Chapter 1090: Defeat Slaughter Beast, Defeat Ling Chan


Evil Slaughter Beast was furious. The spirit devil flames’ burn caused it great pain, making it double its efforts at breaking the dark burial mound!


Suddenly, the bony horns passed through the dark burial ground. The entire burial ground showed signs of dissipating and the devil flame ocean shook!!


Another sound, and Evil Slaughterer Beast’s bone spikes pierced through dark burial mound. With a deafening roar, Evil Slaughter Beast suddenly broke through the entire restriction!

With the Dark Burial Mound getting destroyed, the Evil Slaughter Beast’s claws started ripping frenziedly to break the dark restrictions on it!

Once the Evil Mound disappeared, the devil flame ocean was meaningless. With a few stomps of its feet, the Evil Slaughter Beast extinguished the entire devil flame ocean. Its two eyes flickered with the most terrifying cruelty, gazing at Chu Mu who hurt its soul.

Chu Mu didn’t expect to kill this Evil Slaughter Beast with a single technique. Seeing this hellish creature stare at him viciously, Chu Mu remained calm and without fear.

The Evil Slaughter Beast became a deadly weapon, as it charged straight towards Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s other Pupils flickered. With an increase in strength, he could, to a certain extent, see Evil Slaughter Beast’s actions.

The Evil Slaughter Beast’s claws extended, causing the entire night to be covered by the bone claw. Seeing the claw land, CHu Mu cast Devil Phantom to dodge very barely between the massive claws.

When it came to dodging, Chu Mu was much better than Thousand Wave Beast.

Evil Slaughter Beast’s attacks didn’t hit Chu Mu, yet it suddenly turned around and whipped its tail over!

Its bony tail went forth like a cruel dragon and swiped past half the sky.

This time, Chu Mu could just barely dodge.

Just when Chu Mu was about to conjure a flame shield, Immortal Ming Bird and Binding Wind Spirit both appeared, becoming a feather and wind shield to protect Chu Mu.


The feather shield and wind shield were easily scattered, and both the kings fell from the skies.

Chu Mu glanced at these two sacred kings who were injured for him and was touched.

On the ground, Bai Yu casted a “pausing space in time technique” to slow the fall of the two sacred kings. He also immediately casted spatial switch to move them beside Pawn Dawn Concubine.

Pawn Dawn Concubine’s light type healing incantations started, and the gentleness bathed the two sacred kings.

The Evil Slaughter Beast had almost snapped all their bones. The Pawn Dawn Concubine casted a bone healing spell to help them.

Two Sacred Kings had just accepted the Pawn Dawn Concubine’s healing, and felt much better. With Pawn Dawn Concubine’s healing abilities, they should have healed bones soon.

"You continue to attack!” Bai Yu glanced at Chu Mu and said to him.

Chu Mu nodded, and closed his eyes again to start the next technique’s chant!

Evil Slaughter Beast already knew Chu Mu’s power and didn’t dare to let him cast a technique anymore. Roaring out, he shattered space and made its way to Chu Mu, swearing to swallow Chu Mu!

Chu Mu closed his eyes, not even looking at the evil Slaughter Beast, while silver devil flames danced around his body!

It wasn’t that Chu Mu wasn’t afraid of Evil Slaughter Beast’s technique; He simply believed Bai Yu and the other five sacred kings would ensure he didn't get hit!

Halfway through his incantation, Chu Mu heard the sound of a body being ripped apart, as well as blood.

Waves of powerful energy always pointed at him, sourced from Slaughter Beast’s anger, but every time the energy neared, there would be a body in front of him that alleviated it.

Chu Mu didn’t know whether the one protecting him was the powerful Thousand Wave Beast or the easily killed Xuanzhen Beetle. Chu Mu knew the only thing he could do was finish to finish the incantation as fast as possible!

Finally, the long chant was finished. Chu Mu opened his eyes to see Bai Yu, also in silver devil flames, standing before him with a large hole in his chest, clearly heavily wounded.

