Chapter 1094: Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor!

When he signed with Mo Xie, she was still servant rank Moonlight Fox. Having experienced Evil Flame Six tail Demon Fox, Royal Flame Nine tail Inferno Fox, Seven Sin Fox Inferno Monarch, Forgiven Fox, and this time, Mo Xie has had five species mutations!

There was no organism in this world that can species mutate five times!

Ling Chan had a lost expression as he gazed at Mo Xie. He finally knew why he couldn’t find the organism.

He subconsciously thought that it would be an organism with extremely high species rank. He never would’ve guessed that its initial phase was as low as servant rank, nor could he predict it would slowly species mutate until it could destroy his slaughter beast in one hit!

“Yellow Spring, Hades, Inferno, Underworld, Limbo......” Evil Good Queen seemed to already know what the organism was, muttering a phrase no one understood as her expression grew grave!

“So this woman knows.” Rubbing his whiskers, Old Li was surprised, and looked over at Evil Good Queen.

Bai Yu, Chao Lengchuan, Mu Qingyi, and Liu Binglan were all confused. The words that Evil Good Queen had just said were all related to death, so why was she using them to describe this purple flame fox emperor!

Old Li knew that, including Chu Mu, no one knew why Mo Xie was mutating species, so he explained, “Legend says that at the peak of power, one can supercede life and death.”

“The amount of organisms that can reach this point in the world was very few. Only a few species that truly defy the natural order have stepped into this Undead rank, so they were named “Yellow Spring, Hades, Inferno, Underworld, and Limbo”. Legend says one is a demon fox, while Underworld is a water unicorn.”

“Now, we can be sure that Hades is the demon fox, since the raging purple Hell Flames are the best evidence!” Old Li said.

Old Li’s legends were things no one has ever heard of- not even the most scholarly and elderly ones hadunderstood!

However, with both Evil Good Queen and Old Li speaking up at the same time, they had to believe that there really were organisms that truly could be undead!   

“Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor, I think this organism’s full name should be that.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu turned around to glance at Old Li and slowly repeated, “Called Hades, named Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor!”

The name alone sounded dominating. How many soul pets in the entire soul pet world had unique names?

“Purple emperor, very well.” Chu Mu smiled, eyes glowing as he glanced back at Evil Good Queen, “Looks like your dream is about to shatter!”

Evil Good Queen’s face became sullen. She couldn’t believe a ridiculous thing like species mutation would happen now.

This reminded Evil Good Queen that back in Immortal City, this seven sin foxes’ mutation had interrupted her plans, or else Tianxia City would already be hers!

“Hades? Your fox is still far from the real ‘Hades’!” Evil Good Queen roared as two beautiful evil good flowers blossomed below her.

Evil Good flowers were split between good and evil. The sacred blue was pure and holy while the crimson was evil and demonically charming. Two flowers of different qualities bloomed, causing petals to scatter into the air. The noble and charming petals all hid killing intent that could even rip souls apart!!

The sacred blue and crimson flowers flew across the Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor’s sides!

The very space was instantly cut into countless pieces as the sky seemed to fracture!    

If it could even cut space open, what was some mere flesh? The Evil Good Queen’s flower petals kept expanding as larger regions of space were quartered.

If a tiny petal touched one, even a dominator rank would instantly die. Mu Qingyi and Liu Binglan, who were nearby, quickly backed off.

“Mo Xie!” Chu Mu knew very clearly how terrible these petals were. Though he could cut space, he couldn’t cut it nearly to the degree the woman’s petals were!

Mo Xie’s gaze focused, causing her pupils to come ablaze. Using her mind, she created an angry purple flame screen!

All the petals that were about to reach Liu Binglan and Mu Qingyi were ignited by the purple Hell Flames!


The flower petals were instantly ashened. The string of shattering space also stopped where the screen was!

Evil Good Queen humphed, and suddenly gathered all the petals around Mo Xie!!

“Shua!!! Shua!!!! Shua!!!!!!!”

Above Mo Xie, the space had already become a chaotic space ravaged by winds. Below her, the ground had already disappeared.

