Book 2 Chapter 11 - One Day, Challenging Five People

Chapter 11: One Day, Challenging Five People

On the second day, Chu Mu didn’t hastily leave Nightmare City. As it was a tenth level city, it could be regarded as the most flourishing city. Here, there would be many items that Chu Mu needed.

After three years of survival on Prisoner Island, Chu Mu had collected a myriad of valuable items. After selling these items and then buying soul crystals, he could then greatly increase his soul pets’ strength.

Soul crystal training was not perpetually sustainable. After all, a soul pet’s body had a definitivee saturation level and, if it were to absorb an excessive amount of soul crystal energy in a short period of time, it would not be able to convert it into the required energy. This would not only slightly harm the soul pet’s body, but it would also waste extremely expensive soul crystals.

Chu Mu’s Mo Xie had currently reached the fifth phase ninth stage. In order to break through to the sixth phase, merely relying on fighting would probably require a long amount of time.

Moreover, it had been a long while since Mo Xie had undergone soul crystal training. If he could obtain a sixth level dual attribute soul crystal, it would one hundred percent allow Mo Xie to enter the sixth phase. Furthermore, her attribute strength would become even more pure.

In the first year that Chu Mu entered Prison Island, Chu Mu already possessed 100,000 gold coins worth of soul crystals. Afterwards, Chu Mu faced even more experts and obtained more valuable soul crystals. By the time all the prisoners on Prison Island had been killed, Chu Mu estimated that he had about 600,000 gold coins worth of soul crystals.

If he were to add on the soul technique books, soul equipment, medicines, and other goods found on the prisoners’ bodies, he would barely have 1,000,000 gold coins!

1,000,000 gold coins could purchase a highly talented commander rank soul pet.

Nonetheless, Chu Mu would rather convert these gold coins into soul cores and soul crystals to make his soul pets stronger.

On the second day, Chu Mu planned on having Ting Yu bring him to the eminently luxurious Nightmare Exchange. However, Ting Yu gave Chu Mu another fairly good proposal. Her proposal was to offer all these various objects to Nightmare Palace and exchange them for devil coins[1. To clarify, devil coins were of equal value to gold coins, except devil coins could only be used within Nightmare Palace. The prices for the items he buys were given in gold coins, but Chu Mu used devil coins to pay for them.], which were used to measure contribution to the Nightmare Palace.

Nightmare Palace had a plethora of treasures. This method could save Chu Mu a lot of trouble, so he offered the 1,000,000 gold coins worth of items all to Nightmare Palace. Then, Chu Mu quickly exchanged for a sixth level fire beast dual attribute soul crystal which was worth 300,000 gold coins.

Subsequently, Chu Mu began searching for more items to purchase, eventually exchanging for a thunder, dark, and demon fifth level third rank tri-type soul crystal, which was worth 300,000.

The Ice Air Fairy had also reached the fifth phase ninth stage so Chu Mu generously exchanged for a pure sixth level ice type soul crystal worth about 200,000 gold coin.

Finally, for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, a wood type sixth level soul crystal wasn’t that expensive, and it only required 100,000 gold coins.

In one breath, Zhou Luleng’s fourth level dual attribute soul crystal and the remaining 100,000 gold coins worth of items were converted to nightmare coins was then used to buy the best quality soul cores. This ensured that his soul pets’ food was of the most optimal quality.

Soul cores and soul crystals could be regarded as the items that consumed most of a soul pet trainer’s wealth. In order to ensure that their soul pet grew even stronger, there was no soul pet trainer who would be stingy when they bought soul crystals and soul cores. Moreover, Chu Mu was a fellow who, for his soul pet’s growth, would spend money extravagantly. There probably wasn’t any large family or family head in Wangluo City that would be so extravagant as to buy the three months worth of soul crystals valued at three hundred something thousand that Chu Mu purchased

Chu Mu was also wearing a fourth level soul armor that could be said to have saved Chu Mu’s life many times. Its value was nearly 500,000.

However, as Chu Mu’s strength increased, the effect of the soul armor was slowly diminishing. Chu Mu had already begun considering getting himself a fitting sixth level soul armor.

A sixth level soul armor’s defense nearly reached the sixth level. After using the Ice Armor technique on himself, the defense would reach the seventh level, and almost the eighth. While fighting, he would then occasionally be able to block a few fierce attacks for his soul pet.

The value of a fourth level soul armor was nearly 500,000 gold coins while a sixth level soul armors needed a terrifying 5,000,000 gold coins. That was 10 times the price!

To Chu Mu, 5,000,000 gold coins was an unattainable number. With his current situation, where he spent money on soul cores and soul crystals, it would be extremely hard to collect 5 million gold coins.

Once he bought the soul crystals and soul cores, Chu Mu immediately began to train his four soul pets with the soul crystals.

Mo Xie still followed a strict 2:1 beast type to fire type training method. A sixth level soul crystal, without any mishaps, would definitely be able to raise her to the sixth phase. Her fire abilities would unequivocally increase by a lot.

The Nightmare Thunder Dream Beast was fifth phase first stage, and it only required fifth level soul crystals. However, it had three attributes- thunder, darkness, and demon- so its soul crystals were not cheap. Training it required a large amount of money. Yet, after using the fifth level soul crystal for a round of training, the Night Thunder Dream beast could reach approximately the fifth phase fourth stage.