Chu Mu sucked in a breath, and his eyes locked onto the cruel Slaughter Beast!

Casting Devil Phantom, Chu Mu darted straight towards the Slaughter Beast, becoming a silver comet parallel to the horizon!

The silver comet moved five kilometers, before suddenly coming to a standstill beside the Slaughter Beast.

Making claws with both his hands, massive amounts of energy was gathered upon Chu Mu’s hands. The moment he paused, his body leaned forward and his claws stabbed into its body like a sword!

Having both hands rip towards each side, Chu Mu went into a crazed state, wanting to rip the evil slaughter beast right in half!

Chu Mu’s palms combined all the energy of his types: Dark type corrosion, Spatial ripping, and devil flame’s burn. Chu Mu’s attack also landed right where it was previously hit, so no matter how powerful slaughter beast’s defense was, it couldn’t block it!


Chu Mu’s devil claw ripped crazily towards each side. The Evil Slaughter Beast’s skin and muscles were already being ripped out. The crazy Chu Mu wanted to rip even the bones of the Slaughter Beast!

Evil Slaughter Beast’s painful roar caused its joints to suddenly lengthen and stab heavily into Chu Mu’s body, piercing many parts of Chu Mu.

The bone blades’ pain wasn’t any weaker than piercing the soul. Chu Mu’s entire face twisted with pain.

However, he didn’t let go This pain only caused Chu Mu to become even crazier. The devil within him was perfectly shown in this instant!

“URAGHH~~~~” Chu Mu roared and completely extended his arms, pushing the purest ripping power into this Evil Slaughter Beast’s inner bones!


A frightening crunch sounded out as all of the Slaughter Beast’s chest and hip bones were shattered. All of its bone daggers retracted as well!!

The dark red rip continued to damage the Evil Slaughter Beast’s Body. The Evil Slaughter Beast’s body tilted sideways, and flew out against the ground, leaving a smear of blood along its wake.

Laying far away, the Evil Slaughter Beast twitched and struggled for a while before being able to slowly stand up.

Its muscles were already dangling out of its wounds. Evil Slaughter Beast was still shaky when it stood up, its face sunken in anger and pain.

Seeing this Slaughter Beast still able to stand up despite having ripped ribs and hip bones, Chu Mu furrowed his brow.


The Evil Slaughter Beast finally straightened its body, and let out a bloody roar!

Blood continued to seep out of its wound as it roared, but even so, the devilspawn refused to stay down!

“It’s already heavily wounded. Leave the rest to us.” Bai Yu clutched his chest as he floated aside Chu Mu.

Chu Mu glanced at Bai Yu and the other five sacred kings.

Five Sacred King, other than Pawn Dawn Concubine, were all heavily wounded. And because it had been constantly casting powerful healing, Pawn Dawn Concubine was in a mentally lacking state, and had to heal before continuing to heal.

Though this attack greatly wounded evil slaughter beast, to ensure his technique was casted safety, the five sacred kings and Bai Yu paid a heavy price.

Chu Mu finally nodded. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to deliver the last blow, but he was too wounded.

When he forcefully ripped open the Evil Slaughter Beast’s body, at least ten bone spikes pierced through Chu Mu’s Body. The ten shocking holes were still in Chu Mu’s body as devil flames slowly extinguished on Chu Mu.

Slowly, the flames were no longer visible on Chu Mu. His silver body slowly recovered its human state.


A dark purple Dead Dream fell from the sky and landed beside Chu Mu.

With the fight coming, Chu Mu told Dead Dream to stay by Ye Qingzi’s side. Only with her safe could Chu Mu fight without worry.

And now, standing on Dead Dream’s back was Ye Qingzi who was supporting Mu Qingyi. Ye QIngzi fell beside Chu Mu. Looking at Chu Mu no longer even having the power to maintain half devil, her eyes became red.

Ten blood holes remained on his body, bleeding profusely. Ye Qingzi didn’t dare wait and quickly casted spells to stop Chu Mu’s bleeding.

