Book 2 Chapter 110 - Starlight Soul Pet, Noble Woman

Chapter 110: Starlight Soul Pet, Noble Woman

Chu Mu’s third soul only had pacts with the Night Thunder Dream Beast and Zhan Ye. The ninth soul pact was still empty, and the tenth soul was also empty. Either of these two soul pacts could be used to sign one with Mo Xie.

Moreover, once a year had passed and the fourth soul pact had healed, Chu Mu could recover a soul pet space.

Chu Mu slowly chanted an incantation, and he opened his ninth soul pact.

The incantation rays of light gradually curled around Chu Mu’s body, forming a gorgeous radiance that began to ceaselessly flicker...

“Ninth soul pact, open!”

The soul pact halo gradually curled around Mo Xie’s body. Much like the very first time when Chu Mu made a soul pact with Mo Xie, the soul pact halo slowly collected together, before finally imprinting onto Mo Xie’s soul.

Mo Xie’s current soul was no longer frail and weak like the small Moonlight Fox back then. The moment she raised any intentions of resistance, Chu Mu’s soul pact halo would instantly shatter.

However, Mo Xie didn’t have any ideas of mental resistance. She extremely calmly received the soul pact that Chu Mu used and from the original fourth soul pact, she changed and signed with the ninth soul pact Chu Mu.

The soul pact was established, and their souls were connected. Chu Mu could clearly feel the sound of Mo Xie’s heart- the joy after immense sorrow. It had merely been one fight where their souls had been split, but it had felt exceptionally long to Chu Mu. After all, four years of soul communication had become a habit, and now that the souls had been rejoined once again, the not-complete feeling instantly became complete. Chu Mu let out a long sigh of relief.

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~”

The fight had ended, so Mo Xie immediately transformed back into her pitiful state. Her nimble and small body promptly jumped into Chu Mu’s embrace as her four small beautiful tails waved around.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~” after reestablishing the soul pact, the small Mo Xie was like a small child who was hurt and let out murmurs.

Chu Mu gently caressed the soft fur, and he glanced at the forest in the sky before intentionally looking at the location where the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor was at.

This place was the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s territory. The fight now had definitely disturbed it, and the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s rage could very well implicate him. Therefore, Chu Mu didn’t dare to stay here too long, and he chose a direction to leave in the ninth class misleading world.


However, just as Chu Mu was planning on leaving, a mysterious shout resounded in his ears!!

Chu Mu was slightly startled. Immediately afterwards, a powerful mental pressure spread out, unexpectedly making his body a incapable of moving!

The Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s mental suppression!!

Chu Mu’s heart had a fright as the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor had very evidently already surpassed the existence of a monarch rank. Even the ninth phase Violent Blood Pool Beast had been easily killed. Such a creature wasn’t something that Chu Mu could currently fight. The Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s mental suppression was furthermore extremely terrifying, completely rendering Chu Mu unable to raise the slightest resistance!

Strange and powerful. Chu Mu had already reached the spirit master level, but this degree of soul remembrance in front of the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor was still insignificantly lowly.

This was the first time that Chu Mu had felt the mental lock down of a soul pet that surpassed the monarch rank. This lock could make breathing for someone very hard!

Sensing the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s mental suppression, Mo Xie’s body lying in Chu Mu’s embrace immediately lit up with dual royal flames. Her silver eyes focused on the mysterious demon figure hidden in the sky!

Chu Mu promptly used his hand to caress Mo Xie’s fur, indicating that Mo Xie shouldn’t be too impulsive.

The majority of powerful soul pets had extremely high intelligence. As the hegemon of this region, with this exceptionally powerful position, as long as those weak and small creatures didn’t anger it, it would fully ignore them.

Chu Mu knew that this Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s strength was powerful, and if he were to directly resist, he would end up like the Violent Blood Pool Beast; it would be impossible for him to survive.

Therefore, Chu Mu felt that by adopting a non-resistance policy, perhaps the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor wouldn’t actually launch an attack against him.


The Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s voice rang out once more. This time, the voice didn’t directly transmit into Chu Mu’s mental world, but was rather launched in another direction.

The mental suppression suddenly disappearing led to Chu Mu’s face being completely suspicious as he watched the chanting and looked for the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s figure. Yet, he astonishingly discovered that it had suddenly appeared in a distant place!

Chu Mu was stunned. In the next instant, in the illuminating vast horizon, appeared a soul pet flickering in starlight!

The starlight soul pet was a starlight silhouette, and Chu Mu fundamentally could not clearly see this soul pet’s true appearance. What made Chu Mu feel rather astonished was that above this powerful soul pet flickering in starlight seemed to be a proud woman with a graceful temperament.

This patch of forest seemed to be the most center area of the entire ninth class misleading world. This place was a completely forbidden ariel region. However, this woman was riding a starlight star pet flying towards this area from far away. Furthermore, she didn’t receive the group attacks of wing type soul pets. She also caused the eminently powerful Blue Galactic Demon Emperor to instantly forsake the mental suppression on him and fly in her direction!