Yet, the flower petals floated through the chaos, frenziedly ripping at Mo Xie’s body.


Mo Xie lifted her head, and let out a dignified call.

Her noble fur started lifting as the silver mane around its shoulders lifted up. Immediately brilliant hell flames rolled outwards from Mo Xie, looking like hundreds of dragons roaring outwards!

The purple hell flames were incredibly dominant. All the millions of petals were burned clean by the flames!!

The angry purple took over the entire space, dispelling even the spatial storms.


Suddenly, Mo Xie’s four limbs stepped upon the already shattered space and sent all the flames in the sky spiralling downwards!!

Angry purple flames were like the demon aura before. It created a massive heavenly fox shadow in the mottled sky. With a wild roar, it dived with destructive force towards the Evil Good Queen!!

A mere shadow causing the entire sky to collapse. The purple flames blossomed in the mortal world, causing the hundred thousand flower demon army to disintegrate before it even neared Evil Good Queen!!

Mountainous tail, sky covering body, the angry purple flames surpassed all techniques. It was like god sending down divine judgement!!


Finally, the purple heavenly fox stamped down heavily. The Evil Good Queen’s sacred blue and crimson split body was completely covered by this world destroying flame!

Purple flames caused the entire city to become hell!!

Even more flower demons perished under this technique while all the nightmare species were perfectly fine.

The sea-like blood red plants instantly cleared out an entire region. Where the hell flames were most dense, it was already a hell. No one could look at it but the destructive force that spread outwards signified just how powerful this technique was. If it landed on a large group of pseudo dominator ranks, they would still all get instantly killed!


Hell flames still burned within the space and city. Within the purple flames, one could see the woman that suffered the largest blow slowly appear within the flames!

Her alluring body was especially enchanting, full of absolute charm. However, her angel like face was pale and frigid, her gaze staring with raging killing intent.

Sacred blue and crimson flower armors were already burnt, but she didn’t care at all. Her hands grew an angry flower diagram within the hell flames!

The diagram was made only of a few strokes but it was the source of an unending growth of flower vines, branches, and leaves.

The rampant growth spread extremely quickly. Even the worst spatial storms could be home to new leaves. Instantly, the leaves took over all the hell flames, causing the city to become a flower empire!

Mo Xie didn’t let her have any time to cast her territory. Her body suddenly turned completely purple, as she opened up to dash towards the Evil Good Queen!!

Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor was many times faster than even the Slaughter Beast. Even Chu Mu included couldn’t even catch a glimpse of Mo Xie’s shadow, let alone see her actual actions.

This speed was no longer running -- it was straight up teleportation!!

The flower vines connected to become a plant python, covering the sky in their writhing dense masses with no space at all.

This scene reminded Mu Qingyi of the sky devouring plant esophagus made by devil trees in the Ancient Wasteland.

Clearly, this Evil Good Queen’s plant territory was far beyond the million devil tree army’s. This was a plant calamity that made escape feel futile.

What caused Mu Qingyi even more shock was how the Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor went right up against the shocking plant esophagus. Its agile body could run easily through the plants with absolutely no gaps between them, not losing any speed!!


The Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor suddenly called out. One could see streaks of hell flames appear like comets within the dark plant esophagus.


This plant territory had millions of layers, yet when the purple passed through, they all split apart, clearing a way towards the Evil Good Queen at the very back!!

Evil Good Queen stared shocked at this attack, and very frantically cast Flower Shadow Dodge!!

Breaking through millions of plants, the claw was still terrifying. Even with a dodge, Evil Good Queen suffered a deep claw on her arm!!

The entire plant army seemed to be just soothing grass, creating no obstruction for the purple Mo Xie to appear in front of the Evil Good Queen!

Its nine shocking tails opened up and stabbed into the ground from above, creating a nine pillared cell that locked Evil Good Queen inside!

Evil Good Queen was about to escape between the tails, but angry purple flames immediately closed up all gaps, causing the nine tail heavenly cell to blow up into flames!!

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