Chapter 1097: Force the Evil Good Flower Queen to Surrender (1)

Chu Mu walked to the Evil Good Queen’s side. He stretched out his hand and grabbed her neck, lifting her up.


A silver devil flame appeared in Chu Mu’s palm. The pure soul devil flames caused the soul to feel the most intense pain since the Evil Good Queen had already lost the ability to resist.

As the Evil Good Queen was firmly grasped by Chu Mu’s iron-clad hand, she wanted to break Chu Mu’s hand. But in terms of strength, she was far from Chu Mu who had the half devil ability. No matter how much she struggled, she was unable to breakfree from Chu Mu’s fatal throat grab!

“I have already prepared your soul pet space. Of course, for you, this will be no different from a prison without any daylight!” indifferently said Chu Mu.

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

Silver devil flames began to burn as Chu Mu poured the soul devil flames to the depths of the soul into the first soul pact.

Each soul pet space was **. In the past, the first soul pact was empty, but now Chu Mu poured soul devil flames that would eternally never extinguish inside. After she was recalled into the soul pet space, she would continue to suffer the devil flame’s soul burning!

The Evil Good Queen seemed to sense that at the other end of her soul were the devil flames that she was most afraid of. Her face turned even more pale. 

Seeing Chu Mu’s cold eyes, the Evil Good Queen finally felt fear.

She loathed fire, and loathed even more devil flames that could burn her soul. She would rather burn to death than be trapped in a prison filled with devil flames and have to continuously suffer from devil flames!

The Evil Good Queen shook her head in a panic, her eyes revealing a trace of pleading.

This time, the Evil Good Queen didn’t use any charming ability with her pleading. Yet, her pitiful appearance made it even harder for others to act ruthlessly.

If it were someone else, he or she would truly be unable to torture such a woman who was comparable to a goddess in terms of both temperament or looks. However, she had fallen into Chu Mu’s hands, and he wouldn’t pity her at all.

“Just now when you were laughing so wantonly, you should have thought how you would end up if you fell into my hands. This way, you wouldn’t be so mentally unprepared as now.” seeing this queen who stood so high above finally feel fear, Chu Mu let out a nightmarish smile. 

Hearing his words, the Evil Good Queen wished nothing more than to bite the person in front of her to death!

Mentally prepared? How could there be mental preparation?! 

Who would have imagined that when the conclusion was foregone, when both sides had been greatly injured, and when there was such a huge discrepancy in strength, that the situation would be completely reversed! 

The species mutation and even mutating into the “Hades” fox noble. From a perfect emperor to a rank that was capable of crushing her. Indeed, after absorbing the evil aura and good intentions, her strength surpassed the middle class dominator rank by two levels. Even taking control of the Evil Slaughter Beast was an easy matter.

Such strength was unrivalled in Tianxia Realm and Wanxiang Realm. The outcome was surefire. Yet, ultimately, she suffered an absolute defeat and lost to a species mutation of fantasies! 

The Evil Good Queen was extremely dissatisfied and frustrated and even if she wanted to cry, she wasn’t able to.

“I nearly forgot that you have two souls. Both souls have devil flames attached.” Chu Mu chanted an incantation and quickly filled the second soul pact with devil flames.

The second pact was the Evil Good Queen’s place of rest. It still had to be closed and tortured. The oppressive Evil Good Queen obviously could not be let off.

When Chu Mu spoke these words, the Evil Good Queen’s face turned even more terrified.

The Evil Good Queen was a pure flower type, and was extremely afraid of fire. If the second soul pact was filled with devil flames, and her body was thrown into this devil flame prison, death would truly be better for this flower type progenitor than staying alive!

“Young master, just leave the Evil Good Queen. She is actually just a subordinate soul. The one truly controlling everything is Empress Concubine Chu Xi’s soul in your first soul pact.” at this moment, Old Li jumped out and hastily spoke to Chu Mu.

“Hmm. You’ve been bewitched?” Chu Mu raised his eyebrows, and was slightly suspicious. 

 “How is that possible? Those in this world that can still bewitch me do not exist!” justly said Old Li.

“Then why do you want to let her off?” said Chu Mu.

“Young master, didn’t you say that you signed an equal soul pact with a young woman before? Through her equal soul pact, your innate soul has been split into two. One is a human soul and the other is a White Nightmare soul. Moreover, they occupy one of her souls and two of her soul pacts. Young master’s present innate soul is a half devil. The human soul is the main soul, while the White Nightmare is the subordinate soul.” 

“The Evil Good Queen’s present state is like the half devil’s. Innately, their lives are the same, existing as the Evil Good Queen. Her soul was split into two when she signed a soul apct with you. One was Empress Concubine Chu Xi’s soul, while the other was the flower soul pet the Evil Good Flower Queen’s soul (also known as the Evil Good Flower Queen). Therefore, young master’s second soul pact’s second soul is actually the same as the White Nightmare; it is also a soul pet. However, this soul pet is not controlled by you, but instead directly listens to orders from the main soul.” 

Chu Mu had thought of what Old Li had said before. In summary, his second soul pact was a pure soul pet, the Evil Good Queen, which was similar to the White Nightmare. 

