Chapter 1089: Evil Mound, Dark Imprisonment

Seeing his Evil Slaughter Beast knocked flying, the smile on Ling Chan’s face went somewhat rigid.

He glanced at Chu Mu, and discovered that the half devil aura on him had grown stronger. The silver devil flames were also more profound. He couldn’t help but coldly harrumph.

This brat had unexpectedly increased his rank at this moment. His White Nightmare truly understood its master’s heart, eh. 

However, Ling Chan didn’t believe that Chu Mu’s increase in strength would change the battle situation- he still wouldn’t be as strong as the Thousand Wave Beast King, whose powerful armor and life force allowed it to fight against his Evil Slaughter Beast. The half devil Chu Mu may not even be able to put up a fight. Most importantly, the half devil had the dark attribute, meaning that the Palm Dawn Concubine could not heal him.

After running through this in his mind, Ling Chan couldn’t help but laugh. At worst, he would just spend a bit more time to slowly get rid of them!


The Evil Slaughter Beast’s angry roar rang out from afar. Its fiendish killing aura transformed into a black cloud that covered its surroundings!

A pair of blood red eyes stared at Chu Mu. The Slaughter Beast’s anger had completely shifted to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu wasn’t afraid of it right now. If the Evil Slaughter Beast wanted to kill Chu Mu in one attack, it was impossible.

“Chu Mu, we will protect you as much as possible. You are in charge of making it spill blood!” said Bai Yu.

The Thousand Wave Beast’s armor and defense were strong, but its attacks could not deal enough damage to the Evil Slaughter Beast.

Presently Chu Mu’s strength increase was enough to allow him to rip open the Evil Slaughter Beast’s tough skin. Thus it would be up to Chu Mu to kill this Evil Slaughter Beast.

“Ok, but you guys need to be particularly careful.” Chu Mu nodded his head. The death of the Linyin Beast was ultimately due to their negligence. This definitely couldn’t happen a second time!

As they discussed this, the Evil Slaughter Beast had already swept up fiendish killing intent and charged over from afar!

It was extremely fast and in the blink of an eye, the fiendish killing aura was like a black ocean wave that covered the sky and earth!

Its black bone pierce wings turned enormous under the black evil aura. The ghastly white bone wings swept across and, from afar, it looked like a force that could rip apart the earth into a huge canyon had attacked.

It was still the Thousand Wave Beast that courageously attacked first. It appeared in front of all the diagram saint beasts. Its enormous golden body transformed into a golden tai mountain, protecting the diagram saint beasts behind it.

When the extreme image force neared, Chu Mu discovered that it was the Evil Slaughter Beast’s bone wings that had flown over!


The bone wings were like white bone blades filled with spikes, as they heavily slashed onto the Thousand Wave Beast King’s Tai Mountain. 

The Thousand Wave Beast violently trembled. Its golden armor was easily pierced, and a huge chunk of fresh blood and flesh was ripped away by the terrifying bone wings.

Blood flew everywhere. The Thousand Wave Beast grit its teeth. It didn’t let out a painful cry. Instead, its eyes blossomed with a scorching hot golden light that shot towards the Evil Slaughter Beast in the fiendish killing aura!  

The Evil Slaughter Beast didn’t dodge. Its eyes narrowed, and the surrounding sordid aura condensed to form a defense that kept the Thousand Wave Beast’s luminous light at bay!

After the golden light dispelled a bit of this filth, it gradually grew dimmer and disappeared into the thick black clouds.

The moment the golden light flashed, Chu Mu discovered that the Evil Slaughter Beast’s other bone pierce wing was no longer on its body.

“There’s still another bone wing!” Chu Mu immediately warned the other saint kings.

“We’ll deal with it.” Bai Yu had already detected the trajectory of the other bone wing and responded to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded his head. He closed his eyes and chanted an incantation.

As Chu Mu prepared his technique, a ghastly white bone wing that split space in two appeared in the hazy sky above him. It terrifyingly slashed towards the seven diagrams!!

The bone wing was terrifyingly mighty. As it slashed down, the entire district turned into two halves. Even the flower demons and Nightmares fighting in the distance that were along its trajectory were destroyed by its energy!

If the seven diagrams didn’t mount a sufficient defense, such an attack would probably wipe them all out.

Fortunately, Bai Yu had already used other pupil to sense it. The other five saint kings simultaneously used defensive techniques to block it.


Chu Mu who was chanting an incantation when he suddenly heard a terrifying trembling noise above his head. However, Chu Mu didn’t look up. His incantation was still chanting and the devil flames on his body continuously swayed faster!

Finally, Chu Mu opened his eyes and they gleamed with an even more evil lustre!

The devil flames burned his body and his silver body transformed into a fiery star that scattered.

Above the torrential fiendish killing aura, the silver body of Chu Mu quietly appeared in the night sky. He stared coldly down at the malevolent monster from hell!

The Evil Slaughter Beast seemed to have discovered Chu Mu. It raised its head and savagely stared at the half devil that had suddenly appeared above it. 

A black energy had at some point coiled around his right hand. His final incantation was coldly chanted and the technique’s name came out:

 “Evil Mound!”

Chu Mu used the dark energy on his right hand to smash at the Evil Slaughter Beast on the ground!

The Evil Slaughter Beast had already taken evasive maneuvers, but didn’t realize that when Chu Mu appeared above its head, a dark prison had appeared below his feet.

The dark prison took the form of a circle, and its diameter of ten kilometers managed to perfectly confine the Evil Slaughter Beast. There were a total of 100 layers of the dark prison. 

The Evil Slaughter Beast was unable to move and it could feel the enormous dark energy weighing down from above. Ultimately, it could only adopt a defensive position!

In the skies, Chu Mu’s technique fell straight down. The dark energy was like an ice-cold and solemn burial mound!!

When the burial mound fell from the sky and noiselessly fell on the Evil Slaughter Beast, the Evil Slaughter Beast was instantly covered by the dark energy!

“Hu hu hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!!!”

The moment the evil mound landed, silver white devil flames terrifyingly arose from the middle of the mound!

The devil flames that had suddenly appeared perfectly enveloped the outermost ring of the prison. The entire dark prison ring transformed into a devil flame ring.

At the very center of the ten kilometers of silver devil flames was a silent black mound. This technique could completely imprison the Evil Slaughter Beast, and it could visibly be seen that the entire burning power of the devil flame sea could pour into the evil mound through the prison ring on the ground.

In other words, the imprisoned Evil Slaughter Beast was continuously being assailed by the burning devil flames!


The burning devil flames could ignore defenses, and the Evil Slaughter Beast was incomparably pained by this. It let out a savage roar derangedly and charged into the dark burial mound!

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