Chapter 1101: The Victory that Came an Era Late

Xiangrong City was peaceful and calm. It was an intoxicating enjoyment. 

She had elegant and fluttering Fairy Butterflies that warmed the heart and delighted the eye. She had romantic beauty that was akin to stepping into a city of flowers in an immortal realm. She had four seasons of spring that gradually caused people to forget about seasons.

In the orderly streets sat kind-looking old men, confident young soul pet trainers comparing notes, and young children chasing and bothering Fairy Butterflies along the big streets and small alleys.

After the war, the peaceful city seemed particularly serene. Everything that had happened in Wanxiang City seemed to have nothing to do with this city...


In an ancient courtyard, Old Chen sat alone. He was listening with concentration at the small trees and wind blowing.

On the old man’s shoulder sat a Black Fairy Butterfly. Its eyes would always emit an emotion that others would find impossible to read. It was alone, and resembled the blind old man sitting in the courtyard listening to the wind.

Time seemed to pass very slowly, then very fast. It was the same as this old man’s heart. He felt nervous and restless, hoping for everything to end soon, hoping that everything would not end so fast. 

Unknowingly, this old man fell into a slumber amidst his unrest. In his dreams, he saw a white clothed young man staunchly walk out of Xiangrong City towards a city filled with enemies. 

He saw his white clothes stained with blood, dried after so much fighting. Then, it was stained with fresh blood, the colors layering one layer on top of another… 

His bravery caused enemies to retreat and under his feet was a pile of innumerous corpses. It was powerful and breathtaking. 

However, ultimately, he still fell.

The enemies were too many and too strong. The Four Heroes, Li Hong, the Underground King, and the most terrifying Alliance Master Ling Chan were there. He had slaughtered his way until the skies and earth were murky, causing all of Soul Alliance to tremble when they roared. However, he had ultimately fallen, landing among the corpses of enemies on the ground. 

The piercing laughter of Ling Chan and the other Soul Alliance experts rang out, as they watched this white clothed young man who had fallen. Old Chen’s heart seemed to have shattered. It was like he was watching that heartbreaking young man from twenty or thirty years ago!

Old Chen’s body violently trembled, and he abruptly awoke from his dream. The Black Fairy Butterfly on his shoulder flapped its wings and flew up. It looked with confusion at Old Chen who was for some reason in a state of panic. 

The sounds of Soul Alliance’s laughter continuously reverberated in Old Chen’s ears. He also felt a lingering sound of heartbreak in the depths of his heart. He would never forget these noises.

“How… how could I let a child go to such a dangerous place. How could I let something like this happen a second time…” Old Chen weakly stood up, and his crooked body unceasingly trembled. 

In the last era, he had suffered a complete defeat, and also ruined a child’s glorious prospects. In this era, he could only sit in a courtyard and wait, allowing another child to be bathed in a bloody fight, facing so many enemies.

In the past many years, he never had any objections towards growing old. Rather, he gradually came to accept growing old like this. However, in his heart, he longed to be able to ride a soul pet into battle like the past instead of having to live with this detestable old body.

The old man found it hard to calm his emotions. His chest continuously heaved, and his emotions violently fluctuated. 

New soft shoots grew out. Old leaves were blown by the wind and fell on Old Chen.

A while later, Old Chen could only sit down with a decrepit expression. He went silent as if he had died… 

“Old Chen, Old Chen!” suddenly, an incomparably anxious voice rang out from outside the courtyard. 

The old man seemed to have been shocked by electricity as he abruptly stood up.

He knew that news had finally arrived. However, his heart that seemingly would not jump anymore was now violently jumping about, giving him a feeling of extreme unease.

Old Duan ran up with haste to Old Chen. 

“What is it? Hurry…” Old Chen blurted out. However, he realized that it could be a nightmare and hastily wanted to stop him. 

When Old Duan saw the strongest person of the previous era so flustered, he couldn’t help but laugh. It was rare for Old Chen to look like this.

After taking a breath, Old Duan said: “Old Chen, don’t worry. Let me slowly speak.” 

“Tell me first how the child is. Is he dead or alive?” the nightmare from just now still was making Old Chen’s heart palpitate. Therefore, he was most worried about this question.

“Alive. Of course he’s alive!!” said Old Duan.

Old Chen let out a long sigh of relief and said: “He’s alive… that’s good. He’s still young. As long as he’s still alive, there will be a day when he stands at heights none of us can reach. He will ultimately defeat those enemies. Only, those people have already executed others…” 

Old Chen knew that since Chu Mu had fled, those who were unwilling to surrender would probably all be executed. He couldn’t help but lament, and feel heartbroken for them.

“Old Chen, what’re you saying? Everyone who was going to be executed was saved!” Old Duan saw this old man muttering to himself and immediately spoke loudly.

Old Chen was stunned and immediately after, his wrinkled face showed a rapturous smile: “Everyone to be executed was saved? This… this is truly too good… oh, oh, how…. How did he do it?”

