Chapter 1092: Big Empty Sky, Incomplete Heavenly Fox Image

Was Chu Mu really going to use the Forgiven Seven Sins Fox Inferno monarch to fight the Evil Good Queen?

Right now the Evil Good Queen was even stronger than the Slaughter Beast while Chu Mu’s Seven Sins Fox was only a paragon emperor. Such a soul pet would not be able to enter a fight between dominators. 

Bai Yu, Chao Lengchuan, Mu Qingyi and Liu Binglan looked at Chu Mu with confusion.

“You’ve gone mad. The Queen is already willing to recruit you all. Don’t be so stubborn and recognize the situation you’re in now!!” Hero Chief Yuan Sui swept his eyes over Chu Mu and coldly sneered.

Chu Mu ignored Hero Chief Yuan Sui, and stared coldly at the Evil Good Queen.

The smile on the Evil Good Queen’s face gradually turned cold as she saw Chu Mu’s eyes and the Seven Sins Fox’s angry stare. She really didn’t like Chu Mu’s expression right now. 

This fellow had clearly suffered a total defeat, yet was still acting like he was full of fighting spirit. Just as Yuan Sui had said, he had gone mad beyond cure.

“There will always be people full of arrogance, unwilling to give up, who will ultimately die an insignificant death with their meaningless pride. You’re willing to use your life to fight an undefeatable opponent, yet you refuse to surrender and serve? Chu Mu, while you are full of fighting spirit, please use your soul remembrance to clearly see my current strength. Then compare it to your Seven Sins Fox. I’m sure you will tell me that the strength gap isn’t just one or two levels!” 

The Evil Good Queen had her own level of patience. In her opinion, her willingness to forgive everything in the past and allow Chu Mu to serve her, without harm, was already an extremely enormous blessing to him!

“I’ll remember those words.” Chu Mu cracked a more dead than alive smile. 

This smile made the Evil Good Queen even more angry. This fellow was treating it as if she was talking nonsense. But if that was the case, then she could only get rid of him!

“Since you feel your small fox is very strong, I will take control of it first, and then use your adorable pet’s claws to rip you apart!” mercilessly said the Evil Good Queen.

The moment her voice faded, she began chanting an incantation. 

It was still two insignificant-looking flower roots that slowly stretched out. They were difficult to dodge and coiled around Mo Xie’s body.

There were numerous densely packed poison needles on the flower roots. These poison needles could easily rip apart any creature’s armor and imbue poison into the creature’s blood. 

When the poison infected the whole body, the poison would slowly infect the soul, transferring control over the soul out of the body.   

The captivating red flames on Mo Xie’s silver white fur slowly shed, revealing her silver and white, elegant and noble figure. 

The flower poison had already entered her blood, yet she seemed indifferent, just standing there. Her two eyes that were perpetually changing color remained fixated on the Evil Good Queen.

The Evil Good Queen contemptuously laughed. The Evil Good Queen was able to control even a middle class dominator rank Slaughter Beast. Why wouldn’t she be able to control a paragon emperor?! 

“Flower Soul Control!” the Evil Good Queen coldly recited the technique’s name. A grey soul imprint mysteriously appeared on her head!

This soul imprint could control the bodies and souls of creatures whose body had been infected by the flower poison. It was similar to a soul pet trainer’s soul pact!

The Evil Good Queen felt the flower soul imprint appear on her forehead, and couldn’t help but smile.

It seemed that the uneasy feeling earlier was just her overthinking things. This Seven Sins Fox was merely a paragon emperor and had been so easily controlled by her. 

The Evil Good Queen glanced at the Seven Sins Fox’s eyes. The Seven Sins Fox’s silver eyes no longer had flames in them. Instead, they were a vacuous black color, meaning that the Flower Soul Control technique had succeeded.

“Little Sins Fox, make that person shed a bit more blood.” said the Evil Good Queen. The flower roots retreated from Mo Xie’s body and she gave Mo Xie an order. 

Mo Xie quietly stood there. Although her eyes were a vacuous black, they were still fixated on the Evil Good Queen. Aside from her silver fur fluttering in the wind, there weren’t any other signs of movement.

“Go kill your master!” the Evil Good Queen’s tone turned hard!

The Evil Good Queen’s words finally made Mo Xie move.

Mo Xie stepped forward, but was unexpectedly moving towards the Evil Good Queen!

“Idiot, I told you to kill him!” the Evil Good Queen suddenly angrily pointed at Chu Mu.

Towards the Evil Good Queen’s orders, Mo Xie didn’t react. She continued to walk forward with apathetic eyes towards the Evil Good Queen!

In her black vacuous eyes, a strand of mighty angry purple flames continued to burn at the very depths of the eyes. As Mo Xie stepped forward, the purple flames turned even more colorful and intense.

The angry purple flames seemed like they were going to jump out of her eyes. Mo Xie’s eyes lost their vacuousness, now resembling the unflinching gaze of an arrogant noble.