This was because when it merged with a human’s soul, the life form that was formed was similar to the White Nightmare; only, it was the Evil Good Queen. 

“Young master has signed an equal soul pact with that young woman; therefore, she cannot control you at all. Nor can she control any of your soul pets. However, the soul pact young master signed with the Evil Good Queen was a soul pet soul pact. This means that the Evil Good Flower Queen’s actions can actually be forcibly controlled. Only, young master’s soul remembrance rank is not high enough.” said Old Li.

“Oh, so this means I have another soul pet?” said Chu Mu.

Old Li nodded his head: “Just like young master can summon the White Nightmare by itself, young master can lock Empress Concubine Chu Xi in the first pact, and crush her as you please while summoning the second soul pact’s Evil Good Queen to fight for you. There’s no point in young master torturing it because it only listens to Empress Concubine Chu Xi and is a portion of her innate body. Instead of locking it up and burning it with soul devil flames, which will greatly decrease its power, why not just use it for yourself?” 

Old Li’s words made Chu Mu’s eyes light up. The Evil Good Queen’s innate strength was probably very strong. If he was able to bypass the defector young woman and directly control it, making it his own soul pet, this would be something good. 

Firstly, if he controlled the Evil Good Flower Queen, Empress Concubine Chu Xi’s strength would greatly weaken and he would be able to crush her in his half devil state. Secondly, a soul pet that was a flower type progenitor was extremely powerful. If it fought for him, his strength would greatly increase!  

“Yes, this indeed is not bad.” a smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. 

The Evil Good Queen didn’t hear the conversation between Old Li and Chu Mu. Only, when she saw Chu Mu smile and strangely look at her, she felt a cold sensation. 

“Mo Xie, do you have a way of separating their souls?” asked Chu Mu.

Mo Xie gave it a try and chanted an incantation.

In order to split souls, Mo Xie would have to bind one soul with Demon Fox Bind while releasing the other soul. This probably wouldn’t be too hard for the Hades Fox Noble.

However, Mo Xie discovered that there was only one soul in this body. In other words, the two souls had completely merged together, and could not be separated.

“Leave it. I’ll try.” Chu Mu had already chanted an incantation as he spoke. 

Chu Mu was naturally chanting a summoning incantation. He could already feel the Evil Good Queen’s mental fluctuations linking with his mind. He was going to try summoning the Evil Good Flower Queen alone which would probably split their souls. 

Chanting an incantation, an azure light indeed landed on the Evil Good Queen. The dense evil aura on the Evil Good Queen began to dissipate, and the blood red slowly shed away. 

The weakened Evil Good Queen could not resist Chu Mu’s mental orders at all. The petals on her body turned a holy blue, turning back to their original appearance. 

The demonic beauty and evil aura that covered her body was stripped. It seemed that Empress Concubine Chu Xi and the Evil Good Queen had some differences in character.

The Evil Good Queen at least understood how to pitifully beg Chu Mu, and understood what fear was.

However, gradually, the eyes of Empress Concubine Chu Xi, who turned into a holy goddess, were filled with stubborn anger and unwillingness! 

Chu Mu casually tossed this woman to the side. Right now he wasn’t in the mood to deal with her because he discovered that the Evil Good Queen had already been recalled into his second soul pact.

The Evil Good Flower Queen’s true appearance was an Evil Good Flower with intersecting holy blue and captivating red. When it maintained its flower bud appearance, there were lotus flowers under the flower petals. 

Chu Mu used soul remembrance to peer inside. Suddenly, the two colored flower petals opened, and a female demoness with long hair sporting two different colors appeared from within, fiercely smashing into Chu Mu’s soul pet space. 

Chu Mu’s soul pet space innately was not very sturdy. It was unable to contain a creature at the rank of the Evil Good Flower Queen. This strike caused Chu Mu to feel as if his soul was going to be smashed to pieces. 

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!”

Mo Xie instantly felt the Evil Good Queen attack the soul pet space. Before Chu Mu could chant an incantation, Mo Xie herself entered Chu Mu’s soul pets space and directly passed through several soul pacts. She domineeringly and imposingly stepped into the second soul pact!

Chu Mu was stunned. In the past, the soul pet space was very **. A soul pet of a certain soul pact could not enter another soul pact space. Yet, the small Mo Xie had unexpectedly so fiercely ignored his soul pact obstacles. With one claw, she smacked the misbehaving Evil Good Flower Queen into good behavior! 

Once the Evil Good Flower Queen started behaving properly, Chu Mu finally began to examine what the body of this flower type progenitor was like.

The Evil Good Flower Queen was a half human. The holy blue and captivating red stamens in the flower bud were intertwined together. They were connected to the long haired demoness that had just smashed into the soul pet space. 

The long haired demoness’ upper body actually looked like Empress Concubine Chu Xi, except it possessed even more of a demon aura and splendid aura. 

This was probably similar to the White Nightmare’s ability to look like its master. However, fundamentally, it was possible to determine that the Evil Good Queen was a half-demoness and half woman. 

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