Chapter 1100: Tears of Pride

Ye Qingzi and Liu Binglan knew the facts but the others didn’t. Even Wu Kuang and Lian Yan who were kneeled on the ground with sealed souls were stunned!

This pure, holy, refined, perfect, demonically alluring, mysterious, and terrifying woman was really Chu Mu’s soul pet??

This was even more of a fantasy than a paragon emperor rank soul pet undergoing a species mutation!    

Yet, everyone had just seen the scene of Chu Mu recalling her into his soul pet space. Soul pet soul pacts had a particular pattern, and the incantations were hard to fake through other means. Chu Mu hadn’t hidden his recall either. Everything they saw was real!

“Brother… Brother Chu. This… this Evil Good Queen is really your soul pet?” Chao Lengchuan felt as if his world view had been toppled!

The Evil Good Queen’s terrifyingness made those from the Three Great Palaces and Soul Alliance tremble in fear. Moreover, she was demonically alluring and absolutely beautiful. She could definitely be described as heavenly. This female devil goddess who was a combination of evil, holy and beauty, was unexpectedly a soul pet, and also a soul pet that had signed a soul pact with Chu Mu.

“Yes, a long time ago, I saved her and signed a soul pact with her. Afterward, she defected and I came to know she became the Empress Concubine who also wore a fake mask of kindness to ensnare the hearts of people. I was also very surprised when I came to know of this. However, I believed that before I managed to defeat her, nobody would believe me if I said she was a demonic monster.” said Chu Mu.

Indeed, if Chu Mu didn’t recall her back to his soul pet space and used the most direct method of proving he had signed a soul pact with her, nobody would believe that this two-faced evil good goddess was a soul pet.

“It seems that our species has three people.” Bai Yu looked at Chu Mu, and bitterly laughed.

Chu Mu and Bai Yu were both half devils, and if they used the half devil method to understand the Evil Good Queen, it was easier to understand.

However, the senior elders and elders were clearly afraid of the Evil Good Queen.

Indeed, before the war had broken out, nobody doubted that the Empress Concubine who had won the hearts of countless admirers was the black hand behind the scenes of this war. She had hidden herself truly deeply. Added on her terrifying and unrivalled strength, if she was released, this was definitely a disaster capable of engulfing the human realm in a calamity.

These types of worldly calamities had appeared a few times in the human realm, but they had always ultimately been sealed in the Dormant World under Tianxia City or at the highest location in the Sealed Tower. They had been sealed for several hundred or thousand years, allowing people to calm down. 

“She has absorbed much of the Sealed Tower’s energy. Fortunately, the Sealed Tower has been reinforced over a long period of time, otherwise those sealed creatures may have started a rebellion. We definitely cannot seal the Evil Good Queen in the Sealed Tower. The only thing that can limit Evil Good Queen is Chu Mu’s Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor. With her standing watch, nothing bad will happen.” said Old Li.

When the Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor was mentioned, everyone hastily nodded their heads.

“Indeed, the Evil Good Queen is the progenitor of the flower species. We probably will not be able to find the strength to shatter her soul.” Nightmare Emperor Jiang nodded his head. He looked at Chu Mu and said: “You absolutely cannot let her run amok. Otherwise, another calamity will arise.”

“Right now, Mo Xie can suppress her. When my strength reaches the spirit dominator rank, my soul pact will be a forever unbreakable pair of cuffs to her.” said Chu Mu.

A ninth remembrance spirit emperor could control up to the low class dominator rank. Since Chu Mu was a half devil, and his own strength surpassed the low class dominator rank, he could control middle class dominators and below. Once he reached the spirit dominator rank, even if Empress Concubine Yu Suo transformed into the Evil Good Queen, she wouldn’t be able to resist if Chu Mu wanted to recall her back to his soul pet space. 

“You’re right about that, but the spirit dominator rank…” Senior Elder Liu wanted to say something but hesitated.

Yet, everyone could guess what he was going to say. The spirit dominator rank had always been a legend. Those who had reached this rank in the human realm that were known was only Liu Binglan.

Even Alliance Master Ling Chan who was so strong he could cover the sky with one hand hadn’t reached the spirit dominator rank. It would probably be extremely difficult for Chu Mu to step into the spirit dominator rank.

It wasn’t that Senior Elder Liu had doubts about Chu Mu’s abilities. Rather, the ninth remembrance spirit emperor rank was truly a barrier no human could cross. There had been people stronger than Ling Chan in history, but they also seemingly could not cross this barrier. This heavenly crossing probably had nothing to do with strength. 

“We’ll speak about this later. The situation right now is still very chaotic.” Liu Binglan stopped everyone from continuing to talk about this topic. 

Liu Binglan was mainly concerned about Chu Mu. Regardless if it was Chu Mu or his soul pets, they had fought till the point of exhaustion in this fight. Seeing that the ghastly bloody holes on Chu Mu’s body that had yet to completely heal, she felt an ache of pain. In order to win this fight, he had given too much. Now that everything was finally calm, he had to have a good rest.

“Let’s all return to Xiangrong City first. The resources there are more, and I can collect even more healing medicines. This way, everyone can heal slightly faster.” said Ye Qingzi.

