Chapter 1095: Trample Her and Her Arrogance

Evil Good Queen flew into a rage out of humiliation. Slowly creating a flower chain in her right hand, she whipped it heavily towards the nine tail prison to try to break Mo Xie’s tail.

The flower chains were powerful, creating bloody ripples in the entirety of inner city and even reaching outer city.

However, no matter how the flower chain rippled through the city, the Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor’s tails were unmoving. In fact, burning hell flames started burning within the entire prison.

Like dragons and phoenixes flying, the entire prison was now a terrifying prison. Hellfire burned the Evil Queen that wished to dominate all!

The Evil Good Queen’s flower chains were easily destroyed. She bit her lips in pain, but was too stubborn to let out a single whimper!

The woman seemed ready to endure the burn as long as it took; her determination was truly impressive! 

Mo Xie and hellfire was endless, but even so, there was a slight pause. The Evil Good Queen was incredibly calm, picking out this time while being burned. Her jade-like feet quickly stepped out a magnificent pattern, creating flowers that allowed her to forcefully pass through the flames between Mo Xie’s tails!


The flame screen was forcefully breached. Evil Good Queen’s cold pupils glanced and said, “I will snap all your tails!!”

With a cold voice, evil good queen’s body floated up and into the night sky.

Her eyes were like two evil crescents in the dark night, causing everything in this world to dim out, including the golden dawn!!

The world fell into complete darkness, leaving only Evil Good Queen’s pupils of good and evil lit, watching over all the weak of the earth!

“Don’t look up, it's her mental technique!” Chu Mu used mental voice to say to everyone.

With these two eyes, she could charm the entire human race. Other than the spirit dominator rank Liu Binglan, anyone else would fall for the illusion web she set up!

“You think you can be spared just by not looking?” Evli Good Queen’s angry voice came from above, heavily pressuring everyone’s heart.

The air was filled with thick pollen, as a blow from Evil Good Queen’s quickly spread it throughout the city!

“A flower is good and evil. It is in human natures to be’ good and evil. Whether its good or evil, nothing can escape my control!!” Evil Good Queen’s voice passed through the entire city.

Chu Mu suddenly turned around to find the five diagram sacred kings’ pupils to have become emptiness, as if their souls were taken.

Not only the five diagram sacred kings, Bai Yu’s Icy Pupil Unicorn, Mu Qingyi’s good Crown Phoenix King, Chao Lengchuan’s good Thousand Wave Beast. Other than Chu Mu and Liu Binglan’s soul pets, every other dominator rank fell into the illusion!!

“Block it!” Evil Good Queen’s command came down from the skies. She had seen the powerful Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor leap into the sky!

After the queen gave a command, nine low dominator rank soul pets floated upwards apathetically and pounced towards Mo Xie!!

Nine dominator ranks almost simultaneously cast techniques. Different color yet powerful dominator rank techniques formed an energy storm that filled Mo Xie’s sky!

Mo Xie paused in the air, stomping down with her purple flaming paws, creating an energy ripple that slammed into the nine dominator rank organisms’ storm!!


The sky groaned with the destruction, twisting and collapsing from the energy collision.

In the chaotic air, nine mentally controlled dominator ranks seemed out of their minds. Before their techniques even dissipated, they had already dashed towards the Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor as their eyes were filled with an unfound grudge!

Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor watched these dominator ranks and their eyes became imposing.

Its purple handsome figure disappeared in place. One could only see a light shadow flit through the nine dominator rank soul pets followed by nine tails flying through!!

“Pa!! Pa!!!! Pa!!!!!!!!!”

Nine tails, each slapped a dominator rank. Even if the domiantor ranks tried to dodge, they would still get slapped, falling from the skies one after another!

Chao Lengchuan, Mu Qingyi, Bai Yu and even chief hero Yuan Sui saw the nine dominator ranks all fall onto the ground and momentarily lost focus.

With the Slaughter Beast and Evil Good Queen in comparison, they knew deeply the power of Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor. However, they had never expected it to be this powerful, able to easily slap nine dominator ranks onto the ground!

Evil Good Queen’s expression clearly changed. Her evil pupils suddenly looked to another side where the three palace members stood!

The charming lips again blew out a gust. This time, it reached further, shrouding almost all of the three palace elites and military.

Chu Mu turned around to glance at the area that suddenly showed commotion. Clearly, being even lower level than them, they couldn’t block Evil Good Queen’s mental technique!