The Evil Good Queen was stunned. The flower soul imprint had clearly manifested, and her eyes had visibly changed. Yet, why wasn’t this Seven Sins Fox listening to her orders? Why was it still emitting a terrifying aura and walking towards her?! 

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

The mighty angry purple in Mo Xie’s eyes had at some point begun to slowly cover her unblemished silver fur. 

The mighty purple flame first appeared on her claws. With the step she just took, she left a deep purple flame imprint in the ground. 

From a captivating red to angry purple, the color of the flame was ostensibly unexplainable. However, everyone discovered that Mo Xie’s body was changing as she was wrapped by the angry purple flame!

This change was extremely strange. It was impossible to tell whether it was her muscle strength growing more powerful or her body becoming more nimble. Or perhaps the true change didn’t lie here; instead, she was now covered in an omnipresent and heavenly, enormous demonic aura!

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!”

Suddenly, the mighty angry purple flames shot up. Mo Xie’s silver body was burned by the angry purple flames to ashes!!

Mu Qingyi looked absentmindedly at mysteriously burning angry purple flame. The moment she saw Mo Xie vanish into ashes, she abruptly had a feeling of familiarity!!

Nirvana rebirth!

Turning into ashes amidst flames and undergoing nirvana rebirth in the flames. Wasn’t this the unique characteristic of a phoenix before it was reborn? 

However, how could the demon fox species possess the nirvana rebirth ability? It definitely was not undergoing rebirth in fire, nor undergoing nirvana in fire! 

The reserved and diffused demonic aura above the angry purple flames suddenly changed!

As everyone discovered this strange phenomenon, when they looked up, they suddenly saw that the demonic aura had unknowingly drawn the outline of a creature in the air like a soul. 

The first part of the outline to appear was the creature’s tail and when everyone saw the outline of the tail, they were so shocked they couldn’t speak! 

Although it was an incomplete image in the form of demonic fog, they could clearly see that this creature’s beautiful and enormous tails that meandered like a mountain range! 

The outline of the nine tails gave people the impression that they were standing at the foot of a mountain and looking up at the meandering mountainback of a mountain range in the clouds. 

There were a total of nine of these meandering, long tails. Nobody could tell where they extended from or where they were extending to. The majesty and beauty could not be described by words!!

It was incredibly difficult to believe because this enormous image was only of the creature’s tail!

Everyone was shocked for a long while before they finally noticed that the rest of the outline of the creature in the torrential demon aura was slowly appearing!

The demon aura merely gave a hazy outline. The body of this creature was thus being drawn with a few strokes.

These few strokes happened to outline its shoulders, back, waist, and butt. If they were looked at individually, perhaps there would be no difference with cloud lines. Yet, when the nine faintly discernible and snaking, long tails were looked at together, this body could only be described as beautiful and shocking!

The shape of the body was perfect, yet it still exuded a shocking powerfulness to it!!

To take a comparison, the Seven Sins Fox’s body was extremely perfect, but was more soft and elegant. On the other hand, the perfection of this enormous demon fox was filled with even more stunning power than the Thousand Wave Beast. It had a more tyrannical nature and savagery than the Slaughter Beast. Comparing the two foxes, the demonic and aloof nature of the demon fox species was even more present on this body!! 

It was but a rough outline, but it still gave an intense shock to the hearts of others. Was there a creature in this world more powerful and perfect? 

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!!!”

“Wu wu wu wu wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!”

The demon fox’s heavenly cry; the wind and clouds began to change!

The demon aura that pervaded the air transformed into a cyclone that violently pressed down on the entire city filled with smoke!!

Regardless if it was a fight between humans or soul pets, the millions of life forms in the city came to a sudden halt when the demon aura assailed the city!! 

The stunning power made the millions of life forms in the entire city feel extremely insignificant. They felt like they were a group of people dripping in blood and engaging in slaughter when they suddenly looked back and saw the godly spirit of death standing behind them as if they were laughable. As long as this godly spirit wanted to, it could take away all of their lives! 

The demon aura stunned the entire city into silence and stunned all of the people whose eyes were red with killing into abruptly realizing how childish and laughable their actions were!!

Genuine strength wasn’t defeating everyone but making everyone deeply feel how insignificant they were!


“What… what on earth is this…” the elders and senior elders from the Three Great Palaces were stunned!

“Does such a strong demon fox species exist in this world?” 

From their knowledge, the creatures with the strongest species ranks in human territory were the Thousand Wave Beast, Crown Phoenix King, Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake, Slaughter Beast etc. No books had ever recorded a creature with a species rank higher than them. 

However, the incomplete image that had manifested in the sky had completely overturned their understandings and deep-rooted theories! 

Even if they didn’t see what it truly looked like, they believed firmly that this was a supreme king with strength that surpassed the Thousand Wave Beast, had more affinity with fire than the Crown Phoenix King and had a savagery that suppressed the Slaughter Beast!! 

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