Chapter 1098: Force the Evil Good Flower Queen to Surrender (2)

“Young master, A nine remembrance spirit emperor will find it tough to capture this Evil Good Queen. Young Master can temporarily just tell little fox to subdue it. Once it reaches higher ranks, I can teach young master a slave imprint so young master can completely control it and not worry about the woman betraying and making trouble.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded. Though he didn't know what slave imprint Old Li was talking about, it probably wasn’t too bad.

Old Li described it out loud, so Emperor Concubine Chu Xi also heard this, causing her to be silently furious, realizing that it was this old fellow’s suggestion.

Splitting her soul into two was a great reduction to her strength. In this state, she couldn't even beat Chu Mu in half devil form. Originally, she was thinking about how unstable CHu Mu’s soul pact was, giving her a chance to break out. From how it looked now, if Evil Good Queen were slave imprinted and sealed, she will never have a chance of getting away ever again.

“Hei, this little girl dares to give me evil stares still!” Old Li jumped up, making a face after seeing Chu Xi’s expression.

Chu Mu glanced at the emperor concubine that remained arrogant and lightly said, “Don’t worry, she’ll have a great time soon.”   

The soul pact space full of silver flames would be the place she would have to stay in for a long time in the future. Chu Mu wanted to see just how long she could remain proud.

After her soul was split, Emperor concubine Chu Xi was much weaker than Chu Mu. Chu Mu’s silver devil flames definitely could let her have a taste of death.

“Retract your flower demon army.” Chu Mu walked before Emperor Concubine Chu Xi, and said in a commanding tone.

Emperor concubine Chu Xi’s soul and mind were already restricted so Chu Mu’s words were somewhat compulsory. As a soul pet, it was very hard to disobey.

However, this woman was indeed proud. Facing Chu Mu’s command, she bit down forcefully and disobeyed, even turning her head aside to avoid looking at Chu Mu. Her eyes were filled with anger and shame, as if her current state was the greatest shame of her life already.

“You don’t want to retract it?” Chu Mu smiled  evilly and glanced at Mo Xie, “Perfect, my little Mo Xie had just become Hades and still has many techniques she wants to showcase.”

Just how powerful Hades Fox Emperor was, Chu Mu wasn’t sure. Though the flower demon army was rather weak, one could estimate Mo Xie’s power roughly through the amount that die.   


Mo Xie clearly hadn’t been completely satisfied by the previous battle, letting out an excited call!

Seeing this Hades Fox Emperor about to attack, Emperor Concubine Chu Xi turned pale!

The flower demon army was something she wasted a large amount of time to raise. If this Hades Fox Emperor had stepped down, countless would die!

“Quick, tell your fox to stop!” Seeing Mo Xie leap into the skies already, she lost her composure and shouted out.

“This little girl, never well behaved unless violence is enforced.” Old LI shook his head and sighed.

Chu Mu acted as if he hadn’t heard. One could only see as Mo Xie became a purple comet that created a terrifying wave of beast energy!

The dawn lit sky was split apart by Mo Xie’s purple fall. The massive beast type energy fell like a meteor into this city!

The entire city went silent, as if the very time stopped. One could see the destructive energy fall into the densely packed flower demon army, causing the now sacred blue sea of plant demons to float into the sky as the ground was destroyed!


The sound of the sky and ground collapsing finally sounded. The entire city could see endless plants dissipating to powder under the power!!

The powder became a veil of blue dust that permeated the city. It sparkled brilliantly under the sun, giving an elegant blue veil to this old city.

The loud rumble only lasted a moment, as did the destructive force. However, the blue powder remained in the skies for a while. An entire city watched the twinkling in the air, yet no one could forget the power in that destructive blow!

Emperor Concubine Chu Xi watched blankly at the hundreds of thousands of flower demons disappear. Crumbling onto her knees, tears of desolation fell out of her eyes, as all her pride was utterly gone- scattered like her flower demons.

With one stomp of Mo Xie, not only did the flower demon empire’s overbearing attitude disappear, it also stopped the entire city’s battling. The Nightmare Army, while still insatiated, started gathering back under the nightmare dominator’s lead. Three Palace had already saved their family and friends and no longer needed to fight to the death against Soul Alliance. And, after seeing the flower army instantly lose a few hundred thousand, Soul Alliance no longer had the courage of continuing either!

