Chapter 1088: White Nightmare Rank Advance!

Chu Mu and Bai Yu’s techniques, the Binding Wind Spirit King, Immortal Ming Bird King, Linyin Beast King, and Xuan Zhen Beetle King’s techniques simultaneously smashed down while enveloped in holy energy.

A violent golden storm came from the Binding Wind Spirit’s wind type techniques. 

The Binding Wind Spirit King clearly possessed Wind Ancient Willpower. The wind type techniques used was twice as strong as the Unifying Wind Unicorn!

In the golden storm were feathers that resembled flying snow. The feathers were soft and seemingly possessed no damage capabilities; however, these feathers were purifying feathers. When the Evil Slaughter Beast entered the storm. These feathers were continuously melded, purifying the violence on its body.

The evil energy came from the negative emotions of the various creatures in the Sealed Tower. The purifying feather could purify these emotions and weaken some of the Slaughter Beast’s strength.

Although this weakening was extremely limited, the Immortal Ming Bird’s technique lit up the eyes of Chu Mu and Bai Yu.

Both the Linyin Beast King and Xuan Zhen Beast King began to use long ranged techniques. The previous technique forced back the Evil Slaughter Beast’s attacking intentions.

The two great half devils and four saint kings’ techniques also intimidated it to a certain extent. After the Evil Slaughter Beast charged up halfway, its movements came to a clear stagnation. 

Relying on this moment, Chu Mu, Bai Yu and the five saint kings retreated, not giving it an opportunity to directly attack them. 


The Evil Slaughter Beast hadn’t killed a single life yet. Evidently, it was a bit irritable and angry, and it roared at this group of cowardly things. 

“Hou hou hou hou!!!!”

The Thousand Wave Beast responded to the Evil Slaughter Beast’s roar.

The Palm Dawn Concubine’s healing rapidly healed the broken golden armor of the Thousand Wave Beast. The leader of the Seven Diagram Saint Kings clearly wouldn’t fall so easily!

The Thousand Wave Beast rushed over and the crisis was somewhat alleviated. 

However, Chu Mu and Bai Yu both knew that the moment the Thousand Wave Beast was powerless to resist or if one of them made a mistake, they would be in extreme danger. 

Ling Chan harrumphed and coldly swept her eyes over the Palm Dawn concubine. Palm Dawn Concubine’s rank was not low; its supporting abilities were extremely powerful. It could heal the Thousand Wave Beast’s injuries in such a short period of time. Thus, unless the Thousand Wave Beast King’s flesh was torn apart, the Evil Slaughter Beast would not be able to find an opportunity to kill.

“It seems that I need to pay a price. Get rid of one first!’ said Ling Chan in his heart.

“Kill the weakest one first!” Ling Chan said to his Evil Slaughter Beast. 

The Evil Slaughter Beast’s red eyes quickly locked onto the Palm Dawn Concubine. Its body transformed into a black hurricane, charging straight at the Palm Dawn Concubine.

The Thousand Wave Beast King instantly used its enormous body to block in front of the Evil Slaughter Beast’s body and sent a holy light at the Evil Slaughter Beast!

The Evil Slaughter Beast spread its bone spike wings and beat it towards the Thousand Wave Beast King’s holy light!

This time, the Evil Slaughter Beast didn’t attack the Thousand Wave Beast. It charged like the wind, wrapped in a fiendish aura, past the the Thousand Wave Beast towards the Palm Dawn Concubine! 

The Thousand Wave Beast didn’t react slowly. It immediately turned around and chased. Its golden claws ripped at the Evil Slaughter Beast!

The Evil Slaughter beast didn’t dodge, and continued to head straight at the Palm Dawn concubine.


The Thousand Wave Beast King’s attacks was capable of breaking open the Evil Slaughter Beast’s defense. Its golden claws ripped open the Evil Slaughter Beast’s back. A fresh bloody wound suddenly appeared! 

The Evil Slaughter Beast angrily glanced at the Thousand Wave Beast, but ignored it. Its bone blade on its joint flickered with a cold light and it was about to launch an attack at the Palm Dawn Concubine! 

The Palm Dawn Concubine’s defense was nothing special. If it was directly attacked, it would definitely be heavily injured. This meant that even the Thousand Wave Beast would eventually be killed by the Evil Slaughter Beast. 

“Protect the Palm Dawn Concubine.” Bai Yu’s body ignited with silver flames. After burning him to ashes, he instantly appeared next to the Palm Dawn Concubine.

Chanting an incantation, a wave of chaos appeared in the space in front of where bai Yu appeared, drawing the outline of a rhombus spatial wall.

Chu Mu didn’t teleport to beside the Palm Dawn concubine. Instead, he chanted an incantation, and a reversal space appeared in the path of the Slaughter Beast!

The reversal space was like a rapid flow of water. It could make still objects mysteriously move backwards and fast moving objects slow down. Moreover, the faster the creature, the more resistance there would be. 

“Very good.” Bai Yu saw that the space Chu Mu created had strange effects, and immediately praised him. 

The reversal airflow of the Binding Wind Spirit came to form. With the reversal space and airflow, the Slaughter Beast’s speed dropped at least by one half. While using other pupil, it was barely possible to see its movements now. 

Bai Yu’s other pupils expanded. As he was planning on allying with the saint kings to beat the Slaughter Beast back, Bai Yu suddenly understood the Evil Slaughter beast’s strange movements! 

