Chapter 1091: Loss on Both Sides, Final Ambition

Evil Good Queen floated down from the Wanxiang Altar. Beside her were two flower roots. These two roots suddenly latched onto Son of Heaven Wu Kuang’s Icy Death King and Hero Aide’s Steel Eagle King.

“Female Emperor, this is…..” Wu Kuang and Lian Yan both looked at the queen with confusion.

Icy Death King and Steel Eagle King were both dominator rank, but they were like kids in front of the Evil Good Queen, easily lifted up.

Evil Good Queen didn’t speak, simply glancing at Mu Qingyi not far away and said, “I already told you, I remain neutral.”

Mu Qingyi watched this terrifying queen gravely. She didn’t know why the woman suddenly said this.

Yet, she was stunned when she saw Icy Death King and Steel Eagle King fall into pieces under the strangling of the two roots!

The two dominator ranks- one became a heap of ice chunks while the other became a heap of flesh. The roots around them didn’t do any obvious cutting, yet the organisms were split!

Son of Heaven Wu Kuang and Hero Aide Lian Yan were both in disbelief. Shouldn’t the queen be killing Mu Qingyi’s Crown Phoenix King and White Tiger? Why did she suddenly attack their soul pets?

Even more terrifying was how the two dominator rank organisms had no chance at all, dismembered between the two roots without apparent reason!!

Only when the pain of their soul pacts ripping hit them did they finally awaken, realizing that their dominator soul pets were really killed by their queen!!

Everyone was shocked, rubbing their eyes to see if they saw wrong.

“What are you doing!” Alliance master Ling Chan also was shocked. He stared wide eyed at this unpredictable woman.

“Heheh~~~~~” Evil Good Queen chuckled, the laughter sounding like the reaper’s last murmurs by your ear before death.

Evil Good Queen’s flower roots again appeared, this time to select Alliance Master Ling Chan’s soul pets!

The roots found purchase on the already weak Meteor Dragon!


Wrapping tight, the powerful defense of the meteor dragon were also shattered!!

When the Meteor Dragon became countless dust particles that scattered into the air, Alliance Master Ling Chan also fell into a daze.

His Meteor Dragon was also killed!!

“You…… you bitch!!” Alliance Master Ling Chan’s face contorted with pain from the soul pact breaking and roared.

“Don’t you understand yet?” Evil Good Queen floated in the sky and glanced at the two factions fighting it out, “I never wanted either side to win.”

“To start a new empire, dynasty, one must first remove all old factions. Didn’t I say this many times already? You are just too stupid to realize that “old factions” included yourself, Soul Alliance.” Evil Good Queen laughed.

Both sides losing!!

She truly wanted both sides to lose!

In a few short sentences, the soul alliance and three palace people went pale as if they were struck with lightning!

“To create new order, you people must first be eliminated. Defeating you one at a time would have taken too long. This was much better. I just need to do some final clean up.” Evil Good Queen looked at all the dominator ranks tired from battle.

Ling Chan thought that, by not getting too near this woman, by simply having a mutually beneficial relationship, he wouldn’t get hurt. He never imagined that this woman was using him like a pawn the entire time, or rather, everyone here regardless of faction!

Evil Good Queen smiled and waved his hand to extend another root to the heavily wounded Wounded Slaughter Beast.

“You…...don’t you dare!!” Alliance master saw his Slaughter Beast get wrapped up and went crazy, roaring like an animal.

“Of course I don’t dare, I’m healing it.” Evil Good Queen chanted.

Indeed, countless petals flew around the evil Slaughter Beast. The Evil Slaughter Beast’s biggest wound was the location where Chu Mu ripped it open, flipping out flesh and bones.

Yet, under the petals, Evil Slaughter Beast started healing, regenerating bones,  muscles, and skin.

Alliance master Ling Chan saw that she was actually healing his slaughter beast, he was even more confused as to what the woman was doing.

However, he quickly understood. Betrayal, anger, and disdain came from Evil Slaughter Beast. Ling Chan was terrified to find that the soul pact between him and the Evil Slaughter Beast seemed to have been lost…...

Looking over at the Slaughter Beast, he noticed its red eyes had gone from a red to a hollow black as if its soul was lost.

