Chapter 1093: Species Mutation, Fox Emperor’s Anger!

In the angry purple flames, the disintegrated silver fur and beautiful meteor began to merge.

The first thing to appear were nine demon tails. The angry purple flames were like nine wild dragons that danced about, extending from the holy palace to Wanxiang Altar!

When the long tails appeared, although they were not as large or meandering as the ones that appeared in the outline, their grandeur was not any less!

The enormous tails would occupy an entire street while extended, coil around angry purple flames or wave around in the windy air. Each tail gave others a limitless feeling; it was far more soul shocking than the outline they saw in the demon aura.

When the tails were extended, the surrounding ruins would be swept aside, leaving a stunning gulch in the ground. It was as if some enormous creature had rampaged through.

“Wu wu wu wu wu wu!!!!!!”

The majestic cry that rang out awoke everyone from their reverie. Their eyes shifted once more to the ball of angry purple flames. They discovered that a body filled with power, ferocity, a demonic nature and fire had appeared!

Grand silver fur fluttered in the angry purple flames. Majestic, domineering, powerful and slender four limbs were standing on the ground. It seemed like this territory had been conquered. 

On the arm and neck, protrusions had appeared in the bone structure, making the silver fur between the two shoulder bones especially prominent. When the fur was fluttering, it was like a king of pure silver was wearing the wind attribute on its body, accentuating an incomparable power!

In the pair of eyes that were as profound as the horizon, a raging flame was burning like the sun. Others could not look straight at it!!   

The angry purple flames that burned all over represented this creature’s solely supreme side!

Seeing Mo Xie’s transformation, Chu Mu was equally shocked. He had never expected that Mo Xie’s mutation this time would be so imposing and tyrannical!!

When Mo Xie had mutated from the Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox to the Seven Sins Fox, Chu Mu had at least heard of the Seven Sins Fox legend from Chu Tianmang.

However, Mo Xie’s present mutation had clearly surpassed the knowledge in the human realm. It was a creature that had probably never been recorded. It was like the middle and upper class foxes that had never appeared in human territory that Old Han had spoken of. 

“What creature dares to act so unbridled in front of me!” the Evil Good Queen’s anger soared!

The Evil Good Queen was the progenitor of the flower species. Her species rank was stunning, and her current strength was enough to look down on all the creatures here. 

However, she never expected that the Seven Sins Fox would suddenly transform into a creature with an extremely high rank. Its stunning power caused an uneasy feeling to well up in the Evil Good Queen’s heart again!

“Huo!!!! Huo!!!!!!!”

The Evil Slaughter Beast seemingly sensed its new master’s anger, and suddenly gave Mo Xie a roar!!

Evil energy coiled around its entire body, and the Slaughter Beast’s vacuous eyes turned incomparably savage. 

Suddenly, the Evil Slaughter Beast launched an attack. This ferocious monster ran straight at Mo Xie, its ghastly bone blades all standing up!!


Its roar was terrifying. The enormous ground filled with ruins suddenly protruded with ghastly white bones. Each bone reached the halfway height point of Wanxiang Altar!!

This bone forest trapped Mo Xie inside while the Slaughter Beast’s nefarious body passed through the enormous bones. Using its sharpest bone claws, it slashed at Mo Xie who was unable to dodge. 

Nobody was able to clearly see the Evil Slaughter Beast’s movements clearly. As they were shocked, the Slaughter Beast reached Mo Xie, who had transformed into a purple flame fox emperor!! 

With the bone forest’s existence, the purple flame demon fox was unable to dodge. Seeing the bone claw that was able to easily pierce the Thousand Wave Beast’s body fall on Mo Xie, everyone’s heart stood on end!

At such a close distance, could it still dodge? 

Angry purple flames continued to flicker. Mo Xie’s pair of cold and aloof eyes stared at the Evil Slaughter Beast. Her body didn’t move at all, nor did her eyes change. 


Suddenly, the enormous bone pike behind Mo Xie snapped.

Everyone felt something rapidly sweep behind Chu Mu. It was this sweep that had snapped the sharp and durable bone peaks that extended from Mo Xie’s back to her side!


The second horrifying sound rang out immediately after. Before anyone understood why the bone peaks snapped, all of the bone blades on the Slaughter Beast’s body suddenly snapped!!

The Slaughter Beast’s attack practically came to a halt a hundred meters in front of Mo Xie. Its body seemed to have been struck by some force as its body began to seriously warp. The sounds of bones cracking could be heard!!

“Da da da~~~~~”

The bone blades transformed into splinters and fell in front of Mo Xie.On the other hand, the Evil Slaughter Beast’s body flew to the side in a deformed state. It transformed into a black light that flew off into an extremely far distance at a speed that was even faster than its running speed!!