Chu Mu becoming human caused Ye Qingzi’s healing to become even stronger. However, Ye QIngzi knew that not only Chu Mu was injured- White Nightmare most likely wouldn’t be able to fight. In the battle with Evil Good Queen, Chu Mu and White Nightmare was already heavily injured. Now they had to face the stronger Slaughter Beast, pushing them to their limits.

Ye Qingi could only wish for her spirit abilities to be stronger so she could stop the bleeding quicker.

Yet, the bone spikes were truly powerful, enough to keep Chu Mu bleeding and continue to lose him life. Even now, Ye Qingzi couldn’t completely stop the wounds.

Chu Mu laid weakly against a slanted rock and smiled when he saw Ye QIngzi who was worried sick with reddened eyes.

Ye QIngzi was near tears yet this fellow still had the interest to laugh. Was it the right time?

“If you continue like this, you will die. If you can’t win we can run!” Ye QIngzi truly only ared about Chu Mu. As for who won the war, that wasn’t important to her anymore.

“How would I die? If I’m in your hands I can’t die for sure.” Chu Mu said with a straight face.

“There’s always people I can’t save.” Ye Qingzi said bitterly.

“Other than me, right?” Chu Mu smiled, but looked more like a grimace.

Ye Qingzi stared blankly. Seeing his pale smile, she didn’t know how to reply in the moment.

Finally, Ye Qingzi nodded heavily, “En!”

Chu Mu extended a hand to touch Ye Qingzi’s cheek, telling her to stop worrying.

Ye QIngzi slowly calmed down and no longer talked. She focused instead on healing Chu Mu completely, yet her eyes were still slightly wet.

Chu Mu’s gaze fell back onto the battle afar. Slaughter Beast was already heavily wounded, so the angry five sacred kings and Bai Yu both had absolute advantage.

Chu Mu glanced at Ling Chan, and saw his face twitch again.

Seeing Ling Chan about to lose completely, Chu Mu smiled.

Before, Alliance Master was like a god, standing at a peak he couldn’t even look upon without risking his life.

Yet now? Every powerful person had a day where they would get defeated. Ling Chan’s day was today, where Chu Mu claimed victory.

Though he was full of wounds, he managed to defeat Ling Chan. His only disappointment was how his father didn’t get to see this.

Many times, Chu Mu was like a pure kid, wanting recognition for his achievements…...


Finally, Ye Qingzi stopped all of Chu Mu’s bleeding and slowly replenished his life force.

“Chu Mu, there’s still an Evil Good Qyeen that absorbed two types of energy…..” Ye Qingzi didn’t mention escaping anymore, instead reminding quietly.

Originally, Ye Qingzi felt that Chu Mu was fighting this crazily because of the accumulated anger within his heart. Yet the grimace-like smile that Chu Mu showed made Ye Qingzi understand that he knew what he was doing.

Though Ye Qingzi didn’t know why Chu Mu smiled right after defeating the Slaughter Beast, Ye Qingzi trusted that Chu Mu didn’t do it all for naught, let alone let his obstinance would lose everyone their lives.

His eyes grew firm again and he said, “I know, I’m waiting for her!”

Chu Mu lifted his head, and watched the Wanxiang Altar.

Others may not have noticed, but Chu Mu could clearly feel a cold, apathetic, and proud pair of eyes watching the fight.

She stood there like a true empire’s queen, watching down at their battle. The final victor was always her, because she would always appear in the last moment. Even Alliance Master Ling Chan became her pawn without knowing!

Chu Mu glanced over, and the queen met the gaze, smiling mockingly.

“What, saying goodbye for good with your little wife?” A mocking voice came into Chu Mu’s mental world.

“Getting hurt so much by a rabid dog with some evil aura, what makes you think you can defeat me?” Evil Good Queen laughed.

To this, Chu Mu didn’t mind.

If she felt good about it, let her be. Soon she would know that he was her nightmare, the devil that shattered her dreams without fail!

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