Chapter 1086: Seven Sacred Kings Descend

“It’s too late.” Old Li shook his head.

Just when Chu Mu wanted to stop them, a radiant sacred light appeared in the starlight screen!

In the light, seven diagram sacred king’s silhouette appeared, slowly solidifying within the countless incantations, runes, and diagrams.

Under the sacred altar screen, the first to appear was Lin Yin Beast, covered in dawnlight armor!

This brave beast was a horned beast of beast type. In advanced members of soul palace, almost all of them had a Lin Yin Beast!

Lin Yin Beast was massive and wild. Lin Yin Beast King’s aura was even stronger. When it stepped forward, the sacred altar’s stairs showed many cracks.

After Lin Yin Beast King appeared, the next to slowly solidify was Xuan Zhen Beetle King.

Xuan Zhen Beetle King seemed completely armored up. Sturdy, resilient, its aura was more reserved. It simply stood emotionlessly after it appeared.

From its aura, Chu Mu could tell that both the seven diagram sacred kings were all dominator rank!

The following seven diagram sacred kings were clearly stronger than Xuanzhen Beetle King and Lin Yin Beast, which are the spiritual binding wind spirit and Immortal Ming Bird.

Binding Wind Spirit King and Immortal Ming Bird King appeared simultaneously in the glow. These sacred kings were both low class dominator rank. However, no one could feel a threatening aura around them. Instead, they only felt a familiar and amiable nature. Spirited, holy, the binding wind spirit king and Immortal Ming Bird King caused the turbid wind to settle somewhat and become cleaner.

Chu Mu was just surprised about Binding Wind Spirit King and Immortal Ming Bird King when a glow rippled outwards and shrouded everyone.

The glow was holy and gentle. Chu Mu could clearly feel his soul pets’ wounds quickly recovering, especially the little hidden dragon, which had very powerful self healing abilities. In the glow, its wounds were mostly healed. Of course, Chu Mu and Zhan Ye have black sub types, so this light type healing didn’t work for them.

Dawnlight Healing, this sacred beast must be the Pawn Dawn Concubine with powerful healing abilities. Chu Mu could feel that this Pawn Dawn Concubine was also low class dominator rank!

Ye Qingzi was still emperor rank, so with her soul art, her supporting effects could be useful for pseudo dominator rank organisms.

However, if she had to support low class dominator ranks, she was somewhat powerless. Even her healing was weaker due to the rank difference.

The appearance of the low class dominator rank Pawn Dawn Concubine indubitably meant all the soul pets’ healing and wounds were guaranteed.

“The next to appear will be holy stem flower.” Chu Mu thought to himself.

Everyone’s thoughts were similar to Chu Mu’s. Holy Stem Flower and Pawn Dawn Concubine both had very powerful healing abilities and weren’t any weaker in fighting strength to wood and vine type soul ptes. With Holy Stem Flower, they had better control over the group fight.

A silhouette slowly appeared. What confused people was this silhouette was clearly different from holy stem flower!

“It’s Thousand Wave Beast King!” Prince Chao was the first to react!

Thousand Wave Beast King was clad in thick golden armor with a pair of rampant horns. It was holy, imposing, vast, and bold!

This sacred beast was stronger than any previous one. Its unique aura was perfectly displayed on it, having an incredibly intimidating power!

The Thousand Wave Beast King was massive, like a massive golden palace that stood in front of everyone. Its noble head lifted high like a true king, bidding all beasts to bow down.

“This Thousand Wave Beast is very close to middle class dominator rank!” Chu Mu said joy.

Originally, he thought the seven diagram sacred kings were only pseudo or low class dominator rank. Who would’ve thought that the Thousand Wave Beast was this powerful, No wonder alliance master was always afraid of soul palace!

Seeing the six sacred beasts appear, Prince Chao was clearly excited. His adoration for the sacred kings were near religious. Though he was dominator rank now, this belief was still deeply rooted.

Not only Chao Lengchuan was like this, Nightmare Palace elders, and other elders were like this too.

From far away, they could already see these six sacred kings. Lin Yin Beast’s dazzling armor, Xuanzhen Beetle’s blade, binding wind spirit’s wind field, pawn dawn concubine’s glow, and thousand wave beast’s towering body!

Seeing soul palace’s faith and belief, sacred king, descend during their battles of life and death, this was synonymous to people seeing a god descend to save them. Some older people were already in tears from the scene.

“We’re saved, our palace is saved.” Elder Liu said with a trembling voice.