These were the two women who cared the most about Chu Mu. Ye Qingzi believed that Chu Mu was still standing only by relying on his powerful willpower. If he had to persist like this, this would have negative effects and burdens on Chu Mu’s body.

Everyone really did need rest. Chu Mu glanced at Dead Dream, whose fighting strength was still decent. He smiled and said: “Bring us back to Xiangrong City, eh.”

Dead Dream’s flying speed was very fast. It wouldn’t take long to reach Xiangrong City from Wanxiang City.

The Dead Dream landed in front of Chu Mu. Chu Mu had those more heavily injured, and their soul pets go onto the Dead Dream. 

After everyone jumped onto the Dead Dream, Chu Mu discovered the Liu Binglan was standing to the side, and looking absentmindedly at this fallen city. 

Liu Binglan shook her head. Her somewhat tired eyes flashed with something as she muttered: “If I had discovered that she had signed a soul pact with you earlier and entered our human realm, perhaps today’s situation would not have occurred. If I was a bit stronger, the Three Great Palaces wouldn’t have had such miserable losses…” 

“The conflict between Soul Alliance and the Three Great Palaces had already existed. It inevitably would erupt. This is a change of era. Nobody can stop it.” said Chu Mu.

Talking with Old Han made Chu Mu realize the true essence of things. Just like back then, how even though Chu Tianmang was the cause of the Sealed Mouth Event, the conflict between Chu Tianmang and Alliance Master Ling Chan would eventually be incited by someone. 

Humans had existed for ten thousand years and undergone era after era. Perhaps the establishment of the Three Great Palaces had required a bloody battle like this too. Perhaps after another thousand years of the Three Great Palaces protecting its position, another new faction would attempt to replace it. It may also be called “Soul Alliance” or even “The Palaces”.

Old Han’s words made Chu Mu realize that the change of eras was built upon blood and sacrifice. The fall of an old group of experts meant a new group of experts would rise.

The last thirty years was the era of Old Han, the blind senior, and Old Wen. These thirty years had been the era of Alliance Master Ling Chan and the Four Heroes. The next thirty years would be the era of Chu Mu, Liu Binglan, Mu Qingyi, Prince Chao, and Bai Yu.

When an era changed, an individual could only propagate or slow down the change. Everyone would eventually grow old and every soul pet had its peak and decline. There was nothing eternal, including these factions of several thousand years, species of tens of thousands of years or even more ancient kingdoms...

Chu Mu never expected that he would one day be able to control the rise, fall, and existence of the human species, nor that he would stand in the war between humanity’s largest factions. If it wasn’t because of Liu Binglan’s own safety, the restraints of the elders, Empress Concubine Yu Suo’s ambitions, and Alliance Master Ling Chan’s overbearing nature, Chu Mu would have taken his soul pets and spent more time wandering in an even more mysterious and distant soul pet world. He would enter the highest realm he could, and then slowly walk out of the ruined arena...

Liu Binglan looked at Chu Mu. Chu Mu’s words allowed Liu Binglan to see Chu Mu’s attitude. His attitude was like his current strength: it truly surpassed the conventional world. 

Remarkably, he didn’t look down on these transformations of the world, nor belittle the commoners. Instead, placed himself within and understood the essence of the conventional world. 

Chu Mu’s maturity and state of mind made Liu Binglan have her own understandings and shock.

“No matter what, you’ve always been able to help Mother protect the most precious thing. Mother has not given you anything, but has always had to have you pay up.” ashamedly said Liu Binglan in a quiet voice. 

In Tianxia City when she saw Chu Mu save Tianxia City but transform into the devil, Liu Binglan secretly swore to become stronger. This way, she wouldn’t lose what she was protecting nor would those she treasured leave. 

However, in the fight of Wanxiang City, Liu Binglan still felt that it was Chu Mu himself using his life to fight. She was still unable to help. Looking at her child full of wounds and blood, and watching him and his soul pets use their blood to protect Three Great Palaces, as a mother, how could she forgive her helplessness? 

“If he could see everything you’ve done, he would shed tears of pride.” a while later, Liu Binglan’s eyes flickered as she spoke. 

Chu Mu knew who the “he” Liu Binglan was referring to was.

Everything had already ended and his greatest enemy had been defeated by him. When the storm calmed, where would that man, who carried a body full of heartbreak and had stepped onto the same cultivation of path, be right now? 

In front of his mother, Liu Binglan, Chu Mu’s wisdom and maturity enabled him to be a man who could shoulder everything. However, in front of his father, Chu Tianmang, Chu Mu felt that he would always be a child; the leisurely and easy years of his childhood would never be forgotten. He was his teacher and friend, without a generation gap. He was an expert who he most respected and admired. Mostly, he was a father with incomparably deep love. No matter how high he stood or how far he walked, his figure from behind would always be like a giant in the depths of Chu Mu’s heart...

He had placed endless hopes in Chu Mu; when Chu Mu was unable to become a soul pet trainer, he had become decrepit and soulless, and when Chu Mu had gone missing or even died, he had wept bitter tears.

But now, Chu Mu had reentered the path of a soul pet trainer, surviving the miserable conditions he was originally in. Chu Mu had become stronger and even defeated his greatest enemy who detested the most… 

Would everything he had done truly be as Liu Binglan said? Would it make him cry tears of joy? 

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