At this time, the dominator rank soul pets that Mo Xie swept down were starting to get back up. Under the effect of flower pollen and mental stimulation, they stood up and continued to obey, despite their worn bodies.

Bai Yu was mentally tired from continuous battling and no longer had the soul power to stop this control, or even retract his soul pets. He could only watch as their soul pets leaped towards the Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor.

Far away, the commotion grew more frequent because the evil queen was causing the world to fall into chaos!!

“Unless you kill them all, they will continue to fight for me!!” Evil Good Queen knew that, head on, she couldn’t compete against the Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor, so instead she thought of this wicked plot.

The people she controlled were all three palace people. With Mo Xie’s current strength, killing them indeed wouldn’t be hard, but how different was that from defeat?

“Wanting to ruin our people even now, you think you’re the only one with a mental technique?” Chu Mu laughed coldly.

Chu Mu knew Mo Xie’s type too well. Of her three types, she had demon type who controlled mental energy!

“Mo Xie, use a mental attack at her directly!” Chu Mu gave Mo Xie a command.

Mo Xie nodded, their purple pupils glinting with a demonic glint!!   

Demon light blossomed. If the Evil Good Queen’s pupils were evil crescents, then Mo Xie’s burning eyes were the burning purple sun!

The dark world suddenly glowed with ten thousand rays of light. Dark purple burned within the flaming pupils that also hung in the skies, looking down on all the organisms in this place, as well as the ambitious queen that dreams of controlling everything!

With dazzling rays, they became ten thousand mental swords that stabbed towards Evil Good Queen’s mental world!!

The thick flower pollen dissipated in the hot purple glow as the thick dark world was also dispersed. All the controlling soul pets woke up like waking up from a dream, staring dazed at the purple flaming pupil.


The shrill screams echoed through the skies. This scream woke up all the lost soul pets immediately.

Lifting their heads, countless people found the beautiful queen on the clouds clutching at her hair with a pale face, painfully screaming!!

Facing the direct mental attack, Evil Good Queen could no longer control anyone else. Chu Mu looked at the woman get pierced by thousand blades. Even if this pain passed straight through to his own mental world, CHu Mu felt a perverse sense of satisfaction!

Full of ambition, always at the top, her twisted mind filled with ambition should get a taste of this torture more often. How else would she know what its like to destroy other people’s minds and step upon other peoples’ dignity!

Chu Mu didn’t show any pity, giving Mo Xie another command.

Mo Xie’s two flaming pupils grew even brighter as the swords stabbed deeper. This pain was like piercing straight through her soul!

“Chu Mu!!! I….. I…… I will not let you off easily!!!” Evil Good Queen screamed, her voice filled with the most terrifying anger!

“Don’t act like you’ve been very lenient towards me either. Starting from when you took up two of my soul pacts and betrayed me, you already pushed me towards the deepest abyss. Now that I’ve climbed out, bloody footprnt on eafter another, this mental torture is nothing. How dare you have the nerve to roar at me?” Chu Mu humphed.

No one could understand just how much Chu Mu wanted to become a soul pet trainer. This betrayal that nearly caused him to lose that dream completely took away more than his negligible dignity but also the soul pet trainer dream in his heart!

So, when Chu Mu finally stepped into spirit soldier between ten and fifteen years old, and could summon soul pets and step back onto the path of soul pet trainer, the first goal Chu Mu set for himself was to find the person that nearly destroyed it all and trample her and her pride!!

Chu Mu had truly waited too long for this day!

From what Chu Mu saw, the tiny bit of torture he caused to Evil Good Queen was nothing compared to the mental trauma he had suffered!

“Dominate an empire, create a new dynasty, plotting countlessly, yes, you did well in all of that. You almost had it too, but having it instantly destroyed and sent into a nightmarish scenario…… how does that feel? Evil Good Queen, heng, don’t you know about how the evil always pay?” Chu Mu had been silent for too long and rarely ranted, but finally he got to spew his heart’s content!

“As long as I don’t die, I will make you pay this price in blood!!” Evil Good Queen’s shaking voice came.

“Die? You think too much. Our bloody grudge is far worse than that, you think I would let you off that easily? Don't worry, this is just the start….’ Chu Mu smiled evilly.

Glancing at Mo Xie, he signaled for Mo Xie to light some fire for her again. This woman hated flames the most, so he wanted to give it to her. After all, Chu Mu knew that this woman wasn’t so easily defeated. While Mo Xie could still keep her mentally suppressed, he should torture her a few more times!

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