A new dawn fell upon the city. Not long ago, this was the premier city of human civilization, characterized by bustling streets and a magnificent appearance. Yet, with this new dawn, beneath the blue veil was only ruins. Even a natural disaster would have yielded less damage.

At Center City, Liu Binglan, Bai Yu, Chao Lengchuan, Mu Qingyi, and Ye Qingzi finally recovered from their shock of the technique. Liu Binglan said, “Take down Ling Chan, Yuan Sui, and Wu Kuang.”

Everyone else nodded, taking them and sealing their remembrance so the elders hurrying over could guard them.

The soul alliance dominator rank experts were completely hopeless. Seeing the Hades Fox Emperor walk out of a few hundred thousand new deaths, they seemed to have lost their souls.

Though the battle was incredibly tough, they finally won. The elders and senior elders had gathered around already.  

Three Palace knew clearly that the reason the sure loss was turned around was completely and utterly because of one person.

From Chu Mu fighting his way into a city full of enemies himself, to carving a morale-raising blood path, to defeating soul alliance dominator rank experts, and to matching Alliance master Ling Chan!

And then, bringing out nightmare empire to fight against the harrowing flower demon empire, he brought a true turn to the sure loss.

However, the enemies were far stronger than anyone imagined. The Evil Slaughter Beast’s appearance caused even seven diagram sacred kings to be unable to win. It was still Chu Mu’s half devil state, which had already saved Tianxia City once, that defeated it!

Nightmares came one after another. Just when everyone thought Ling Chan was truly the scariest, Evil Good Queen’s appearance caused the entire city to fall into a flower of death. Under this situation, Chu Mu’s Seven Sin Fox had a species mutation, causing the situation of certain death to again revert, showing everyone what true strength meant!

It was indisputable that the wounded man standing where Wanxiang Altar used to stand was everyone’s true god!!

“Let’s clean up the battlefield, we need to control all the commanders of soul alliance.” Liu Binglan said to all the elders.

Though the battle ended because of that stomp, there was still much that three palace had to do after.

Chu Mu had already cleared the way for them, so the rest was up to them.

The elders all held onto their excitement as they started splitting up the work to systematically clean up Wanxiang City.

After Liu Binglan spoke, she retracted her soul pet and walked over to Chu Mu.

The others also walked over. In reality, even then, the waves of shock hadn’t completely calmed in their hearts.


“Young master, there’s still a bunch of flower demons, should we kill them all?” Old Li asked.

Old Li’s words immediately garnered the teary yet angry glare of Emperor Concubine Chu Xi!

“Do you not know your current situation still?” Chu Mu humphed and said to Emperor Concubine Chu Xi.

Chu Xi knew that Chu Mu intentionally didn’t hear her the first time. She glanced warily at Mo Xie and no longer dared to stare angrily.

One more stamp from Mo Xie, and she might faint.

“Chu Mu, tell her flower demons to heal the wounded soldiers.” Ye QIngzi walked to Chu Mu and said to him.

Flower type soul pets usually had healing powers. This battle’s magnitude was in the millions. There were countless casualties on both sides. The leaderless soul alliance army had to be taken care of as well instead of simply letting them die from their wounds. With such a massive amount of people to take care of, where were they going to find that many soul teachers and support type soul pet trainers?

Chu Mu nodded. Since Chu Mu was already very satisfied with Mo Xie’s stomp, the flower demon army could be used to clean up the carnage. Killing them all would mean having to find another free source of labour.

“Did you hear that?” Chu Mu glanced at Chu Xi and said coldly.

Emperor Concubine instinctively wanted to humph, but remembering that a single technique of Mo Xie could kill this many of the flower demons she planned so long to raise, she pushed down her anger and gritted her teeth, “My soul is sealed, how can I use the technique!”

Chu Mu glanced at Mo Xie and signaled for Mo Xie to help her break the seal.

With Mo Xie standing there, she wasn’t afraid the woman was going to do anything fishy.

After the seal was broken, Emperor Concubine Chu Xi didn’t say much else. Chanting an incantation, she gave a command to all the flower demon’s minds, starting to heal all the wounded members within the city.

“Healing is a virtuous move. Every time her flower demons heal someone, her strength will increase slightly. Young master has to be wary of that.” At this moment, Old Li spoke again.

Just as Old Li finished, Emperor Concubine glared evilly at it. If she ever had the chance to flip the situation around, she was definitely going to rip this Old Li apart first!

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