“Hong hong hong hong~~~~~~~~~”

The piles of ruins were knocked to smithereens. It was unknown how many times the Evil Slaughter Beast crashed into something as it flew from the middle city to the inner city. It knocked down the inner city walls before destroying countless city districts and finally landing between the middle and outer city!! 

The three city areas of Wanxiang City, inner, middle and outer, were extremely large. Yet the Evil Slaughter Beast had flown through two of them!!

In the distance, an enormous balloon of dust rose up. Nobody could see where the Slaughter Beast had landed, but their eyes followed the long stretch of ruins through tiny streets and city districts to see the enormous balloon of dust in the distance!!

Even now, nobody understood why the Evil Slaughter Beast’s bone blades had shattered nor why its body had mysteriously been smashed somewhere so far away. It wasn’t until everyone discovered a tail burning with angry purple flames hovering in front of Mo Xie that they understood. 

“Could… could a single tail have knocked the Evil Slaughter Beast flying?” asked Chao Lengchuan, stunned. 

The Evil Slaughter Beast’s strength was undisputed. Even after the Eight Diagrams combined forces, they were only able to barely obtain a wretched victory. Although the present Slaughter Beast’s fighting strength was depleted and not as powerful, it was still a middle class dominator. Despite being weaker, it should not have been deposed of with a single tail strike!

“Is this…” Mu Qingyi looked, with eyes full of shock, at Mo Xie whose body was aflame with angry purple flames. 

“Species mutation. This is a species mutation!!” blurted out Bai Yu. Even this half devil couldn’t believe the situation in front of him! 

Species mutation? A creature at the paragon emperor rank had undergone species mutation?? 

Species mutation was inherently extremely rare. Among millions of creatures, probably only one would have a mutated bloodline and it would also have to undergo some form of stimulation in order for this species change that defied natural laws to occur. 

The number of soul pets in this world were hard to describe. There would ultimately be creatures who mutated, but most of them were between the servant and monarch ranks. Creatures that species mutated at the emperor rank or higher were practically a fantasy!

However, at this moment, they were witnessing one of these fantasies as they watched a creature that had just mutated species annihilate the terrifying Slaughter Beast with one tail! 

How strong did it have to be to accomplish this? 

Species mutation was a rank advancement or evolution. Nor was it a strength increase. Instead, it was a crossing of an entire rank!!

If normal logic was followed, if a paragon emperor crossed a rank, wouldn’t it reach the peak of the dominator rank?? 

The middle class dominator rank Slaughter Beast was already capable of sweeping through all of the dominator rank experts in the human realm while the Evil Good Queen with slightly higher strength was able to rule over everything. Then what exactly was a peak dominator rank creature?? 

This surpassed everyone’s imagination, and the power involved could not be described!!

“It probably hasn’t reached the peak dominator rank, right?” a while later, Liu Binglan who had the highest soul remembrance muttered out of shock. 

A true peak dominator could probably annihilate an entire city with a single breath. This species mutated demon fox definitely could not have reached the peak dominator rank. Moreover, most importantly, spirit emperor rank humans could not control a soul pet of this rank!

“In theory, it is a peak dominator, but it also isn’t.” Old Li’s eyes flashed as he spoke. 

Old Li naturally knew of the abnormal nature of Chu Mu’s small fox. He stroked his silver beard. Each time everyone was confused and he knew the answer, he would always show this unrestrained gesture of pride! 

Of course, it didn’t matter how proud he was. Towards Mo Xie’s species mutation this time, Old Li was incredibly shocked.

This small fox had truly continued to mutate up. This greatly defied natural laws!

“This fox… this fox…” Alliance Master Ling Chan, who had practically become a cripple, pointed at Mo Xie, and seemed to have finally thought of something. 

However, no matter how long he stuttered, he was unable to spit the words out!!

Seeing Ling Chan’s appearance, Chu Mu couldn’t help but laugh. He said: “It seems that you’ve thought of something. I’ll give you a hint: that soul pet egg taken away by the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon…” 

Chu Mu’s words caused Alliance Master Ling Chan who had already been reduced to a stray dog violently tremble!! 

“It… it truly is the soul pet that hatched from that egg??” the shock on Ling Chan’s face couldn’t be any more. 

In truth, Ling Chan didn’t know where the significance of that egg lay! 

It wasn’t until he finally saw the Seven Sins Fox mutate into an unheard of purple flame fox noble that he abruptly realized that the soul pet egg was a genuine and absolute treasure!!!

“If you carefully investigate this, you will discover that a few years ago when I was in Tianxia City, it actually wasn’t a Seven Sins Fox, but a Royal Flame Nine Tailed Inferno Fox!” Chu Mu’s tone was calm as he spoke.

“You… you’re saying that it mutated twice??” Ling Chan asked in shock. 

But as Ling Chan thought harder, he abruptly realized something.

It ostensibly didn’t only species mutate twice!! 

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