“How did he do it?” Old Duan was stunned by this question. After thinking he said: “He defeated everyone in Soul Alliance, and then saved everyone who was going to be executed…”

“Wait wait wait. You just said he defeated all of Soul Alliance?” Old Chen hastily cut off Old Duan’s words and asked extremely seriously.

“Yes. Everyone!” Old Duan added emphasis to his voice.

“Fourth Hero Mo Ling, Hero Aide Lian Yan, Traitor Li Hong, Underground King Yi Jun, Hero Chief Yuan Sui and Alliance Master Ling Chan? All of them were defeated by him?” asked Old Chen.

“Yes, all of them including Soul Alliance Alliance Master Ling Chan. There was also the extremely deeply hidden Empress Concubine. All of them were beaten!!” Old Duan heavily nodded his head.

Old Chen obviously couldn’t see Old Duan nod his head, but when he could hear that his tone was certain, he was stunned!

Soul Alliance had such an enormous team of dominators. Yet… yet they had all been defeated. Had he heard incorrectly??

Old Chen had a vague understanding of their powers. These people formed the apex of the human pyramid and practically could not be beaten.

Moreover, Old Chen had personally fought Alliance Master Ling Chan before. He understood how strong he was!

Old Chen thought initially that Chu Mu had fled. With Dead Dream and being able to transform into a half devil, it wouldn’t be hard for him to do so. But Old Duan had said he saved those to be executed.

Being able to save these people and escape already would have made Old Chen shocked. To Old Chen, this was definitely the best outcome. Even with excessive expectations, this should have been Old Chen’s limit.

Yet, who would have expected that Chu Mu far surpassed Old Chen’s excessive expectations and even defeated everyone including Alliance Master Ling Chan. He had won a great victory!!

“Little Duan, you… you sure you didn’t make a mistake?” Old Chan’s raspy voice trembled.

“I definitely am not wrong. Right now that brat is riding Dead Dream and bringing everyone back. They’ll arrive in Xiangrong City soon. If you don’t believe, go and look yourself… oh, go and ask yourself!!’ said Old Duan. 

After Old Chen finished listening, he seemed to have come alive. Allowing Old Duan to lead the way, he hastily walked out of the city gates!

Old Duan walked in front. His steps were very fast. The two of them seemingly forgot to summon their soul pets and focused on running outside of the city to watch and listen to them return.


At Xiangrong City’s eastern city gate, the dark purple Dead Dream beat its wings. Facing the sunset’s glare, it rapidly approached Xiangrong City.

The Dead Dream’s metamorphosis was larger than previously because the number of people on its back were many and included the captured Soul Alliance members. 

“Wu wu wu~~~~”

The mutated Purple Emperor, Mo Xie, was lying on Chu Mu’s shoulder, watching Xiangrong City growing increasingly close. She couldn’t help but let out a declaratory triumphant cry.

Her cry was cute and weak. It was completely the opposite from her roar that stunned a million living creatures; instead, it was full of high spirits and adorableness. 

When Chu Mu, who was silently cultivating to the side, heard the small Mo Xie’s cry, he slowly opened his eyes.

The small Mo Xie saw that Chu Mu had awakened and mischievously used her small tail to brush Chu Mu’s cheek. She looked happy, and not tired at all.

A knowing smile rose on Chu Mu’s face as he stroked her soft fur.

If this small fellow hadn’t mutated, perhaps he would not have been able to return to this city. Mo Xie had never let him down.

Watching the sunset wash over this peaceful city, for the first time Chu Mu felt how precious tranquility was.

As they flew on the Dead Dream over the city wall, countless Fairy Butterflies gathered like a cloud, seemingly coming to escort their king. A multitude of colors filled the skies outside the city. It was like they were coming to celebrate everyone’s return. 


Dead Dream didn’t stop. It flew past the city wall and past the cloud of butterflies, straight to the city lord’s residence. Its speed grew increasingly fast, like a bolt of lightning streaking across the sky above the city.

Chu Mu threw a glance, wanting to see the faces of the residents who were coming to celebrate their victory. However, what Chu Mu saw instead was an old man supporting an even older man, silently standing on the ground.l 

The healthier old man pointed at Dead Dream flying through the sky, and was speaking with a face full of excitement.

The older blind man, however, turned his ear to listen to the Dead Dream fly by. His body then trembled and old tears fell down his face! 

This scene flashed by his eyes. Next, Chu Mu saw the prosperous streets of the whole city filled with people coming and going while also cheering on the Three Great Palace’s soldiers. However, it was the emotions and tears of the old man that was profoundly imprinted in Chu Mu’s mind, tugging on his heartstrings. 

While this was the fight of his era, why was it also not the fight of the previous era? 

There was nothing that would make this old man cry tears of joy more than a victory that came an era late…. 

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