Chu Mu comparatively placed more emphasis on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s demon and darkness attributes. The thunder type was purely used to resist other thunder types, so he bought the soul crystal with a 1:2:2 thunder, dark, demon type ratio to use for training.

The Ice Air Fairy was a pure ice type. Chu Mu would definitely not increase any other useless attributes. With his estimate, if he were to only use the ice type to train the Ice Air Fairy, once its phase and stage was higher, there was a definite possibility that its ice type technique would be able to take on commander and monarch rank soul pets.

Species rank wasn't necessarily the clear, absolute indicator of potential. If one's power was specialized in one area, like a fire type monarch rank soul pet against an Ice Air Fairy that had god-like capabilities in controlling ice type abilities, then even if they were the same stage and phase, the fire type would be quite disadvantaged.

Therefore, even after becoming a spirit master and being able to control commander rank soul pets, Chu Mu still didn’t underestimate the warrior rank Ice Air Fairy. After all, the Ice Air Fairy’s ice type techniques could cause extremely great harm to commander rank soul pets. If range was maintained while fighting, the Ice Air Fairy was essentially a fifth phase ninth stage commander rank ice type soul pet!

If the sixth grade ice type soul crystal could be completely absorbed, the Ice Air Fairy would have no problems entering the sixth phase like Mo Xie. If both these soul pets were to enter the sixth phase, Chu Mu’s strength would increase by a small leap once again.

As for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Chu Mu could use a pure wood type to train it. He could completely renounce the beast type effect in hopes that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier could become a powerful, control type soul pet on the battlefield.

When wood type soul pets fought one on one, aside from facing against beast and demon type soul pets which were at a slight disadvantage, they wouldn’t be very useful. However in group fights, wood type soul pets were absolute battlefield hegemons!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was still at the fifth phase sixth stage. Currently, using the sixth level soul crystal wasn’t very wise, so Chu Mu planned on having it reach the fifth phase ninth stage before using the wood type soul crystal to train. He would then have it immediately enter the sixth phase!

“Young master Chu, this is already the twelfth person who is issuing you a challenge.” Qing He placed a stack of challenge letters on Chu Mu’s desk with a bitter face as she spoke.

“Oh, which ones are relatively strong?” asked Chu Mu.

The training period had already ended, so Chu Mu happened to need a few others to fight against.

“This person is known as Cyan Nightmare Palace’s strongest youth, Guo Xian. There’s also Nightmare Prince Yuan Shan and Fengjing City’s young master…” in one breath, Qing He recited the young experts in Nightmare Palace considered to have a bit of fame.

“Give me a summary of their strength.” requested Chu Mu.

Qing He immediately flipped through and gave a summary of their soul pets to Chu Mu:

“Guo Xian’s Cyan Nightmare has reached the sixth phase fourth stage, and it is his strongest soul pet. Nightmare Prince Yuan Shan apparently has a fifth phase fourth stage commander rank soul pet. Fengjing City’s young master is rumoured to have a seventh phase Cyan Bird…”

“Oh, then those five. I’ll accept their challenges.” said Chu Mu.

“Five?” Qing He was shocked and silently thought “Young master, oh young master. Unexpectedly accepting five challenges.”

“Then how does young master plan on arranging the times. Why don’t you put Nightmare Prince Yuan Shan on Monday? Then Fengjing City’s young master on Tuesday? Or maybe you should have a longer interval in between so that you can have enough time to recuperate from battle.” asked Qing He.

Chu Mu looked up at the naturally foolish servant girl, Qing He, and said: “I don’t have that much time. Arrange them all for tomorrow. I’m going to leave here the day after tomorrow, and then head for Luo Region’s Wangluo City.”

“Huh? You want to put all of them on the same day?” Qing He astonishedly had her mouth agape, blinking her eyes, and staring foolishly at Chu Mu.

“Mhm, do as I say.”

Qing He hadn’t reacted. After confirming that Chu Mu wanted to put all five opponents on the same day, she finally put away the challenge letters in eminent shock...

An eighteen year old Prison Island King was already considered an exceptional being in Nightmare Palace. Especially recently, the news had travelled to even the large Nightmare City, where many faction knew of Chu Mu, this Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince. [1.We’ve been using Heng Ocean interchangeably with Eternal Ocean]

In one day, this news had surfaced without any prior indication. It caused shock everywhere, but after the shock, many people were unsatisfied. They wanted to know if this genius actually had strength, or managed to survive by a fluke on Prison Island.

For prestige and fame, there would definitely be many arrogant and hotheaded people who challenged this Prison Island King.

Nonetheless, it was also because of this wave of challenges that extremely shocking news that no young expert in Nightmare Palace would have thought of suddenly erupted within Nightmare Palace!

In one day, he would receive the challenge of five young experts!!

There were very many arrogant people in Nightmare Palace. Especially the all-powerful people in the younger generation. In this place, where experts were like the clouds, there was no shortage of eminently shocking matters.

However, fighting five young experts in one day was something unprecedented in Nightmare Palace!!

A challenge had to be issued to someone whose title didn’t exceed one level.  In other words, those with the qualification to challenge Chu Mu were those young experts in Nightmare Palace who had a sixth level title!

Accepting the challenge of five sixth level titled young experts in one day. This was absolutely unprecedented in Nightmare Palace! The level of ego of this Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince was simply at one where every young expert shook their fingers at him!

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