Chapter 1087: Slaughterfest, Slaughter Beast

Evil Slaughter Beast emitted tsunamis of resentment aura as it ran. Within the resentment, one could vaguely see countless angered and bloody faces!

Its pair of unbelievably bony and spiky wings were like two bone scythes reaping lives. Opening up to two sides, the nightmare army on either side were slashed into two and the devil flames were instantly halved.

With such an evil beast approaching, all of their faces were grave.

The Thousand Wave Beast was still roaring. It stepped forth heavily and broke all ruins in front, running head on towards the evil slaughter beast!!

Evil beast and holy beast went against each other head on. The power of blood and resentment was incredibly powerful, instantly pushing down the golden aura coming from the Thousand Wave Beast. The Evil Slaughter Beast’s forehead bone horn slammed into the Thousand Wave Beast’s golden horn. Wailing came through and the evil aura pushed the Thousand Wave Beast back with absolute advantage!

“Beng!! Beng!! Beng!!!!!!!”

Thousand Wave Beast’s heavy steps caused the very ground to sink in. It backed all the way to the sacred palace before finally steadying itself. Blood started seeping out between its golden horn and forehead!   

Thousand Wave Beast King was the head of seven diagram sacred king and was near middle class dominator rank. In the first clash, yet, it was already wounded!!

Everyone was shocked. This evil Slaughter Beast was even stronger than their imagination!

“Hahahah, I thought Seven Diagram Sacred King was supposed to be powerful, yet they aren’t much! I will take your lives as Ling Chan today!!” Wanxiang Altar resonated with Ling Chan’s egotistical laughter!”

The sound was incredibly piercing, causing everyone to feel disgusted and angry.

“Enjoy this slaughter fest!” Ling Chan rode the demon down wanxiang altar.

Beside Ling Chan, there were a few more soul pets that reached dominator rank- the healed Meteor Dragon and Fire God Servant!

And along with Ling Chan was also Hero Chief Yuan Sui who rode Unifying Wind Unicorn down, Son of Heaven Wu Kuang on Icy Death King’s shoulders, and Steel Eagle King with Hero Aide Lian yan!

“Chu Mu, do your soul pets still have fighting strength?” Bai Yu said solemnly.

Chu Mu nodded. Ye Qingzi had went all out healing his soul pet over this past period, so though the recovery rate wasn’t quite, he definitely didn’t have a problem fighting Ling Chan’s soul pets again.

“Ling Chan shouldn’t have stepped into spirit dominator rank yet. Your ghost dragon should still fight the Meteor Dragon and Zhan Ye against the dominator rank demon. My Ice Pupil Unicorn will subdue the Fire God Servant.” Bai Yu said.

“Wu Kuang and Lian Yan will be ours.” Mu Qingyi glanced at Ye Qingzi and said.

“En, be careful, I think they got some evil powers too.” Chu Mu said.

Bai Yu quickly glanced at Liu Binglan and Chao Lengchuan, “You fight Yuan Sui, if I’m correct, he has dominator rank soul pets other than Unifying Wind Unicorn.”

Liu BInglan stared blankly. If Yuan Sui had other dominator rank soul pets, why did he not summon them in their battle? Was he waiting for the Six Dawn Space Masters, or was he going easy?

Liu Binglan had just used a lot of her soul power so summoning Six Dawn Space Masters wasn’t possible yet. She had to wait for Ye Qingzi’s soul power recovery medicine to slowly work before she could have enough soul power to summon.

Chao Lengchuan’s Thousand Wave Beast was already wounded. Beating Li Hong cost him a lot too.

However, one could tell that Prince Chao and Thousand Wave Beast both still had fighting intent. As long as Ye Qingzi’s healing technique somewhat took care of him, he could continue fighting!

In a moment, everyone immediately scattered. The most recovered Little Hidden Dragon was first ahead, glaring at Ling Chan’s Meteor Dragon!

The Meteor Dragon had been beaten down by little hidden dragon before, but it’s healed and seemed to be stronger now.

However, Little Hidden Dragon wasn’t afraid of prolonged battles; its powerful life force and regeneration were its reliances for it to be undefeated!

Zhan Ye was fastest at recovering, but its strength slowly fell with the pause in fighting.

Zhan Ye’s willpower was the strongest, however; even without broken limb rebirths, it won’t be afraid of Ling Chan’s demon whatsoever.

After Little Hidden Dragon, Zhan Ye pounced forward with raging fighting intent.

Seeing Chu Mu’s Mo Ye still have fighting strength, Ling Chan looked on resentfully and commanded evil slaughter beast to kill Zhan Ye first!!

This Mo Ye caused the most shame to Ling Chan, so it was the soul pet he wanted dead the most!

Evil Slaughter Beast was surprisingly quick. Its body full of bones became soul reaving scythes as it ran over towards Zhan Ye!

