Chapter 1099: Human shaped soul pet?

Finishing the chant, all the flower demons started to shed their sharp weapons, losing their poison, and slowly became gentle.

Losing their poison and vines, these sacred blue flower demons no longer looked cruel.

They followed Emperor Concubine Chu Xi’s command, with some gathering in the wounded armies to heal the soul pet trainers and soul pets, while others went through the city to search the ruins for more people and soul pets.

Just as Old Li had said, for every soul pet flower demon army saves and healed, she would get stronger.

This strength reflected directly on her soul. If not for Old Li’s reminder, this imperceptible raise in strength could allow her to slowly break free of the demon fox’s soul restrictions.

Mo Xie’s demon fox bind couldn’t last too long and, after the spirit flame burning, the silver soul restriction could likely fall. Old Li recommended Chu Mu to find someone to design a spirit vessel that used energy crystals to seal Chu Xi’s soul inside. This way, it would be harder for her to escape.

Old Li mentioned that Old Han was an expert at making such soul weapons. He should just ask him to make it. Mo Xie would have to do for now though.

“What is your real name?” Chu Mu asked.

Chu Mu didn’t like that this woman was called Chu- it was basically a stain on his name..

Emperor Concubine said coldly, “Whatever you call it.”

“If you truly do think my soul pet space isn’t warm enough, I can add some more devil flames for sure.” Chu Mu’s palm burned with silver flames.

Chu Mu’s power raised up. Devil flames were even more powerful against Emperor Concubine’s soul. The most powerful kind could directly burn her to ashes, but controlling it to a point of extreme pain without death was something Chu Mu could equally do.

“Yu Sha.” Emperor Concubine was about to give a random name. To Chu Mu, her using his name was an insult, but Emperor Concubine also found it insulting to give her name out too. However, after thinking about it a little, there was no point in going against him right now. She had to be patient to avoid further pain.

She wasn’t afraid of torture. She was more afraid of being unable to find any opportunity to escape. As long as she wasn’t dead, she would find a chance to attack.

“Yu Sha? Sounds alright, but I think if young master wants her as a slave, names like little flower, little daisy, or little red are better.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu knew Old Li’s suggestion was alright!

Emperor concubine heard the three unbelievably common names and felt the urge to kill.

Yu Sha, this name meant noble, unique. It was a name which her family gave to true angels. Yet, Chu Mu was here giving her cat and dog names. If not for the Hades Purple Emperor standing right beside her, she was going to risk her life to kill them!

Chu Mu finally didn’t let Old Li get his way with the names, but Chu Mu secretly wondered that Yu didn’t seem like a common first name. Thinking about it closer, the woman probably didn’t want to say her family name, and Chu Mu didn’t care enough to ask. After all, a name was enough for him to call her around.

“Alright, you should go to the place you belong to reflect on your actions.” Chu Mu said an incantation.

The soul pet space opened, releasing shivering devil flames that caused Emperor Concubine Yu Sha to shiver.

The determination on her face slowly disappeared, replaced with a new fear.

“Scared? This temperature actually isn’t much. I had to endure all this soul burning daily. You’ll get used to it. You don’t have to be afraid because you’ll get used to it soon. Once you’re used to it, I can slowly increase the temperature. This way, your soul will get stronger than ever. Maybe, someday, your power will be enough to walk out alone.” Chu Mus smiled seemingly gently.

Originally, as a soul pet, they should go through things together. Emperor Concubine Yu Sha escaped for a long time and gave up a lot of chances to split the burden of pain. Now that she was back, Chu Mu would slowly pay it back.

Emperor concubine Yu Sha looked at the silver soul flame hell and turned even paler. She slowly lifted her head and obliged slightly, saying, “If you take away the devil flames, I can give you something you need dearly.”

Emperor Concubine Yu Sha knew clearly that telling Chu Mu to let her go was impossible. What she could only do now was to minimize how much would happen to her and take away things that would make her escape impossible. She brought this up, because it could slowly bring together the chance to escape.

Xuan items were extremely alluring, so Emperor Concubine Yu Sha didn’t believe Chu Mu wouldn’t want it!

“What you said was something I will definitely take away, but this devil flame is something that will cure your delusion.” Chu Mu said.

Take away the flames- she thought too much. Even if Chu Mu didn’t want the things, he had to let her feel the pain of soul torture.

“You won’t die well!” Emperor Concubine Yu Sha could tell that Chu Mu just wanted to torutre her, and started to swear out loud.

Chu Mu was too tired of listening to this woman talk anymore, and casted an incantation to forcefully retract her.

With her power sealed, she couldn’t block the forceful summoning!

To her, Chu Mu’s soul pet space was a dark, cold, and fiery prison. Once she was pulled into the space, the painful flames pounced forth, and caused her swearing to end.

With the mental world constantly shouting with Yu Sha’s pained groans and toxic cursing, Chu Mu cut off the mental connection. No matter how much she cried out, he wouldn’t be able to hear, and she would definitely become more honest.


Soul pet retracting had clear symbols and diagrams. Bai Yu, Chao Lengchuan, Mu Qingyi, Elder Liu, Emperor Jiang, and Elder Teng were all besided him when it happened. They all saw as Chu Mu casted a soul pact incantation to retract her into his soul pet space.

Emperor concubine was Chu Mu’s soul pet??

Everyone who saw was shocked and in disbelief!

No one could believe that the benevolent goddess that stood on Wanxiang Altar was the mastermind of the plot. However, no one could believe that this terrifying Evil Good Queen could get retracted into Chu Mu’s soul pet space like that.

“She really is Chu Mu’s soul pet??” Mu Qingyi stared dumbly at Chu Mu.

Before, Ye Qingzi had mentioned it but she didn't really believe it. Now that she saw Chu Mu really put her into his soul pet space, her thinking was completely messed up!

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