“It’s Flower Soul Control! The slaughter beast was injected with a large amount of flower poison, causing its body and soul to be controlled by the evil flower queen.” Old Li’s voice came out.

Old Li’s words were like a lethal blow to Ling Chan.

Now that Ling Chan finally knew why slaughter beast, always hostile to all, was so gentle in front of this woman. When she casted down the flower diagram, she had already injected poison into his soul pet!

This trap had trapped even Ling Chan!!

“Yuan Sui!” Ling Chan glanced angrily at Hero Chief Yuan Sui.

Hero Chief Yuan Sui clearly knew that Evil Good Queen’s true goal. He only stood beside her and said nothing.

Ling Chan finally knew why Yuan Sui could defeat Liu Binglan but wasted this much time. It was because she didn't want to destroy three palace too quickly. Who else would soul alliance have to fight?

"Her Majesty is willing to accept surrender. Retract your soul pets and don’t make meaningless sacrifices.” Yuan Sui said calmly.

As he said this, Yuan Sui’s eyes slowly became hollow and dark as well, similar to Slaughter Beast.

Seeing his eyes, Ling Chan laughed at himself.

War causing two factions to both lose, all of this orchestrated by this woman. Now, even soul alliance was about to lose.

Liu Binglan, Bai Yu, Chao Lengchuan, and Mu Qingyi also went silent!

Even the summoned seven diagram sacred kings were useless. The remaining five sacred kings didn’t have much power left in them.   

This woman was clearly stronger than the slaughter beast. They had no way to fight back and really could only watch as she used the simple roots to kill everyone!


“Aren’t you getting happy a little too soon?” Suddenly, a slightly weak voice came.

Everyone paused to see that Chu Mu stand in front of everyone, eyes on Evil Good Queen.

She had known Chu Mu wasn’t willing to give up. With a mocking smile, she said, “You definitely know how I think about bets, so you knew this was the result long ago, right?”

Chu Mu indeed had guessed Evil Good Queen wanted to defeat soul alliance as well in this war. However, even if he guessed it, what could he do? Before three palace was defeated, she couldn’t possibly defeat soul alliance. They had to fight this war no matter what!

However, have they really lost?

“What, you still want to fight me?” Evil Good Queen saw Chu Mu’s eyes still burning and smiled, “Actually, I really admire you. I can forget everything you did in the past that made me angry as long as you obey me.”

“Have you ever heard of a soul pet commanding a trainer?” Chu Mu laughed coldly and continued, “I think your dream is about to shatter.”

"Shatter? I think it’s perfect. Everything went as planned. In fact, you helped me to balance the two factions and helped me save time on defeating soul alliance.” Evil Good QUeen said.

Having absorbed the evil aura in sealed tower and the good in the seven diagram sacred kings, she was even stronger than before. Even if they were all at full fighting strength and combined forces, they still might lose against her. This battle was over. EIther they were too obstinate to keep alive, or they would surrender and obey her, helping her create an even more powerful empire!

Chu Mu no longer said anything else. Chanting an incantation, he retracted Little Hidden Dragon and Zhan Ye into his soul pet space.

Evil Good Queen saw Chu Mu retract his soul pets, and her luscious lips curved into a smile.

The Evil Good Queen wasn’t lying; she indeed admired Chu Mu’s strength. To be able to reach such heights in such a short time, he was the only one in both Tianxia and Wanxiang Realm. If he became her subordinate, her future would be even brighter.

Evil Good Queen was just about to say something nice to alleviate the grudge between them when she noticed Chu Mu’s gaze remained hostile, summoning another soul pet!

”‘Seven sins fox?” Evil Good Queen was somewhat indignant!

Chu Mu summoned a seven sin fox that wasn’t even dominator rank!

“Are you thinking of using this unatoned lower level fox to defeat me?”

“En, it will become your nightmare’ Chu Mu took a step back.

At the same time, the nine tailed Mo Xie stepped forward, her lone and cold eyes glaring at the Evil Good Queen!

Mo Xie’s devil pupils burned with a bright flame!!

However, this flame wasn’t the seven sin fox’s crimson. Instead, it was an angry purple that looked down upon the world!

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