With the current power differential, Zhan Ye would get instantly killed without a doubt!

However, Chu Mu, Bai Yu, Six Diagram Sacred kings were all staring at the evil slaughter beast carefully, so how would they let that happen?

Thousand Wave Beast was the first to react. Its large body wasn’t slow at all. Its sturdy body stood in front of Zhan Ye and caused the thick armor to radiate a holy glow!

At the same time, Pawn Dawn Concubine’s light became scale shields. These scale shields became a massive soft shield that draped over Thousand Wave Beast!


The thousands of bone blades all landed on the Evil Slaughter Beast’s Dawn Light Shield, letting out a piercing screech.

Palm Dawn Concubine was low class dominator rank. Its defensive techniques could only weaken the attack. With dominating strength, the Evil Slaughter Beast’s attack broke through the Dawn Light Shield and fell upon Thousand Wave Beast’s own armor!

Countless cracks appeared on the golden armor and blood dripped out from the Thousand Wave Beast’s body, dripping onto the ground.


Lin Yin Beast King and Xuanzhen Beetle King ran in from the sides as two tidal waves before the Evil Slaughter Beast could step back from its technique!

“Two pieces of trash, hahaha!” Ling Chan laughed out without restraint.

The Slaughter Beast opened its bony wings. Without even casting a technique, its wings swept towards its sides, slapping the Lin Yin Beast King and Xuanzhen Beetle King away. The two soul pets’ thick armor didn’t help them at all as countless bloody holes appeared on their bodies.

Chu Mu and Bai Yu glanced at the wounded two sacred kings and furrowed their brows.

Lin Yin Beast King and Xuanzhen Beetle King both weren’t low class dominator rank. They were too far weaker than the Slaughter Beast. Even low class dominator ranks could be instantly killed by it.

“The only one able to block a technique from evil slaughter beast head on is Thousand Wave Beast. You, me, Immortal Ming bird, and Binding Wind Spirit can block one hit at most with Pawn Dawn Concubine's Dawnlight Scale Armor. If the Evil Slaughter Beast’s follow up hits, we will die for sure.” Bai Yu quickly judged.

Chu Mu nodded. A slight misstep could cause their entire army to lose. If Holy Stem Flower was there, combined with Pawn Dawn Concubine’s support, they should still have fighting strength. However, now it was Thousand Wave Beast fighting alone while the rest couldn’t even get near easily.

“We can’t get split up.” Chu Mu’s other pupils glinted.

Six diagrams and two nightmares had to stay together; once a single one falls, they will all die one after another!


At this moment, Thousand Wave Beast angrily launched its counter attack. Lifting up its two front legs, its golden forelimbs slammed down towards the Evil Slaughter Beast’s head, meaning to stamp the monster!

The Slaughter Beast was incredibly violent and didn’t back off facing the Thousand Wave Beast, instead starting a similar stamp towards the space in front of it!!



The two stamps happened one after another in the space. The Thousand Wave Beast’s stamp caused the Slaughter Beast to step many steps back.

However, the Slaughter Beast’s stamp caused the Thousand Wave Beast to fly back, its golden armor showing even more cracks!

The two beast’s strength differential was immediately obvious. Ling Chan glanced at the Thousand Wave Beast fly dozen kilometers back and laughed piercingly.

Evil Slaughter Beast’s strength satisfied him well. He thought originally it would at most go even against this Thousand Wave Beast King, yet it was wounding it consistently!

“Start the slaughter! Don’t let a single one go!” Ling Chan laughed maniacally.

Without Thousand Wave Beast, no soul pet could stop the attack of the Slaughter Beast! Killing them will be like squashing ants!

The other five Diagram Sacred Kings and two half devils of course won’t just sit and wait for death. When Thousand Wave Beast was facing off, they completed all their incantations!

Chu Mu and Bai Yu both burned with silver devil flames at the same time, their evil aura lifting each other upwards.

Raising their hands up, eighteen Wordly Devil Swords appeared above them, filled with three different types!

The eighteen Wordly Devil Swords flew out first and slashed towards the Evil Slaughter Beast from all directions!!

“Jiang!! Jiang!!!!! Jiang!!!!!!”

The eighteen Worldly Devil Swords slashed, pierced, and hacked at the Evil Slaughter Beast, creating sounds of metal screeching before all snapping!

The eighteen Devil Swords were imposing, yet it only left eighteen shallow marks on the Evil Slaughter Beast. It couldn't even break through its defense, let alone wound it.

“Are you tickling my soul pet?” Ling Chan’s mocking voice came again.

Chu Mu and Bai Yu’s hearts sank further. This Slaughter Beast’s defense was high as well. Even their strongest technique couldn’t directly deal damage to it. They had to find a way to weaken its defense or else their attacks truly will just be tickling it!!

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