executed, surrendered, or excused. The treatment to Xia Zhixian was more lenient than most. All they did was imprison her in Xiangrong City and seal away some of her soul pets.

“Emperor Concubine’s command?” Xia Zhixian said with surprise.

Though she had been captured by mistake, Emperor Concubine probably still needed a trusty right hand man like her, right? Why was she commanding for her to be imprisoned in Xiangrong City? Was it a punishment for her mistake?

“What Emperor Concubine’s command? That disastrous demon has been retracted by Chu Mu already. Your punishment was decided by the Three Palace senior elder conference, Elder conference, and Tianxia King/new Wanxiang King. If not for you saving many of Three Palaces people then, you wouldn’t be so easily let off.” Chao Lengchuan gave a cold humph.

“Prince Chao, what are you saying, why don’t I understand? Are you saying that Three Palaces is still alive?” XIa Zhixian was utterly confused.

“What, no one has told you? Soul alliance lead by Four Hero, Alliance master Ling Chan, and Emperor Concubine Yu Sha has been dismantled. Its the era of the new Three Palaces!” Prince Chao was also confused.    

It had been two or three months, Three Palace has already started recreating Wanxiang City and combining the factions into one faction - the palace faction.

Soul Alliance was powerful because of its upper levels. Once that was destroyed, the remainder wouldn’t be able to do much. They would clean it up soon enough.  

Prince Chao still thought someone had mentioned it to Xia Zhixian, not expecting her still not knowing about this. Prince Chao didn’t know what to say at that moment.

“Soul alliance falling apart? Of course they did. But how would the new faction be a palace faction? It should be a Queen’s empire lead by Emperor Concubine!” Xia Zhixian said seriously.

“Hahaha Queen’s faction, are you still dreaming? Good thing I have nothing else to do. I can lead you around outside and you’ll know.” Chao Lengchuan laughed.

Chao Lengchuan said his incantation, and summoned Immortal Ming Bird for Xia Zhixian to jump on.

How could Xia Zhixian believe Chao Lengchuan? She jumped up and followed Chao Lengchuan around Xiangrong City.


“You see? That sculpture in Xiangrong City is no longer Emperor Concubine Yu Sha, and is our female supreme. Didn’t Xiangrong City used to not have us Three Palace? You see those buildings over there? They’re already being built and will probably finish within the next two to three months. That's the combined faction of Soul Palace, Nightmare Palace, and Soul Pet Palace. Those are patrolling guards, you see their symbols?” Chao Lengchuan was particularly happy today after seeing three palace getting more prosperous each day. This was like watching as the kingdom of heaven spread on earth. (Strange metaphor but ok)

Chao Lengchuan laughed, while Xia Zhixian seemed to have lost her soul.

One could see that Xiangrong City’s bustling people have settled into the peaceful era.

This peaceful era had flags, structures, sculptures, and soldiers all from three palace. One could even see remainders of victory celebration…….

A scene of flourishing and prosperity. This was completely similar to what Xia Zhixian imagined, yet the dominator wasn’t Emperor Concubine. Xia Zhixian’s heart went cold!

“No…, its impossible. I don’t believe it. Wanxiang City has to have fallen, and Three Palace at most split even against Soul Alliance!” Xia Zhixian said finally in panic.

Having so much change in the few months she was imprisoned, how could Xia Zhixian believe it? One has to know that emperor concubine Yu Sha had planned for twenty full years. This Tianxia and Wanxiang Realm were hers all along!

“Still don’t believe it?” Chao Lengchuan couldn’t bring her around to Wanxiang City with it being so far. Just as he was conflicted, Chao Lengchuan suddenly found a familiar figure in the stream of people. Wasn’t that Chu Mu?

“Ha, there’s Chu Mu. Your master Emperor Concubine is his slave now. I’ll bring you to see him and your master.” Chao Lengchuan laughed and said. He didn't expect to see Chu Mu in a randomly walk outside.

Xia Zhixian gazed over and saw Chu Fangchen. Hearing Chao Lengchuan’s words, she yelled out angrily, “Don’t say that!! Her majesty is noble and powerful, a unique queen of this world. How can you call her a slave!”

Chao Lengchuan didn’t mind, flying down with Xia Zhixian. Anyhow, once she saw Chu Mu summon Emperor Concubine Yu Sha, Xia Zhixian would believe it.

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