The worried elders seemed to see hope when they glimpsed the starlight and holy light.

Soul palace’s strongest seven soul pets, seven diagram sacred palace, they finally arrived at this location of disaster to rebuild the new holy palaces!

The holy light of the seven diagram sacred pets radiated everywhere. The entire city could see them, especially the thousand wave beast king standing proudly at the center.

Three palace’s greatest reliance was these sacred kings. When the armies saw the sacred light, their fighting intent grew higher and reinvigorated cries sounded!!

“Seven diagram sacred kings appeared!! Seven diagram sacred kings appeared!!” Elder Teng leading the army yelled excitedly!!

All of three palace members seemed to be shrouded in holy light and gained stronger power. Their fighting spirit burned within their tired eyes, conjuring power that slashed right into the iron fortress and soul alliance army.

The situation seemed to have instantly turned around after the appearance of the seven diagram sacred king.


From the sacred palace, Liu Binglan’s eyes glanced over all six sacred kings but noticed Holy Stem Flower King didn’t appear, so she turned to stare at the light screen.

“Female supreme, Evil Good Queen is the ancestor of flower types. Since Holy Stem Flower came from the Good Flower….. It probably won’t appear.” Old Li said quietly.

 Indeed, the holy sacred starlight screen was disappearing and Holy Stem Flower King still didn’t appear.

With Seven Diagram Sacred Kings now Six Diagram, Liu Binglan was somewhat disappointed.

“Adding on the two of them, we can sort of count it as eight.” At this moment, Bai Yu chimed in.

The eighth diagram was white nightmare. However, Nightmare Ancestor had already been killed by Chu Mu. Chu Mu took over its role, and Bai Yu could fill in Holy Stem Sacred Flower’s position, making eight sacred kings!



Suddenly, a city-trembling roar came from within Wanxiang Altar!!!

Resentment gathered, becoming rolling black clouds that covered the clean skies.

Chilling wind blew heavily. A shivering evil aura became a strange storm that engulfed the entire city. Even six diagram sacred king’s holy aura was suppressed by it!!

A roar passed through the entire city and into every person’s soul, causing everyone to shiver!!

Chu Mu gazed shocked at the Wanxiang Altar and suddenly found that, on the lone height of wanxiang city, a vicious evil beast stood proudly. Its frightening wings expanded completely and lifted up waves of evil air!!

Blood red eyes filled with cruelty and violence was staring down at the city’s organisms!!

This thing was like a beast that came from hell. Its power was something Chu Mu had never seen before, and its evilness was enough to kill the world alone!!

Combining killing aura, resentment, evilness, and viciousness into one body, even the holy and mighty Thousand Wave Beast seemed tiny in comparison!!

No matter how intensely fighting they were before, the entire city’s population seemed to go still. The terrifying evilness caused them to find it troubling to even move a finger!

Subduing billions of organisms at once, how shocking of an aura it had!

The thing that caused them to shake the most was, when they gazed at the hellish demon, they felt their own deaths nearing!!

Why fight each other when the entirety of wanxiang city will ultimately get slaughtered by it!!


“That……” Chu Mu gazed at the organism that climbed out of hell itself and his heart rumbled!

“Slaughter Beast, but not quite!” Even Bai Yu seemed to have been subdued by the organisms on Wanxiang Alar.

“It must be Evil Good Queen imbuing its evil energy into Alliance Master Ling Chan’s Slaughter Beast, increasing its strength. This is an evil Slaughter Beast that made by countless evil tendencies within sealed tower!!” Old Li immediately yelled out loud!

Evil Slaughter Beast!!

Bai Yu had some understanding of Ling Chan’s slaughter Beast. It was a near middle class dominator rank organism and was Ling Chan’s greatest reliance!

However, what they didn’t expect was that Slaughter Beast, after absorbing resentment and evil aura, had grown so much stronger and become this terrifying!!

The slaughter beast had already been battle hungry and violent. With this evil energy, it was like a devilspawn that came to humanity to cull it!


The Thousand Wave Beast representing justice felt the terrifying evil and still didn’t falter, roaring towards it!!

With the Thousand Wave Beast King’s roar, the other five diagram sacred kings congregated and stared at this powerful enemy!


Evil Slaughter Beast’s eyes immediately locked onto Sacred Palace. Jumping down unstoppably from Wanxiang Altar, it didn’t even hesitate as it dived straight towards the six diagram sacred kings!!

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