Chapter 1096: Purple Emperor, Nightmare Arrives!

When her eyes got angry, fiery clouds of an angry purple color gathered in the sky.

Above the city, these clouds of flame violently surged about, covering the sky above the Evil Good Queen with flames. Occasionally, the flames would transform into flaming windstorms that tore away and burned.They would transform into millions of fire waves that smashed and burned. Amidst the purple flames, the Evil Good Queen was like a piece of weed that was continuously tossed around!

With both anger and pain, the Evil Good Queen’s voice of resentment resounded from the raging flames and reached the city.

She ostensibly didn’t only want to curse or wish evil upon just Chu Mu. Everyone who heard her devilish voice couldn’t help but shiver!

The hell flames continued to burn, turning the sky into a cauldron. The intensity of the flames wasn’t enough to burn the Evil Good Queen to death, but it was enough to make her body feel limitless burning pain. 

“You’re still in the mood to curse?” harrumphed Chu Mu.

Mo Xie naturally understood her master’s intentions, and the hell flames in the depths of her eyes grew even more fierce!

As her eyes changed, the flaming hell changed temperature. The raging flames embedded in the sky became the Evil Good Queen’s true hell. The water attribute she added to herself wasn’t of any use defensively under the hell flame’s burning. The only effect it had was that her body wouldn’t dry out. 

As the flames burned, the Evil Good Queen was on the boundary of pain. The flower armor on her body turned from a blood red color to a holy blue. Her voice gradually turned from evil curses to pitiful begging.

Seeing this fairy-like beauty from the heavens receive such hellish torture, many people showed disturbed expressions, and they felt mercy in their hearts.

At this moment, the demonically beautiful temperament of the Evil Good Queen in the purple flames seemed to completely vanish. Gradually, she turned back to the Empress Concubine. Although she wasn’t saying anything, her eyes seemed to be begging.

Fire types, towards plant world soul pets, were destruction. The Empress COncubine looked as if she could no longer bear this torturing and pleaded that Chu Mu would be more lenient. 

“Please have your Purple Emperor stop. The past events that harmed you… I… I will definitely pay you back. I also will not selfishly flee. I will do whatever you want. Just please have your Purple Emperor stop…” 

“Chu Mu, leave it. She doesn’t seem to have much more life force left.” Crown Prince Chao spoke first. 

The kind-hearted Mu Qingyi’s eyes also changed and she softly said to Chu Mu: “It’s best if you don’t torture her like this.” 

Chu Mu swept his eyes over the surrounding people and discovered that they were all showing traces of pity towards the Evil Good Queen. He couldn’t help but look up and sneer at the Evil Good Queen: “You’re still enticing the minds of others. It seems that the intensity of the flames isn’t strong enough, eh?” 

“I… I didn’t entice anyone...ahh!!!”

Before the Evil Good Queen could finish speaking, the surrounding purple flames all converged on her. Suddenly, the heat turned up and she wasn’t even able to speak!

“Chu… Chu Mu!!! Don’t fall into my hands, otherwise I will definitely… I will definitely make you beg for death!!!” the holy blue petals on the Evil Good Queen’s body turned a demonically gorgeous red color again. The anger, savagery and evil nature to her was once more exposed.

Clearly, the begging just now had been an act. But how could Chu Mu fall for it?

When Chao Lengchuan and Mu Qingyi saw the evil words of the Evil Good Queen appear once again, they were instantly stunned. Just now, they had truly believed the Evil Good Queen was on the verge of death. They never expected that when Chu Mu’s flames converged, the holy blue color turned blood red again. 

“The Evil Good Queen has a good side, and this side can easily make others believe her words. However, in truth, her good side is her terrifying side. Therefore, you can’t believe anything she says.” Chu Mu glanced at Chao Lengchuan and Mu Qingyi. 

Chao Lengchuan and Mu Qingyi nodded their heads. If Chu Mu had put away the flaming hell just now, this woman probably would have launched a counterattack!! 

“Hmm? You want to flee?” Chu Mu looked up and discovered that this woman was forcibly using a teleporting flower technique in attempts to flee from the flaming hell.

Chu Mu remembered this technique. Back in the Xiangrong City when he had fought her, she had used this technique to escape! 

This was an extremely long distance spatial jump, and she probably had to have set up a spatial array beforehand. When she wanted to change locations, she would open the spatial array and teleport from her location to the installed spatial node!

Interweaving blue and red colored evil good flowers appeared on the Evil Good Queen’s body, covering her up. This evidently wasn’t a flower defense technique, but a spatial teleportation flower to flee!

“Hu hu hu!!!!!!!”

The purple colored flames easily burned the petals to ashes. However, the Evil Good Queen’s body mysteriously vanished without a trace!

“Can you escape?” Chu Mu looked at the empty sea of flames and a smile rose on his face.

Chu Mu closed his eyes and used soul remembrance to sense.

A moment later, he opened his eyes and said: “Mo Xie, she’s hiding in Wanxiang Altar.”