“Not good!” Bai Yu silently cried out, and immediately stared at the Linyin Beast King.

Indeed, the Slaughter Beast’s location it was charging towards was the Linyin Beast. After it had changed directions, its speed returned to its original level. Bai Yu wasn’t able to see this creature’s movements!

The Linyin Beast was planning on protecting the Palm Dawn Concubine, but when it saw the Evil Slaughter Beast full of bone blades charge at it, it knew that it was impossible to dodge. Thus it extended its claws and attacked the Evil Slaughter Beast!

The Evil Slaughter Beast also revealed its terrifying bone claws. Its red eyes flashed with a trace of disdain and cruelty!


Its white claws and bone claw joints simultaneously slashed across. The Evil Slaughter Beast’s attacks were clearly faster than the Linyin Beast. The moment the Linyin Beast extended its claws, its claws were shattered under the Evil Slaughter Beast’s claws!!

The Linyin Beast wasn’t able to let out a miserably cry before the Evil Slaughter Bone claw joints terrifyingly swept across. The Linyin Beast’s chest was ripped open and fresh blood spewed out!!


The Linyin Beast miserably cried out. Its bloodied body fell to the ground and a wound was opened from its chest to its stomach. It seemed to have been flipped inside out!

As its life force rapidly slipped away, the Palm Dawn Concubine used healing techniques. However, the Linyin Beast king’s blood had already formed a pool and dense evil aura which was taking away his soul!

Everyone was stunned. The Linying Beast King had been killed in one attack!!

A coldness passed through their bodies as they watched Linyin Beast King no longer moving in the pool of blood. As they looked at the Evil Slaughter Beast licking the blood off its claws, everyone felt their hearts shiver! 

Dead. The Linying Beast was killed just like this. 

Everyone had witnessed this instance and the horror and shock was hard to describe!    

When Three Great Palaces’ members, which had received a huge morale boost due to the Seven Diagram Saint Kings’ appearance, saw their saint king die, a gloom of death shrouded over them. 

Too terrifying!! That Evil Slaughter Beast was too terrifying!! It instakilled the Linyin Beast King?!! 


The Palm Dawn Concubine’s healing techniques continuously descended on the Linyin Beast as it let out sounds of tragedy. 

However, the Linyin Beast ultimately did not stand up.

When the other five Diagram Saint Kings saw this scene, their eyes turned red with anger!

“Hahaha, truly stupid. Such a simple trick was not seen through!” Ling Chan’s ear-piercing laughter untimely rang out. Those who heard it felt a wave of anger.

Chu Mu’s silver body faintly trembled. His two fists clenched up.

They were already extremely careful, yet the Linyin Beast was still killed. Hearing Ling Chan’s arrogant laugh and watching the cold-blooded Evil Slaughter Beast, the anger in Chu Mu’s heart was seemingly going to ignite his entire body!

However, the Evil Slaughter Beast’s strength was too powerful. Chu Mu didn’t know how to defeat it!

Anger and unwillingness. Watching the dying Linyin Beast, the resentment in Chu Mu’s heart grew thicker and thicker. His heart seemed to long for strength!

When his negative emotions reached their limit, resentment aura would transform it into the half devil’s strength! 

In this instant, Chu Mu could feel some power circulating all over his body!


However, suddenly, the White Nightmare’s cry reverberated in Chu Mu’s mind. This cry was full of resentment aura and the half devil’s soul began to grow angry. An unwillingness in his heart began to grow!

“This… this is…” Chu Mu was stunned!

He could feel a strength entering himself. This strength was no longer just temporary strength created by resentment aura. Rather, it was a genuine increase in strength!

“The White Nightmare advanced a rank!” Chu Mu suddenly understood!

The White Nightmare became a genuine dominator rank!!

This increase in strength was undoubtedly a help in Chu Mu’s hour of need. As the White Nightmare’s strength rose, so did Chu Mu’s!!

An even deeper silver colored devil flame burned on Chu Mu. The tongues of flame danced in the air and an imposing evil aura coiled up behind Chu Mu. it was like a pair of evil wings being unfurled!

The anger in Chu Mu’s heart had yet to quell. His eyes stared at the Evil Slaughter Beast and he waved his two hands!

Evil aura wings composed of the dark and other attribute formed two evil wing blades. Left and right intersected and instantly, he flew a dozen kilometers, surging at the Evil Slaughter Beast!

“You’ve come to tickle it again?” Ling Chan saw that Chu Mu voluntarily launched an attack and immediately laughed.

The arrogant Slaughter Beast ignored Chu Mu’s attack and allowed the two evil wing blades to sweep across it.

“Shua!!! Shua!!!!”

Two evil wing blades carrying dark corrosion and spatial tearing swept across, ripping open the Slaughter Beast’s tough skin. Two deep black scars appeared on the Evil Slaughter Beast.


The Evil Slaughter Beast let out a howl. Its malevolent body was ripped open and knocked flying by the evil wing blade!

The Evil Slaughter Beast’s body was knocked into countless ruins in the city before finally landing in a long gulch. Watching the Evil Slaughter Beast knocked flying, Bai Yu’s expression was full of shock: Chu Mu surprisingly had broken through at this moment!

His attack had visibly dealt great damage to the Evil Slaughter Beast!

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