From Chu Mu’s ring of knowledge, aside from those experts in Nightmare Palace that he simply had not met before, Chu Mu had never seen a soul pet trainer with such courage; most importantly, it was also a female soul pet trainer.


“Fei!!!!!!!!!” the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor had evidently sensed a true expert invading into its territory. Its shouts had already become rather angry, and its body frighteningly moved about, giving people a strange feeling.

The starlight soul pet didn’t let out any shout. It merely waved its enormous feathered wings overflowing with color and light, and slowly approached the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor.

“Demon Emperor, today I didn’t come to look for trouble. Have you seen a person controlling an evil soul pet Nightmare wandering around here?” in front of the eminently powerful Blue Galactic Demon Emperor, the woman remained calm and composed. She didn’t even reveal any expression of fear.

“Fei~~~~~” the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor seemed to be a bit afraid of this expert and let out a demon shout. Afterwards, its gaze slowly turned to the far away Chu Mu.

The woman riding the starlight soul pet immediately noticed Chu Mu who was standing on the treetop.

“Thank you.” the woman indifferently spoke a sentence to the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor before riding the starlight soul pet straight for Chu Mu, whose body still had remnants of the white demonic devil flame aura.

Chu Mu held Mo Xie as he stood on the treetop. His gaze was fixated on the soul pet that was strong enough to rival the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor, and he was even more shocked in his heart.

This starlight soul pet identically didn’t release any aura. When it flew in front of him, the entire space seemed to be enveloped by starlight...

If it was said that the starlight soul pet gave Chu Mu a shock, then the woman riding the powerful starlight soul pet caused a huge wave to set off in Chu Mu’s heart.

The woman gracefully jumped off the starlight soul pet onto the treetop. She didn’t touch any branches, but rather hovered in front of Chu Mu. The woman’s stance was graceful and feeling of superiority made her entire being manifest a look that was more honorable and proud. Yet, her ice cold beautiful face gave others a feeling of being repelled a thousand miles.

Chu Mu had seen two absolutely extremely beautiful women. The first was the perfect young woman who had tricked and betrayed him. Her beauty was stifling and could break one’s heart.

The second was the mother in Chu Mu’s hazy memories. Chu Mu had only truly been in touch with her when he was ten and they had went on an outing. That time, the outine had made Chu Mu finally remember his mother’s appearance. It identically was that sort of beauty that was shocking and so beautiful that it was like a finely crafted piece of artwork.

However, no matter how beautiful his mother was and how moving she was, Chu Mu always sensed indifference and arrogance from her. This isolation also rejected him, so although she was extremely extremely beautiful, Chu Mu didn’t like her, and ultimately developed some rejection towards her.

Presently, the woman in the star light in front of Chu Mu’s eyes gave off a similar eminently stunning feeling. Only, before Chu Mu developed any sort of emotional fluctuation towards her breathtaking appearance, the woman’s cold arrogant icy aura hit him head on. In an instant, all of those thoughts were frozen shut.

“Are you Xia Guanghan?” the incomparably noble woman’s gaze arrogantly stared at Chu Mu. Her pupils were mesmerizing like a star and one glance would render someone intoxicated. However, the emotions that flowed out of her eyes were so apathetic that it seemed like she cared about no matter.

Great billows were still surging in Chu Mu’s heart. There were many times when Chu Mu’s memory of his mother were vague, but when that woman appeared in front of him, Chu Mu could be absolutely certain in his heart. This arrogant woman looking down upon everyone else was his mother. That beauty and arrogance of her’s was ostensibly completely the same!

“I’m talking with you. Are you Xia Guanghan?” the woman repeated her words again.

Chu MU’s heart was still unable to pacify. However, her words would always give others an ice-cold feeling that made Chu Mu have to hear her words and then obey her orders.

“I’m not.” Chu Mu shook his head and tried his best to hide the emotions in his heart.

“You are someone from Nightmare Palace. He is definitely in the vicinity. Bring me to see him.” said the woman.

“He fled in that direction.” Chu Mu pointed in a direction and spoke.

The woman lifted her head, and she glanced at the direction Chu Mu pointed to. She seemed to feel that the young man in front of her was in a very strange state of mind. Then she recalled her gaze and stared at Chu Mu’s face.

“Where have I seen you before?” slowly asked the noble woman.

It had been approximately five or six years since Chu Mu and his mother had seen each other. Chu Mu had spent three years on Prison Island, and his facial features had undergone an extremely large change. Between the ages of thirteen to nineteen could be considered the period of time where the greatest facial changes occurred. Therefore from the first glance by Chu Mu’s mother, she was simply unable to relate the young man in front of her to Chu Mu.

Seeing this bearing from his mother, Chu Mu felt rather self contemptuous. What kind of a mother was a mother who couldn’t even recognize her own son? Even if she was so strong that the terrifying Blue Galactic Demon Emperor was afraid, to Chu Mu, this kind of a mother was ultimately a stranger.


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