Mo Xie nodded her head. Her eyes turned to the distant Wanxiang Altar. Her nine large mountainous began to move!


A wave of raging flames swept across at the same time as her nine angry purple tails. They were like nine enormous godly dragons using force to swing their tails!!


The nine tails swept through several city districts. With shocking strength, they smashed into the towering Wanxiang Altar, causing it to violently tremble. Immediately after, under everyone’s horrified gazes, it collapsed!!

“Hong hong long long long!!!!!!!!!!”

Wanxiang Altar had been established for several hundred years and was incomparably sturdy. Yet, with one powerful Nine Tail Fan, it had completely collapsed. The mighty and grand palaces sitting at the top came toppling down one after the other, smashing to pieces on the ground and creating a tall wave of dust. 

The only thing that was intact in the central city was Wanxiang Altar, which was well fortified. Added on the Evil Good Queen’s plants covering it, this enormous masterpiece would always stand. Its existence was the foundations for the Evil Good Queen’s highest throne. 

But now that it had collapsed and disintegrated, this meant that the Queen who attempted to unify everything had been completely defeated!!

The Queen’s grand palace which was situated at the very top was smashed to pieces. The Evil Good Queen which stood above Wanxiang Altar, looked dazed as everything came to a collapse. She watched her own treasured palace be smashed to pieces and looked as if she had lost her soul. Her eyes turned from a daze to vacuous! 

“Hong hong hong!!!!!!”

As the palaces shattered into different pieces, the Evil Good Queen’s vacuous eyes gradually burned with an angry flame. 

She fiercely glared at Chu Mu and her beautiful face faintly trembled. She looked like a devil woman on the verge of a breakdown and going mad. It was terrifying and cold!

From the day she stepped out of Sacred Holy Region, she wanted to conquer everything here. She had bitterly spent close to 20 years, racking her brains, and spent countless resources until experts had congregated here like clouds.

She eradicated obstacles one step at a time and hid herself for 20 years in order for the day she would eventually stand above Wanxiang Altar and look down at everyone she had conquered. Here, she would establish a new dynasty. 

She had eradicated the two great factions and unifying the two kingdoms was her first step towards founding her dynasty and it was also the most important step.

The entire process had almost completely been in the palm of her hands and everything was in front of her eyes.

However, at the very end, it was all shattered by one person’s hands. 

This person should have been insignificant. So insignificant that he wouldn’t even be able to defeat a flower demon she cultivated. Yet why was he able to stand in a realm higher than her own and crush everything she had bitterly spent 20 years creating until everything was left in fragmented pieces. 

“Beng!!!!!!” the paws burning in purple flames descended in front of her, crushed whatever was in front of her into pieces. 

The Evil Good Queen looked up and looked at the Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor.    

The owner of this nightmare was in front of her right now. Mo Xie was undoubtedly her most terrifying nightmare. When she saw the undying species of legend standing in front of her, amidst her extreme anger was a sliver of feeling that made her shiver. 

A chant was in Mo Xie’s mouth and the cloak of silver fur she was wearing began to dance!

A silver streak of light shot across the dawnbreaking sky and intersected behind Mo Xie before finally forming a thread-like fox imprint!     

The fox imprint gradually floated into the air and the silver color began to coil around the Evil Good Queen!

The silver thread wasn’t a bind. Instead, it coiled around the Evil Good Queen before slowly melding into her body!

The Evil Good Queen wanted to resist, but in her weakened state, she didn’t have much strength to shatter the demon fox bind that had already bound her soul. 

After this technique was used, Mo Xie turned around and looked at Chu Mu who was slowly walking over.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~” Mo Xie gave a cry towards Chu Mu, and her body slowly shrank within the purple flames.

"Hades, you’re a creature that has transcended death. This human will forever be stuck at the ninth remembrance spirit emperor rank. His life force is at most 300 years. He is weak, ignorant and laughable. As a demon fox supreme noble, how can you be the servant of a human like this?” The Evil Good Queen knew she couldn’t defeat the Purple Emperor. However, she was still unwilling to be defeated like this, and began to provoke Mo Xie and Chu Mu.  

Hades’ strength already greatly surpassed Chu Mu’s. The Evil Good Queen knew that the soul pact didn’t have much binding effect anymore on the Hades Fox Noble. All creatures innately strived towards even more powerful domains. A soul pact signed between a truly powerful soul pet and a human would only be the initial period of time for the soul pet. The Evil Good Queen believed that any high ranking species had its own innate soul pride and this fox noble could definitely defect! 

“Even if you speak until your mouth dries, you won’t be able to move her.” Chu Mu slowly walked forward and stretched out his hand, caressing Mo Xie who had transformed into a Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor. 

If Mo Xie wanted to defect, she could have turned around and left back then at the demon home when he was also weak. 

Any soul pet could defect, but Chu Mu didn’t believe that Mo Xie would defect.

This was a mutual camaraderie that didn’t need a reason. It was something a woman whose mind was full of conquering and schemes would never understand.

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